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Our Danish Hygge Lifestyle – Your Practical Guide to a Cozy, Healthy and Happy Life

Freja Christensen

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History and Main Elements of the Danish Hygge Lifestyle

The origin of the word hygge

The ingredient making Denmark the happiest country in the world

Living the Hygge Style

Hygge is about living in the present

Top methods to hygge-up your home

Start with de-cluttering

Use a neutral color scheme

Diversify the seating area

Get creative with different textures

Candles – the must-have hygge accessories

Fill your house with plants

Don’t overdo it

Hygge is in the details

Don’t escape – enjoy the space around you

Useful hygge tips to improve your wardrobe

De-clutter your wardrobe

Focus on warm tones

Oversized is not silly

Wear scarves

Give street-style fleece a go

Go shopping with a Friend

Invest in high-quality items that make you feel good

Define your personal style

Healthy hygge foods that will make you feel cozy

How do you bring Hygge to your plate?

Hygge recipes you should try

Eat without distractions – the importance of mindful eating

Hygge in the relationship with your friends

Cultivate long-standing real-world friendships

Be a good listener

Experience the world together

Be generous and grateful

Hygge in the relationship with your spouse

Focus on the positive

Be intentional when you spend time together

Enjoy the small things together

Create your own traditions

How to Start Your Hygge Life Today

Make your home cozy

Create a self-care emergency kit

Practice gratitude

Be present with your family and friends

Learn a craft

Start a tradition with the people you love


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As we live in a world of distractions and destruction, it is easy to focus on the obvious negativity that seems to surround us. We have the tendency to observe the gray skies and dark clouds, as opposed to realizing that there is good in this world, as well – the only condition to noticing the good things is to keep our eyes wide open.

And this is what the hygge philosophy is all about: pursuing happiness, the kind of happiness that lies in the little things. This is, in truth, happiness in its rawest, most natural form.

The original intention of this book is to provoke you to hunt for these little treasures in a world that appears to be mundane.

Why do we need hygge in our life? The answer is simple: because we need to refocus our attention to what actually matters, and to value the simple and priceless things in life. As long as you realize that, you’ll be on the right path to experiencing life on a different level. Hygge is the secret to relishing life, without expecting something unusual to happen, without changing everything in your life, without being that unrealistic super hero that so many self-improvement books want you to transform into. Hygge equals simplicity in indulgence, intimacy in togetherness, and coziness in everything you do.

I encourage you to try out hygge in your life. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you don’t feel it enriches your life, you simply stop following the hygge principles and return to the way you lived your life before. The only thing you will have lost is the time reading this book. But it is more than likely that you will embrace the new quality that following a hygge lifestyle brings to your everyday life. I invite you to keep reading this book. The principles I am about to introduce to you are easy to follow yet can be life-changing. Enjoy the journey!

History and Main Elements of the Danish Hygge Lifestyle

Before we dive into the hygge lifestyle, I’ll begin by presenting the etymology, the origins, of the word hygge, what it stands for and how it came into existence.

We all know that there are specific words in certain languages for which there is no accurate translation. Hygge is such a word.

Hygge is pronounced hoo-ga, and it can describe a feeling, something you do, or a mood. Roughly, we could wholeheartedly affirm that hygge stands for a feeling of cozy contentment. However, how did this word come to represent especially the Danish lifestyle? What is the history behind it?

The origin of the word hygge

Hygge has reached our lifestyle pages as a noun. Nevertheless, the Danes might also use this word as a verb or adjective. One of the original references to the word goes back to the Old Norse hygga, which stands for to comfort and is derived from the word hugrwhich means mood.

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