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“Be bold, and mighty forces shall come to your aid.”

~Basil King

(a channeled text)

by Darrell Womack


Vibrational Dynamics: Exploring Transformational Growth in Evolving Times
Womack, Darrell

© 2017 Darrell Womack. All rights reserved.

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Welcome to Vibrational Dynamics. You are here for a reason. You did not happen upon this book by accident because there are no accidents. Everything unfolds as it should, when it should. As you embark on this journey I ask you to prepare yourself. Release any expectations you may have about what a book should be, for this book is unlike anything you've ever encountered before. This is an instruction manual for YOU, which will help you to unlock your infinite potential. This is not something to be read in a single day or even over the course of a week. This is an interactive experience that will take time to process and incorporate into your life. Be kind to yourself and move forward at whatever pace feels right to you. This is but the beginning of your journey. This book will provide you with the foundation of a new paradigm from which to view yourself and the world around you.

Over the past year I've participated in four channeling sessions with the entities that communicate through Darrell. Each session shifted my perspective leading to powerful and positive actions. I got married, massively improved my employment situation, developed a litany of new skills (including public speaking, writing, and video production), and created many new beneficial habits (diet, meditation, gratitude, etc.). The clarity I gained was so life-altering that I could not recognize the person I had been before. While working through the material in this book I had an equally transformative experience. It provided me with the tools to find my own inner clarity whenever the need arose and it will do the same for you. You need only follow the guidance and put it into action. I am excited for you to begin and look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Jim Torres



If you are someone who requires “proof” of my claim that this is indeed a channeled text, then this may be the perfect book for you.

But not for the reasons you’d expect.

Proof is derived by observable data. And that data is gathered via our five basic senses. And then that data is subject to the observer effect and other biases which then skew that data. So on that level, I have no way to prove that I have channeled this message, whether it be from my Spirit Guides, my Higher Self, God, aliens, or what have you.

This book is designed to enhance your vibrational awareness. It is designed to nurture and cultivate your relationship with your own intuition—those senses beyond our basic five. It is designed to bring about within each and every reader the ability to discern the truth as you personally receive it, eschewing self-doubt, and without the need to seek the external validation of “objective proof” somewhere “out there” in a vast ocean of obfuscation and deliberate misinformation.

This book is here as an aide, to bring about a personal shift within you so that from this moment, you will be, unequivocally, your own sovereign barometer of what is true for you.


I was going to write here about my own personal experiences in coming to terms with the idea of channeling, and the role I am to play within this idea. Maybe I’ll do that some day, but I realized that the ins and outs of my story are simply insignificant when compared to the message of this book and others like it, in this time of great transformation.

No doubt you’ve heard, from many other sources, the idea that we are in the Transformational Age, and that we are having an experience, right now, that is unlike anything that has come before it.

If this book is important, it is because it addresses what we need to discern most—what is true and what is not. We live in a time where there is fake news and misinformation thickly layered atop of the sedimentary stratum of generations of outright lies from the societal structures that are currently in place. We have systems galore that are built and that run for their own purposes, for their own benefits, at the expense of our own.

With so much information and so much that is deliberately obfuscated within that information, it becomes critical for us to be able to discern what is true amongst all of it. And in my experience, that can only be done with an understanding of vibration.

“Vibration” is a word that has been used and thrown around in many different ways and many different contexts. Law of Attraction is one of them, and even that, in my opinion, has obfuscation within it. What is critical to understand is that each of us has within us the ability to discern truth through deliberate lies, to find within what resonates and to explore that, and to let everything else that isn’t truth fall away.

This is the transformation that we are going through. Transparency and Congruency. There is going to be a lot of new information, a lot of new experiences, a lot of new complete paradigm shifts for the individual, for nations, for the globe and beyond. And we will need to develop this innate ability that we all have to sense the vibration of words, of the information that surrounds us, and of the people that are presenting that information. And as a corollary, we will also need to become deeply aware of our own vibrational output—the signal we are participating in and radiating out at any given moment.

We will need to train this under-developed ability of ours as we go along, through this process of transformation.

When one is able, even if for a fleeting moment, to see through the illusion, an awakening experience is possible. And when this happens, one connects with the Higher Self, that greater, more expanded, “best version” of oneself.

In these moments, we connect with creation itself, and the immense magnitude of love that creation is. And we can feel this love throughout the entirety of our being—down to our cells, down to our atoms. And this feeling comes with a profound knowing of a truth: that we are all one, and that we, along with everything in existence, are made of unconditional love.

From this perspective, many like myself begin to look around at our society, the way that it is, and begin to see the massive incongruities of the reality that is thrust upon us, compared to what we have personally experienced in feeling this profound connection to one and all.

I have known others who have had an awakening, and experienced great fear at this discovery.

That massive incongruity is something that affects people in many different ways. Panic and fear are certainly among those common feelings. Depending on what information a person has access to when they are in the process of awakening, that fear and panic can either be amplified, or, with a greater understanding of vibration, one can navigate this experience in a more useful way.

With the experiential understanding (beyond simply a cognitive understanding) that fear is simply a vibration, and that our vibration is always completely our own choice, one is empowered with the knowing that they do not have to choose to resonate with fear, nor espouse the information that originates from that fear vibration.

