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Plagued by the throngs of evil

Fighting your own battles

Lorraine Gokul

By the same Author:




In loving memory of my mother who gave me the most precious gift Jesus Christ and inspired me in my faith.

About the author

Lorraine Gokul is an author/ actor who reside in South Africa. A romance writer, who holds credits to two novels published in the USA and UK. She studied drama and movie technology. Her passion and love for children made her study early childhood development and run a private school.


1. Introduction

2. Chapter 1 Miracles -The dead in Christ shall rise

3. Chapter 2 Forcing the hand of God

4. Chapter 3 Reflections of self-image

5. Chapter 4 Apparitions, chariots, suicidal spirits and lost souls

6. Chapter 5 Praise is the power to heaven

7. Chapter 6 possessing like a demon

8. Chapter 7 Fighting your own battles

9. Chapter 8 Incorrect doctrines and fake identity in Christ

10. Chapter 9 Out of body experience

11. Chapter 10 Listening to your inner voice

12. Chapter 11 Leviathan- sickness, deception, lies, the enemies plots

13. Chapter 12 Overcoming plots and plans of Satan's

14. Conclusion


Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. This is a powerful statement. The term author tells us that the story of our life is written. Every movie or book has key elements, the character, protagonist, villain, the plot and the ending. Movies portray the good and evil characters. In every movie, there is compelling action a fight between the good actor, and the villain by the end of the movie the good actor defeats the evil actor.

Throughout the movie, we patiently wait to see that the evil character is defeated although we know the ending is so cliché. This in comparison to reality shows us that we already have our story written by God. We are the main actor, Jesus is the supporting actor and the villain is Satan. A question to consider, how will God describe our character in his book? We are aware that Satan is the villain who fights us and that Jesus steps in to defeat him. Another question is how our story will be written if it has no plots to make it a good compelling story.

Jesus the author and finisher of our faith have to present a good book concerning us. That will reveal our actions, our attributes, behaviours, weakness and strengths. A good movie that influences the audience will make box office hits. Not all movies make it that far. Therefore, your story has to be unique and not rejected when presented to the father in heaven. What make our story unique is when we face the daily trials and tribulations it all goes into that book. Jesus watches how we handle situations when we suffer afflictions. We feel like there is no way out, do we fight back or do we crumble and fall?

The book that Jesus presents tells of what we face, how we conquer and overcome and the final victory is when we trust him the actor in the story he defeats the evil one. Like every story, in the end it is for love. Jesus love will always prevail against any test for he never fails us. Just as any critic will analyse a story/movie try to analyse your story and see how it will be viewed by God. Does your story from the beginning to the end have all the elements to make you a winner? Base your story of the factual evidence of Jesus Christ who is the foundation of it all.

It was easier for me to create a fictitious story to build up a novel being a romance writer and to write on Christianity would be difficult and what about the scrutiny and criticism that the book would fetch? This was the prophetic word about me writing a book therefore I am obedient to write. After writing chapter one, feeling unsure as to whether it was what God wanted me to do. I still had uncertainty, waking up at odd hours and wrestling with negativity. Was it my voice in print or God's?

I chose the title without any problem being very thorough in everything I do; I wanted to see what type of cover I would request for the book. A day later, until after downloading and saving a picture to use for the book cover. A flash memory invaded my mind. My mother had given the prophetic word to me four years ago, before I go to London. That long, when a prophecy is given, we get excited and expect it sooner. Therefore, I deem it necessary that prophecy has a four-year period. I stand to be corrected, but there are prophecies that were spoken to my children that are happening now.

I know about prophets who give you a time they sometimes say within six months. Perhaps, they met you closer to the time of your season. Mums prophesy was always accurate. Sometimes, a prophecy never happens because when that prophecy was spoken the enemy heard and because you pondered on the prophecy, the enemy steals it and holds onto it. Prophets forget to seal the word with a covering, when the word is spoken its light, darkness is watching and listening. The enemy grips you in your element of prosperity. If you receive a prophecy and the prophet does not seal it with a covering, All you do is say, "Father, I thank you for the word spoken over me and let your will be done Amen." You are immediately taking action of what belongs to you. Make sure the prophetic word is a good word, do not seal a prophetic word that mentions you going to die or get a disease. Ha-ha, you will make the enemy happy besides prophetic words are to uplift you and not cause you harm. Disobedience brings us harm.

