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Getting ready for

unimaginably huge and

positive changes coming our way

Dan McAneny

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Daniel Thomas McAneny

Thanks, Anne, for making this book possible.

Table of Contents

From Author to Reader

SECTION 1—What's So Special About 2075 and Why Should You Take It Seriously?

Chapter 1: This Book is NOT Written For You

Chapter 2: What’s So Important About 2075?

Chapter 3: Why Pay Any Attention to Information from “Dead People?”

Chapter 4: What have psychics and out-of-body travelers experienced?

SECTION 2—Guesses and Questions About 2075

Chapter 5: Our Consciousness Not Limited to Our Bodies?

Chapter 6: We’re Only Playing a Role?

Chapter 7: Realizing We Create What We Experience

Chapter 8: Traveling in Time and Life/Death Separation

Chapter 9: What Might Disappear?

SECTION 3—Similar Questions Addressed From a Slightly Different Perspective

Chapter 10: Different Perspectives from the Past Year

Chapter 11: Here’s Hoping You Know What To Do

About the Author

From the Author to the Reader

As noted in the first paragraph of this book, it was not written for you, but for one person only, a future version of myself that I call FutureDan, who will be living in a physical body in the year 2075. You are welcome to read it regardless, and if you do choose to do so, I promise you will find it very reassuring and uplifting. It can only help you.

The ideas and concepts presented here will to many seem fantastic and so far removed from the reality we know now in 2015, that they will be considered unbelievable and impossible. Let me assure you, though, that they have a strong foundation in logic and facts, with plenty of objective evidence.

To appreciate that, you will need to read the updated version of my earlier book, now titled You Are Bigger Than All Your Deaths, where I refer to this book in the last chapter. Whether you are FutureDan or not, if you do anything at all to help make others aware of the ideas in here, and start them thinking about the issues mentioned, many thanks!

Section 1

What’s So Special

About 2075

And Why Should You

Take It Seriously?

Chapter 1: This Book is NOT Written For You

So that you don’t waste your time, please understand, this book is not written for you. It is written for only one person – a future version of me, whom I’ll call FutureDan. Whether you are FutureDan or someone else, in order to make sense of all this, it helps if you know some of the things in my first book, You’re Bigger Than Death … and life too, or the newer version, You Are Bigger Than All Your Deaths. If you haven’t read either one, I have briefly summarized the key parts in this book.

In those books I explain a few of the basics that the entity Seth told us when he communicated through the psychic Jane Roberts for several years until her death in 1984. I also cite many other sources, alive and dead, who told us roughly the same thing, including many quantum physicists.

One of the basics is that we all have too limiting a definition of ourselves. Our everyday waking personality that we all think we are, is defined by Seth as our focus personality, that part of ourselves that is focused in this material world, making sure we are able to navigate in it on a daily basis.

But we all have an inner self that is fully aware of our true nature, which is … that we are a spirit. We are temporarily ensconced in a body, and that’s fine, so the part of us focused on earth life is a combination of body and spirit. That inner self is also aware of all the other realities in which we’re existing right now … and there are a lot of them! It is also aware that time and space are “root assumptions,” part of the rules of the game for the part of us that chooses to come into earth, or what Bob Monroe, the famous out-of-body traveler, called the Human Time-Space Illusion, or HTSI for short. But it is also aware that we also exist in many other worlds with far different root assumptions.

Our inner self knows far better than we focus personalities do, that all material things are an illusion of one degree or another. Some are created by higher entities, and some are co-created by us. We co-create them so we can participate in this earth game. Participating in it as we are requires that we perceive ourselves as separate from others, that we perceive good and evil, that we can’t easily pass through other objects, and that we aren’t able to bring whatever we wish into physical form just by thinking about it. Once we’re through all our lives and deaths, and we gain the larger perspective that we have as spirits, we’ll understand and experience that those things don’t apply in the larger world that supports this one.

Our inner self is also more closely connected to and aware of our Big Self. The Big Self has many focus personalities that it energizes and maintains, so that it can experience earth life from many different perspectives—different sexes, races, intelligence levels, personality types, cultures, social statuses, socioeconomic conditions, etc. The Big Self’s other focus personalities living in a physical body at the same time we are, Seth termed counterparts, but there are also other focus personalities going on right now in what we think of as the past and present.

We also co-create many different probable realities. So there are probable you’s and me’s, experiencing many different probable versions of the world. Any time we gave a lot of thought to doing something and didn’t do it, be assured there is a probable version of us doing it, and that version thinks of itself as the “real you” and considers you as a “probable self,” if it considers you at all in its conscious waking state.

Our Big Self is aware of all our past, present and future counterparts, and all our probable selves and the worlds they inhabit. But we are not something separate from our Inner Self and Bigger Self. We actually are those, and the more we begin to realize we are, the greater our capabilities will be, even here with the built-in limits of the Human Time-Space Illusion.

At our ordinary waking consciousness level most of us are not aware of any of this. That’s because we have to have a very tight, up-close and limited focus on our reality in order to function in it. And so our beliefs about what we can and cannot do, as you would expect, are in accord with our very limited view of reality.

Until a lot of us change those limiting beliefs, we will not be able to experience the realities described on these pages, just as flight in an airplane could not be a reality when almost all people living on earth believed it was impossible. But just as beliefs about flight changed, so our beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of can and will change by the year 2075.

