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Chapter One - Human Condition

Chapter Two - Beliefs

Chapter Three - The Paranormal

Chapter Four - Science & Universe

Chapter Five - Unexplained Life Forms

Chapter Six - Animals & Trees

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I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those in the Spirit Realm that contributed to the creation of this book, through the sharing of their wisdom and knowledge, in answering the questions we put forth, as well as their unwavering support of my Gift through channeling.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the following family and friends for being the foundation of inspiration and support in my life that I needed to accomplish this and future books. I am listing first names only and in alphabetical order as all are equally as important to my Journey.

They are: Adam, Al, Ariel, Bates, Brian, Bud, Carl, Claudette, Cori, Dan, Debranne, Deisy, Don, Doug, Dusty, Eddie, Elaine, Ellen, Fita, Gaby, Gaines, Gary, Guy, Helen, Jeannie, Jeemer, Joseph, Kara, Karin, Kat, Loretta, Lorri, Louise, Madeleine, Marjorie, Ma, Mark, Matthew, Megan, Meka, Mom, Patrick, Pat, Patti, PJ, Rafael, Ralph, Richard, Robin, Rochelle, Sandra, Stacia, Steve, Susan, Suzanne, Terry, Todd


Inspired by the desire of many in the Spirit Realm, this book is the result of a critical need for the Living to be exposed to knowledge and perspective that might set them free from man-made obstacles and help lead them towards clarity and Peace.

The Spirit Realm requested of me that I write this book, by asking the Living for questions that they would then answer, through channeling with me. It has been my honor to do so, as my goal in life as a Medium is to assist individuals on their Spiritual Journey, while they are experiencing the Human Condition.

Please note that the importance of conveying the Intended message from the Spirit Realm dictates that I in no way modify the grammar of the answers given for each question. It has been explained to me that editing per man-made grammar rules could and often does, change the meaning of said messages. It is critical that the reader receive their message as intended, not as desired by man, so that the correct information and perspective be conveyed. It has also been asked of me to capitalize words along the way to show respect. I ask therefore, that you focus on the message provided and not the format.

Know that the answers given to each question are coming from Beings in the Spirit Realm, many of which have experienced the Human Condition and understand what we are going through, and that which is best for us to move forward with our Spiritual growth. The answers may seem at first quite different from what we might expect, in opposition to our individual faith or belief structures and a bit direct or harsh. Keeping an open mind is the best advise I can give, as I too, often find information I receive hard to handle. However, when I allow it to sink in, getting past my preconceived notions and man-made rules of thought, then I understand the True meaning and become able to benefit from the Knowledge.

The Spirits understand that the answers will often create more questions because they may not be as comprehensive as desired. This is a positive result because it will cause you to search within yourself for deeper meaning, Truth and direction. I have a 7-book series to be released over the next three years, that will delve deeper into the specifics of material merely touched on in this book.

Please note that there is never an Intention to offend or insult any person or faith when answering these questions, rather to provide alternate perspective one may not yet be aware of, giving the gift of knowledge, as a tool for repairing one’s limitations.

There is always a bigger picture. Knowing this allows you to see more, be open to greater possibilities, experience life more profoundly and to grow beyond the limitations placed on us by society and religion. May you discover the wondrous depths of who You are as you read on.

Chapter One

Human Condition

Who the heck is this “Joel The Medium” anyway?

Interesting is the Journey, that led to my becoming known as “Joel The Medium”. It all began in Miami, born to a city bus driver and a bank teller. I didn’t know this yet, but they were from Catholic and Baptist families. Boy was I in for a conflicted future. At the at age of three we were off to Montana. This is where I fell in love with snow and my Sister was born. That same year, back to Florida we went, living in many northern towns until we settled at the age of eight, in a place with just a blinking light at the crossroads. Yep, yikes is right.

This would be where those formidable years, when you develop your morals, would take place. I am sharing personal details in the interest of showing you that I can relate, because as you will read shortly, I have been there and back! So, it began, the years of trial and tribulation, judgement and experience. This was the only house that my parents had ever owned so it was to them quite the Blessing from God. My Dad had an excellent job driving a concrete mixer and my Mom was able to stay at home.

Well, those good days only lasted a few months. My Dad had a Stroke that left him disabled, but even worse, he was no longer my Dad, but my Father. Now my Mom had to go to work after being a housewife for over eight years. The part of my Journey that would reveal what Lessons I was here to learn, quickly and disturbingly showed themselves.

