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Truly we see the sun set and rise, but of course higher truth was found; the world turns. Visible truth can be seen with open eyes. Higher truth is discovered by open minds.

When we limit what we know to what we can see, we limit what we can know. Should that which is in front of our eyes limit what we can find behind them? Eyes have limitations: They need microscopes just to see the smallest of things. We have physical senses. We are not merely sensors.

Can we see infinity with our eyes? There is infinitely more than meets the eye.

Is love visible? Is hope visible? Is happiness visible? Is meaning visible? Is potential visible? While searching the world for truth in life, we tend to forget the truth that life is also within us; and not only what we can see.

To have an open mind is not to fall for whatever we hear, but to think about what we hear. Truth cannot enter a closed mind; nor can that which is untrue depart from one. Should what we think prevent what we can learn? We only use ten percent of our minds because ninety percent of the time they are closed.

Eyes are more effective when they are open, and so are minds.

Think about this: What is beyond the furthest space but more space, infinitely? A true extent of physical matter is immeasurable and inconceivable, because there is higher truth than physical matter.

Chapter 1- Eternal Truth

I should begin with origin. Can something come from nothing? Something has to have always been. But if physical matter had always existed it could never have begun to exist! It could have no origin! And therefore no possible explanation for its existence! The only possible origin of, and explanation for physical matter is that something eternal, and beyond physical matter created it. What or who, other than God, is known as eternal, beyond physical matter, and Creator? Of course people turn away at any mention of God: Until we find Him ourselves, our perception of God is obstructed by religious doctrines of men that misrepresent Him, and hopeless theories of men who have not found Him. So turn not away. I am not speaking of religious doctrines, nor theories; but of eternal truth. People want physical evidence to consider something fact, but why would there be physical evidence of the Spirit of God? Even so, the entire universe is physical evidence of its Creator. As a matter of fact, there is more physical evidence of God’s existence than there is of anything.

Does love exist? “God is love.” There is no debating His existence. There are only misconceptions. Everyone who seeks God finds God. Debating concepts of His existence is not a search for Him! Nothing exists to us unless we believe it does.

Some people doubt that God exists because difficult things occur. And is there no sun because there are storms? If God were to intervene every time something was going wrong, what reason would there be for us to do anything right?

God has existed forever. What could exist more? And what could truly have been before truth? Truth is also eternal. An eternal coincidence? God is the truth.

(1 John 4:8)

Chapter 2- God and Science

Science and Meaning

The meaning of flowers is not found in the process by which they grow, but in the beauty and color they express. In order to find the meaning, should we look for the means or the meaning? Meaning is why. Scientists search for: how, what, where, and when; but overlook who and why; and the who is the why. Did the process by which flowers grow create the light, soil, and water the process includes?

Atheism and Agnosticism

Why judge atheists? Can someone have found what they have not yet found? “God is love.” God works through those who care for others. Some of His greatest work has been done by atheists. But if I am aware that many millions of people have found something I have not; something so conclusive and undeniable that they devote their entire lives to it; is my reasonable conclusion that it does not exist, or that I have not found it? Delusions are in the mind. “God is love.” God is found in the heart.

Why let the various religious doctrines of men affect your belief in God? If they were all true, would they vary? God’s Word warns us not to be “carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men”. As God opposes various religious doctrines of men, why should we allow them to prevent our belief in Him? How does God define “Pure religion”? “To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction”.

Everyone believes that truth exists. God is the truth. Atheism does not exist.

How can that which prohibits belief in something be considered free thinking?

(1 John 4:8) (1 John 4:8) (Ephesians 4:14) (James 1:27) (James 1:27)

Scientific Theory

Which defines scientific; factual, or theoretical? As a conclusion, a scientific theory is an oxymoron. Theorizing is a process of research: Not a finding!

Scientists form theories of the unknown based on what we know, but the unknown is not based on what we know.

The Big Bang Theory

Clearly, eyes have been designed for seeing, ears for hearing, minds for thinking, lungs for breathing, feet for walking, flowers for blooming, birds for flying, fish for swimming; and how much more? An explosion cannot design: A Creator can.