The prophecy

Mum said,

"Lorraine, I see you standing beside a table lay with lots of books, crowds of people are queuing and you are happy and busy signing books. The book cover is orange and black. The books are doing so well for you."

I responded telling her that I already had a novel that had an orange and black cover. Her face filled with consternation she gestured negatively, her head turning from side to side.

"It's not that book, I know your first book, and this book is a different orange in color."

Mum was adamant also an old person; who was I to debate the color orange with her. I was hungry for more information on what she was telling me.

All she said was,

"Baby, wait and you will see."

Her eyes lit up with a smile of confirmation and satisfaction.

There was immediate clarity and confirmation, about this book prophetically revealed. I told God if he wants a novel he has to put the written words into it. I was a cheeky brat, knowing a novel contained many pages and I did not have the faintest idea what I was going to write. When God allowed the flow, I kept saying, "Lord, I don't want to open up a can of worms. I want to leave the past where it is. "

I guess when you experience what God allows you, and then he has reasons at a specific time to relay that message. Ah! The story plot line to a book starts to unfold. Although the entire hurtful episode was limited and not included, God allowed me to do his will. However, when God writes the story he will reveal only what he wants and he finishes the final chapter.

I am not writing this book to glorify my mother or me, I want to neither offend nor cause heartache to anyone. It has to glorify God and put his plan and purpose into action. I have to be obedient as to what God wants to be made known. I am just a vessel and I will do what my father in heaven wants only his will be done. If it is God's way of revealing my experiences to his people, whose awaiting answers, I am grateful to do it. My experience seems so weird, strange, out of this world and makes me look so mentally insane. They are exactly how I experienced them. The supernatural encounters may receive criticism. However, if God wants this made known I am doing it. I would rather be criticized than deny God the glory. I smile and I still say, "Lord, they are going to think I am crazy." Once I started typing, the message flowed and I was typing on my mobile phone and editing on my laptop.

Proverbs 16.9

A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

I take comfort in this scripture, knowing that I may plan to do things my way. However, God steps in to have his way.

Chapter 1

Miracles -The dead in Christ shall rise.

The faint smell of brewed coffee lingered faintly in the room and the dark writing on the script needed my attention. I had one day left to remember every line and act before an audience, yet I was distracted from the phone call I had received. The air in England was dry and crisp. I peered through the opened window, staring into oblivion. My thoughts racing igniting my mind negatively a battle ensued between positive and negative thoughts. I felt helpless. Letting out a deep, anguished cry, and dropped to my knees begging God, “Please don’t let her die.”

My mother Rachael was a strong, powerful woman of seventy-nine. A woman who endured many obstacles but stood grounded by faith in God. In the recent years we bonded beautifully and prayed, news of her hospitalized with a heart attack was defiant. I cannot account for the time spent in prayer, but from kneeling, to standing and pacing the room pleading endlessly to God left me totally drained. It suddenly dawned on me the dream I had of Mum the previous night before the phone call.

The Dream

In my dream, I saw Mum sitting in a small room on a bed. Then I saw dad standing there, waiting, and watching her. The moment he saw me he left the room. A gecko (a small lizard) appeared on the wall. It started to swallow up items a shoe, a rabbit, spider, and some other insects and objects that were on the same wall. I was baffled how it could gobble up such large items and ingest it so fast. The gecko was on an upright wall, items could not stand on an upright wall it will fall.

My dream felt strange but seeing my dead father had me on edge. The gecko, gobbling up everything was the message in that dream. I knew it had to have a supernatural meaning. In the book of Proverbs it says, Proverbs 30-28, the hand can catch a lizard, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.

What was the meaning of this utterance in proverb 30-28 by Agur son of Jakeh? He showed that nothing could enter the king's palace except a gecko (Lizard). Was God merely telling me that the enemy entered, that it found a way in?

2 Corinthians 10:3

We must remember that though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh because our weapons are divinely powerful for the pulling down of strongholds.

I am focusing on the spirit of gluttony. It came to devour everything from behind Mum while she sat there unaware of its presence. Dad was dead; he represented the angel of death waiting for her to go with him. Why did he fear me and walk away, what was my presence reflecting him? Restless after my dream, I said a special prayer for Mum.

