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For my dad. For Z. For my family. For you. For me. Love.

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Introduction: My Story

What Is the Universe?

Chapter 1: What is Manifestation?

Chapter 2: The Power of Meditation

Chapter 3: The Healing of Journaling

Chapter 4: Being Grateful Is Key

Chapter 5: What’s Blocking Your Love?

Chapter 6: Lose Your Mind: It’s Not About What You Think, It’s About What You Feel

Chapter 7: Don’t Be Perfect. Be Perfecting.

Chapter 8: The World Is Bigger Than You

Chapter 9: Without Trust, You Can’t Get Anywhere

Chapter 10: Doubt Will Not Protect You

Chapter 11: Manifesting is About Receiving

Chapter 12: Expectations are Visions

Chapter 13: Joy Means You’re On The Right Path

Chapter 14: Act on Inspiration

Chapter 15: Judgement Cripples You

Chapter 16: Reaching the End is Disappointing

Chapter 17: A Life of Abundance

Chapter 18: We’re All Connected



If You Enjoy This Book…

Introduction: My Story

Have you ever felt like life was no longer worth living?

Have you ever asked yourself why you should continue?

I have, but I made it out.

We’ve all been to a dark place. Where the feeling of despair feels bigger than the feeling of hope. I don’t mean to depress you with the opening of this book, only to empathize and sympathize with you. I’ve also been that low. I’m here to tell you, you too can get to the other side.

I’ve reached the place where I didn’t want to go on. A place where I was bedridden, and not healthy enough to get up. Where even if I was feeling well enough I would still stay in bed because I didn’t want to make an effort. Depression had sunk in.

I’ve reached that place where I drank a little too much alcohol, knowing that I shouldn’t, but numbness was better than feeling something. I had crashed. Fallen into a world I didn’t know if I wanted.

It seemed like everything was happening to me. It felt like I had no control. Everything and everyone was getting taken away from me. I suffered from abandonment issues. I suffered through self-worth issues. To be honest, I still do. Learning to unlearn unhelpful belief systems and behavioral patterns is hard. Before, I was living through unbearable suffering.

Life was hard to get through. I had to push through every day, like time was an obstacle. My genetic disorder, cystic fibrosis, told me that I only had thirty-five years to live, and I was already twenty-one years through it. When I was born, my disease told me that I would only live until I was ten but I made it past that— I just never knew if I was supposed to.

Over the course of a year, I had a child disappear from my life, I separated from the love of my life, and my father died. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to live.

I had found love in being a father; I didn’t know what to do when I wasn’t one anymore. I never knew if I made the right decision by leaving and focusing on myself. How often are we stuck wondering whether what we did was right or wrong? How often do we judge ourselves for our decisions?

My dad’s death was my first experience with death. I’ve had to deal with the idea of death a lot because of cystic fibrosis, but there’s a difference when something goes from being an idea to a reality.

I remember seeing him, cold, lying in the hospital bed. Chest not moving. Bloated. He resembled my father, but it wasn’t him. Or maybe he looked exactly the same and everything in my world had changed so fast that he just seemed different. We’re all afraid, whether of death,

or of not reaching our full potential. A lot of us let fear drive most of our decision making. I decided that day to not let fear run my life.

I was attending the University of Central Florida at the time, hating the experience I was having there. Well, to be fair, I hated everything at that time, but school was on the bottom of my want-to-do list. Somehow, I found it within myself to keep going. Looking back, I think I was just attending at that point to make my father proud. I wanted him to be happy about the decisions I was making. I wanted to live a life he would have been proud of.

Not only that, but I’ve discerned as I’ve researched my past that going to school kept my mind busy, and kept me out of trouble. Not that I would’ve caused any harm to anyone but myself. I’m glad it kept my mind focused on something else besides the pain.

I’ve learned a lot when it comes to pain, like how we shouldn’t run from it, and how we can utilize it, but I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew is that I was hurt. Too hurt.

After losing so many major relationships in my life, I was certain that I didn’t want to get close to anybody again. I didn’t want to lose anybody else. It hurt too much. I never realized how much that was holding me back in my personal life, in my business life, and in my spiritual journey.

Everything happens for a reason though, and my decision to stay in school had its benefits. I met a girl in one of my classes—Angie—and she changed my life.

We became close friends. We had a lot in common. We were both working on ourselves at the time, and we were both growing spiritually. We were both focused on becoming healthy.

