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At 100 With Mandela

Leadership Lessons


Nelson Mandela’s Legacy


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To YALI Cohort 12 participants; the Great 12!

To the Young Africa Leader reading this book!


Iwas four years when Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president. Like a number of people of my age and generation from around the world, I’ve grown to admire his life and personality and to be inspired by the bricks he was using to build his legacy – the outstanding impact and difference he was making in the lives of many.

At age thirteen when I ventured into positional leadership, at my junior school, and in the following years of my being in leadership, Mandela has been one of the leaders I looked up to for leadership inspiration.

Over the years, in studying his life, as well as those of others, and their legacies for some time now, their examples became a solid example to me and inspired my interest in exemplary leadership, which has become a major component of my leadership philosophy.

In studying Mandela's legacy, as a young African leader, I've been able to learn a number of lessons especially to do with exemplary leadership. I've summarized these lessons and discussed them under these four sections: legacy, the legacy of youth, the legacy of life and living a legacy lifestyle.

I must state here that this book is written in a youthful voice primarily for a youthful audience. However, it can as well be useful to members of other age groups.

Being it that At 100 With Mandela focuses much on the subject of leadership, by reading this book, you acknowledge that you are a leader, and if you have never been so, that is, if you have never thought or be­lieved that you are a leader, today you have become one. What that means is that throughout this book, I will be addressing you as a leader.

This year, 2018, we are celebrating the Centenary of Nelson Mandela. We all know that Mandela is no more. But why celebrate his centenary? Why do we bother to say if he was here this year he would be turning hun­dred years? What keeps drawing and at­tracting us to his name?

The answer is plain and simple: his legacy. Mandela not only lived an exceptional life. He left behind him an extraordinary legacy. Though his life is no more, Mandela’s legacy is here with us. The effects of how he lived his life, the fruits of what he did in his time and how he invested the best of his life continues to affect many to this day.

During his lifetime, Nelson Mandela has been building a legacy and now that legacy is outliving his life. The impact of his life­time has become an extraordinary example, a hallmark of inspiration for so many of us.

As leaders, this book is not only challenging us to be at our hundred this year as we cele­brate Mandela’s Centenary. It is a call on us to live for something that will outlive us. It is an appeal to everyone of us to live a life that makes up for the kind of legacy we in­tend to build.

This little book is a friendly companion as you celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Though this book can benefit leaders within different age groups, it is primarily dedicated to young leaders.

It is against that back­ground that I implore and encourage you to recommend this book to every young leader within your circle of influence. Doing so is part of making a difference in someone else’s life.

I am also encouraging you to check out my other book titled ‘This Is My Dream’, which discusses Youth Leadership and Young People’s Position and Participation in Africa’s Socioeco­nomic Transformation.

If you are a leadership trainer, consultant or activist, you are free to use the information in this booklet for training or presentation purposes and you can expand on the sec­tions and topics where possible, depending on your experience with or understanding of the concepts.

You can also use this book as a gift to your family, friends, colleagues or so during the Mandela day or any other occasion in celebration of Mandela’s legacy.

If you are a YALI Alumni or a leadership trainer or consultant and do require printed copies of the book for your people, you can arrange with the author.

For more infor­mation, please contact me on the details provided towards the end of this book.

Simon Ngenokesho, your fellow leader; Namibia








The Legacy of Youth



The Legacy of Life



Living a Lifestyle of Legacy



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What is it?

‘’Men and women all over the world, right down the centuries, come and go. Some leave nothing behind, not even their names. It would seem that they never existed at all."

Nelson Mandela – October, 16, 1998

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term 'legacy'? Something we leave behind when we die? Something we start thinking about when we're advanced in life? Something we need not to bother ourselves with early in life or at all? Something for a set group of people; VIPs, celebrities, famous individuals or so?

Well, we can all define legacy in our own way but however we may define it, the truth is that we ought to be thinking of and working towards leaving a legacy behind. And not just a legacy but one that can out­live us.

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