December was a busy period and my flight agent had tried to get me an immediate flight out. None was available and I had to wait two days before I leave London and there were no direct flights. I dreaded the sixteen-hour flight to South Africa. It felt long and to wait in Dubai for a connecting flight just built up my anxiety. I called Mum at the hospital on my sister's mobile during visiting hours and talked to her. Assuring her, I would be home in two days. I felt a little-relaxed talking to her and even prayed over the phone.

Pushing past the crowds as soon as I exited the plane, I was anxious to get to the hospital. Mum was fine by the time I reached her. Her smile sent a thousand words. A few days later, she was home. Just having her around me had been pure joy. My sister told me that Mum had collapsed in the hospital toilets when she took her for a check up. She had no pulse and my sister prayed until Mum breathed again. The nurse attended to Mum explained her pulse was very low and her vitals extremely poor. This tied up my dream as a revelation that Mum's life was in danger. God was giving me a direct message in a dream that something was happening to Mum. I was reluctant to go back to London and I put my career on hold.

Family time was so important to me jokes and laughter, birthday celebrations. Spring arrived and it was Mum's birthday. All she wanted for her eightieth birthday was to be a bride of Jesus. At eighty she stilled walked and was active. I caught sight of her small frame walking down the passage. She had already embraced the day waiting anxiously for me to get her dressed. I embarked on the task of doing her makeup, hair and putting on the veil. She was dressed in a long white dress. I saw the relief of satisfaction in her eyes. She joined her granddaughter and three great granddaughters, all were dressed as little flower girls wearing white. It was her celebration the joy of her being alive at her age.

Mum had faced many challenges in her life. In my eyes, she was the most powerful woman of God. I have never seen a woman with so much faith standing on the promises of God. Who loved and feared God. Who raised her children to worship God? Although some may stray and fall by the wayside, she loved them all and stood grounded as a mother never giving up. Mum was such a powerful Christian her experiences equipped her for the challenges she faced. She knew that no matter what, her faith in God would demolish everything that would rise up against her. She was a compassionate person, who easily forgives.

Mum shared with me her first Prophet calling and meeting with God. She went to bed, fell asleep and found she was crossing a narrow bridge that leads into a garden. There was a bright light, but what caught her eyes were the massive fruit trees with huge fruits. She heard a voice, turned toward the voice, but it was so bright all she could see was the white garment and bright light blinding her from seeing the face. Then the voice instructed her, "Take the rod of Moses that is beside you and smite the serpent three times" When she looked down there was a snake by her feet. A rod was beside her; she held it and struck the serpent three times. The voice then instructed her, "Go work in the vineyard." Then she immediately woke up and knew it was a supernatural experience God giving her the rod of Moses. God had found favor in her. Since that day, Mum has received the prophetic and healing ministry and God used her mightily.

Dad got very sick and hospitalized for six months when I was eleven. I watched Mum pray daily. Doctors could not diagnose what was wrong. Dad was in and out of intensive care. Then, as if nothing happened, they discharged him. As a kid, I never knew what had happened, but one-day Mum had told us what happened. When Mum went to visit dad in the hospital, he was not in the room. She inquired; doctors certified him dead and sent him to the hospital mortuary. She raced down to the mortuary and saw dad covered with a toe tag. She told him to wake up, but the mortician thinking she was beside herself with grief told her,

"I'm sorry he's dead."

Mum told him," no he's not dead, he's just sleeping."

She touched dad and called his name and commanded,

"In the name of Jesus Christ, wake up."

The mortician tried to take her out of the room. She withdrew from him and commanded again,

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to wake up."

Dad moved, the mortician said,

"It is rigor mortis. The body does that when it is dead."

The next minute dad murmured. The startled mortician said,

"I have never seen something like this happen before."

He quickly checked dads' vital signs and confirmed that dad was alive.

They took him back to the ward and ran tests again saw he was perfectly well and sent him home. It was a miracle being in intensive care and suddenly waking up perfectly after being dead. We can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives us strength. Mum's faith in God had given her a miracle.

Matthew 10:8

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils: freely ye received, freely give.