For my part, FutureDan, with this brief book and my earlier book, I believe I have fulfilled my major purpose for this lifetime. I have helped “keep the message current” by informing readers of all the solid evidence there is for paying attention to what “dead” personalities have to tell us – that the world is not what it seems and we are much more than we think we are.

Now I am “passing the baton” to you. Hopefully you will be effective in popularizing these messages, and perhaps even start a movement or set up an organization. Since I believe (and think I know) that all parts of the Big Self are in communication at some deeper levels and can influence one another, I am attempting to influence you FutureDan—some future version of myself – to do whatever you can to “spread the word.” I don’t know whether your version of me will be male or female, what race and culture you will belong to, what level of intelligence you might have, or whether you can summon up enough emotional intensity to accomplish what I’m hoping you will.

So what is it that I want you, FutureDan, to achieve? I’m hoping that you, (and I believe you exist right now, remember, since everything is really all going on at once), will be one of many focus personalities physically alive in the years preceding 2075 who help prepare the way for others to accept and learn from the things that the “future” incarnation of Saul who became Paul will be revealing at that time. It’s going to be one very happy and fulfilling world by 2075 and the years following. I’ll explain that in the next chapter.

If you are not FutureDan, but you read this book anyway, be prepared for what is probably the most positive group of thoughts you will ever encounter. It will give you a much brighter outlook on your future and that of all earth’s inhabitants, so be assured, reading it will be time well spent. Hopefully it will open your mind at least a tiny bit to the possibility that we can experience a world similar to what is described here. And if you decide you’d like to join The 2075 Movement anyway, and try to spread the word in the best way you can, good for you!

Chapter 2: What’s So Important About 2075?

FutureDan, I’m hoping you’ll be able to get hold of not only this book, but also as mentioned in Chapter 1, my earlier book published 13 years ago, You’re Bigger Than Death … and life too, or its newer version, You Are Bigger Than All your Deaths. There you will see that I rely heavily on input from the Seth entity, and it is important that you read two of the books authored by Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth. The two books are Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality, the 2nd and 4th of the 20 or so books Jane and her husband Rob produced, all published originally in the 1970s and 1980s by Prentice-Hall, a highly respected publisher at the time.

As you read those, it will quickly become apparent that I believe Seth gave us the most complete and accurate description of the true nature of the reality we perceive, and how it is created and supported by deeper underlying realities. He said he had completed all his lives on earth, and was now part of a group of spirits who slip in and out of different realities such as ours, to inform the inhabitants there of the true nature of the reality they are experiencing. Spirits at his level of development have three main choices, to be a teacher, creator or healer, and he is part of a teaching group.

It is significant that in all of the 20 books, covering hundreds of sessions in which Jane Roberts channeled for Seth while Rob took notes, sometimes with guests and sometimes not, Seth made only one prediction! That’s due to probabilities, he explained, and for most events there are so many probable versions out there, that you might experience something totally different from one of your probable selves or the person next to you right now, depending on your focus and choices in time-space.

The one exception, he explained, could be predicted because the framework of probability had been drawn so strongly that the event would be experienced by all those alive at the time. The event is the reincarnation of Saul who became Paul. Seth explained that the spirit of the Christ entity was too strong to be contained in one focus personality, and so it entered three – John the Baptist, the historical Christ, and Saul who became Paul after his conversion. John the Baptist and the historical Jesus Christ did their part, but Paul was not so effective. His role was to set up the physical church on earth, to explain the true nature of Christ’s message, but as inevitably happens when you attempt to set up a large organization run by humans on earth, the message was grossly distorted and the organization lost its focus. Christ’s basic message was “be like me,” not “worship me.” The physical framework Paul set up “smothered the ideas,” according to Seth, and he knew it would, but he did the best he could given conditions and the prevailing level of human understanding at that time.

It is Paul’s job, therefore, to incarnate again and set things straight. Seth said Paul would do that, and a lot of what he had to do would be accomplished by 2075. Just what are we talking about? Well, where do I start? Here are a few of the basics Seth explained, and his perspective on our reality has been backed up by many others.

We will understand that we are essentially eternal, powerful spirits, whereas the physical universe we perceive is a temporary illusion. We will all know our consciousness is not restricted to our physical bodies. We’ll understand that, as human focus personalities, we are playing a role, one of many we play, and that others, no matter how low or exalted their position, are doing the same, so we won’t look down on others. We will understand that we have a much closer connection than we realize to the physical objects and environments we are co-creating. We’ll be able to “travel” in time. We’ll understand there is no “death” as we think of it, just an expansion of our consciousness when it is no longer restricted by being in the physical body. We’ll be aware of many of our “past” existences, and if we play the role of victim in one, for example, we might at the same time choose to be playing the role of the killer in another. We’ll also be much more aware of what goes on “in between” lives.

I touched on all of these in my earlier book, and in this book I will include brief chapters about them. Then I will include a series of blogs I wrote over the past year that will give a bit more detail and some different perspectives. But first I will focus more on some guesses about what all this will mean to us in terms of our daily existence, and in terms of the religion we believe in. Before I do that, though, I want to remind you once again, FutureDan, about the role you might play in preparing for 2075.

