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A Guide to

Reflections on Life, Death, Caring & Grieving

Nkaré Zekelaga

Next Level Publications

Albany, GA

© 2018 by Nkaré Zekelaga

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Next Level Publications

Albany, GA

Dedicated to my mother, who at 91,

is gone too soon.


Many thanks to Sean, for your inspiring words; to my children and grandchildren, who are the loves of my life, and to my several families, whose presence holds enduring love. Thank you also to my friend and colleague, Julie Rainbow, who pushed me from recording raw emotion to producing a user-friendly journal.



It happened one month before her 92nd birthday, on a warm September afternoon in South Georgia. When the paratransit driver rolled her wheelchair from the van that day, she was asleep. I rode her up the concrete driveway, across the wooden ramp, down the blue carpeted hallway and into her room. When she didn’t wake up on the way, my heart stopped. Briefly. Then I sprang into action, thinking this was what I had seen countless times before. She would frequently fall into a deep sleep as her blood pressure dropped – a symptom of a chronic heart problem. I picked up her slight 107 pounds and laid her on the bed.

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