Can an explosion explain: wisdom, courage, friendship, romance, kindness, or joy? Explosions produce random results. Random does not provide explanation. Random eliminates explanation! Is it absurd to believe that wonderful things were created by a wonderful Creator, or by an explosion? Did love come from an explosion? Was it a caring explosion? Did humor come from an explosion? The theory is a joke! We need to specifically design and program our satellites to temporarily orbit the earth, yet the orbit patterns of natural satellites were set in precise and perpetual motion by an explosion? An explosion that put its debris on a pattern and schedule? The prevalent scientific theory opposing Creation is that the origin of life is debris! A theory of exploding matter does not even explain the origin of matter, let alone life! Only life creates life. Life is not produced. Life is reproduced. And God is the Eternal Father thereof. Why would those who know the truth be the ones devising theories?

The Theory of Evolution

Man looks into everything. Animals look for food. Not one species of animal knows more today than it ever has, yet apes have become rocket scientists? There is no link between primate and man. There are and have been many species of primates; some more human-like, in bone structure only, than others. The missing link is truth. Animals do not turn into people! Science fiction is not science. The only link between primate and man can be linked to one man’s imagination. And if animals could physically adapt to their environments, all prey should grow wings! The theory of evolution suggests that all members of some species pass along the same experience information on a need to physically adapt, so an entire species can physically transform itself at some point in the distant future. How can such a theoretical stretch be so widely accepted as a reality? Experience information is not inherited! It is gained through experience! And consider this: How many hundreds of animals are similar to other animals? And do some become extinct? So why should we conclude that certain animals have turned into other animals? If hippos had become extinct, would we conclude that rhinos evolved from hippos?

If a species could physically alter itself, why would slugs have deferred?

The theory of evolution also fails to explain: love, wisdom, hope, matter, space, time, reason, meaning, or purpose. How is the theory of evolution the answer? It only addresses a fragment of the question, and answers that incorrectly!

No wonder prisons are full, and millions suffer from depression. Theories opposing the truth of God do not require obedience, or provide eternal hope: God does.

People only think they can win a debate that their ancestors were monkeys.


Many millions of people have experience with God, yet the opinion of some scientists is that God does not exist. But how is inexperienced opinion more scientific than experience? And looking from a scientific viewpoint reveals only what can be seen from a scientific viewpoint. Is the most effective research thorough, or limited to one viewpoint? Science limits itself to physical matter. God is an infinite matter.

All those who know God consult scientists about science, but how many atheist scientists consult those who know God about God? I have heard atheist scientists try to explain away faith in God, but I never hear sermons on microbiology. When we speak about something we have no experience with; we embarrass ourselves before those who do, and mislead those who do not. Science is excellent. This only concerns the atheist scientists; proclaiming their findings of what they have not found. Science is discovery. How can dismissing the same discovery of many millions of people be considered science? Would we refer to the Church about science? Yet atheist scientists should be consulted about God? Those unaware that a subject exists should be consulted about it?

In order to find the truth in our hearts we need to search our hearts, and search with our hearts. If we conclude that there is not a Divine Creator of how precious children are, or of joy, or of kindness, or of compassion, or of so many other things; we have left our hearts out of the search. “God is love.” In our hearts is where we find Him, and with our hearts is how. God is not found in science; but in faith, hope, and love. What we look for is found where it is.

(1 John 4:8)

Chapter 3- Faith, Hope, and Love


God is not found by looking for Him; but by looking to Him, in faith. Why would doubt reveal the Supreme Being? How supreme is doubt?

Is there anything you believe you can do that you cannot do? But put your faith in God. The more faith you have in The Almighty within you, the mightier is your faith.


Hope is not to want, but to have.


When we give love we have love. Can we give what we do not have?

Love is not only to feel for, but to do for. Are starving children loved when we only feel for them, or when we feed them? People wonder how a caring Creator could allow helpless children to starve; but where do billions of times more of our resources go toward; amusing and entertaining ourselves, or feeding hungry children? “God is love.” Is love not within you and I? The answer is in our hearts. Throughout His Word God calls us to feed the hungry, and provides us with resources to do so. Does God allow hunger, or do we? If only the world would obey God rather than blame Him.

Most people confine love to family, friendship, and romance. But when we limit love to our loved ones we limit love. Why limit what matters most? Who we love matters to us, but love is the matter.

(1 John 4:8)

Chapter 4- Patience and Reality


Patience is wise; as all things occur when they do, and never before.

