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Without you this booklet would not be read.

Even in the absence of you, feel free to share the contents with any apparent others, in the understanding that the writer is inseparate from you, the reader.

There is no separation in whatever form, eventhough it may be perceived in another way.

Therefore thanks go to you who reads this, as you are credited as much with its creation as the one whose hands wrote these words down.

Love is expressed to no one in particular, but through and to that what IS permanent and abiding.

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This booklet does not have the pretention to have anything meaningful to say about nondualism nor about biodynamics, it is merely a creation of that what wanted to be expressed. Nothing personal neither intentional nor unintentional has been included herein that may have been expressed by anyone else in same or similar words. Anything remotely resembling rests on pure coincidence, in so far that exists. Pictures have been taken from the public domain and no copyright infringement is intended. This is a non commercial publication to be placed as open source information in the public domain and may be freely used in its entirety, published or copied in whatever form as long as it is for non commercial purpose.


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Nondual Biodynamics



I “

“ IS “

Nondual Biodynamics

The following words on Nondual Biodynamics are offered for further clarity solely as that what has been unfolding leading upto this document:

The utter absence of even a sense of an "I" is difficult to describe properly, given the limitations of the concepts of language and words.

When the ‘experience’ of an I was seen through as an idea, it started to drop on its own accord more and more away as a concept which is a process described in nonduality teachings. In that further process, the tools of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapy and Direct Experiencing practice proved helpful but limited.

The facilitation and integration of that what is ultimately unfolding, is developing as Nondual Biodynamics. The deepening into this what “IS” to integrating all that appears within the total human being (not human ‘doing’) system, seen from wholeness and without separateness.


When having seen through the idea of I, at first there seemed nothing to take care of or to do, life as perfectly flowing, inclusive of the seenthrough idea of "I".

At a certain moment, when increasingly the sense of an “I” dropped away, the ideas of ‘others’, ‘awareness’ and ‘experience’ were also seen for what they are, as ideas, and started to drop away too.

It left a state of mere being, a ‘presence’ and ‘inseparateness’, without any center or owner, which can merely be described as “IS”.

Since first awakening nearly 30 years ago, but lacking the proper insight and wordings at that time, to realize it for what it was, as abiding stillness remained. In the following years, amongst others through mastering the ancient game of Go, social engagements and lifelong meditations, a full integration of all kinds of skills and experiences developed, leading from a path of connecting the dots to an eventual being in abiding realization.

About 10 years ago the initial work with energy healing and spiritual development started to take shape. That was followed by a recent brief period of intense studying advaita vedanta and nonduality teachings that provided the wordings and recognition of the 30 years earlier experience.

The nonduality study followed after a two year long clearing of bodily and emotional blockades, patterns and history which was held – this clearing happened through a multitude of deep and intense (biodynamic) cranio sacral and other (emotional, trauma and body work) therapies, studies and intensives. Finally culminating in a powerful so-called kundalini energy rising, which experience blew open any of the remaining blockades in the energetic-bodily system.

When studying the Sanskrit description of “dukkha” (translated usually as suffering but more appropriate is dis-ease/un-ease) – the idea of “I” was suddenly and instantaneously seen through for what it was and there was instant self liberation with laughter and release.

During that same period a (self)liberation internet forum was found, for guiding others to see through the idea and concept of “I”. The self realization, also called going through the gateless gate, is possible with and without guiding or direct pointing. The subsequent work, wording, deepening and sharing available on the internet, through blogs and in those guiding and direct pointing facebook (liberation) groups, were very worthwhile to put the further unfolding in perspective, upto a certain level.

Since these described experiences, there have been arising less and less thoughts about any: ‘I/me/myself’, ‘others’, ‘awareness’ and ‘experience’ - the concept and perception of anything separate has been disappearing as making no-sense at all anymore. Everything coinciding in total perfection. Coincidence being the experience of what-is, seen in everything.

A deep surrendering to be totally with, in and part of the arising sense of ‘flow’, of connectedness, of inseparateness has taken over what is being lived. Letting go of any concepts is like being carried, in the way an autumn leaf is floating on the water surface going downstream with the river – leading to that what is waiting and inviting to come, lying downstream – this flow is within a full ‘now-ness, timelessness, instantaneousness’, a combined synchronicity, syntropy, synergy; where causality and retro-causality are equally expressed and lived.


When recently driving at night in the countryside to visit and help some friends who are rebuilding an old farm, the car got off the road - a few seconds away from a (near) deadly crash. There was complete absence of any thought about preservation of the body. The body reacted and got the car just in time back on the road. After that no thought, feeling nor anything in particular arose.

