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Personal Growth Affirmations

Pamela Cummins

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Dedicated to those courageous enough to journey upon the personal growth path…



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About the Author


When I began writing entries for this eBook, Personal Growth Affirmations, back in January 2017, my intentions were to create fifty-two weekly love affirmations. Each week I allowed my Angels and guides to dictate the topic for the week that I placed on my love affirmation website page. During the course of the year, it became apparent that the love affirmations were actually about personal growth. This makes sense, for the more you reach your highest potential, the easier it is to attract a high level partnership that continues to grow…

This eBook was originally written to read at the beginning of the year for a weekly affirmation; nonetheless, you can choose to use it differently. For instance, you could: begin the eBook at any time, read the eBook from the end to the beginning, close your eyes while you scroll to a page, or read an affirmation every day for fifty-two days. Please utilize this eBook in whatever manner feels right to you. For your information, week one, seven, and fifteen’s affirmations were written especially for the New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and spring cleaning. Yet, you can express love daily, and clean or start a new year at any time.

As you work toward reaching beyond your current limitations, your life will metamorphose in ways you can’t fathom today. This has proven true for me as well. Since I have been consciously on the personal/spiritual growth journey since November of 1989, I’ve seen my life and relationships transformed into an awesome masterpiece. We humans have the ability to truly manifest Heaven on Earth if we chose to journey upon the personal growth path.

Are you ready to begin?

Week One

A New Year, A New You

We, as people, find happiness and fulfillment when we strive to reach our full potential during our lives on planet Earth. Think of human beings as beautiful diamonds that need to be polished every day. When we are born our diamond selves are crystal clear; it is society’s fears, beliefs, and judgements that dull and block our clear essence from shining through. Which is why we must increase our self-love, work on our personal growth, expand our spirituality, and push on towards our life goals.

In this New Year, who do you want to become? What do you need to let go of that is no longer working in your life? How would you like your life to be next year?

Today is the day you can take the steps to the life you always imagined! This is not an overnight process, there is no time limit; for we are always a work in progress. Baby steps are the way to go to achieve a new you. The first step is to write, type, sing, draw, paint, or create a vision board of big goals for the year. You may want to break down each goal into smaller doable steps. Each day you can do one or more undertakings toward your goals.

I am allowing my diamond self to become clearer to expand into who I truly am and can become.

Week Two

I Am Who I Am

Has anyone ever made fun of you for being who you are? Did they insult your appearance? Were you told that your dreams and goals are impossible and would never happen? Welcome to the human race. Everyone has experienced not being accepted for who they are. At times, you may be the one who is not accepting something about the person who is criticizing you or an aspect of another individual.

When someone does not embrace you for who you are, they are showing you who they actually are. The criticizer is looking at you, yet really seeing a reflection of themselves. You are reflecting how they don’t know and like themselves. The person is not satisfied with their appearance, nor do they believe they’ll ever achieve what is truly within their heart. You may have experienced being the victim of a criticizer, but you also may have insulted others.

The criticizer and victim are both roles we play to learn to accept who we truly are – beautiful beings of love and light working toward our higher potential. Today is the day to be who you are, despite the opinions of others. Now is the time to stop viewing others’ fault, instead start to look within, and begin to accept who you are. Everyone is weird; therefore, let us allow our weirdness to shine!

I am who I am, others are who they are, and we are all on our path to blossoming into our highest divine selves.

Week Three

Be Nice to Yourself

Once upon a time, I was in a course where a woman said to our teacher, “I have no trouble doing nice things for other people, but I just can’t seem to do that for myself.” The teacher was pondering the answer, when I blurted out my two cents, “Pretend you are someone else.” Our teacher smiled and agreed with my feedback. Are you like that woman in being nice and taking care of everyone else, yet not yourself? You deserve kindness just like everyone else.

You are as valuable as the people you take care of, whether it is your parents, children, love partner, boss, co-workers, employees, or customers. You matter! We are all children of God, Goddess, Universe, or whatever you choose to call it. In this higher power’s eyes everyone is equally important and deserves love and kindness.

From now on, be as nice to yourself as you are to others. Here are some ways you can be nice to yourself: think and talk kindly about yourself, take care of what you have to do before you take care of some else’s needs, and say no to something you don’t want to do. Do what you love and brings you joy, enjoy a hobby, listen to your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, or take a nap. Please continue to add what feeds your soul onto this list…

I am nice to myself and every day I will take one or more kind action for myself.

Week Four

You Are an Important and Valuable Person

Did a parent or authority figure tell you that you would never amount to anything or your goals were wrong? Their opinion has nothing to do with you and really is all about their doubts, fears, and insecurities. There is a reason you’re on the Earth; thus you’re NOT worthless.

Your role is to use your unique gift to help improve society. Whether you are a banker, teacher, artist, doctor, healer, author, psychic, musician, actor; or whatever that deep calling inside of you is. You may try to deny it by claiming you don’t recognize what it is. Yet, you do know. What makes you happy, brings you peace, or you would do it for free? That is your vocation.

Learning to be nice to yourself is doing what makes your heart sing, despite other people’s opinions. Start small and go big with your calling: enjoy it in your free time, engage in doing it part time, and advance to full time. Believe in yourself, walk through your doubts, and create your destiny!

I’m an important and valuable person that benefits the planet.

Week Five

Your Betterment Encourages Others

Your life will improve when you discover your goals, are kind to yourself, and do your important work on the planet. Because of this, your revelation will aid others in becoming who they are supposed to be. Wouldn’t you like your life to keep improving and benefit other peoples’ lives?

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your life’s journey; there will always be someone you admire who is ahead on a similar path. Just as there is someone behind you who admires your current position in life. Neither spot is better; instead what counts is perseverance on the adventure no matter what is thrown at you.

When you help and encourage others on their journey, it also propels you further on your own course. Treating others nicely and aiding them to know they are important and valuable reminds you to continue to do that for yourself. Your betterment assists their growth. Their growth increases your betterment.

I am working on myself and goals, so it may ripple out to encourage others to do the same.

Week Six

Increase Your Self-Love

Do you complain that you are all alone? Are you concerned regarding what your mate will do for you? Those are secondary problems. Rather than focusing on I’m all alone or what am I getting, focus on self-love.

Self-love attracts higher love! When you look outside to be loved, the energy you are sending out could be: neediness, anger, fear, jealousy, competition, frustration, sadness, moodiness, insecurity, impatience, greed, or dominance. You will receive weak love with that type of vibration.

Every morning ask yourself, “What can I do for myself that would increase my self-love?” Then do it, whether that’s listening to your favorite song ten times in a row, wearing clothes that make you feel wonderful, or eating healthy food. Keep doing this, maintaining self-love, while observing how the world responds.

I am increasing my self-love, which automatically attracts higher love from others.

Week Seven

Give Love on Valentine’s Day

Many moons ago, I was alone on Valentine’s Day. I felt heavy hearted and binged on mega amounts of chocolate and candy. That made matters worse. Boy, did my tummy ache! May you learn from my lesson not to stuff emotions through gluttonous eating.

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