I remember staying late after class together and hanging out on campus to talk about our goals and our aspirations. She kept me focused on the possibility of a future. She reminded me that I didn’t have to be stuck where I was. That the dark place I was in could have a little light. That I didn’t have to want things to be over.

Her biggest impact came one night when I hit a low. I was telling her that I was depressed, and I didn’t want to be that way anymore. That’s when she introduced me to the Law of Attraction. The theory that we create our world by how we think, and how we feel. It was a revolutionary concept to me.

She was telling me about what it was, and then she told me to go on Netflix and watch a documentary called The Secret. (I recommend you watch it as well.) I have to say at first that I was turned off. It was very “New Age,” and honestly it starts off a bit slow. After they started explaining what the Law of Attraction was, I was hooked. The film changed my life. Knowing that I was in control of my life really hit home. At the time, it seemed like the world was taking everything away from me. I didn’t have my son around anymore. I didn’t have my girlfriend. I lost my father. The world was a cruel place. Or was it? Was I making it that way?

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we can manifest our lives in the way we want. It tells us that we manifest our lives at all times, whether good or bad things are happening to us. It’s on us. That’s hard to grasp for some people because accepting the fact that your life may not be where you want it to be because of your thoughts and your actions, and owning that, is hard to do. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you may be messing your own life up. The beauty is that at any time we can begin to manifest our lives in the way that we wish.

Now, there are a couple of things that the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that we will no longer feel pain. It doesn’t mean that we won’t face obstacles. It means seeing that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. It shows us that our obstacles are just as important as our blessings. It shows us how to ask the Universe for what we want, and to see it manifest into our lives. It shows us that we are in control.

Since I’ve learned that lesson, I’ve become an international spoken word poet with over a million cumulative views on my videos on Facebook, an inspiration to those in the cystic fibrosis community, an author, and a professional speaker.

I’ve been able to turn all the sorrow in my life into love. I’ve gone from rock bottom to the peak. I still face struggles, even the daily struggles of cystic fibrosis, but I realize now that I am blessed. I’ve become grateful for the things in my life, and more things I’m grateful for are continuing to manifest.

Those accolades have come to me at the right time, and they haven’t been forced. I haven’t felt like I’ve had to do “work” in a long time. The only work I do is aligning myself to the Universe, and letting it do the rest.

I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I’ve learned to look at them as opportunities to grow. I’ve been through a lot of painful experiences, but have learned that I can use them to feel more empathy and spread more love, and that’s what life is all about. Love.

My life is turning into exactly what I want it to be, and all I do is know that the Universe has my back. I spread love, I receive love, and I am love.

Being able to say that in this book means more than anything to me. I’ve gone from not wanting to live to wanting to spread the joy of life. I can’t believe the turnaround I’m experiencing. I want to be able to inspire others to have the same transformation that I had.

In this book, you will learn how to manifest everything that you could ever want. You’ll be able to change your life around no matter where you are. Rock bottom will no longer be your residence. That is, unless you want it to be.

Follow these words, hear these lessons, and free yourself from the void you sense in your heart and your soul. There’s a better way to live, and this book will show you what it is. Let’s change the world by manifesting the lives we want to live. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s love our lives. Let’s manifest.

Take What You Know and Forget It

These chapters will help you discover who you are. Finding that out will allow you to able to create the life you want. The outside world is nothing but a reflection of our inner selves. We need to delve into all the lies we’ve been told our entire lives and crush them.

Everything we want in our lives is already at our disposal. The problem is that most of the time we are blind to it. We have adopted belief systems, behavioral patterns, and thought processes that don’t serve us. These are purely distractions and blocks that keep us from reaching our full potential. We need to put in the work to eradicate them.

Think about it. Why would we want the definitions that we’ve created our whole lives to be dictated by other people? Now is the time to redefine what the important aspects of your life mean to you. Now is the time to create your own beliefs and the systems of thought that serve you. Now is the time to destroy all of the things in your life that aren’t serving you. After we do that, what will be left is the answer to every issue we will face.


I don’t mean romantic love. I’m talking about the love that connects us all. The love that drives our passions. The love that makes us creative. The love that wants us to be fulfilled.

I’ll discuss this concept of love multiple times. It’s an interesting new take on what you may think love is, but like I said, it’s time for a change.

I have a life and a business coach that has changed my life. She puts on workshops every few months, and one of them was about love.

The first thing we did was discover all of the “love lies” we’ve been told since we’ve been born. Things like “you’ll just know” and “love doesn’t hurt.” Everyone in the workshop was a little confused. Why were we learning what love wasn’t? We all wanted to know what it was.