It was late one evening and an ambulance had brought both my brothers who had been in a terrible car accident. It was a new car taken on a test drive by their friend. It somersaulted six times throwing out my older brother, but my younger brother was in the vehicle until it halted. The car was a total wreck. The driver was uninjured just shaken up. My younger brother was also the same. My older brother was unresponsive. He was in a coma; his face was swollen eyes stuck closed. It was traumatic for us all when doctors revealed he had brain damage. They prepared us for the worse explaining that he could die and never come out of a coma alive. If he regained consciousness, he would be brain dead. Mum fasted and prayed daily, visited him regularly. Some days he would be fine but other times he would be slipping away. She stood steadfast in her prayers. I heard her pleading with God once asking God to forgive her son and just heal him.

My brother was finally out of a coma and was moved to a ward his eyes were still stuck shut, he knew very little was like a baby. Mum would ask him what color pajamas he wants he would tell her color and she would buy them even though he did not see it. There were days when my brother's condition would get worse Mum would come home and just cry out to God. She would weep and say, " my son will not go into that box Lord please be merciful" She fell prostrate on the floor just praying and she sang her favorite song there is power in the precious blood of the Lamb. I know being in that same room with her, I too cried for my brother when she said the Lord," Lord not a coffin, I don't want to see that coffin" Over the years of growing up Mums, visions were always as accurate as she predicted, if she saw something in the vision, she would pray against it happening. Therefore, upon hearing her praying and rejecting that coffin, I knew it was serious. With Mums constant prayer and intercession, my brother was finally able to leave the hospital. He seemed like a stranger to us, but he recovered from his head injuries and was back to normal.

Every New Year dad would pack us in his car and take us to town to celebrate. As usual, Mum would gather us all to pray before we leave. While praying she pleaded,

"No, Lord, not a gun."

She waited silently for a few minutes, then in a soft whisper,

"Thank you, Jesus."

She related to us that a man was holding a gun and was going to shoot our dad. However, God protected and shielded dad and we can leave. We went to town and dad parked on the beachfront promenade. There was a short, thin Indian man running past our car onto the shore with a burly built white man in pursuit of him. The white man stopped just by dad's car door and shouted racist remarks brandishing a gun in the direction of the man. We were all still in the car. Dads' window was half-open and he intervened about the policy of open racist remarks. The man never heard him it was as if he was deaf. He turned and went back in the direction he came from.

How powerful are visions and God's warning? He protects his people. The consequences of not covering our families under the precious blood of Jesus Christ can have serious ramifications. When things go bad we cry out in anguish. It is of great importance to allow God to manifest his presence and covering daily in our lives. If Mum were not a prayer warrior, the result of the man with the gun would have been serious.

Mum's confrontation with a sorcerer and her testimony

She took in a woman tenant whose dad was a well-known sorcerer. The woman tenant would have her child potty all over the yard and not clean it. Mum had taken it to her attention and the woman was hurt. The woman ran and told her dad who confronted Mum. Mum attempted to explain and correct the misled interpretation. He was angry with Mum for not fearing him, as everyone knew him as powerful for his spells and witchcraft. He said, "How dare you tell my daughter things, don't you recognize who I am? I can take your life and that baby in your tummy, raise you up, and have sex with you in three days. Mum looked at him and stated,"If you cannot find out the error of your daughter, I know I have said nothing to offend her then I must tell you that I reverence God and not human. Therefore, you can move forward with your threats. I serve a living God and he protects me from all evil. In three days time, we will find out who's dead."

That night when Mum was reading her bible, she saw a massive spider on the wall above her head. She cried out to Jesus and swatted the spider. She looked for it and could not find it. The following day, she heard strange noises in the room it was a very big beetle. She hit that and did not find it. Although the insects were larger than normal, it did not catch her attention as unnatural. She just read her bible prayed and slept. Dad was on night duties. The third night, she went to bed and as she lay on her bed the tenant's father chased her. She was running and he tried to catch her. She ran into the Cathedral church and started climbing up the poles towards the roof, with the man right behind her. He was about to grab her, she screamed Jesus and the roof opened and she flew out. She woke up in a heavy sweat and prayed.

