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Tarek N Hassan


Where have I worked?  The industries have ranged from ecommerce/internet, entertainment, law, marketing, sales, teaching, and travel/hospitality.  Some might see this as a negative when trying to pursue a career.  Some of your prospective companies don’t like to see the candidate jumping from job to job.  They want someone who will last and be a leader for their own company.  However in this case, what I mastered from this experience was being able to learn the “ins and outs” of acquiring new jobs easily. 

From this experience, I will share the process with all of you.  Gaining a new job, although energy reducing, has never been a tough task for me for one main reason—sales training.  Simply, what it boils down to is using sales skills with the Human Resource department and your desired industry’s department of choice within the company.  This is what “THEY” don’t tell you.


Why can’t I get a job that I really want?  Why can’t I even get to the interview phase of a job I desire?  Why does nothing I have done work?  Are these questions some you have asked yourself, at least once in your lifetime?  Well if you’ve felt this way, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  There is a huge problem facing America’s working professionals today.   Even though it seems that holding a job is the hardest task in these tumultuous times, it actually isn’t.  Finding a job is much harder. 

The majority of the US population admits to not knowing where they went wrong when pursuing their desired/dream jobs and most say they don’t even know how to really go about acquiring it.  Everyone has had this problem sometime in their life, unless they have accomplished exactly what they’ve always dreamed of doing-which amounts to only approximately 5% of the US population.  This short book will explain, in 4 simple steps, how to get to the interview (and hopefully hiring) phase of a job you’ve always dreamed of.  This can all be done via the internet—the most powerful tool you have.

While many experience this problem day after day, I have found a way to beat the rest to get my foot into the boss’ door.  I have outlined 4 easy steps to use.  If followed correctly, you will be able to access any company’s resources to make gaining your next job “as easy as breathing.”  All this is made possible by the internet and a phone.  They are the only tools you need in getting the desired interview.

Just a little history on how this short guide book came about.  I wrote this book after continually being asked by friends and family to help them and others with one of the biggest problems people are facing professionally—getting to the interview phase of their dream job.  My research shows that the great numbers of unsatisfied applicants believe that the companies they have applied to just “trash” their resumes after they’ve been submitted.  Many applicants state that they don’t even get the opportunity to show their enthusiasm and personality because most employers don’t call the prospects back at all—much less for an interview.  Many potential workers have given up hope on the procedure of submitting their resume to the companies of their choice because they have nothing to show for it but constant negative returns over the years.  The vast majority of people who apply for a job and are not contacted after their resume is submitted, just give

up, and figure, “They probably tossed it out,” or think, “I guess this job is not meant to be.”

I’m here to tell you that what you didn’t know is hurting you.  I’m here to tell you that what you didn’t do is paralyzing you.  That is why I have now put together this quick and simple guide for your professional road ahead.  You will find it very easy to read and use time and again. 

Some of you might be hesitant to the effectiveness of this short book.  I understand.   I am hesitant anytime I read something from some random person telling me how to go about doing something.  If you’re not questioning that, that’s a problem and you actually should.  You don’t need to believe me yet.  I have no way of guaranteeing it to you except by telling you this- Just try it out once and see for yourself.  I am confident that this process works because I have seen it work for myself, as well as others I have consulted.  All I ask is that you read on; you will be glad you did. 

Following is an adventure book and a guide book in one. First you will read about my many adventures of attaining and trying different professions/jobs and the roller coaster ride I was on. Then, at the end, you will see a quick and practical guide book to help YOU get the job you want, much more quickly, based on my experiences. Enjoy!


Where does the Greener Grass Grow?


Where does the greener grass grow? I have to tell you Joe, I surely don’t know…

Okay…instead of making this into a great big song and dance, I will tell it straight to you. The biggest problem I have ever had in my life is that I always thought there was greener grass everywhere else - other than the grass I was standing on (figuratively speaking of course). Sounds familiar? It wasn’t much of a problem all these years as it was an irritation.

