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Title:Saved By His Amazing Grace: He Never Gave Up On Me

Author:Monna Ellithorpe

Publisher:Smashwords, Inc.


God’s Children

Will You Have Enough Time?


Angry With God

Pre-Destined Events or Things Just Happen

Fearless Teenage Years

So Many Prayers, Hopes and Wishes

Living in Faith and Trusting God

Out of Time, Chance Number One

Out Of Time, Chance Number Two

Out Of Time, Chance Number Three

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

My Later Years

Will You Have Faith and Let God Take Control?

You’ll Know When God Speaks To You (Update)

Billy Graham, “America’s Pastor”

Where Was God?


About The Author

God’s Children

Ever since I was a child living and growing up in a small town in Ohio, I can remember my Mom taking me to church and continued even after we moved to Florida.

I remember my grandfather and grandmother (step-grandmother as my real grandmother had already passed away) were always at church.

I was raised in the Pentecostal faith and some of my remembrances were and are still very scary when I think back on them.

If you are not familiar with the Pentecostal church, there are some differences between their practices and other religions such as Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Protestant, etc. Back then, I didn’t know there was any other different way of worshipping God.

I actually used to stand up in front of the church congregation and sing gospel songs with my Mom. In fact, I still have my Mom’s collection of the old time gospel songs in her handwriting.

I don’t have that kind of confidence to sing in front of people now. Maybe if I had continued to practice singing, I would feel differently now but I can’t sing worth anything these days.

Maybe I couldn’t then either but the Bible says in Psalm 98:4 King James Version (KJV), “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” I must have been doing that; good or not.

The one thing I remember was the “speaking in tongues” (1 Corinthians 14:2), which scared the bejeebers out of me. I don’t remember Mom explaining that to me ahead of time and it was very scary.

I didn’t know if the people were losing their minds, on drugs or possessed by the devil or what was going on.

Mom explained it to me later after the service. In the Pentecostal religion when someone speaks in tongues, this is the Lord speaking through them. Even though I never watched the movie The Exorcist all the way through this reminded me of that and I knew there was no way I wanted to be controlled like that.

My grandfather was a big leader in the church and was a part of almost everything that happened from the services to the singing to arranging the “tent meetings.”

My cousin Kay and I went to those almost every night and we were just so bored and scared of everything.

I remember Mom watching the Reverend Billy Graham on TV. Sadly he just passed away recently (2/21/2018) at the age of 99.

Roman Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen was referred to as the "first televangelist” but I always thought it was Billy Graham.

My Dad didn’t go to church and he didn’t object when Mom took me to church with her. He called them “Holy Rollers” and I never really understood what he meant by that either but I believe it was meant as a derogatory remark. “Sorry, Dad if I’m wrong.”

Fast forward: My Dad did have the presence of mind to ask God for His forgiveness before he passed on.

The older I got, the more I resisted going to church with my Mom until I discovered boys. I didn’t mind it so much then when I could see the boys I liked.

When you’re in your early teens or as it was for me, I didn’t think much of life, death, being a Christian or any part of what might happen if the world came to an end.

I knew I didn’t like to hear about it and to tell you the truth; I still don’t like to hear about the end of the world as we know it, even at the age of 60.

Although I have not lived my life as a born again Christian, what I learned and what I was taught in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School has always stayed with me in the back of my heart and my mind. I’ve tried to live my life the best that I can and be a good person.

I’m not sure if I’m considered the normal or not but as I progressed into my later teens; 16, 17, 18, I did experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex. I put the lessons that I had been taught in the back of my mind and lived my life the way I wanted to.

I knew it wasn’t what my mother or my family of Christians would want for me but at that age, I guess many of us think we are untouchable, invincible and indestructible and that nothing could happen to us.

I became like my Dad in many ways. He was a good man but he just didn’t want to hear about religion or anything like that.

Maybe it scared him to an extent too and that’s how he dealt with it and it’s also how I dealt with it.

I didn’t like to hear about the terrible things that were going to happen if you weren’t a Christian.

I look back on it now and see that the Pentecostal faith was very aggressive and most of the members were determined that they were going to convince you and everyone else that you would “burn in Hell” if you did not follow God’s word.

This was too much for me to comprehend and so I stopped going to church when I was old enough to make my own decisions.

I knew I could not commit to being perfect, so I didn’t try.

It wasn’t until years later that I finally realized that serving God isn’t an either or proposition.

I didn’t understand that God knows humans will make mistakes and if they continued to learn and repent of their sins and try to live a Christian life; all is well.

I still prayed when I needed things and hoped that God would give them to me or see things my way but I had no right to do that but again my understanding was clouded.

Call it intervention by the devil or stubbornness on my part that made me the way I was. I did try to be a good person; if you overlooked the alcohol, drugs and sex.

I did have my own boundaries that I did not cross and didn’t like to be around people who crossed the rules I had set for myself.

Not that I tried to force anyone to see things my way, these were my rules I followed.

As an example, I would “NEVER” use the name of the Lord in vain or speak of God in a bad way but I just wouldn’t follow Him like my family did.

I think back now and see so many times things happened to me that were not the way I wanted it to be and I couldn’t figure out, “Why would God ignore me? I’m a good person.”

I decided it was just another reason for me to turn away from God because like a spoiled child, I didn’t get my way or what I wanted.

I kept on living my life the way I wanted to live and for the most part I did have a good life. I was never beaten or abused in any way.

Mom and Dad made sure I had everything I needed without spoiling me too much, so I thought “Why do I need God?” I never said those words out loud to anyone but that’s what my thoughts amounted to.

But believe me when things weren’t going good, who did I call on to help me out? Yep, it was God.

How could I be so selfish and cry out for help when I was not living my life as a Christian?

I talked my way through each and every occurrence or so I made myself believe I had gotten away with something and I kept on living life as I wanted to.

I thought I was smart. I knew all about how I should be living my life but in the meantime I was going to have fun and when it came my time to pass from this earth, I’d have enough time to ask forgiveness for all of my sins and God would just take me in without a second thought.

I’m thinking now that there are probably many people who think the same way and maybe there are times that a person will have the time to ask God for His forgiveness and they would be allowed to enter the Gates of Heaven.

Will You Have Enough Time?

My husband Rea (pronounced Ray) was raised pretty much in the same way that I was and he lived his life so much like I had been doing.

He remembered his religious roots and what he had been taught and believed that he would have the time to ask God to forgive him when his time came.

I actually do believe that is what happened that early Sunday morning in August of 2008 when my husband asked God for His forgiveness and then my precious husband took his last breath. I know the earthly love of my life is with God in Heaven right now.

My husband served 30 years in the Army as a proud Airborne Ranger and was in so much pain from his injuries and the guilt feelings.

Many times I know he wanted to end it all so he could be out of pain and not have those horrible memories haunt him each day and night but he was raised that suicide is a sin and he would never do that.

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