Seth explained that there will be a number of people born before that time who help “rearouse man’s expectations” so that they will be more willing to accept what Paul, using whatever identity he chooses, will be teaching. He said that one such man had already been born in India, and that another would be born in Africa (might well be born by now, since Seth said these things over 40 years ago). He talked about a number of new prophets emerging before Paul actually incarnates this time.

Now I’m not expecting you to be a prophet, or some kind of major player in all of this. But I do hope you will be one of perhaps hundreds or thousands of people who participate in some way in spreading the word about ideas that will help prepare the general population for what Paul will teach. Since you and I are both part of the same Big Self, I believe the chances are pretty good that I will be able to instill impulses in you to become interested in the subject, and motivate you to read both my books as well as the two Seth books mentioned.

What you choose to do with the information is up to you. I hope you’ll be an aggressive organizer and communicator, and that you will impact the thinking of many people. But if not, it’s okay. What I’m talking about is going to happen in our physical reality anyway. I’d just like some part of me to be active in making it happen.

At this point, 2075 is only 60 years away. If you’re born about 30 years from now, in 2045, I figure the timing will be just right for you to participate actively. But if you are younger or older than that, fine. You can have that great combination of energy and wisdom at any age. So here’s to you and whatever you can accomplish in at least some probable worlds.

In the next chapter, before I begin my personal musings about how specifically our lives might be changed after 2075, I will address the question, why should we pay any attention to what Seth and others have to say? After all, many doubt that the “dead” can communicate with us “living” people, and many others doubt that any portion of our consciousness even survives physical death.

A lot of those people are highly respected scientists, some of whom maintain that consciousness arose from the gathering together of physical matter, to the point where “life evolved,” and that supposing the existence of a spiritual reality is only “wishful thinking.” In other words, they believe that matter created consciousness.

I wrote You’re Bigger Than Death … and life too in order to present a lot of hard evidence that such is not the case, if indeed these scientists would take a look at that evidence. They won’t. Basically they contend that if something is not repeatable in their scientific experiments in their physical world, then it cannot be accepted. Certainly they would never give any credence to information coming from someone who is “dead.” I suppose that if you admit only physical matter to be considered in your thinking, you would never be able to discover anything beyond it. But that’s okay. Eventually they will come to understand the bigger picture after 2075. In the meantime, the next chapter is a very short summary of the reasoning in my earlier book that looks at the evidence.

Chapter 3: Why Pay Any Attention to Information from “Dead People?”

Does the human personality even survive death?

The most basic question to address is, does the human personality even survive death? The most convincing evidence that it does comes from the crash in October 1930 of the dirigible R-101 in France, after it took off from England. For a number of weeks, in order to prevent a second dirigible from meeting the same fate, the anguished personalities of the officers and crew who had “died” spoke through England’s most highly respected psychic, Eileen Garrett. Through her they argued strongly to one of their living friends that many structural changes needed to be made in that second dirigible before another flight was attempted, or it too would crash. They gave many technical details explaining why the airship was not airworthy in severe storms.

The extent and accuracy of those details leaves no doubt these personalities were indeed the crew members they claimed to be. They also gave specific bits of information about themselves, commonly termed “evidential” information, that established their identities. Based on the information they provided, the second airship was never launched.

The case of the R-101 was again investigated years later in 1967 by a documentary film producer who, while tracking down the information provided by Eileen Garrett, found new information to support its accuracy. Because of the extremely high visibility of this case, the information was examined by several notable and technically qualified skeptics, as well as many people whose aim was to debunk frauds. One of them was a famous atheist.

Every one of them came to the conclusion that the information was indeed valid, and could only have come from the surviving personalities of the airmen.

In addition to the R-101, there are hundreds of other instances where people who had “died” communicated to “living” people information they felt was important. There are many examples in my first book, but there are hundreds of examples in literature about the subject, for those who care to investigate.

What do the surviving personalities tell us?

They all agree on certain basics. Betty White died in April 1939. While she was “alive” she developed abilities as a medium, at first unwillingly in 1919, but later enthusiastically. Her husband Stewart Edward White was a well known naturalist, world traveler and author of more than forty books. He was so impressed by the quality of the information Betty received from “The Invisibles” as Betty called them, that he wrote two books about it while Betty was still alive, The Betty Book and The World Beyond.

In September 1939, six months after Betty died, she started speaking to Stewart through a highly regarded psychic who was also a friend of Betty’s. This woman, Joan Finley, was a respected journalist who held high positions in a major newspaper and women’s magazine, and was also a major figure in a national association of professional women. Again, Stewart was so impressed that he published this information in The Unobstructed Universe in 1941.

Betty was only six months out of the physical body, but she explained to Stewart many things. Time, space and motion, she said, were each part of a larger concept. The essence of time is receptivity; of space, conductivity; and of motion, frequency. Physical matter is “an arrested frequency.” There is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds, it’s just that the frequency slows down in order to manifest as physical matter in our space/time existence. Our physical world is just an extension of the spirit world.

She hadn’t “gone anywhere,” she said, and stated as many others have, that if we could change the focus of human frequency we’d be able to see her instead of “looking through her” as we do. She emphasized the idea posed by Frederic Myers before her, that the major difference between life and death was that the scope of our awareness greatly expands after death, so we can tune in to more realities.