Death and life were not realised as having any difference, not as different concepts or ideas, they simply do not arise as thought at that moment. If the life would end right there, there was no sensation that it was anything personal. All there was, was a slight sense of noticing the absence of any such concern while preservation of the life/body happened by itself, and simply driving onwards.

Further relaxation happened in such a way that a total absence of any center came which could be called “I or me”. There was completely no difference at all between anything. Just like the earth beside the road and that of which the body is made is exactly the same. No difference between a rock, a car, the air, the body, the grass, the earth or anything else in this universe: all light, stardust, living organisms, energy, matter, etc.; all is totally inseparate, including anything that composes this body.

What remained was a sense of fluidity within an indiscriminate (permanent) ‘presence’ apparently filled with a potency from which everything (impermanent) arises. This remaining sense is not labelled as experience since it is beyond the concept of a separate experiencer. Nor is this sense of presence anything separate from anything else, which includes the absence of anything knowing, hence it is not limited to the unknown and includes the non-knowing.

This booklet is only for sake of clarity itself, and looking for the appropriate words, to describe and to point to this changeless ground of being out of which that what is impermanent emanates from and disappears to – this is the sole purpose of this writing – to give a frame of reference to what Nondual Biodynamics points to and facilitates.

I ”

Without 'being' (existing) there is no knowing.

Without it 'is', it is impossible to know.

The knowing is inseparate from the being.

In the being there is nothing separate.

We appear as human being, not human knowing, not human doing.

Which is not even fully that what it is.

We arise from the being-ness of beings. And not even that.

No words apply.

We are what we are, pure being, which is the ground from which all arises including the knowing and the not-knowing.

We are neither the perceived/known nor the perceiver/knower, but appear as the simple and universal factor that makes perceiving/knowing possible.

We are not the knownknowingness. We are being-ness or is-ness.

There is no i-dentification with knowing.

There is no i-dentification with the manifest nor with the unmanifest. The unmanifest is not known but can be(come) known, just like the next sentence that can be(come) read.

- / -

It is only imagination which encloses or confines you and seems to convert you into a person, into a separate being, into whatever word or concept you may use to describe that what is.

When used in usual language “I” points to an assumed imaginary identity.

The transcended I points to itself as being inseparate from that what is. Language and words are limited and the mind/thought is not all there is.

Transcended I, as individual, means that it is not possible: to divide nor separate in mere words and mind - to explain that what is to be understood larger than those limitations of a mere imaginary concept and larger than life. Then the words 'being' and 'presence' are words that can apply or point to this, which arises from that deepest that what “IS”.

There are several layers of (the idea of) I within the transcended I that are inseparate:

I as myself - as an individual (idea that I exists).

I as all - as there is no I (idea that others exists).

I am - as there is oneness (idea that awareness exists).

I AM - as there is beingness (idea that beingness exists).
"IS" - I am the Absolute, the Absolute am I.

There is no concept of separation in what IS, it is that what refers to beyond separation. There are not 3 states (waking, sleeping, dreaming), those are all still like sleep. The 4th being state is beyond them. What "IS" is meant as clarification of letting go of the 4th "I AM" state mentioned above. It is a profound difference between them, to which can be pointed but is inexpressible. That is the limitation (of words/language).

The limitation is not to the "IS" it is only to the words, the word state for example is limited - the pure "beingness" is beyond concept of time, space, personal. It is beyond 'human' as such. These “I”-layers are inseparately layered within. The knowingness is within the 'human being' the beingness is without the 'human'. Hence the not-knowing.

To say "I do not exist" is ridiculous, like ultimately everything else we write in words, from the point of view of “IS”. The layering in the perception of the “I” is a mere idea which is inseparate of this that appears. Whenever we use the word I it can be pointing to any of those appearing layers that can be perceived. Never having a center which is “I”. Ultimately none of the layers of “I” being there, as all are concepts of experience limited by language and words.

To put how this what “IS” as everythingness is lived, experienced and expressed into the human being system in some other words pointing to the Nondual Biodynamics:

Anything: appears only through me, has only meaning through me, exists only through me,
is/IS only through me

(while this "through" is completely inseparate).

It is the sense that none of this exists, appears, means, is anything without me nor is inseparate of me. Everthing that is, is only there because of me, the universe is inseparate in its expressing through me. Not placing me on any throne nor center of separation. All that then arises is like: "what next, what now?” or “that is interesting”.