There is a fine distinction to be had here. Putting one’s head in the sand is not being suggested—but rather, a consciously intended vibrational response to whatever we encounter, however negative it may appear to us, from our perspective. When we encounter the changes that are coming, when “dark secrets” are revealed, underlying the reality we are operating within, how we respond to them is what truly matters. And it’s time for us to respond with the full light of our awakened consciousness, individually and collectively, rather than continuing to allow ourselves to succumb to the perpetuation of premeditated, manipulative emotional triggers, one after another, ad nauseam.

This book and others like it, in my humble opinion, are critical in this great time of transformation, as powerful tools to have at the ready, for the moments when we profoundly awaken to our own immense greatness, and in making that awakened state our default state of being.

I don’t know when that will happen for you. But when it does, I want you to have this tool ready. I want you to be able to ease into this process and for you to be able to move fearlessly through any environment—even one that is structured on the desire that you remain in fear and that you will believe the lie that you are powerless—because the exact opposite is actually the truth.

I hope you will find this text to be of value to you. I know that it is my honor and my privilege to deliver it in this way. And whatever may come, in future texts or other avenues, I am equally at your service.

With love,


Chapter 1

Saturday, 4/16/16. 2:22 pm

And so here I am. As promised. I have shown up, ready to write. What am I going to write about? Not really sure. Yes, I have an idea. Flow, forgetfulness, playing the Remembering Game, and allowing this vessel to clear and purify the tone of that which is to be channeled.

I am here. I surrender with love. What would you have me know?

∞ There is a book coming through. Three, actually. They will relate, but be their own specific facet of the whole, creating a triangle structure, perhaps a pyramid—we will get to that. These three books are:

~Vibrational Dynamics—a mechanics-based discussion of the structure of vibration itself and how this effects all choices, all circumstances, and therefore the individual experience of every living being in existence.

~next, and these are not necessarily in order, is relationships of high consciousness.

~third involves consciousness mastery.

Which is first?

∞ We will embark on all at the same time. Information will be put forth, which will naturally gravitate to one of these 3 points, but again, as they meet and connect to each other they are like the points and sides of a triangle.

You have, already brought forth some of the precursors of this body of information, some presented in the blog, some in a free-flowing (but unpublished) writing session or two. These facets will be made use of.

I understand the specifics of a relationship-based book. What are the broad-stroke differences in the other two?

∞ The details of this will fill out and present themselves as needed in the development and forthwith expression and download of the material, but basically, Vibrational Dynamics is more of a primer for understanding the world of vibration, the different floors of the building, and what we have access to at any given moment.

The consciousness mastery book is obviously related, but approaches the material with the intention of bringing far more of one's conscious intention into choosing which vibrational floor you are on, awakening you in moments of back-sliding, and to make congruent choices based on the floor you wish to be on.

So, Vibrational Dynamics is an awareness of the differences and what is available, and [“consciousness mastery” (not the actual title)] is more about navigating these floors from the most intelligent, holistic perspective that one has access to, relevant to the spiritual journey an individual soul has chosen to experience. Obviously, [“Relationships” (not the actual title)] relates to both of these.

I'm excited. I'm here, pen in hand. What are we writing today?

∞ Today we are discussing the overview of the process, fine-tuning what will facilitate this transfer as easily as possible with the bare minimum of resistance.

How may I facilitate this?

∞ We will utilize writing, but also vocal channeling. You may prepare your devices for recording large amounts of dialogue text, which later may be transcribed and if necessary, edited for clarity. Understood?

Yes. Will I require assistance for the recordings?

∞ No, for the most part, no. You will, as always, have all that you need from your willingness to participate. All that you require will be there. All that we require is clarity. Sometimes that will mean smaller sessions. Sometimes that will mean longer. Sometimes in deeper meditation.

We will, for one segment of the Relationship book, call on Vola to assist. Her energy and questions will engage a higher level dialogue than would be possible without her—the other side of the coin—the other person in the relationship and how she relates to this.

I understand. So again, I am ready, now. Shall we begin in this way?

∞ We shall. Deep breath, tune in, and we shall.


∞ Here we go.

We begin with the understanding that all things are connected, inter-related, like an intricate, multi-dimensional spider web. Every intersection of this web is another unique perspective, it stretches to all others, and is connected to all others eventually. Each of us is one of these nodal points at any given moment. We do shift, but for the sake of understanding this in simplicity, we will take this discussion one intersection at a time.

Being so intricately woven together, we are, inextricably together—like drops of water in the ocean.

That said, these three books will be woven together. They are their own unique thread, important, crucial even to the structure of the whole, and inter-dependent on each other as such. One cannot expand in one facet without causing pressure on the other components. As one side of a triangle grows, balance is maintained by the other sides also expanding and growing.

This is an ongoing process. In fact, that's the point of a life experience at all. We expand one area, which creates an imbalance. We bring energy to a weaker area, strengthen it, stabilizing more, but it is not until the third side is strengthened as the others do we regain the balance that existed before the expansion.