One of the spiritual entities guiding her, “Lady Anne,” pointed out that matter and mind are aspects of consciousness, which is the greater reality, and that earth consciousness was adapted to a universe where there are many structures to bump into, both physical and mental, as when others’ ideas obstruct you from doing what you want to do. In death there are no such obstructions, hence the title of the book, The Unobstructed Universe.

Frederic Myers was mentioned in the previous paragraph. He was a classical scholar known for his essays on Roman poets before he turned to psychical research. At the time of his death in 1901 he knew that the major obstacle to proving survival of the personality was the possibility that the medium getting the messages was tuning in to the contents of living human minds.

So after his death he gave only bits and pieces of messages to mediums in many different locations. They received his messages via automatic writing, and were instructed to send them to a central location. The bits and pieces by themselves made no sense, and the mediums did not know one another. But when they were pieced together at a central spot according to Myers’ instructions, they made perfect sense. They became famous as the “cross-correspondences” that were delivered over a period of 30 years. There were 3000 of them, carefully investigated by the British Society for Psychical Research.

He described seven “planes” of existence as the human spirit developed, from the brief stage 2 that is death, through the Plane of Illusion as #3 (where you can create what you want by thinking about it and called the Belief System Territories by out-of-body traveler Bob Monroe), then #4, the World of Eidos or Plane of Color, a very beautiful experience, to #5 the Plane of Flame. It is interesting that Betty White and many others who communicated after dying also spoke of these various realms. Myers had no words to describe #6 and #7, since he had journeyed only as far as #4 when he stopped communicating. He mentioned that many souls are content to remain in #3 for a long time, sometimes centuries of our time, mistakenly thinking it to be the heaven of their earth beliefs and making no effort to progress further.

Like Betty White, Myers stated that our physical senses are attuned to only a small slice of the wavelength spectrum, like a good radio receiver, so we’re not able to directly perceive other realities. He then pointed out that it is not logical to conclude that other realities do not exist because of the limitations of our senses, just as it would not be logical to conclude there are no other broadcasting stations simply because we are tuned in to a particular one.

Raymond Lodge was the son of one of England’s most distinguished physicists, Oliver Lodge. He was killed in action in September 1915 as a British officer in France in World War I. His father was at that time conducting extensive psychical research and Raymond was able to get his first message across just 11 days after he died. He encouraged his father to push forward in his psychical research, so more people could communicate with those who passed on, and so there would be fewer brokenhearted women on the earth side, and fewer dead soldiers to whom no one communicated on his side.

Although he was traumatized initially, he began feeling comfortable in his environment two months later. What helped him most was that everything appeared so solid and substantial, including his grandfather and others who had met him, and the house his grandfather lived in, solid brick with trees and flowers. It got dark only when you wanted it to. He hadn’t yet found out whether thoughts alone formed all the buildings and flowers, and was preoccupied helping other soldiers who had been shot.

At first he “wore” earth clothes, but gradually switched to white robes popular there. His body was similar to what he had before but didn’t hurt as much when he pinched it, and the internal organs didn’t seem the same. He had a new tooth in place of one that wasn’t quite right, and knew a man who had lost an arm, but now had two. Interestingly, he advised against getting cremated too soon after death because they had some terrible troubles with people cremated too soon. He advised waiting seven days.

He observed that men and women seemed to have the same feelings toward each other, but with a different way of expressing them. There didn’t seem to be any children born there. Some enjoyed eating what seemed to be earth food and one fellow enjoyed a cigar. He explained that appetites for all these things generally fade after people have been there for a while. He could see the sun and stars, but didn’t feel heat or cold, except when coming into contact with the earth plane. After a while, the urgency and content of his information dwindled, as though he had his own affairs to pursue.

One of the more significant things he talked about was illusion. He said where he was and on earth, many things were created for us by the divine imagination, and many more things, like houses, clothes and jewels, are created by our own imaginations. In both cases, they are created out of the available materials, and in both the structures are temporary, meant to be used only until the person is ready to progress to the next higher plane. Earth objects are made of relatively dense matter, while in his sphere objects were made of much finer material.

He said we live in a world of illusion, necessary for us to do our work here. He existed in an extension of that illusory world, the outer rim of it, so he was much more in touch with the “world of reality” than we are. Spirit and mind, he explained, are indestructible and belong to the world of reality, while other external things, necessary for a time, are really superfluous and temporary.

There are other examples in my earlier book, but these are the personalities who made the biggest impact, and the evidence for the validity of their information is easiest to track.

Do Scientists Agree With These “Dead” People?

Some of them do. My earlier book lists 40 findings and theories of prominent quantum physicists, and these substantially support all that has been told to us by the supposedly “dead” personalities. Among other things, they maintain that the physical world is not solid, real and independent of us, that time and space are not separate, so that events just are, as opposed to our perception that events develop over time.

They say there really is no such thing as matter, which is actually a series of patterns out of focus, and that the world is fundamentally dancing energy. They theorize probable universes, and maintain that we have lived in our abstractions for so long that, instead of realizing that they are drawn from the real world, we believe that they are the real world.

Chapter 4: What have psychics and out-of-body travelers experienced?