The workshop lasted weeks, and we didn’t get to what love was until the last week. We spent the majority of the time focusing on what it wasn’t.

Going through this workshop taught me a valuable lesson. People learn better when you approach them with something they understand, then reframe it in a different way. I’m not going to be introducing new topics for you to understand until I’ve discussed what you already know and deconstructed it.

We’ll be going through topics that are blocking you from manifesting your life, and by undoing these belief systems and thought processes you’ll be manifesting your life by default.

We’re all blocked from love, and we’re all blocked from manifestation. Both love and manifestation exist and go on all the time, but we block ourselves from feeling and obtaining these beautiful qualities of life.

This book is here to change that.

Helpful Exercises to Manifest

At the end of every chapter, there will be optional exercises for you to complete. I have tried every exercise I’ve listed, and have witnessed the resultant changes in my life.

The exercises are easy, and they barely require any work. Most of them are writing exercises, or simple changes in perception.

I don’t want you to view these exercises as “work.” These are gateways to manifesting your life the way you want. Doing these exercises will start you on your journey to the life you want. You may find yourself liking one or more of the exercises over the others, I would recommend following those and being consistent with them.

Life is about doing what fills us with joy, hope, and wonderment, which you will find out as you read deeper into the book.

In life, we’re always so focused on everything outside of us, trying to find our happiness in our work, in our material possessions. The truth is that we don’t find happiness: we radiate it. The truth is, we bury our happiness under faulty belief systems and behavioral patterns.

This book will help you unearth the joy you’ve hidden over the years.

What Is the Universe?

I’ll be talking about the “Universe” throughout this book. The Universe is a higher power. It’s God, it’s Essence, it’s whatever you want to call it. It’s the higher power than runs everything. I don’t use the word God because it comes with preconceived ideas, and it’s hard for people to grasp what I’m saying if they’ve been drilled with what “God” means since they were born.

This book is about implementing new ideas into your system of thinking, and I find using the word “Universe” is the easiest way to go about talking about this idea of a higher power.

Now, the Universe is a higher power, but it’s not located outside of you: it is you. This is why Manifestation can occur. If you keep the relationship between you and the Universe healthy, the world around you will remain healthy. This doesn’t mean no pain, it means knowing how to use your pain. It doesn’t mean no struggle, it means understanding why the struggle occurs and learning how to deal with it graciously.

Buddhism says that pain is a guarantee but suffering is a choice. Understanding how powerful we are in this world ends this suffering. Understanding that everything will pass, good and bad, helps us become more grateful for the good and more accepting that the bad will pass. It’s about taking that bad, repackaging it, and using it to lessen other people’s pain.

My dad’s death was one of the hardest experiences I’ve had to go through. I’m a spoken word poet, so naturally I’ve written a lot of poetry about it.

I learned a lesson about how someone’s pain could influence someone else in a good way a couple years ago.

I attended the University of Central Florida, and got invited out to a talent show. I had an arsenal of poems, so I wasn’t sure what to use when I got up on stage. The other acts had made the crowd laugh and get excited, and I was planning on using a poem about my dad, but because of the happy nature of the crowd I wanted to switch it up and use a poem that would excite the crowd just like everyone else.

But something told me to stick with my gut.

I got up on stage and performed a poem about my dad dying. The crowd was silent. I’d gotten used to such reactions to my poems. That’s how it always went. I would get on stage and everyone would get so quiet that I couldn’t tell if they were bored or deeply entrance by what I was saying. Then afterwards I would usually get a pretty good applause. That night was no different.

Getting up on stage and letting out my soul, then hearing people clap for the poem, is one of the best feelings.

After the show was over a girl came up to me and told me that she was so glad that I did that poem. Her mom had died the day before and she really needed to hear my piece. She said it helped her cope.

Being open and using my pain to give others hope is how I’ve chosen to go about using my pain. When we’re open with our pain and tell our stories, we give other people hope. Other people will be able to empathize, and even more love connections are created. This is all born out of pain, the one thing we all try to run from.

The Universe gives us experiences for a reason. They can either shape us, or we can shape them and use them for our benefit. This is the basic premise of Kendrick Lamar’s album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” It’s about taking everything in our lives and pimping it to our benefit. We can be victims to our lives or we can use our lives to empower ourselves and others.

We all go through unspeakable circumstances, but we need to take those experiences we can’t find words for and somehow give them life. We need the world to see them so we can ease the pain of others. Also, contrary to popular belief, when you’re open with your pain, it doesn’t make you look weak: it makes you strong.