Obviously, it stands to reason then, that if expanding one area creates imbalance (or perhaps chaos of a sort) in our lives where there once was a balance, why do it at all? Why would we purposefully do this to ourselves? Because this is the nature of growth and change—the expansion of All That Is. We did not come forth to sit complacently in the knowing of all things. We came forth to experience the flow of discovery of things—to experience ourselves becoming.

Now—at this juncture it should be so noted that this "discovery" is, in effect, an illusion. This "becoming" is an illusory experience. It is wholly worthwhile, hence the existence of such infinite variety. But the mechanical fact in the underlying structure is that each of us is a facet of the Creator. The Creator knows all things. Is all things. Nothing is hidden, nothing is unknown.

So if we are a facet of this pure knowing, this means we must have chosen to forget, which is in fact the case. Why would we do this? To have the experience. If, for example, a person wants to feel that they are funny, they may laugh to themselves, but another person laughing with them, enjoying their humor allows them both to feel the experience of humor. Feeling this experience is far different from the feeling experience of knowing one is funny, but not in the midst of expressing the humor.

And so—in this physical life, you have come forth for your own unique experience. An experience that is highly specific. This experience—the specificity of one's choices, aptitudes, interests, and developed beliefs and identity creates the experience of becoming, when in fact, what is going on is an awakening—a remembering of what you already are.

We will come back to this at a later time—when relevant. But suffice it to say for now, that who you believe yourself to be—the identity you operate from is not remotely the whole picture of who and what you actually are. And this human experience, in order to have one at all, requires an agreement you made when you decided to incarnate: that because you are vast—and because you are so deeply knowing of all that you truly are—that you must agree to forget much of this for the experience of discovering yourself and becoming these things.

It is much like the film Bourne Identity, wherein Matt Damon has amnesia—no clue as to who he is, and therefore is able to have the experience of discovering the power and ability that he already possesses: the skills and training of an elite assassin. Each of you, structurally, is playing that same game, a game of uncovering what lies beneath, within you already.

At this time we will take a break.

Chapter 2

Saturday, 4/16/16. 8:55 pm

(Audio Session Transcription)

∞ There is nothing special that you need to do. This is all handled. You simply have to show up and participate, if you are so willing. If you are here, we will assume that this is so.

So, for the next step of this journey, we will continue our discussion of the integrated parts of the whole, and how this not only signifies your experience on this earthly plane, as well as this connection to the multiple dimensions you are inhabiting simultaneously, but also, quite simply, the structure of these three books—how they will come together and how they will work together, as your different dimensional selves are integrated and work more holistically as well.

First, the discussion of Vibrational Dynamics. This will be, as intuited, the first book, as it is essentially an overview of the conceptualization of vibration. This has been a term that has been utilized, and is gaining traction in your current new Age of Awareness on your planet. This is a workable term, as good as any, though the understanding of it unfortunately has been "bastardized," for lack of a better term.

Vibration is very simple in its essence. It is, as scientifically put, the amplitude of waves, the frequency of these waves. It is the combination of the amplitude and frequency of a wave motion, which effects a different tone. This spectrum exists not only for sound, but of all stimuli. Touch is a frequency. You can feel that in vibrations. So is smell, so is sight, and of course, hearing. But what we are talking about most importantly, is that thought is vibration. And thought is a reflection of the vibration you are emitting as a being in any given moment.

To break down this particular concept into terminology that one will understand, and be able to take action upon, it is important for us to understand that there are many, many layers of perspective, that are, in a way, stacked upon each other in this array of human experiences. This is by design. There is no perspective that is "better" than another. They are simply different. All are needed. All are valid expressions of humanity, of life, of expansion, of expression. All are equally and unconditionally loved by All That Is, because All That Is would not be All That Is without each and every individual expression.

[This holds true for] even those termed as "negative," even those termed as "destructive," even those termed as "against the whole." For even though, from one level, one slice of perspective, [such things] can certainly be agreed upon, and to be viewed as seemingly "anti-holistic," that is not to say that they actually are, because all positive, all negative are halves of All That Is, in the most simplistic terms.

Therefore, it is not only the positive, and it is not only the negative that makes up All That Is.

Having said this, returning to this "stack" of perspectives, a singular individual may move up and down this stack of perspectives on any given issue at any given time. This chosen perspective, wherever that may lay in this stack, will shift for every individual at different times, at different moments, at different phases in one's life, under different circumstances, and most importantly, when one's vibration shifts, because these stacks are in fact a different layer of vibration.

Each layer has within it boundaries, rules, guidelines. Each layer has within it a complete and autonomous set of items, thoughts, and adjacent frequencies to be accessed. And it is only those experiences and moments and adjacent vibrations that one can experience when one is inhabiting that particular layer (or floor of a building, if that serves).

If one were to have an insight, this typically will come from a higher floor, a higher perspective, and it typically happens when one is, let us say, neutral—as neutral as one can be on a particular floor. One, for the moment, disengages from the activities and the thought patterns that are part and parcel of a particular floor for long enough to simply become clear, to simply become "empty," enough so that information from the higher floors can be received.