After summarizing what the prominent quantum physicists maintain, the book turns to people who were living physically while they also developed an ability for their consciousness to travel or expand to other times and places in this world, as well as to other realities and universes. The three most significant are Edgar Cayce, Bob Monroe and Joe McMoneagle. Each of them left a lot of evidence.

Edgar Cayce (pronounced Casey) lived from 1877 to 1945, and dozens of books have been written about him. My favorite is There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue. Cayce discovered as a young boy that he had special abilities. For our purposes the significant thing is, as a young man he found he could go into trance and diagnose people’s illnesses, regardless of where they were. He never charged any money for what he did, and so he was a bit frustrated when the unorthodox treatments he would prescribe for people while in trance would often be ignored by the person’s doctor. But then in 1923 a wealthy fellow from Dayton OH visited and offered to finance the building of a hospital and medical school if Cayce would answer questions about religious philosophy on a regular basis.

Seeing a chance to help more people, Cayce agreed and although the waking Cayce read the Bible continually, the answers he gave in trance supported the idea of reincarnation. When asked in trance how he came to develop his abilities, he explained he had been a doctor in Persia, and in another lifetime he was a soldier left to die on the battlefield in extreme pain for three days. During that time his consciousness separated from his body many times. He was a medium for some “bigger” aspect of himself, which included his doctor self, and as the wounded soldier he had developed his ability to go into trance easily.

Today in Virginia Beach VA, there are thousands of his readings available to study, at the Association of Research and Enlightenment. It is interesting to note that for many people he gave “life readings” in which he explained events in past lives and how they related to the present life. Many of them had lived in Atlantis, and Cayce described the breakup of Atlantis over three separate periods, the first about 15,600 B.C., when the mainland was divided into islands, and the last about 10,000 B.C., when the islands finally sank into the sea, apparently overnight. Cayce also made many predictions which proved out, most notably the shifting of tectonic plates, long before such shifts were theorized by scientists.

For purposes of this book, FutureDan, the most significant thing about Cayce was his ability to travel in space and time with his consciousness. In addition to traveling through the interior of the physical bodies of those he was giving a “reading” for in order to diagnose their illness, a number of times he visited what he called the Akashic Records. This is a “place” with a stored record of every event that has ever occurred in our universe, even those in our future! Two of his readings demonstrate his abilities here dramatically.

One was for a young mentally challenged girl, where Cayce in trance explained that, years earlier, the girl had slipped getting out of a carriage and hit the base of her spine on a porch step, which led to the mental condition. She recovered quickly when adjustments were made to her spine, following Cayce’s instructions in trance. A second instance occurred when a druggist in a different part of the country told the person Cayce had given the reading for, that he did not have the medicine Cayce had specified. Cayce in a subsequent trance session instructed the person to tell the druggist to look up on a high shelf, behind some other bottles, where the correct bottle was located, apparently placed there years earlier.

His experience confirms what “dead” people stated—that our consciousness is not limited to our body, that time and space are just illusions we work with to achieve growth during our earth incarnations, and that we are indeed much more than we think we are. Cayce often maintained that he did not have special powers, and anyone could eventually learn to do what he did, with enough effort.

Bob Monroe died in March 1995. While he was living, he was the best known and most credible out-of-body traveler in the Western Hemisphere. He had a long and successful career in broadcasting, had a background in engineering, and was a pilot, so he was in many ways a down-to-earth American businessman. I knew him slightly, but had friends who knew him well.

In 1971 he wrote his first book, Journeys Out of the Body, which chronicles his experiences when, at first involuntarily, his consciousness began to leave his body. Once he got over his fear, he was able to leave his body at will. At first he’d just travel down the street or around town and gather convincing evidence he had indeed been where he said he’d been. Then he traveled to more exotic places, one of them a universe where he joined his consciousness with another version of himself, getting that version of himself in trouble once or twice.

Around that time he set up what is now called The Monroe Institute, where he worked with others on sound frequencies and patterns, eventually developing Hemi-Sync, a method for using sound waves to enable people to quickly go into the theta state of brainwave patterns, one of deep concentration, previously achieved for the most part only after a long period of meditation. In that state, the brain can follow frequencies that are introduced, and so they introduced “sound recipes” associated with memory, creativity, concentration, etc.

For our purposes, FutureDan, the significant things about Bob Monroe are his descriptions of his travels over the years in two subsequent books, Far Journeys and Final Journey, and the fact that the institute he set up has enabled many people to go into theta, and then for a number of them, to travel out of body as he did, visiting various times and “places” in this and other universes.

In his books, Bob explained that he was able to make contact with a variety of intelligent personalities who were capable of assuming various forms to help teach him about illusions and other matters, and who at times assumed no form at all. Bob was an excellent observer, knew the best questions to ask, and recorded the answers accurately. He was able to travel through “rings” of existences beyond earth, where different types of personalities dominated. They ranged from those spirits who didn’t yet realize they were dead, through those at various levels of awareness and training, all the way to those preparing for their last sojourn on earth.

His input tracks closely with what Frederic Myers, Betty White and others said. That includes what he called the Belief System Territories, where you can create whatever you want just by thinking about it, and where many stay for a long time, thinking it is the heaven of their earth beliefs, until a guide “taps them on the shoulder,” so to speak, informing them they have a lot of training and growth left, so they might as well get started.