Are we happy when we are impatient? Pursue patience; happiness will follow.

Patience is even the answer when we cannot find the answer.


On how many days do horribly tragic events happen to each of us in our entire lives? Most people wonder how a caring Creator could allow such difficult things, but few wonder why an uncaring Creator would keep such things from us on nearly all of our days. Some people curse God for one terrible day in ten thousand, yet thank Him not for even one of the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine better days. Difficult feels so difficult because there is so much more pleasant than difficult. The darkest hour of one who lives for eighty years is surrounded by seven hundred thousand brighter ones.

I know sorrows can last longer than hours or days, but happiness does not make us stronger. Strength makes us stronger, and happier. How strong can happiness be without strength? Strength is found in difficulty. Is strength in the calm, or the storm?

Courage and strength are priceless treasures, but mainly only sought and found when needed. The burdens we carry become lighter because they make us stronger.

Without sorrow, could joy feel better than sorrow? If only sunshine existed on earth, what else on earth could exist?

God has promised us all eternity without sorrow. If our perception of reality excludes that which alone is permanent, how firm is our grasp of reality?

Chapter 5- The Love of God

God does not come when we call because He is already there; but how can He walk with us if we refuse to walk with Him?

If our Father were to carry us always, how could we learn to walk with Him?

Why would our “merciful” Father threaten His own children for sin with eternal Hellfire? Because sin makes us suffer! The greater the warning, the greater the love! How much more evil would be in the world without the warning. The warning exists to keep us from evil, and to keep evil from us.

Did the Lord condemn those who severely beat Him, pounded stakes through his hands, and mocked Him while He bled to death? No, He prayed for them, saying “forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Who would be more difficult to forgive than those who tortured and killed you? Your sins are forgiven; no matter what they are: He died for them.

Rejoice: Your infinite and eternal Father loves you not conditionally, but infinitely and eternally. Do you only love your children when they do well? Would you punish your children with eternal hellfire for their mistakes? Is your mercy more than the mercy of Almighty God? It is not.

Fear not that you have been displeased with God. It only proves you believe He is there, even when it is most difficult to believe: Nor condemn yourself for having stepped back from the truth; it has only broadened your view.

God calls us to repentance: Not to condemnation.

God is your Father. And God is eternal. He made you to love you, forever.

(Luke 6:36) (Luke 23:34)

Chapter 6- Wisdom

Wisdom and Foolishness

God is not concerned with how foolish one has been, but with how wise one can become. The more foolish one has been, the wiser one can become.

The Wealth of Wisdom

Wisdom can make you wealthy, but wealth cannot make you wise.

Wisdom and Prayer

What should I say about wisdom, I prayed. Tell them how to find it, I heard. Pray for God’s infinite wisdom. All other sources fall infinitely short.

Wisdom and Ego

The more we think we have heard the less we listen.

Wise Decisions

Knowing all wisdom there is does not make us wise, unless we make wise decisions. Wisdom is doing what is wise. Knowing what is wise is only knowledge. A knowledgeable fool is a fool. I know this because I have been one. Fortunately; mistakes learned from are lessons. If mistakes were not for a reason, for what reason do we all make them? Is having to pay for them reason enough to make them? Would we go to college just to pay tuition? Listen and learn. Let my mistakes be your lessons. They are already paid for. Why keep paying tuition when you have been offered a scholarship?

Chapter 7- Reason and Logic

How can we by reason conclude that there is no reason?

Does everything have a reason? Everything that has a reason to does.

If I were asked which was first, the chicken or the egg; I would ask if the egg was first, did it sit on itself? And as chickens only come from eggs, I would have to conclude that the first chicken was created.

If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? I tried to find out. I placed a recording device in the forest, but the tree fell on it.