It is this very information that is coming now that is being received from higher floors by the channel. The more that he or anyone is able to remain in this neutral, clear, pure, non-resistant space, the more information can be received from the higher planes and made use of in aiding one to move up the ladder, so to speak, and to experience floors that are more representative of the floors they believe they wish to experience.

It takes no higher guidance to visit the lower floors. In fact it is the opposite that takes place. The deeper one goes into the perspective that "there is nothing higher," "there is no life after death," "there is no soul," as well as exploring negative emotions—fear, loneliness, shame, guilt, blame, sadness, despair, anger, revenge, hatred—any of these experiences in effect root one to lower floors. It is a slide that draws one down in frequency to a lower tone.

Again, there is no judgment in this. Again, each of the floors and every tone are welcomed, and needed, and loved by All That Is.

The question is simply, were the individual aware that he/she can choose any floor that he/she wishes, would that person choose this lower floor and all the negative feelings and difficulty and pain that is part and parcel of these lower floors?

That is essentially the entire reason for this discussion. So that one can, consciously, choose to move upward.

By moving upward, one becomes more whole. By this we mean, in having a physical experience, one had to forget that they are a multi-dimensional being. One had to forget that they are a soul having a physical experience, in a very similar way that a person playing a video game may choose to control a particular avatar within the game.

The lower you go in vibration, the more in effect you are that avatar, forgetting that you are a person playing a game, simply controlling the avatar.

These physical bodies, in a simplistic terminology, are very much a video game avatar. And it is the experience of the game that drew you here to this plane of existence. It is the game that is ongoing, and that you have chosen to play with many, many others.

So, the higher one ascends in awareness, the more of the lower frequency floors that one chooses to rise above and leave behind, the more one is capable of containing the higher frequency vibrations, and therefore, more of their own multi-dimensional self while still here on the physical plane. One will find, when this happens, that they will change their experience in many ways. Their experience alters.

There are many things that come along with this, one of which is greater synchronicity taking place; seemingly coinciding events that at first appear to be "chance" or "luck" or that they are "random," that seem to work out [for the better] frequently. And when these types of "chance" beneficial moments begin to happen, and happen, and happen, and happen, the odds of these particular moments actually being relegated to the idea of being "chance" becomes statistically impossible.

When this happens, one comes to acknowledge the greater multi-dimensional self. And we will talk more about that, in greater detail, at a later time, but for now, the aspects of the higher frequencies and the multi-dimensional self are relevant in the sense that one's own experience, here on the physical plane, can be greatly enhanced, far beyond what the perspective of the lower frequencies believes is at all possible.

In fact, an individual, on a higher frequency floor, doing the things that are part and parcel of experience on that high floor, would be viewed by their own lower-frequency self on a far lower floor (one rooted in despair, or anger, for example) as if their "higher-floor self" was performing miracles, being "lucky," or even perhaps doing something that cannot be explained yet, but somehow must be able to be explained by science or religion or something of that nature. There is the lack of understanding that these things could exist beyond their own understanding, which they do, of course.

Also, on these higher vibration floors, there are instances of what one refers to as "psychic abilities." This is common. And the reason for this is the multi-dimensional self is timeless. In the non-physical realm, where all of us simultaneously exist with this physical realm, there is no time. Time exists only here. It is our creation.

And so, connection to others is experienced easily, effortlessly, because we are all connected. And, in addition to this, we are all facets of the same All That Is, and therefore, anything that is experienced by one person through "others" is a reflection of that one individual.

So when one has a "psychic moment," it is because they are tuned to the same frequency. They are tuning in to their "oneness tone." And thus these things, which are seemingly impossible from lower earthly vibrations, are more than possible—they are actually the norm—in non-physical and in many of the higher earthly frequencies.

Now, to discuss this topic further, but in a different field, we would like to point out the idea of thoughts, in pertaining to vibration. There has been, as we have mentioned, many books and many new age philosophy beliefs in the idea that thoughts are vibration. This is not entirely accurate.

Thoughts are a reflection of one's vibration—they are not, in and of themselves, the vibration.

So if one were to only change their thoughts, but not their feelings or beliefs underneath those thoughts, one would find that their vibration (and therefore, the experiences and circumstances they are manifesting) would not necessarily change. And that change is, of course, what is most certainly desired in moving up this spectrum.

Think in terms of a hummingbird, and the heartbeat of that hummingbird.

Its heartbeat moves at a far faster frequency, a faster vibration, than a human heart. And while the hummingbird's wings are flapping (in many cases faster than a human eye can see), its heartbeat is not a result of its flapping wings. The flapping wings are a reflection of the heartbeat of the hummingbird. It begins at the heart and spreads to the rest of the creature, including the wings.

Thoughts are similar. It begins with our vibration (which also begins in our heart, and the neurons of the heart) and expresses outward.

Thoughts are not even necessarily all created by the individual. When one is of a certain vibration, one receives thoughts from others, feelings from others, and circumstances and situations that are requisite to that vibration. They receive these things.

It is very much the same as tuning your radio to a particular station. You would not tune your radio to a country music station in order to listen to hip hop. This is not logical. In the same way, thoughts are simply what is played when one tunes into a particular station, that station being a particular vibration.