A complete surrender and shift from “I” to “totalness” (as being that what is beyond any concept, thus the ‘unknown’ or ‘not-knowing’). There is everything and nothing that helps you to ‘reach’ this, you reading and your experiences are inseparate within it. It is nothing and everything at the same time, emptiness and fullness at the same time, which expresses in the here and now as me/I/self-Self. It is completely being one with the flow, totally. Time is seen through as a mere idea and concept.

Then arising from the groundless state of “IS” as perceived in the human being system, there is deepening in the heart, which goes hand in hand with the connectedness and realization that nothing is separate, that there is no “I”, no “you” nor “others”. There is nothing and everything as part of the ‘absolute’, and between the nothing and everything is life expressing what is called love, the connectedness and inseparateness of that what IS.

There may be nothing in particular that can help you to realise what you ultimately are, apart from letting go and to surrender. Just like when you first see through the idea of no-I, then no-others, then no-awareness, then no-nothing/no-everything, then no-changing, then the absolute. There is that which can be named as grace, beyond the human in only the ‘being’, trust in the divine, the absolute. A clearness that which always is, is “IS”, that from which and what everything appears and arises.

It may help to see oneself as 99.9% emptiness, no-thing 'matter' (which is just a concept, thought, idea we believe, even if we say we are stardust). It is everywhere this same emptiness, in the molecules of body same as in the air around us, as in the walls, in the whole universe and all (empty) space, that what is inseparate is the same empty matter. Through this surrender, trust or grace in letting go, may lead the way to go from realizing total-inseparateness to totalness without any center.

There is no cell, no house, no street, town, country, planet and even no solar system or milkyway in any center. It does not matter if your sense of I is inside the body, in the air, in the sun, it simply is not there. It is not in any of your nor any other cells of life, as being earth evolved, and >3 billion years old. There is this what IS, like everythingness expressing itself through emptiness into thisness – inseparate as human ‘being’ within this what IS.

IS ”

When all separateness and identifications as well as ideas dissolve, that which remains is that state (beyond a state) of being which is called "IS". In which there are no questions, no seeking nor searching – no such desire arising – all happening in the flow as such.

The word or concept 'experience' does not describe this "IS" because it is ‘beyond’:

  • nothing personal, no thoughts of I, no center, no owner;

  • no difference from anything with anything;

  • there is simply this that is: without anyone, no one, nothing, anything – being more nor less, being separate nor inseparate, there is no knowing nor unknown, none of these excluded nor included as opposites of any kind;

  • ‘all of this’ appears; and identification as well as preservation with physical and mental concepts as such have disappeared.

Although silence/stillness would be perhaps the most appropriate, if to use one word, the word to describe it as pointer is: "IS",

  • written in capitals to separate it from the usual semantics 'is' of regular being and presence, which being/presence is understood as the


This "IS" points to the deep unchanging stillness of being in total absence of 'myself':

  • pure is-ism, beingness, isness;

  • as that which is: unchanging indifferentiate inseparate.

There is complete total synchronicity, synergy and syntropy with the flow, coincidence, connectedness, instantaneousness:

  • with nothing inside nor outside;

  • all the appearing action or reaction is arising and totally thoughtless, intentionless, causeless;

  • all the appearing and changing or ideas and beliefs of: time, awareness, knowing (known), others, I, I am, I am this - are seen for what they are and appear to rest and arise on this ground of unchanging and unwavering abiding "IS".

This “IS” lies ground to all: to that what appears to arise and that what rests below that what arises as known, in the absence of any knower, in its indifferent and inseparate limitlessness, all that what appears as experience and is subsequently known, and is neither limited by the unknown in any way.

There is nothing inseparate, not more or less, nothing is put on a nonexisting throne or center. The deep stillness "IS" is effortless. It is not nothingness alone, it is also everythingness including the appearing separateness. The 'inseparate' points to: there is no differentiation, there is no throne nor center here. Even within the deepness there is both darkness and light, and it is impossible to point to one without pointing to the other.

When this that IS is effortless, it means never changing and only appearing changing. It is the appearing of experience and subsequent arising of knowing(known), arising from the groundless state of being/presence on which that what appears rests. That which appears is changing, but the ground is changeless. It is totally inseparate. The nature underlying everything is the same. It is that what is, what I am, what you are – all the same. All love.

Freedom can not be desired because desire is the bondage.

When you are without desire, you are free.

- Gerald Westhoff -

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