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52 Prayers with Visualizations, Affirmations & Love



Published by Fearless Books

Copyright © 2018 Lyna Rose

All Rights Reserved

You cannot let the weight

of this world obscure the light

that you carry within.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jon Mundy, Ph.D.


Invocation: Twelve Ways to Look at Prayer

Meditation I: Clearing the Past


Prayer to Overcome Resistance to Romance

Prayer for Surrender in Romance

Prayer to Reconnect with a Partner

Prayer to Release a Partner

Prayer to Guide a Breakup

Prayer to Heal Addiction to Love

Prayer to Transform the Fear of Commitment

Prayer for a Peaceful Divorce

Meditation II: Releasing Ego


Prayer for Self-Love

Prayer for Abundance

Prayer for Body Image

Meditation III: Mastering Your Thoughts

Prayer for Eating Disorders

Prayer to Release Ingratitude

Prayer for Independence from Approval

Prayer to Let Ourselves Be Seen

Prayer to Feel Complete

Prayer for Self-Worth

Prayer to Take Our Power Back

Prayer to Alleviate Depression

Prayer to Embrace Aging

Meditation IV: Releasing Expectations


Prayer for Motherhood

Prayer for Daughters Without Fathers

Prayer for Fatherhood

Prayer to Heal Feelings of Abandonment

Prayer for the Wounded Inner Child

Prayer to Heal Emotional Abuse

Meditation V: Returning to the Present Moment


Prayer for Happiness in the Workplace

Prayer to Carry Forth Our Dreams

Prayer to Find Our Purpose

Prayer for Peace in the World

Meditation VI: Achieving Spiritual Clarity


Prayer to Connect with the Divine Feminine

Prayer for Surrender

Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Strength and Courage

Prayer to Let Go of Fear

Prayer to Increase Creative Inspiration

Meditation VII: Invoking the Goddess

Prayer to Meet Our Soul

Prayer to Invite Inner Peace

Prayer for Unconditional Love

Prayer for Daily Gratitude

Prayer to Open the Heart

Meditation VIII: Enhancing Energy

Prayer to Find a Spiritual Path

Prayer to Transform Mistakes

Prayer for a Sacred Calling




What a delightful, honest, meaningful, and well-written series of prayers and meditations!

I got to know Lyna Rose as a student in my classes on A Course in Miracles in New York City, and she remains a true friend. Lyna’s absentee mother was severely alcoholic, and her father remains unknown. Her first husband left her days after her first daughter was born. Out of necessity Lyna has learned how to pray — progressing from asking for a real father and mother as a child, to communing with her spiritual Father as an adult.

Sometimes life puts us through incredible trials, and some folks crumble under the weight of life and all its responsibilities. Yet if we pay attention and pray in all sincerity, something deep within can lift us up and help us through life’s bitter tests.

Ardent in prayer and ever seeking — moving ever more profoundly into loving God — Lyna’s hardships have led her to see that prayer and communion are the same. Like so many seekers, Lyna has had to learn her way through the tragedies of life. Prayer has led her deeper and deeper into an exploration of the inner life, and an awareness that the 'Kingdom of Heaven' lies only within, and that answers to the deeper questions of life are never found in the world. What Lyna has learned is that prayer means observing without judgment, interpretation, or analysis.

Her lessons have come in learning to forgive over and again.

Prayer is the recognition that the same Love that many see in Jesus is in the Universe at large, and thus also in us all. It just needs to be uncovered and expressed.

As we give our lives away in love, love comes our way and so do the answers to our prayers — perhaps not in the form we expected, but always telling us that God is with us, no matter how severe our trials.

Prayer is a state of communion and a direct awareness of God as the ground of our being. As Lyna puts it, the answer to prayer comes “in renouncing the wishes that do not serve our highest good.” Once such wishes can be put aside, then God is at liberty to answer the true prayers of our heart. — Jon Mundy, Ph.D., publisher of Miracles Magazine, and author of Living A Course in Miracles


Prayer is the medium of miracles,” reveals the spiritual teaching known as A Course in Miracles. “It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.”

When I first prayed on my own as a little girl, in the musty corner of my bedroom in Normandy, France, I asked God for a real father and a real mother. My mother had been absent for several months and my great-grandparents, my childhood care- takers, did not know her whereabouts. I didn’t know who my father was.

I prayed through tears that God would change my mother into a normal, doting mother. But her chronic alcoholism and absence only grew.

In fact, I never seemed to get my prayers answered during the first part of my life. I would always ask for my life to change, but most times it just went from bad to worse.

After my great-grandparents passed, I remember praying for a different foster family after a few years of disparagement and emotional abuse. Yet my second foster family only sharpened my sense of being a wretched creation, condemned to walk in the shoes of my mother. Later I prayed for my American boyfriend to love me, and instead he divorced me one month after I gave birth to my first daughter.

God did not transform my mother because she didn’t need to be fixed — she only needed to be loved. What God did do for me was to offer a perfect path of trenches, hurdles, and open space that would eventually mold my heart into a chamber of forgiveness and compassion.

Prayer does not exist so that we may get our way, and God is not Santa Claus. Prayer exists so that we may align our mind and our heart with the divine order of happiness that exists deep within us, but is so often forgotten. Prayer is the sacred, energetic path to our inner life, the lifeline of our holiness. It is a noble stairway to a greater consciousness, so that we can learn to undo our resistance to life and love.

When I pray, I do it in order to step out of the way of the divine. I may still want things to change, but I understand that I’m not in charge of change. I’m not asking for favors from God. Instead of seeking correction of whatever may seem to be going wrong, I pray to be molded into the highest realization of my Self.

Prayer enables us to disengage from fear-driven thinking; it is a silken cloth that wipes away our heart’s anxieties. I offer the following prayers, along with some related visualizations and affirmations, to help you release your fears, know the divine energy of love within you, and realize your ultimate happiness. They are written in a first-person voice not just because they began with my own experience, but because I want them to become your experience as well. Please use the ones you can, and repeat or adapt them as you wish. Eight of the prayers are offered as short Meditations that address the state of mind of praying itself.

I have tried to think of enough life circumstances, challenges, and opportunities to last you for at least a year of inspiration. But I hope that courage, love, and divine creativity are with you always. These words are the result of what I have learned about prayer so far, but now they are yours to practice and evolve for your own purposes. — Lyna Rose

Twelve Ways to Look at Prayer

P R A Y E R I S :

A trail of divine love within us

A loving filter for our consciousness

The offering of our will unto life itself

A sacred command over our perception

An echo of the Universe tailored to our true needs

The attunement of our thoughts with the laws of creation

The scaffolding of our budding intimacy with the Divine

The surrender of fear in favor of persistent gratitude

A transformative exchange between all our selves

The remembrance of love’s presence within us

The agreement to accept our holiest good

An invitation to the breath of life
to enter and heal our darkest wounds

Meditation I:

Clearing the Past

I am the sole master of my existence and I do not have to fall into a repetition of the past. Tenderly I erase the effects of my history from the screen of my mind, and let today’s reality be free of darkness. My past is now just a story safely stored within my heart, and I feel the dance of life leading me into joy.

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