And so, the challenge and the issue with certain New Age information, including the "Law of Attraction" is the idea that one can simply change their vibration by changing their thoughts. Thoughts are important, but they are not the core, they are not the epicenter of the vibration. That is what must be changed in order to experience new circumstances—a new reality.

And we will stop here for the time being.

Chapter 3

Sunday, 4/17/16. 11:35 am

I am here. I surrender with love. What would you have me know today?

∞ Today we will continue where we left off with the recording yesterday, but first, we will address your questions.

How will the structure of these books unfold?

∞ You know as much as is appropriate to tell you. Three books, with overlapping structure and message, but each revealing a deeper understanding of the structure of its facet. The three facets merge together, forming the whole and the symbol of manifestation.

Are you a single entity or something else?

∞ Both. You will understand in time, when appropriate.

So basically, you can't tell me.

∞ The clarity you seek will come at the most appropriate time, and you will know the truth of it through and through without doubt, with full clarity.

Okay then. Will these books be released simultaneously?

∞ Let us continue the expression, and as we go, your most relevant questions will be answered. Naturally. Ask your most burning questions here and now. The ones you must know.

Will these books be a catalyst for the transformation for others? Will they be a guide for others to tune to their highest potential?

∞ Of course. That is their purpose, and the purpose of our dialogue, in any of its forms. Of course, the degree to which you are willing and able to let go and allow whatever may come to come through you, only then will you discover what these books are specifically designed to be.

These are not just "for you" any longer. These are predominantly "for others," though of course your journey will continue to develop and evolve in relationship to this material, as well as your mastery continue to expand.

Thank you. I am ready to resume.

∞ Excellent. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Release.

Vibrational Dynamics has many facets, in and of itself. There is the basic understanding as has been depicted previously here, as well as in the "Basement or Penthouse" and "Mosaic" blog entries. These are crucial understandings, that will need to be integrated, in order to intentionally move to the floors of your choosing.

Again, there is no judgment of which floor you may be choosing (consciously or unconsciously), nor is there a "winning floor" that everyone is clamoring to get to. This is not how the structure works. This is not so linearly designed.

Chapter 4


*Editor's note:

*We will take a brief pause from the main text in order to bring the reader up to speed, as it were. The following two chapters are excerpts from the blog of the author. These two posts in particular were "requested' to be inserted here, so as to establish a common baseline understanding of the structures that will be further explored in this text. These posts were the direct results of automatic writing sessions, which, as the author now concedes, were the beginnings of the evolving practice that he now understands as channeling.*

In the last couple of years since my spiritual reawakening, my journey has led me to some interesting places within, and now, my development and understanding of vibration has reached a broader, fuller degree of awareness.

Vibration, I know, is not something that's typically discussed, and is a bit outside the norm for most people, but I’ve found it to be a very empowering concept that warrants further exploration. When one is hurrying to get somewhere on time, struggling to get something done, or arguing to be understood, there is a feeling that comes with each of these things—a vibration to that.

Now by comparison, if you're walking along the beach, feeling the ocean waves crashing at your feet, contemplating the vastness of the ocean, or basking in the beauty of the sunset, there is a wholly different feeling to these experiences—a different vibration.

And while there is a wide range of different specifics and nuances in our feelings (as it is with our vibration), when we are in the midst of anything that feels good to us, we are activating a vibration that moves us towards everywhere we most want to be and magnetizes all that we want to us. If we aren't feeling good, we are actively engaged in slowing down or keeping what we most want at arm's-length, indefinitely.

The distinction here is that it’s not the specific activity—it's the feeling of the activity we are experiencing while we are engaged in it that matters. That feeling is either in alignment with all that you really are, all that feels good to you, or it's not. The end does not justify the means—how you feel in the midst of doing anything is a glimpse of how you will feel at it’s completion. Your feelings are your guide.

This does not mean that one has to hold a gleeful ear-to-ear smile on one's face 24/7. Not at all. Alignment with all that we are feels like love—it's laughter, it's bliss, it's being turned on, it's gentleness, it’s fun, and it can be as simple as genuine interest. Alignment feels like love because it is love.

There's a reason long walks on the beach are a clichéd symbol of romance—because in that place we feel all that we really are—we put the phone down, we are no longer fighting traffic, we’re not engaged in any hustle and bustle. We’ve set down the things we “need to do” and we just… are. And it feels fantastic. It feels like deep, welcoming, unconditional love, and we feel these things because in that moment we've simply let go of everything we've cluttered ourselves up with along the way.

Now I'm not suggesting we live our lives on the beach, or in the park, or any other specific geographic location where we feel we can let go and feel our true alignment with nature and all of creation. I'm suggesting we live our lives in the feeling of these places.

Whether we accept it or not, the law of attraction is at work in our lives and throughout creation, no exceptions. And whatever feelings we are currently experiencing indicates the vibration—the frequency at which we are magnetizing new experiences to us. Bearing that in mind, it becomes doubly important to reach for the better feeling thought wherever you are.