The Universe is inside of you, but it’s what connects all of us. It’s the force that keeps everything going.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Everything in this life happens for a reason, and you are that reason.

Chapter 1: What is Manifestation?

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we manifest our lives on a daily basis. The key is to become aware of what you’re manifesting, and how you’re doing it, so that you can create the life you always wanted.

Manifestation is the process of putting out signals to the Universe, and the Universe then bringing those signals into reality.

If you sit in frustration, the Universe will hear that and put more things in your life that will frustrate you.

If you sit in gratefulness the Universe will hear that and put more things in your life that will make you feel grateful.

The world is a reflection of you.

What’s inside of you will eventually show on the outside, which is the experience called your life.

You may be having a hard time believing this idea of manifestation. This idea that your thoughts can become reality. That there’s a force bigger than you at play in how your life turns out, but at the same time it’s connected with you. You’re in a constant relationship with the creation of your life.

This can either make you afraid, or empowered. Honestly at any given time you’ll probably feel both of these feelings. It’s liberating to feel like your life is up to you to create. At the same time, it’s a responsibility. That responsibility shouldn’t necessarily feel like a burden, but it is something that needs to be taken care of, nurtured, and loved.

It all comes back to love. I don’t know how many times I’m going to drill that in your head in this book, but I’m going to say it a lot. Love is the basis and the foundation of everything that has to do with creation and life.

The beautiful thing about manifestation is that it’s more powerful when you’re filled with love, because like I said, that’s the foundation. Loving actions, loving thoughts, and loving feelings will be more quickly manifested in the world than anything else.

Isn’t that wonderful?

When you discover who you are and discover what you love, you’ll be able to call those things into your life quickly. Nothing is too big to ask for, and nothing is too small to be grateful for.

We live in a world where grandeur means everything. Something isn’t worth it unless it’s grand, but we all know this is a lie. We all know that one moment when the person we love holds our hand—those small moments that stick in our mind for the rest of our lives. We all know that one conversation that completely changed our lives. We need to transition out of the mindset

of grandeur in order to appreciate that it’s the accumulation of small events that matter. The small events that add up are what actually make the grandeur in the first place.

We do such a good job creating chaos, but it all starts within. Rarely do we focus on ourselves. Rarely do we discover what it is that we love, and because of that, we just end up manifesting all the chaos that’s inside of us. We project our insecurities. We project our disdain for ourselves. If we loved ourselves, imagine what we would project.

The world wants to return to a place of peace and a place of love, and it’s our job for it to get there. That can only happen if we stop having faith in our fear and instead have faith in love.

What do I mean by that? It’s simple. There are only two things that we act on in this world: fear and love. Most of the time, we operate from a place of fear. For example, we don’t turn in homework because we would love to get a good grade, we turn in homework because we’re afraid of the consequences. So many of us are programmed to run off of fear to get things done that fear has become our primary motivation.

But doing something out of love always creates something good. Oftentimes we don’t even know we’re doing something out of love. You can notice you’re doing something if you love it by the ease you feel when you’re doing something. You know you love something if time becomes distorted. If when you’re in the middle of something and you forgot how long you were doing it because time just ceased to exist, you’re doing something out of love. You’re doing something the Universe wants you to do. You’re doing something divine. You’re following what people call “your passion” or “your calling.”

Have you ever wondered why we’re so quick to believe that we’ll get hit by a car but hesitate in thinking that we’ll achieve our dreams? Why is it that we’re all so quick to believe negativity and question positivity?

Is it really that crazy to believe that good things will happen to you? Is it that crazy to stop preparing for the worst and start preparing for the best? We all believe something bad will happen, so that’s what we’ll get the majority of the time because that’s what we’re manifesting. What you think, you create.

I’m hoping that by the end of this book you’ll understand that there are so many ways in which you’re blocking what you actually want to manifest. Your thought processes and your belief systems are blocking the wild dreams you want to reach. We all want to reach our goals and our dreams, but in reality what we want is to return to a place of love. We just think we can get that from everything outside of us, but our outer world is created by what we feel on the inside.

If you want a life that you love on the outside, you have to love your inner self first.

It all comes back to love.

How do you use manifestation? It’s simple. You just ask the Universe, and you receive. You ask the Universe for what you want and it’ll give it to you. It may not give it to you in the way you want, and you may have a difficult journey ahead of you, but if you ask you shall receive.