The next morning, which was the third day? There was a knock on the door. It was the tenant's brother he wanted a car to take his dad to the hospital. His dad was very sick and my dad was the only person in the district to own a car. The tenant already moved out the day her father approached Mum. Mum told him that dad did not arrive yet from work. By the time, the tenant's brother got back home his father died. The sister told her brother what transpired between my Mum and her dad and to see who will live and who will die. The son was enraged he put a knife in his inner pocket and was making his way to my Mum's house to stab my Mum. The moment he came closer to the house a corporation bus knocked him the knife from his inner pocket pierced his heart and he died.

Mum said, "The tenant's father wanted to take her life and her unborn son's life, but God removed him and his son."

A neighbor told Mum that the tenant blamed herself for what happened. The tenant said, "Her landlady said she fear God not man her God will deal with her father because her God is a living God and he will protect her from evil." Mum put her trust in God. She prayed daily and worshiped him. She knew the power of his name, which overcomes all evil. No weapon formed against a child of God shall prosper. She stood assured by faith in her mighty God.

Isaiah 54:17

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” 

When I was fourteen, it was at two o clock on a Saturday, a busload of adults and children entered the yard. They silently made their way into the living room. Mum had removed the sofas and they all sat on the floor. She asked a little boy, his name in English and then in (Zulu) his language but he was silent. The individual who accompanied the boy stated he was deaf and mute. Mum prayed, then asked the boy his name he told her his name. I stood there watching a miracle happen in our living room. She prayed for the entire room of people and drove out many spirits. A week later, they invited her to preach in their township.

While Mum stood before a crowd and ministered to them, a gang of men entered the church. The congregation feared them, as they would terrorize the people. Mum looked at the leader in his hand he held a panga knife (African Machete) and his group of men also carried them. She asked him, "My brother, did you come to receive Jesus." He said, "We came to kill you, why are you making these people believe in someone else?" He hastened towards her in full charge; his intention to hurt and kill her, as he neared the pulpit he fell on his knees, and ordered his men to put down their weapons.

He began to weep. Then he said, "I see a very big man in front of you, I can't move even when I try to lift my hand. He is the leader and I want to know about him." He and his gang members gave their hearts to the Lord. She spent many months going back and forth ministering in that town. Mum was just a person who prayed and lived by faith. She was not an ordained minister. She did what Jesus did preach the gospel unashamed to anyone and everyone she met and she prayed. Some may have called her an evangelist. She will tell you that she is just a vessel that God uses. She was never afraid her faith and hope was in God. A small woman who took on demon possessed people setting them free in the name of Jesus Christ.

The prayers of a righteous woman availeth much. Over the years, I saw Mum fight her battles on her knees. It was weird seeing voodoo dolls placed in the yard with needles poked into its stomach. Mum would pray before she took hold of the doll and she would burn them. She was the only Christian in the area. All her neighbors were non-believers. She would minister to the neighbors and pray for them. Some were afraid to let their spouses know that they entertained Christian prayers. It has been obvious to her who was doing it, but she never rejected those people she still allowed them into her home.

One morning, Dad saw a dead cat placed by the driver's side foot pedal. The cat's stomach slit open. Dad alerted Mum; no cat can open a locked car or end up on that pedal in the manner it was. Mum prayed removed the cat and burned it. What caught my attention was while Mum prayed and commanded it to go back from where it came. I saw it spinning in the fire like a snake, the piece of the fire was moving out. Mum called it witchcraft. Mum knew exactly who was doing these spells and evil against her and her family. She never told dad. She kept it from him. Unlike Mum who was passive and humble dad was a man who would physically face his enemies. Although Mum knew her enemies, she still welcomed them.

Matthew 5:44

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

I often witnessed Mum remove the lounge sofas turn them inside out whenever a specific relative visited. She would find a tiny wrapped paper with ashes and a strong scent of cloves. Mum, as usual, will burn it. If she did not find anything in the sofas, the toilet cistern definitely contained it. My older sister shared her evil experience and Mum told us it was real. My sister was very timid. She mentioned that at night she would see a tiny man riding his bike on the wall. We all laughed at first. The reality was it was a dwarf- a spirit believed by the black race group called a tokoloshe. Perhaps, these spirits have different names, but it is a given factor that it is evil. Here was what everyone referred to as an evil little spirit that prayer overcomes.

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness.

Did someone who does evil spells invoke this spirit? Are there witches, sorcerer magicians, etc.? Even Saul consulted with a witch biblically.

1 Samuel 28.7.

Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit that I may go to her, and inquire of her. And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at En-dor.