Our thoughts do play a role in this, yes, but left to their own devices, how often are our thoughts purely focused on one topic, much less focused on one that serves us? Our feelings are the true barometer. If our thoughts are in service of our feelings, or, said another way, if our minds are in service of our hearts, we cannot be led astray. Our hearts connect us—all the time—to that feeling we have when walking on the beach. And when we are doing what we love, that's easy to feel.

Happiness does not have to be limited to how many “trips to the beach” one can manage. One can live in that feeling on the way to everything they wish to bring about. If we try to think our way through life—figure this out, figure that out, in a feeling of “how am I going to do this?” we cut ourselves off from our connection to the solutions from within.

This may, on the surface, sound counter-intuitive.

“Stop trying to think of the solution so that a solution can come to mind?”

Yes. It is not our own individual intelligence that is ultimately going to close the gap from where we are to where we wish to be in a deliciously satisfying, all-my-dreams-have-come-true sort of way. If we take ourselves off the battery power of the mind and plug into the electric current of Source energy, we tap into Infinite Intelligence—the energy and brilliance of creation that exists in everything.

If we tune ourselves to that frequency, we can call what we want through us. When we take our ego out of the loop, our minds stop trying to “figure it all out,” and they become a receiver for inspiration, imagination, and intuition. When we stop treating them as our master, we allow our minds to become the faithful servants they were designed to be. It is only when we let go of the struggle to solve “the problem” do we allow the solution to come to us, and we really start seeing things change for us in big ways.

In my life, I have made it a habit to deliberately let go and allow the universe to work out the details. I trust that the cooperative components for all that I wish to experience are already assembled, and that the only “work” I have to do is to line up with the end result. Part of my new routine is asking myself,

“How may I allow the universe to work through me today?” or

“How may I be a collaborative component for all that I want today?”

The answer I receive tells me exactly what I’ll be doing today. This led me, for instance, to going back and re-editing my entire acting demo reel. Four full days in a row of editing that felt like playtime, and the quality of my scenes sky-rocketed as a result. And this is just scratching the surface of the interesting results I’ve been experiencing.

No matter what culture we call ourselves a part of, each of us has an innate desire to live a meaningful life. We all want to have an impact on others, to live a life that has meant something to someone else. Most of us define this in terms of achievements, sometimes with the acquisition of things or titles; for others it is much more personal.

But what if the true impact of our lives were measured instead by the feelings we most send out to the world? What if the true measure of meaning in our lives were in the feelings –the vibrations we are expressing most frequently?

If feelings were colors, we would all have a kaleidoscope in terms of what we express, but if we're honest with ourselves about which emotion we are expressing most frequently, what might that be?

What feeling are you painting the world with today?

This is the heart of what vibration means. And one cannot continue to paint with the same dark colors and expect the picture to get any brighter. We can be a part of the beautiful mosaic of creation that surrounds us—it is our birthright. The choice—and the canvas—is ours.

Chapter 5

"Basement or Penthouse"

If you’re reading this, it’s appropriate to assume that you, like myself, have a vested interest in raising your conscious awareness so as to live more joyfully, more in tune with who you really are, and to let go of old behaviors or patterns in our lives that no longer serve you. Not always an easy task, but certainly a worthy endeavor.

Given that we’re on the same page, if we wish to move to a new, better understanding of ourselves and the personal reality we are creating, we must first begin with a broader understanding of where we are now. In that vein, one might imagine that each “level” of consciousness is its own floor in a high-rise building. Each of us, at any given time, is living our lives on one of these floors—in some cases, believing it’s the only floor. It’s not.

On each floor we find a very compelling, 3-D, surround-sound motion-simulator-type movie. We are powerfully enticed to stay there and see where that movie goes, how that story will end. Usually, it never, ever does. Or if it does, another movie of the same style, genre, etc. begins, and we’re enticed to remain and continue. This enticement is relentless and crucial to recognize in order to break free of it and to move to a different floor.

There's no judgment about which level one is currently on. One level is not inherently “better” than the other. Experiencing the higher levels do allow for a more harmonic, joyful, running-on-all-cylinders-type spiritual experience, but each floor is entirely valid. Each is its own fulfilling experience, in its own way. But you cannot choose another experience until you choose to leave this current one behind. You cannot be on two floors of the building at the same time.

In addition to the compelling allure of an individual floor, each comes with its own set of moods, emotions, feelings, circumstances, and experiences that perpetuate and expand upon only those moods, and emotions, and feelings. Said another way, each floor is a different level of vibration, and is defined by the parameters of that vibration—like a particular musical note.

Again, all levels are valid, all are okay. But when you realize you're the only one choosing what floor you currently may be on, and that you can at any time choose any other floor, this is where true empowerment comes. Don't want to feel anger, for instance? Leave that floor for something that feels better. Understand that if you choose to express anger again, later on, you have (at least temporarily) returned to that lower floor again. You’ve chosen, on some level, to continue to further your experience of the “anger movie,” and you’ll start seeing more expressions of anger and things that perpetuate your own.