The Universe is a like a genie. There’s no limit to what you can ask for. If you think about how a genie works, it’s a powerful entity trapped in a lamp that you need to activate to unleash. It’s an analogy for your inner power. Once you activate your inner power, it’ll all show up in the physical realm. You just need to ask your inner self what you wish for.

That raises the question: “What should I ask for?” Good question. Anything you want.

Money, health, love, wealth: anything. However, by the end of this book, you’ll understand the one thing that anything you want has to deal with—which is love, and love knows no bounds.

Love doesn’t know size, shape, or color. Nothing you love is too small to care about, and nothing you love is too big to attain. Love doesn’t judge.

What you should be asking for is love. Love and abundance in all forms. Relationships, monetarily, and in every other fashion. We shouldn’t feel greedy because we want a life of abundance. That’s what we’re here for. We’re not meant to struggle through life. We’ve just been programmed to believe that everyone has to struggle to succeed.

Modern underdog stories, like Creed often show someone overcoming an obstacle and reaching greatness. We relish in the struggle. What happens if something great is just handed to someone? We say the person didn’t deserve it. We say that their life is easy and that they should feel bad for having a good life. We see this in our culture with people who inherit money or are born into fame; we scold them for not “earning” their place. They spend their whole lives trying to gain acceptance by showing that they suffer too. Why is it that we assign so much pride to our suffering?

Why don’t we take pride in when people are doing well? We build people up just to tear them down. We love people when they’re on the grind upwards, but as soon as they get to the top, we want to see them fail, or at least struggle.

Show love for people who are doing well and watch how it affects your life. You may find yourself doing better as well, and you wouldn’t want people hating on you when you’re doing well, right? So why would you do it to someone else?

We have a power unlike any other in the ability to manifest what we want. We need to treat that responsibility with love and care.

Let’s start manifesting.

Exercise: Write Your Manifestation List

This list is going to be your master list of what you want in your life. This is where you’re going to begin writing your life story. Our lives are nothing but what we want them to be. So often we turn towards television or our idol’s social medias to see how we want our lives to be. I want you to drop what you think of your life at the moment.

I want you to drop all the expectations other people have put on you. I want you to forget about the life you have right now, and I want you to think about if it were up to you, what would you want your life to look like? To feel like?

Don’t hold back. If you want to have $10 billion or want to vacation around the world, nothing is off limits. At this point I just want you to realize everything it is that you actually want to do, want to have, or want to feel.

Want a good relationship? Put it on the list.

Want to go to a certain concert? Put it on the list.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Just write anything you want. Keep it stored somewhere because we’re going to be coming back to this at times to add to it and change it.

I want you to keep something in mind from the beginning of this process. These goals and visions that you’re writing down are not pass or fail, they’re simply visions. They’re ideas of what you want your future to look like.

After you’ve written your list, I want you to rank them from 1-10. If you have more than 10, just stop at 10. Rank them on the importance of these visions coming to fruition.

We can manifest anything we want, but as you’ll see, focus is an important element of manifestation. We’re going to want to focus on one or two of these things at a time.

You get to decide what’s the most important to you, nobody else.

The process of literally writing down what you want is important, so please get a pen and paper, or pull out your phone and list out everything you would like in your life.

When we put action to our thoughts the process of manifestation begins, so we have to act when we’re inspired.

This practice shouldn’t feel forced. Don’t try and come up with things that you want, let the ideas naturally come to you. They may come now, as you’re reading this book, or even afterwards. If you think of something you want as you’re reading, then go back and write it down. This is a process; it doesn’t have to be complete right now, or ever. This exercise is organic. You can always add or take away from what you put on the list.

Sometimes we think we want something until it actually starts happening to us and we start experiencing it in reality. It’s extraordinary that we can change our lives whenever we want. We never get stuck, we just need to know what we want.


Write your Manifestation List

  1. Brainstorm what you want in your life.

  1. Create a list

  1. Add to it and take away from it as you please

  1. Keep it stored away because you’ll be returning to it.

Let the process of manifestation begin.

Poem: “HGPS”

We aren’t supposed to live by getting told what to do, by fulfilling expectations put on us. That weight can bury us into the ground

putting us in a coffin as we walk,

making all the events we attend seem like funerals. Has anyone ever asked you why you smell of death? Don’t let your dreams die. Don’t let your life fade away.

Life is meant to be vibrant,

but when other people color in the book of your life that’s when things got drawn outside the lines and everything becomes a mess. Who are you?

Don’t go looking outside of yourself for that answer not even in the mirror.