In order to reasonably and logically conclude that a wonderful Creator does not exist, I would have to overlook: love, joy, hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, flowers, kittens, puppies, pandas, swans, fawns, and butterflies. I would have to overlook: the eagle, the bird of paradise, the prominent face of the lion, the aroma of the rose, the majesty of the mountains; and how much more? With what reason and logic would hope not require Divine Creation? Opposing theories do not explain hope: They prevent it! Consider the: pear, peach, papaya, pineapple, or plum. Why are there delicious flavors, and we have taste buds; if one were not created for the other for us to enjoy? Are all the varieties of edible: fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, nuts, grains, and flavorful herbs reasonably and logically creations of a Provider, or results of an ancient theoretical space explosion? A space explosion created the peacock? Only a Provider and Creator can reasonably and logically explain a world full of provision and creativity! Did a theoretical space explosion, billions of years before we even existed, design the complex operating systems of our minds and bodies? Complex operating systems require design. Ask any engineer. The big bang theory suggests that reason and logic were destroyed in the explosion.

Chapter 8- Brotherly Love

What, other than how we treat each other, could possibly be the solution to how we live with each other?

A world filled with brotherly love is a world without: hunger, homelessness, crime, racism, poverty, cruelty, violence, murder, or war; or any other problem we cause each other! If brotherly love is not the solution; why does it solve more problems, and more serious problems than anything else does? And would brotherly love not have us working together to solve whatever problems it could not?

Only in brotherly love can we live as the family of humanity we are; rather than the strangers and enemies we live as without it. Humanity is a family. We all have the same Father, which makes us all brothers and sisters.

We need to lose our survival of the fittest mentality. It is no wonder that people act like animals: Science classifies us as animals! A hungry lion would eat his own brother’s cub! We are not animals. We are brothers and sisters. We thrive when we live for each other. When we live for ourselves, as animals do, our world is also a jungle.

Who would feel they had no one they could turn to, if they could turn to anyone? Who would feel that no one cared if everyone cared?

Surrounded by good, who would turn to evil?

With only three words, the Lord Jesus Christ surpassed all that could ever be spoken or written about human relations…..“love one another”. But some people say that action speaks louder than words. So I am quick to remind those people that He also gave His life for us.

(John 15:12)

Chapter 9- Fear, Worry, and Doubt


To fear is to suffer. Fear not, there is enough suffering.

The worst thing that can happen to you (death) results in the best thing that can happen to you (heaven); so what is there to fear?

Fear can appear for a reason. Because we smell smoke, and fear a fire, we put out the fire. There is no reason to live in fear, but sometimes fear appears so we can live.

The Fear of God

To fear God is not to be afraid of God, but to revere and therefore follow Him. When we are with Him, He is with us; and there is nothing to fear.


Worry troubles us when there is no trouble, and even more when there is.

We resolve to worry, but what can worry resolve?

Regardless of whether or not we worry, troubles come; so why worry?

Worry prevents faith. Faith prevents worry.


“Faith is the substance”. Doubt is faith in doubt.

Most people have more faith in doubt than they do in faith. Put your faith in faith, or your faith will be in doubt.

(Hebrews 11:1)

Chapter 10- Direction


Let wisdom be your first goal that you may set wise goals. It is good to know what the treasures are before setting out to find them.

Lost and Found

We never look more intently at where we are and where we are going than when we think we are lost. Sometimes finding the right way requires losing our way.

Many who think they are not lost only think they know where they are. And many who think they are lost are closer than they think.


Learn first where to lead, and then how. Misleading is not leadership.


Is the race to the hurdles, or to the finish line? When we consider our obstacles hurdles we leap over them. But is direction less important than progress? Ask those who have leapt over guardrails mistaking them for hurdles.


We can do whatever we choose to do, but He who knows all things surely knows what we will do. Our destiny depends on what we choose to do; but if our destiny could be changed, it was not our destiny.

Chapter 11- Perception


Out of billions of objects in space, on how many do the exact mixture of elements we need to breathe surround? If we are here by chance, the odds would be astronomical. And how many atmospheres surrounding those billions of objects are known to produce what we need to drink, and grow our food with? Are all the many specific nutrients our bodies need here by chance? Is there anything here that we could use to build shelter, or to make clothing? Which was first on Mars- the chicken or the egg? Neither! All we need is here and nowhere else. What was on the moon but moon? To conclude that we have not been provided for is ludicrous. Even the right word to use was here. Did a space explosion stop the earth at just the right distance from the sun, and start its daily rotation toward and away from it? The answer is as clear as night and day.

Viewpoint and Perspective

You can only lead others to your viewpoint from their viewpoint, so remember to listen to theirs.

Why let what you have seen prevent what you can see? Put your perspective in perspective.