To our benefit, we are always being pulled upward by All That Is, as our most natural, default state is unconditional love. If we simply relax, and let go of the desire to resist anything, let go of what may be troubling us, let go of thoughts and patterns that we know don’t serve us, we find ourselves on or near the top floor, enjoying that movie, where we will feel happy most if not all of the time. Not only that, but these higher floors are also where “the magic” happens. Miracles happen. Manifestations of all that we've dreamt of and want to experience happen.

As we might imagine, the lower floors are expressions of fear, pain, suffering, scarcity, and struggle. From this broader perspective, we can easily see where any individual or a society is operating from. These can be the enticements we are constantly beckoned with. But we need not join anyone on a floor we no longer wish to experience. Our awareness of where others are does not require us to participate in such a way.

Put simply, we are not meant to stay on a lower floor (or any floor for that matter) indefinitely. We may stay there all of our physical lives if we choose to, and that is perfectly okay, but we're not meant to, and we do not have to. It is 100%, utterly, entirely up to us to decide to let go of whatever we are experiencing on that particular floor and move on.

Walk out in the middle of whatever compelling movie or story may be happening there. Get up and leave. Mid-sentence. Don't stay to “be polite.” Don't stay out of “duty” or “obligation.” Don't stay because friends, or parents, or society told us that we should. The moment we realize we are done with that level, Get up and leave it. The moment we feel done with that job, done with that relationship, done with that experience, done with that old way of thinking, we can leave it behind forever.

Only you can keep you stuck there.

The moment we realize that the idea of “feeling stuck” in and of itself is merely a mental projection—a figment of our imagination—that very moment, we can choose to utterly, completely release it and never turn back. We can choose to settle for nothing less than being happy. We can choose to treat ourselves with unconditional love.

No need to concern oneself with how much time was “wasted” on the lower floor. You’ve moved on now, no need to be hard on oneself. Self-judgment is on one of those lower floors—no need to put ourselves back there. We can love ourselves instead; forgive ourselves. We can appreciate the understanding that we brought forth in experiencing the lower floors as long as we chose to do so. That was and is the only way we can truly move on in a permanent way. In appreciating the lessons we've learned, we can’t help but understand how they laid the foundation from which our new happier lives are built.

Appreciate others that are still choosing to experience those lower floors—they are working things out for themselves in their own time—exactly as each of us does in our own unique way. No two experiences will ever—can ever—be the same. And that's the point.

All of creation benefits from our unique experiences, and subsequently, it benefits from our unique combination of evolving shifts in perspective. Thus, the universe continues to expand and expand and express itself in ever-unfolding diversity.

We can let go of what we are being fed, and choose what information we feed ourselves with. We can let go of what any external source tells us to do—yes, even this one. If we let ourselves simply open and attune to how we feel when receiving any info, we have all the inner guidance we will ever require:

If it feels off or bad—drop it. It feels good, explore it further.

We all have this inner emotional guidance system, but how often are we consciously making intentional use of it in this way?

Remember, the structure of this experience is such that there is, in every particle, every moment, every experience—that which is wanted, and that which is not wanted. Whatever a person focuses on expands for them. Many people are primarily focused on what is not wanted in their lives. In making a shift away from this mode, we become aware of how many people see life this way. Let them. We do not have to participate in that. No matter who tells us that we do.

Do not push against those who are choosing, whether they realize it or not, the negative or lower floor experiences. If we push against, fight, or complain about them, we join them on that same lower floor. As an example, take two concepts: anti-war and pro-peace. To some, these might seem to be the same thing, but they are not. Mother Theresa was asked why she would never join an anti-war rally. She responded by saying, “as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” She recognized that crucial difference, and so can we.

Again, no level of consciousness is better than another. All are valid. All are simply choices. Many just don't realize that they are choices, or more frequently, we get so swept up in the momentum of the movie, we forget that we can walk out.

Every floor of experience, be it the basement, or the penthouse, or any floor in between, is our choice. Once we know and live this understanding, what we choose our lives to be becomes a matter of intent, and we realize that despite what the surface would suggest, circumstances are irrelevant—only our state of being matters. What state of being would you prefer?

It's a choice, it's a choice, it's a choice.

*Editor's note:

*And now, we return to our scheduled broadcast, already in progress.. ;) *

Chapter 6

Sunday, 4/17/16. (resuming)

∞ There is much "unlearning" that one must be willing to grow through in moving from an intellectual understanding of the dynamics of vibration into prowess with and mastery of flowing effortlessly between them at will, all with conscious intent. This is why this book is there. A discussion of why you would want to do this will be deeply explored in the “consciousness mastery" book, but for now, the simple idea therein is the desire to grow, the desire to change in the direction of one's excitement.

This idea seems very simple indeed, and fundamentally, it is. However, for some reason, for most humans, this simple idea is not as simply applicable. And the reason is the compartmentalization most humans have taken on to such a degree that their sense of identity has become so fragmented that "simple" just doesn't seem to work for them. In reality, the simplicity of the design is made to work holistically through you, rather than to fit neatly into the little compartmentalizations of self that one's personality has taken on.

Back to today's discussion—the exploration of vibration in relation to one's physical experience.

The vast majority of society think and interact in terms of what they can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Their entire interface with the world is through these five senses. But what if these five were only a small part of the picture?