There was always this little spider biting at my heels at every turn in my life. I couldn’t imagine not knowing what lied around the corner. Every chance I had, I tried to shake the little critter nipping at my heels. The faster I ran, the more I went tumbling down the wrong alley, out of balance and wobbly. Lost and having forgotten how I got down this far. I couldn’t wait to be free of this wise guy of an insect trying to keep me from my happiness.

Later, I came to realize that this “critter” was actually all in my head. I had nothing on my heel except my shoe. I was always wondering…what unforeseen object awaited me around the corner? What opportunity am I missing out on that I haven’t experienced yet? What person will I meet in the future on one of my adventures that will change my life forever? Needless to say, the critter in my head led me down a road less traveled. My road less traveled was called, “What’s this over here?”

Sounds familiar? I am here to tell you that that road can be beautiful in the beginning. It’s lined with great wondrous trees on a path of soft green grass leading you on your way with great plush areas to rest in as you take a break from following your dreams. Nice animals line the sides of the road squinting at you and making you feel like the king of the road while you wonder how lucky you are that you are finally free and off to the land that will lead you right to Heaven’s gate on earth. “No more putting up with the things I don’t want to anymore,” you think to yourself as you smile and skip down the road, confident you made the right choice. You think of the letters you will write back to your loved ones, describing the beautiful scenarios that fill each and every day of your life while your friends and family are living in the “real” world. Won’t they be excited to come and see you now? Won’t they be jealous? Oh how life is beautiful…

Then one day you hit the, what I call, the Three Ups in life. First, you wake up. Then you throw up and finally, simultaneously and coincidentally, you grow up!

Most people stay in one place their entire lives. They get a job, buy a house, become friends with their neighbors, have families, consistently look forward to the weekends and dream of a distant far off place that will ease their misery and contempt for this God forsaken world we live in, virtually pleading for one day to meet up with the pleasures they are missing out on.

Sounds about right? Have you ever felt stuck with no choice but to do what you need to do, to make the money you need, to create the life that you want to live, to retire at a decent age, to die at middle class income level or higher? The only problem with that scenario is that somewhere around the middle of the road, many people stop and freak out and regret most of their decisions they made. It’s called the Mid-Life crisis.

As for me, instead of planting my roots in a long-term “professional” (and personal) commitment, I hopped around the pond looking for something else. Little did I know that the vantage point, at which I saw my new perspective every time, was actually the same scene I would see over and over again but from a different angle (wink).

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Well, I’ve been here before…”? Imagine that feeling with everything in your life. Would you feel fulfilled? Would you feel that there’s something else you need to keep you going?

I did and still do for that matter…


Paper or Plastic?

It all started in high school. I was having fun as most kids tend to do during that crazy, confusing time period, getting in trouble while ignoring the people that love me the most and finding friends that will accept me for who I was so we can carelessly and frivolously travel through life together happily, succeeding with each other as others fail, and looking to tighten the bond through challenging and un-escapable adventures. What?? Yeah I know…

While having fun with my best friends was a great time at the age of 16, it seemed we never had enough money for anything. Little did I realize that that was a long term feeling I should have learned to get used to since it was something that most people have to live with their whole lives until they somehow win the lottery later on, or find a way to acquire assets at some point. At this particular time, I really needed money (what’s changed?), so I went out and got my first job. My family knew the General Manager of our local grocery store and he was kind enough to give me a shot to earn some real cash early on. I wasn’t ready for the big time of course, so he started me with bagging groceries at the checkout lanes. I was ecstatic to say the least.

Note: That is how I’ve always been my whole entire life, thus far. I get excited at the beginning only to find out the reality in about 4 months time at which point I find a way to figure out an escape passage to a new land that will fulfill my destiny and allow me to find my happiness on the outside. More of that will come, so for now, back to the story…

I was making minimum wage plus tips. Tips, I say…usually it was when a kind older lady in retirement would be so nice to give me a buck or two after helping her to her car. Many customers would take me along with them just to make their lives easier, even when they could have easily carried the groceries out themselves. The physical work wasn’t the problem. The problem was the hot Texas sun and humidity that went along with going outside and doing work in dark black pants, a long sleeve white shirt, and a tie. If you’re not familiar with a tie yet, I will tell you that it’s an evil apparatus created some time ago by some person that was intent on making men uncomfortable. It might have been a woman now that I think about it…hmmm…but not sure. Anyway, a tie is not a man’s best friend and the last thing a 16-year-old kid wants to attach to his body is something that makes him look like his dad or uncle in the morning after breakfast. Not to mention in the heat while doing physical work, is not the place to be, while wearing a tie that constricts your ability to freely allow air into your body and to express yourself physically.

