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Miracles of Heaven

Short Stories

By: J. R. Glenn

Copyright 2018

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Log Truck

Chapter 2: Timeline of Purpose

Chapter 3: Matt and the Kayak

Chapter 4: Out of Control International Scout

Chapter 5: Ford Ranger Wreckage

Chapter 6: Career Moves

Chapter 7: Marriage

Chapter 8: Monetary Blessing

Chapter 9: Grass Cutting

Chapter 10: The Sizzling Drop Cord

Chapter 11: The Knife

Chapter 1: The Log Truck

It was nearly 5 pm on Wednesday afternoon when my father would always call my mother to say, “I’m coming home, do you need anything before I come home?” This particular day was different. When 5pm arrived, my father was caught up working on an emergency that had arrived in to his work at a quarter until 5pm. Usually, if my father didn’t call my mother before 5 p.m. she would call him to check on him and see what was keeping him from coming home. However, her mother had called to talk about something going on with her aunt’s health. This completely side tracked my mother from realizing the time.

This was completely unusual that neither of them was calling the other and were completely side tracked. It wasn’t until 5:45 p.m. that either of them had realized the time was nearly an hour past their regular time to call each other. My father usually quit work around 5pm but not this day. It was close to a quarter until six when he finished up with the emergency that happened right before closing time. Usually, if he didn’t call my mother would come to the office to check on my dad and I. This wasn’t the case this day since her mother had called and distracted her with the news about her aunt being sickly.

At 5:45 p.m. my father called my mother and said we are coming home. As we loaded up and began riding toward home we happened upon an automobile accident involving a tractor trailer log truck and a car. The couple in the car died at the scene of the auto accident with the truck that had crossed the center line. As we stopped and waited my dad asked about what time did the accident occur and the state trooper said around 5:10 p.m. This was approximately the time that we always passed through this point on our way to our home each and everyday. On this one day however, our guardian angel was watching over us and because of a miracle of Heaven I’m alive today to write about this mishap that occurred over 35 years ago.

Since this time, I do believe that we are all spared at times in order to be able to tell others such as I have been able to tell you my story. This was a miracle that came from Heaven.

Chapter 2: Time Line of Purpose Thoughts:

You know I don't believe that we are just placed here to float through life. I feel that we all have a connection and a contribution to make on this Earth during the time that we are here. The reason I say this is because if it were not for Thomas Edison with the light bulb and Menlo Park along with Alexander Graham Bell with the telephone. The technology wouldn’t have allowed Bill Gates to develop Microsoft or Steve Jobs to help develop the iPad. If the later had come first, then what would they have invented, or would they have even invented anything? That is just my tidbit to ponder on.

Chapter 3: Matt and the Kayak

At one time, many people came to me to learn how to whitewater kayak. I would take my patrons to the lake and teach them how to position their hands on their kayak while upside down in the lake in order to use their paddle and the weight of their body to roll the kayak back upright. One particular day, Matt was learning to roll his kayak. He ended up getting to far out in to the deep section of the lake where is was a little more difficult to get to him and help him out of the kayak. Matt pulled on his paddle as instructed but he wasn’t snapping his hips in the direction of the paddle moving toward his hips in order to roll the kayak up. Instead he would pull the paddle and the kayak would only come halfway up out of the water. He was able to catch a breath of air before being dunked back under the water. I watched this happen one time and then a second time. By the third time I could see the fear and panic in his eyes when the boat continued to not roll upright. I could see that he was trying to find the emergency cord to pull in order to be released from the cockpit of the kayak. However, the emergency cord was nowhere to be found. He must have accidentally tucked the emergency cord on the inside of the kayak or something. I rushed my kayak over to him and the next time he tried to roll up I said, “Grab the front of my Kayak and push/pull yourself upright.” He frantically felt the side of his kayak until he felt the nose of my kayak and pull himself up. He was blue and give out of breath. I helped him to the shore where he started to feel much better. I could tell this really scared him badly however, he was macho about it. That was his last trip in a kayak. He hung up the idea of kayaking after that experience. Of course, I can understand why and am glad that he survived that trip that day. This was truly a miracle of Heaven.

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