Grab the answer from your heart

and beat away everything else fighting to be heard. Only you know how you want your life to turn out, so don’t turn down the wrong road following directions from a human GPS

leading you to the destination they think is best. You may end up exactly where they want you to be. fulfilling their expectations and making them proud. but my question to you is, Will you be?

Chapter 2: The Power of Meditation

One day, I was sitting upstairs at my dad’s house in a pose I learned from a book—legs crossed, hands on my knees, back straight, eyes closed.

I was meditating for the first time.

Trying to, anyway.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had read a book on how to meditate and the benefits of meditation. All I knew was that I was hurt on the inside, and I didn’t want to hurt anymore.

I was discovering what it meant to be enlightened, and I wanted to see if I could reach that stage myself. The idea of enlightenment was so intriguing to me. I saw it as ultimate wisdom and peace. The complete opposite of the life I had.

I’ve learned over the years that there’s no cure for pain per se, just ways to utilize it, but at the time I was desperate for some kind of change. I walked up the stairs at my dad’s house where it was quiet, and I sat and got in the pose I’d read about.

I began to take breaths in and out, slowly, focusing on my breath. It’s interesting, we breathe so many times a day, but how conscious are you of it? Do you know how many seconds it takes for you to inhale? Do you know how many seconds it takes you to exhale? Do you know if you hold your breath after an inhale?

How do we think we can handle the complexities of life when we aren’t even aware of the basics, aren’t aware of the process that keeps us alive?

I have cystic fibrosis, so I’ve always been aware of how hard it is for me to breathe, but even then, I never focused on it, probably because it brought me pain.

Meditating was a life changing experience for me.

Sitting there. Still. Not thinking about depression. Not thinking about death. Not thinking. Just being. I didn’t feel like that at first, of course. Meditation is a pretty chaotic experience when you first start. At least it was for me.

Meditation taught me what it meant to sit in my pain, quite literally, and I found out how beautiful life could still be even if you are in pain, because I was sitting there, manifesting my life, thinking of everything beautiful that I wanted, and I was hurt. Just a big lump of depression marinating in pain, dreaming of a better future.

I was hurt from all the memories popping up. I was hurt from the doubt I was feeling about whether this was actually going to work, but I could still feel a glimmer of hope. And looking back on it, I was that hope. I was creating hope when I sat there meditating, manifesting my life.

Meditation is a tool to reflect, and in that reflection we can manifest the life we want. You can identify what pains you and then try to manifest healing and hope. You can envision the life that you want and sometimes that makes the pain disappear. Focus is important. And when we meditate we learn to focus on the right things. The loving things. The love that we want in our lives. The love that we have in our lives. Real love never fades.

We all have a stereotypical idea of meditation. Every time we think meditation, we think of some old person in a robe, humming, and it being this over-the-top religious experience. Meditation is definitely spiritual, but on a purely physical basis mediation has been shown to reduce stress and improve breathing and concentration, among other things.

Meditation is available to everyone. You don’t have to attend a temple. You don’t have to be a certain religion, you don’t have to have experience. All you have to do is try.

I remember when I was a little kid my oldest brother, Joey, would talk about meditation and I would watch him do it sometimes. I remember thinking to myself, “how weird? This guy is just sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, breathing.”

“How boring is that?” I remember thinking, “there are so many better things to do with your time.”

I used to make fun of him for it. Not only just for meditation, but when it came to anything spiritual. I thought it was crazy. That didn’t deter my brother from sitting there and meditating every day and finding out who he was. He was on his own personal journey and I didn’t understand that at the time.

Fast forward some years later and now I’m sure he’s caught me in meditation more than once.

The reason I tell this story is because there are probably a lot of people like Little Bobby out there. People who will criticize you for trying to find yourself. People won’t understand what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter.

As we sit and meditate we grow stronger in self-confidence because we begin to understand more about ourselves. We know that there is something greater out there. We understand that we are part of something bigger, we understand that through meditation we’re creating better lives for ourselves and for others.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my brother was also affecting me during his meditation sessions. I’ll be talking later about how our actions affect more than just ourselves. But I am thankful my brother sat there and meditated without being disturbed, it’s affected me in a great way, and he probably wasn’t aware of it. Or maybe he was.

This journey was activated by reading a book and finding out what meditation was, finding it interesting, and deciding to give it a go. I’m glad I did. It can seem intimidating at first, but trust me: it’s one of the most loving activities you can do.

Meditation is one of the ways in which I have manifested the life I want. It’s a gateway to your inner self. Once you focus on your inner self, you can project it into the outer world.

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