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7 steps to letting go of people and things that no longer serve your purpose.

Often times we hold unto things and people for longer than necessary. Just because we have become familiar with such people or things, we become afraid to let go of them even if they are limiting our potential. This behaviour in turn prevents us from moving to a higher level of personal development and successes. Most times it requires a mental shift for the change we are looking for to take place. These things and people that we hold unto instead of letting go, becomes toxic to our system.

I have discovered that the longer we hold unto such belief, the more desperate we become to save such relationship with things or people. We build a wall of defence filled with excuses telling ourselves reasons why we should hold unto them for much longer. We keep telling ourselves that everything is ‘ok’ but on the contrary, it is ‘not ok’. This behaviour is often exhibited by women. In my little journey of life, I have experienced the ups and downs of life storms and challenges. In all of this, I have built a mindset of a ‘warrior’. Life has taught me to navigate my ship (thinking and action) towards what ‘serves me’ the most.

I have experienced poverty, hate, bulling, rejection, relationship breakdown, death of loved ones, debt, homelessness, fear, lack, shame, discouragement and betrayal. In all of this, I refused to give up on my dream to do, have and become more. Some people reading this book might say: ‘Lady Anita you won’t understand’. Yes! I might not understand because our life experiences are different, and the way we each handle situations are totally and completely different. In saying that, you have to decide what works best for you at each point in time, and discover the best possible ways of dealing with such situations.

It’s very easy to ask someone to let go of people and things that no longer serve them. it is much harder to convince such individual to totally and completely rid themselves of such ‘baggage’. I call them baggage because anything holding you back from moving forward is a weight. They come in various forms and sizes. They come in form of people (love relationship, friendship, colleague, business partners, family members etc). they also come in sizes (familiar territory, cars, houses, shoes, clothes, accessories, bank account, luxury, a place of comfort etc). you may have to identify the area of your life that is holding you back.

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