He also visited one probable version of earth around the year 3000, where his guides emphasized this was only one of many probabilities. In that probable future there were no factories, roads, planes, cars, houses, phones or any other indicators of “modern existence.” Spirits who chose to come to earth at that time understood they were basically spirits, and went in and out of different bodies as they pleased. Physical bodies were constructed from earth materials, preserved and protected in special “energy cocoons,” and available for inhabiting when a spirit feels it could learn something from the experience. They did not have to eat to sustain themselves. Instead, they just stretched their arms out to absorb life-sustaining energy from the universe.

By that time, many spirits currently in a physical body do not bother to come back to earth. Those who do primarily want to join their consciousness with other species to get their perspectives. Bob tried it out and joined with, among other things, an eagle, a fish, a leaf, a storm cloud and a panther.

The information Monroe received also explained how a particular consciousness might become attracted to living through a series of earth lives. In his third book he gave an overview of why we as spirits would even bother to experience earth lives. Essentially, it has to do with the emotional experiences you can get while here, gifts that we ultimately bring back to our Creator, which knows itself partly through these experiences. A “larger self,” of which each of us is a part, apparently cannot return to the Creator until every earth personality that is part of it has learned its lessons, experienced all it needs to experience, and freed itself from desires associated with the earth form of life.

When you think of it, FutureDan, this is a very uplifting and hopeful idea to keep in mind. It means everyone eventually gets forgiven, no matter how atrociously they have behaved on earth, and is united with the Creator. No one gets left behind, or is assigned for eternity to some horrible fate. Another beautiful concept Monroe actually experienced is that the energy we send out as a result of our emotional experiences is amplified many times and returned to us as loving energy that sustains us still more. So we can think of ourselves as power sources who generate more loving energy than we take in, spew it out wherever it’s needed, and then this energy is amplified even further by the bigger spirit of which we are a part.

As a result of his direct experiences Bob Monroe came to believe that you can live more than one life simultaneously, that probabilities exist, that the “space-time illusion” in which we exist is a camouflage reality, and that there are a great number of other realities for us to explore when we’re out of body for a short period while we’re alive, or a longer period when we die.

Joe McMoneagle is married to Bob Monroe’s daughter, Nancy. He was the lead psychic in the Army’s 20-year program dedicated to using psychic powers to help the United States in matters of vital national security. He has been in the Oval Office more than once, and in private life has been a “remote viewer” for many years, often retained by large corporations. He has authored The Ultimate Time Machine and a number of other books.

The most significant thing about Joe for our purposes is that, if he is given any two of three reference points, he can go to the destination desired. The three points are the time, the longitude/latitude, and an event. He has demonstrated this a number of times in controlled experiments and for television audiences around the globe. In one instance, unbeknownst to him, he was given coordinates for the planet Mars, and when he traveled there, he noted that very big people must live there, guessing that he must have been somewhere in South America.

Like Bob Monroe and others, Joe believes in probabilities, and he too traveled to the year 3000, visiting what was apparently a different probability from what Bob Monroe experienced. In the preface to one of his books he quotes from the entity Seth, channeled as noted earlier by Jane Roberts in Elmira NY. In response to my direct questions, both Joe and Bob Monroe agreed that Seth had it pretty much right in his description of the various realities, including the one we experience on a daily basis. That brings us to Seth’s prediction about 2075 described earlier, and the changes it will bring when Paul returns.

In the next chapter I’ll start to review my own musings and questions and guesses about those changes and what it will mean for our daily living experience.

Section 2


And Questions

About 2075

Chapter 5: Our Consciousness Not Limited to Our Bodies?

Most of us think of ourselves as the person inside the physical body we call ours. We find it very hard to imagine ourselves as more than that. In fact, we seldom imagine our consciousness as being separate from our bodies. But by 2075 many of us will understand that our consciousness can extend well beyond our physical bodies. Like Bob Monroe, Joe McMoneagle, Edgar Cayce and others, we’ll learn that we can experience realities far away – so far that some are not even in our universe, existing in an entirely different frequency that we cannot now perceive—while many that are in our universe are on other planets in other galaxies and star systems. But we can also travel down the street or across town outside our bodies.

What does that mean for privacy, and for matters we’d like to keep confidential? It is my understanding that in the death state, entities do not hide their thoughts from one another, and it is immediately evident to another entity what you are thinking. Well, I’m guessing that will become largely the case for those of us on earth. Think about the changes that would bring! Politicians and governments would all have to communicate in a totally honest way about their opinions and intentions. It’s difficult to imagine how Putin, for example, the current leader of Russia, could wage war as he has. Would it not be obvious to all other world leaders what he was thinking and what he intended to do, regardless of what words he might choose to try to disguise them?

And if you can travel anywhere with your consciousness, what is the purpose of wars and land conquests anyway? If you don’t like living in the land where you live, while your body might be forced to stay there, you can go anywhere else you like with your consciousness. Of course, if there are bad guys still around, conceivably they could keep you awake so you couldn’t travel freely whenever you want, but would there be enough of them to police everyone? Would they resort to some future version of concentration camps, where they keep everyone awake with certain sound frequencies? I have no idea, but I doubt it.