Burdens and Challenges

Burdens perceived as challenges are perceived as challenges rather than burdens. Burdens burden. Challenges challenge. Not every burden is merely a challenge, but every burden can be one. What we have in our heads affects the weight on our shoulders.


Until life is concluded, is it fair for us to conclude that life is unfair?

Law has a statute of limitations: Life does not.


There are only solutions because there are problems.

Life without challenge would lack challenge.


Being thankful makes us thankful. God is not in need of our gratitude: We are.


If an outcome is by chance, it would then have no source; so how could luck be the source? Luck is only a word used to describe outcomes: It does not determine them.

There is no access to luck because it does not exist. When something happens against all odds, what are the odds that it was by chance?

Blessing, or luck? The wise look to the one with the source.

Faith and Will

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.” When our will is to do God’s will, His will is to do our will.

(John 15:7)


When everything appears out of order, work a jigsaw puzzle. You will notice that not everything we try works, but if we just keep trying it all comes together.


Those who do beautiful things are the beautiful people. Looking beautiful only looks beautiful. Beauty is not only skin deep. Beautiful skin is only skin deep.


Only those who are perfect, or hypocrites, can judge you for your mistakes; and no one is perfect. If we never made mistakes, no one could relate to us; nor could we relate to anyone else.

We can learn from our mistakes, regardless of how many lessons it takes. Is a four year degree less of an accomplishment, or less valuable than a two year degree?

As our Creator is perfect; so then is His work. We are imperfect, but a perfect work in progress. Is the ability to learn from our mistakes an imperfect creation? If we were perfect in our own eyes, what could we learn?

Mistakes are not necessary for learning: They make learning more necessary.

If we could take back our mistakes; we would have to return what we learned from them, and still be prone to make them.

We can spend our lives regretting our mistakes, or learning from them. Which one is a mistake?

Chapter 12- Insight


Who cares how you feel; you, or your circumstances? So why allow your circumstances to have so much more influence over how you feel than you do?

I know your mountains are not merely molehills; but mountains are much more rewarding to climb than molehills are. Of course the steepest slopes are more difficult to climb, but often the steepest slopes are nearest to the summit.

Dedication and Distraction

We can only get there by going there.

The rose is worth pausing for; but the longer we breathe it in the less fragrant it becomes, and the less progress we make.


The blind hear more. Ability is what we can do, despite what; sometimes even due to what we cannot. Why let one thing you cannot do keep you from all you can?

Effort, Success, and Faith

Results are not always in our hands. Success itself is measured by result. Our success is measured by our effort. When you have done your best you have succeeded.

Effort does not always bring success, but much more often than lack thereof does.

What reason is there to try unless we plan to succeed? If we plan to fail, we can only succeed at failing. Unless we plan to succeed, have we even succeeded at planning?


If only making wise choices was as celebrated as freedom of choice is.

People are willing to die for freedom. If people held wisdom as high as they do freedom; they would have the wisdom to make peace, and be free from war.


Without boredom, we would find nothing better to do.

Possessions and pleasures eventually fail to fulfill us. Fulfillment in our hearts can only be found in our hearts. We lose boredom when we find meaning and purpose.


Small sparks ignite large fires. Just begin. Energy creates energy.

Response and Reaction

Thinking comes before response, but not before reaction.


Let the perception that nothing matters inspire your search for what does.

The need for something far greater is something far greater calling.


Accept wherever you are, because the first step forward is from there.


The quality of your work is not defined by your critics, but it often increases because of them. If only praised your work would stop improving.


Go with discretion: The flow may lead to a waterfall.

Salmon would be extinct if they went with the flow.


Well must we use what we cannot replace.

Seek wisdom. Time can make us older and wiser, or just older. But it is never too late to seek wisdom; wisdom never grows old.


Help others. Righteousness is self-righteousness without the self.

The self-righteous look down on others. The righteous help others up.


We often arrive at the sum about others without knowing all the factors. Are you wholly defined by what others know or know not about you? And we all make mistakes. How accurate is our sum of humans if we leave out the human factor?

Unless I have walked up your path myself, I know not how steep it has been.


When we think we have arrived is when we stop advancing.

We are either humble, or we are humbled. Avoid humiliation; humble yourself.

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