I have not mentioned it yet, but I was born with a birth defect that significantly restricted the flow of lymph in my left hand, arm and partially in my leg. My first lesson in life, cruelty. Kids are horrible and relentless, as we have all either been or experienced, so you can imagine what I had to go through with teasing. I remember some of the kids calling me Popeye after the cartoon character. It certainly caused me to be withdrawn and very reclusive so that no one would see my swollen hand and arm.

Next lesson I suppose was when my Father woke me up one night at eight and a half years old to tell me that the doctors say he only has months to live. Wow, nothing like the impending doom of death to bring joy to a child’s life! Of course, that did it, he was on his way out, so I was going to have to step up and take care of my Mom and little sister! The beginning of the mind fu*king for sure. As fate would have it, my Father did not die when expected, but lived on and on. The stroke changed him, he became bitter because his life as he knew it had been taken away.

My Mom had taken on long and grueling farming jobs as this was a rural community and found herself picking tobacco and working in peanut processing. Now at the age of ten, my little Brother was born, and on my Sister’s Birthday no less. By this time, my Father was well practiced at beating me with the buckle end of a belt, usually bare-assed. He was also hitting my Sister and very verbally abusive towards us. By the Grace of God, he must have believed that he could redeem himself in God’s eyes by being a great Dad to our baby brother. So, as my sister and I continued to be abused, at least the youngest was not.

I remember one summer day when I was twelve, my Mom was at the stove cooking supper, my Father was on the couch in his normal spot and I was in my chair by the door watching tv. I had become accustomed to being beaten at his whim, if the wind blew the wrong direction or if the tv was acting up, it didn’t matter, any reason was good enough to ignite his rage. He had never acted this way toward my Mom, but for some reason he was beginning to yell at her, he was always yelling at me and my Sister. All of a sudden, he got up and was heading towards my Mom with the same look of Evil and hate in his face that was all too familiar to me. Before I knew it, I had flown across the room, gotten between him and my Mom, and was standing there, just twelve, pointing my finger up to his 6’2” face. Then out of my mouth, from the recesses of my Soul, with all the conviction of a warrior, came the statement “If you Ever touch my Mom, I will Kill you in your sleep!” Needless to say, they were both shocked. It worked however. He never laid a hand on her.

I have to say looking back, that the strength my Mom maintained and the belief in God that she not only taught me, but also demonstrated, was part of a solid foundation I had yet to discover. My Mom always loved small planes and would go to the airport as a kid to get rides from pilots. She suggested that I try it. She so desired that I have something good happening in my life. At twelve, I rode my bike miles out to the local airport and asked if I could mow grass in trade for lessons. This began an accelerated growth period in my life. I started flying daily and formed many friendships with my new airport family. This pleased my Mom because at least I was safe out there.

Unfortunately, this would mark the end of my childhood. I went from twelve to 25 overnight. With my new adult friends and the ongoing obligation I felt to support my family due to my Father’s disregard, I became a Man. Over the next couple years, I found myself at the airport every moment of the day and night that I could. Basically, only sleeping at home, then school, then back to flying. There was also money to be had. At the age of fifteen I was quite a natural pilot already and was working making seven dollars cash per hour. Back then, that made me rich. I was giving all I could to my Mom to prevent her from having to work so hard.

By sixteen I was ‘too cool for school’ and was failing from skipping. It was certainly more important to work and be a man, I could always get my GED I thought. Well, fate intervened, and I was off to live with my grandparents in south Florida. Turns out that it was all part of the Devine Lesson and the Path I was destined to take. Once there and back in school, I was able to make a significant impact on my high school and graduate with my class. I did have to take several night classes in addition to the seven daily ones, but I was determined. My Mom got to attend my graduation and her being proud of me, that made it all worth it.

While still in school I had become very involved in the Catholic church. First as a Youth leader, then teacher, all the while singing in the choir every Sunday. It was very rewarding and oppressive at the same time. We will get back to that soon. Now just before my 18th birthday, I found myself writing a letter to my Father, who had since been divorced by my Mom, thank God, for now my sister was safe. The letter was to apologize for my part in shared hatred and tell him that I forgive him for his behavior. Signed, sealed, but not yet delivered. I would mail it next week.

Next Lesson, never procrastinate. Three days after I wrote the letter, my Father passed away from a heart attack. Seriously, what are the odds. The letter ended up in his coffin, instead of his heart. That stuck with me for many, many years. My heart was saddened not for myself, but for my little brother of eight who had lost his Dad. Just after this, I was working at a local service station, when they still pumped the gas for you and checked your oil and tires. Trying to move forward and wondering what was to become of my future.

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