On the positive side, imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if you could at will go anywhere with your consciousness. Imagine all that you could learn about other realities from guides such as those who instructed Bob Monroe and Betty White. Without your physical body tagging along, you might be able to have all sorts of new experiences, some with a good degree of physical or pseudo-physical components, and others purely spiritual. Would you also be able to tune in to any music you like, any time you want to? Sounds like a good time to me. We’d all be interested in what we’re doing, growing in intellectual understanding and emotional capabilities.

And then there’s the question of joining with other consciousnesses, including other humans, animals, plants and the consciousness of spiritual entities we currently don’t even know exist. If I remember, at one time Bob Monroe mentioned that instead of human sexual intercourse, in the spiritual mode two entities might totally join together in a kind of huge electrical charge, and that this was much more satisfying than what we experience here on earth. As I remember, such joining together does not imply the lifetime partnership or the exclusivity we associate with “true love” here on earth. It will be interesting to see what develops in that regard.

Of course, as spirits we won’t be exclusively male or female, though the current body we inhabit is one or the other. I have no idea what the implications are for how we will live our daily lives. I really love family life and family love, and while I’m sure we will still be able to enjoy that in some form, will it have expanded meaning for us? I guess we will have our options as to how much of any type of relationship we want to experience. It is difficult to grasp with so many options and probabilities open to us.

Seth mentioned that in family relationships there would be room for emotional interactions that are now impossible, since children would be aware of past existences, and they would possess the wisdom we associate only with those who have lived a long life.

Bob Monroe communicated to his daughter Laurie after he died, emphasizing at one point that mankind has no limits. It is easy enough to understand that in our current circumstances we have plenty of limits. But when you start to think about “going” anywhere with your consciousness, you have to ask, can we even conceive of limits under those conditions? I don’t know if you will get involved directly in addressing such questions, FutureDan, but it sure is fascinating to speculate.

Chapter 6: We’re Only Playing a Role?

What a difference this will make! Among the billions of personalities alive on earth right now, we have plenty who think they are better than others, because they think their present “focus personality” (we’re all focus personalities) is what they are, and that others who are less powerful, less wealthy, less educated, less emotional, less religious or less famous are inferior to them. And we have lots of others at the bottom rung of those qualities who have little or no hope, who might have negative self-images, or harbor deep resentment for those “above” them on those scales.

Think about what it will mean when all of us recognize we are essentially spirits, not material beings, and that the material physical body we are inhabiting in our present is really an illusion, one we’re co-creating with our Big Self and a supporting underlying reality. Will we want to play our role, whatever it is, in a way that it benefits others much more than we do now? Will we want to project as much loving energy as possible, knowing that whatever we send out gets amplified and returned to us? Or will we simply discard a particular role? My guess is that we’ll hang on to whatever role we started out with but we’ll act in a way, and project thoughts and emotions in a way, that gives us the most joy and has a maximum positive effect on others.

It has been said by some that since we create what we experience, when we are the attacker and someone else is the victim, it is likely that in some other reality they are playing the role of attacker and we are the victim. I don’t know if that is accurate, but when we know we are only playing a role, I would expect that we’d no longer want to focus on creating negative events like attacking and suffering. Instead we could turn our considerable energies toward constructing the greatest number of positive, uplifting, and exciting events and feelings we’re capable of.

Since ISIS and Al Qaeda are such negative global forces in this second decade of the 21st century, it is interesting to speculate if there will still be forces like theirs. Certainly if all people understood what the reincarnated Paul will be teaching us and accepted it, there would not be, but at this point we don’t know. Could be that many of us accept it but some do not. How then would the benign majority interact with and limit the negative effects of the ignorant minority, assuming they would be a minority? I don’t like to think we’d have to put up with that kind of barbaric behavior after 2075, and Seth indicated we wouldn’t.

Certainly we’d no longer have to create, or put up with others creating, negative emotions like excessive pride, envy, hatred, scorn and humiliation, or with betrayal, deception, intentional wounding of body or spirit, or any other negative thing you can think of. But I could be wrong there. Perhaps we’ll still have a good degree of negative events and feelings, maybe even among millions of people, but hopefully these will be far outnumbered by the positive loving energy projected by most of us.

Chapter 7: Realizing We Create What We Experience

One of the exciting things to think about is the possibility of playing new roles that we help create ourselves. Even now, millions of us enjoy theater, where only selected talented people get to play roles that have been created by someone’s imagination as they wrote a book or screen play. In those new circumstances, we can all be stars of our own productions, bringing to life characters we create in our own imagination. What kind of new creative powers will be unleashed in these circumstances? It is stimulating just to think about it. Will we all be Academy Award winners?

Given what Bob Monroe witnessed and what Betty White, Raymond Lodge and Frederic Myers told us after they “died,” a lot of us enjoy creating the environment of our choosing, where we are very happy and experiencing whatever we wish in terms of objects and events. As noted earlier, apparently many inhabitants of what Monroe termed the “Belief System Territories” spend a lot of “time” there, thinking they are in the heaven they believed in while on earth.

So now, consider what it will be like when we realize we are creating what we experience while living in a body here on earth. I am assuming it won’t be like the Belief System Territories because we will still be living in an “obstructed” universe, where you can’t immediately create whatever you think of. It would take time to create the events and objects we would like to experience, and it is likely that our ideas and creative abilities will still wind up bumping into others’ conflicting ideas and actions.