Of course, people are far more than their five senses give them credit for. But, in an effort to dive more deeply into what exactly is "missing" here in the standard definitions of what this reality experience is and how it can be quantified and measured, one must imagine the experience of the individual who is without one of the standard five senses. We know, for instance, that while it has been said that the remaining senses become amplified to compensate for the lack of the one, that still does not provide the blind person or deaf person of the rich, vast, indescribable nuances that this particular sense enables within.

The sense of sight, and its being taken for granted, is something that can never fully be transferred or described to the individual who has never seen before. Everywhere we look, there is a flood of imagery, depth upon depth that goes far beyond what the naked eye can see, and what the mind can process at any given moment. In fact, one must delete most of it in order to move through their day.

Think for a moment, as an example, what life would be like if for every tree you looked at, you were fully conscious of every single one of its leaves? Or when you looked at your pet, you were fully aware of the position of every one of its hairs? Or when you look at the person next to you, that you knew the dilation of each of their pores? It is all there, right in front of you, all the time. Endless information. Endless depth. All there to be taken in, or filtered out, but it's all there right in front of you.

So filtering, obviously, is done on a massive scale, every second of your life, for every living being. This is done, for the very simple natural reason of relevance. It's not relevant for you, in perceiving every tree you will ever look upon to consciously be aware of each and every leaf it currently holds. In any given moment, it is more or less relevant to perceive this high level of detail, to perceive more or less "leaf information," or even to notice the entire tree at all.

So again, just taking into account all of the visual stimuli available at all times, there is already an incredible amount of detailed information—one might say 99%—that is, for the sake of its relevance in any given moment, that is completely discarded by the personality mind. We ignore 99% of it all the time, every second of every day.

And all of this deletion, all of this filtering being discussed, only takes into account one of the five basic senses. If you cannot process all of the information available visually, and already delete 99% of it at every given moment, why would any of your other senses be different? Surprise—they are not.

Every one of your senses are constantly bathing you in data—and this data bath is not meant to all be taken in and absorbed completely by you—because it's not all relevant to you. We'll get to relevance more in a bit.

Suffice it to say—it would be more than understandable that if we were to ask you some simple questions about your immediate environment, you would not be able to answer until you took a moment, stopped, and chose to focus on this data, if you were even capable of discerning it. How many individual birds can you hear chirping right now? How does the inside of your mouth taste? How much dust has accumulated on an object near you? How warm or cold is the environment you're in right now?

Science is, in its entirety, based upon the information received by the basic five senses. If something cannot be observed by one of these five means, it is not counted. If it cannot be measured by one of these five senses, it is filtered out. Deleted. Not relevant for their purposes.

Now this is important. If much of what the collective understanding of what this physical reality is is based solely upon observable, measurable data as perceived by the basic five senses, what is being filtered out? And what, of the content that is considered not relevant, is actually very relevant for a truer, deeper, more holistic understanding of our entire physical experience?

Let's take a step back and observe this idea in an historical context, with the discovery of germs. Before germs were known to exist, surgical practices—again, guided by science—had filtered out the existence of what their five senses at the time could not perceive. It wasn't even that the technology of the microscope was beyond comprehension—no. The flaw of the thinking at that time was that there was no relevance in looking deeper into microscopic details in order to conduct surgery. It was akin to counting the hairs on your pet—irrelevant.

And so, when the idea came forth, it was mocked. The information was there, right in front of everyone, and yet the entire scientific community refused to look there, believing this level of detail to be utterly irrelevant for the health of those undergoing surgery, and beyond. More interestingly, and germane to our discussion, is that even when the idea of microscopic germs began to reach surgeons, they resisted the idea. They refused to look and see for themselves and discover the truth that was always there in front of them.

This, in so many ways, is the biggest obstacle people face in making changes, and in absorbing the idea of vibrational dynamics—that if others don't think they should be looking there, then you shouldn't either.

Effectively, it's a "group filtering" phenomenon. If the group—the collective—agrees that there is no value in this unexplored data, then the individual won't look there either. This concept must be acknowledged to be at work within you the reader, in order to move beyond its limitations, and reach the higher understanding you seek, and the greater, more holistic interpretation of the data bath you are immersed in.

To put it simply: There is far more information surrounding you at all times than you have accepted as even "possibly relevant" that you would find extremely relevant to you on an individual basis, were you to give it the chance. You are filtering far, far more than you would reasonably choose to, were you free to choose to go as deeply as you wish.

Of course, you are free to go as deeply as you wish, but you don't act as if this is so—quite the contrary. And that is the deeper underlying issue in taking on any new understanding of creation and your role in it: An intellectual understanding that you are free is worthlessa lie, evenif you are not acting from the knowing that this is true.

Now, before we move forward in this particular discussion, let us float back to the concept of the five senses, and the data bath that we receive from them. Let us postulate, for a moment, that as a five-sensory group of individuals, that you happened upon a civilization here on Earth that only had four. Let's say they—the entire civilization—were blind.

Now this blind culture had evolved quite capably for many, many generations without the need of sight, and could sense you coming long before you could see them. And they welcomed you nonetheless, with open arms. And as you sat together and began to communicate, you noticed much about the other.

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