2 Corinthians 11:14

The Bible is very clear that demons can impersonate other beings, even beings of light, but are not themselves, deceased human beings.

When I was fifteen, as I lay in bed, I saw a short woman the size of a newborn. She was dressed in a powder blue house cleaner's uniform. She took me and made me look into a big warehouse through the fanlight window. As I peered down into the building, I saw a huge black pot boiling. Inside the pot I saw cats I could see it through the steam. Then the woman said okay it is time now. She took hold of my hand and said, "It's time to have your bath."I refused to go and she was pressing against me. I could feel her sitting on my chest pressing me. I could not move. I struggled and called out for Jesus, trying to stutter his name until the name finally sounded. I woke up screaming, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Immediately, it let go of me. Mum rushed into my room and prayed over me. God had shown Mum it is a spell done for me by a girl who was jealous of me. The girl was a relative's sister. When she visited, the following day Mum took her bag, opened it, and took out three tiny finger size bottles. Each bottle had a name and an instruction. Mum rebuked her and prayed for her.

What was the tiny spirit? My sister saw a tiny man, I saw a tiny woman? Are these spirits real? These tiny spirits are witchcraft. They are spells done by evil men and woman. These spirits sent to destroy you in whatever manner the person requesting it wants to be done. Sometimes, it has to affect your finances, your relationship, and your health.

A while ago, I witnessed a beautiful young girl, in her early twenties running naked down our busy street. She was a neighbor from the area and fellowshipped at the local church. The people running after her managed to restrain, cover her, and take her back home. The minister they called had prayed for her. She kept grabbing at his genitals. Finally, he removed the necklace from around her neck immediately evil left. He told them that the necklace was bewitched. It is sad to mention that a fellow Christian girl, a friend from the church, gave her the necklace.

Mum thought me something if a person is sick, doctors cannot find whatever is wrong with them and if there is no medicinal cure and they are in and out of the hospital. Then they are under a spell. Only prayer will break those chains of evil.

Are spells, voodoo, witchcraft, hexes, and black magic real? Africa seems to have a high usage ratio of practicing it. In other countries, Salem in the United States, the practice of witchcraft was rife many witches were put to death.

1 Peter 5.8

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert ... Because of your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. We must break the power of witchcraft’s deception, sorcery, and intimidation, knowing that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow.

Scriptures verify that there are spirits of witchcraft. Take also into account the tongue is very powerful and sometimes witchcraft is in the forms of curses. When we curse someone, we hold him or her in bondage. Christians who curse or pray against someone, it is known as spiritual witchcraft. Moreover, we do not have to go and physically do evil practices against anyone. Our tongues can set us alight, therefore; we must guard ourselves in how we react to situations.

Many of us sin in anger and the bible tells us in your anger do not sin. When we angry we unleash the devil no matter how holy we are. Angry parents turn their children away from them creating stubborn and rebellious children. Have you heard when angry parents shout at their children saying? "You are just like your father/mother." They equate or liken their children to the bad side of their spouses and you see them really beating up that child. They take out hidden anger and the rage that they cannot take out on their spouses. That innocent child gets a beating for being naughty and having characteristics of a parent. I call it a double dose of dishing out.

That child knows it got a beating for naughtiness but that parent took out underlying frustration. Watch that child grow up with an unknown curse from Mum or dad, a curse that takes them into adulthood. I without failure pray against generational curses from forefathers/mothers and curses from mothers/ fathers are broken from the time of inception in our mother's womb to a time such as this. The last thing we want to do is hold our children in bondage and then wonder why that child is going through problems in life.

Factual evidence of witchcraft and sorcery

The book of Enoch reveals that the leader of the fallen angels Azazel also known as Lucifer. The fallen angels had the magical knowledge, psychic abilities, technological skills, and occult wisdom. Their magical powers were originally an ancient inheritance from the angelic realm given to early humans. In spiritual and metaphorical terms, it is called witch blood, faery blood or elven blood that witches and wizards possess. When these fallen angels took humans as their wives, they thought them the skills they had. The humans also thought the angels the skills they had. The fallen angels and the mortals created half- angelic and half-human offspring called the Nephilim.

Shemyaza- taught humans the use of root cuttings and the magical art of enchantment.

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