But to the extent that what we create does not conflict with others, it is possible that we’d be able to live our daily lives eating the kind of food we like, in a home that’s just what we want, in the kind of natural environment we prefer, whether it’s mountains, seashore or something else, doing the kinds of things we enjoy. Does that mean everyone will have a job they like? Will we even need jobs, or will we learn to get our sustenance from the energy surrounding the earth, as Bob Monroe witnessed when traveling to the year 3000? Since presumably we won’t be identifying so closely with the physical body we are inhabiting, will we spend a lot of time “out of body” creating realities and environments that would be totally new to us? Or will life challenges center primarily around making the one physical earth we are inhabiting as good as it could possibly be?

It is interesting that even now, some people create their own environments online, as well as personalities that are extensions of themselves, interacting with others in imaginary cities and towns, creating imaginary goods and services, trading imaginary money that somehow has value in our present physical world. Will they be able to create illusions of life and objects and events that seem very “real” to us? People are currently using technology to experience such illusions. What is the result if we can create the illusions without technology, simply exercising the powers of our mind and emotions?

Another issue to be addressed is the existence of negative or limiting realities. As things stand now, many people have endured physical, mental and emotional suffering, but have come through the experiences stronger for it. They might also have had strong emotional experiences of despair, hope, victory, joy, then sadness. So in a sense the existence of our negative “illusions” has made the earth experience richer and more rewarding for some, contributing to their soul growth. Will that still be possible, or desirable? Will we still need to endure through sickness, poverty or hunger, for example, to achieve a rewarding life, full of abundance and good health? Or will we see no need for such experiences and emotions? Seth said suffering is only good for the soul if it teaches us how to stop suffering.

And what about the excitement of sporting events? We are all familiar with the excitement that comes with a game-winning home run, or a 50-yard catch in football, or a last-second basket in basketball. Will that still be possible? Will it hold the same appeal? Probabilities come into play here. If we are aware of a number of probabilities, will we still have these events, but choose to experience a number of probable endings instead of just one, as we do now? This possibility applies to more than sports, of course. Will someone succeed in building a new business, creating a new form of cheap energy, or nutrition? What about the joy of anticipation? If we know we can experience a number of probable outcomes, how do we still have a sense of anticipation? The excitement has been taken out of it, it would seem.

And will we want to create realities that interact with those of others in a competitive way? Or a cooperative way? Or in some random fashion? Or in the way that delivers us the most excitement and pleasure? As you begin to think about all the possibilities even with the restrictions of being still in the physical body, it is no wonder that Seth said there was no way we could even begin to comprehend some of the realities out there in the spirit world, and none of the words we understand could come close to describing what they are like.

But a number of us will indeed be experiencing the world here after 2075, so it would seem worthwhile to begin to speculate now about what life will be like, and what it will mean to us. One thing is for sure. If millions of us know that we are eternal, powerful spirits, and that a particular life we are choosing to experience here in HTSI is just one of many ways we know ourselves and continually grow in awareness and capabilities, we are going to have a very different perspective on what we’re doing here, and why. Will our single life here have anywhere near the importance we currently assign to it, or will we see an entire life as just one of millions of interesting experiences we choose to have in different realities which all have different root assumptions?

Chapter 8: Traveling in Time and Life/Death Separation

When Edgar Cayce in trance could go back in time and tell a girl’s parents that her problem was caused by falling on a porch step years earlier, logically you might conclude that he “traveled” in time to witness that event. Likewise, if you read any of Joe McMoneagle’s books, you might conclude that he “travels” through time and space. Both gentlemen maintained that we all have latent capabilities to do what they did.

Assume for the moment that after 2075 many of us will begin to exercise those capabilities and travel through time. Let’s also assume we have the ability to visit various probabilities of events that are happening “at the same time.” If that does prove to be the case, then it follows that many of us would be able to pass through many of our physical lives and the periods in between, which we currently call “death,” but which are very likely many times more creative and enjoyable than our current physical lives.

In that case there would obviously be no fear of physical death. Instead we would simply perceive and experience various states of being – some in the physical body with its limitations, and some out of it, without those limitations. We’d also be able to experience probable lives that were/are different from what we experienced in our earth lives. We might experience probable between-life experiences as well, since there is no reason to assume there will not be probable between-life experiences, just as there are probable life experiences.

Seth said we would for some time withhold our ability to experience future lives, but if we can experience past and probable lives and between-life experiences, what is the point of bothering to experience earth life anymore? Good question. It might be that many of us, as spiritual entities, go on to other realities with different root assumptions, having learned and grown all we could through HTSI experiences. Or, a lot of us could still be tied to physical earth existence, with many of its limits.

In that case, our ability to perceive the outcomes of various probabilities might guide us in choosing which experiences we want to “make real” in our physical HTSI experiences. Or it might simply make life a lot more interesting, being able to experience firsthand historical events that have the most meaning for us, as well as what “happened” in various probable versions of those events. This might present new challenges to our creativity, as we apply our abilities to focus in on one or another probability, and then make just one of them the one we experience most vividly in our total overall experience.

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