My thought was: I can’t wait until the day that I can get my college degree so I don’t have to put up with this mess any more. Funny huh?

Here we go…


Would you like me to check your oil and other fluids and tire pressure too?

When I turned 17, I needed a new job because I couldn’t stand bagging groceries anymore. I don’t know why I needed a job at all to tell you the truth, but I am sure it had to do a little with boredom and a little with never having enough money to hang out with my friends on the weekends. I guess I figured that if I needed to have a job, I would get one that would entail my looking cool and being able to work with a variety of people.

So I went to the country - don’t ask me what my logic was at the time as I am sure I wouldn’t have any idea. On my drive out, I spotted a popular spot called Rudy’s Bar BQ. Everyone loved this place. It was always crawling (and still does) with customers, especially on the evenings and weekends. It was made up of a great Bar BQ restaurant and seating area and adjacent to it was a fully stocked convenience store and gas station.

I went in to see if they were hiring. Something kept me away from the Bar BQ side of the business and directed me straight to the counter where the cashier was inside the convenience store. I asked them if they were hiring. The cashier said, “Yes, actually we do need a ‘Gas Station Attendant’”. I said perfect. I pictured myself with a red shirt on, tucked in to a great pair of jeans with my towel in my back pocket as beautiful women pulled up to the gas pumps and needed my expertise in the skill of pumping unleaded gas without spilling a drop on our shoes.

I showed up for my first day on the job and fell in love with it. I was meeting people left and right. Part of my job, as I learned early on, was to restock the ice cold coolers with beverages only when there were no Full Service customers at the gas pumps. Little did I realize at the time that that sentence would come back and haunt my existence. So, when there wasn’t anyone at the gas tanks, I was supposed to make sure the ice cold coolers were always restocked, the floors were swept and clean, and the bathrooms were spotless for the Bar BQ customers. So as you can imagine, what do you think I did for most of the time as a Full Service Gas Attendant? That’s right. I cleaned the bathroom and hung out in the cooler. When I was lucky enough that a full service customer would actually come in, I was overjoyed with excitement and could hardly contain myself. A beautiful older mom of sorts would pull up and the bell would ring…ding ding, and I would bolt from inside the bone chilling cooler and defrost for a minute before putting the towel in my back pocket, and speed walk to the front door and out to the car port where the gas pumps sat to ask the nice lady what she would like done this afternoon to her car. The answers would generally be the same. “Could you fill it up please?” So I would try to act as professional as possible while pumping gas. The beautiful thing about this job was that our station was one of the handful of stations, left in town, that offered the full service option. So I felt special. I would spend my time there talking to the customers. That’s where I first realized that I had a knack for understanding people on their own levels and creating an enjoyable experience through conversation for them. I never knew that was my gift at the time. I mean…who is actually conscious of higher callings at the age of 17 besides Tiger Woods and Martina Navratilova? So I continued living paycheck to glorious paycheck at my great job, never really knowing it wasn’t all that great and never really dreaming of another career opportunity.

After pumping the gas, I would continue to wipe their windshields and check their oil to create a great customer service feel for the ladies so that they would return. I wanted them to return. Because when they would return each time, not only did it mean a tip for me, but also more importantly it meant I could leave my ice cold jail cell in the cooler to interact with civilization again. With the continuous restocking and bathroom cleaning I was doing, anytime I was NOT pumping gas, the experience was starting to get to me seriously. My full year as a Full Service Gas Attendant ended quickly. I needed a change. I joined a telemarketing firm. To keep from mentally experiencing this new God forsaken job again, I will summarize it for you quickly.


Hi, you are one of the limited contacts that has qualified for our low price offer…

This was the most disgusting job I had ever had. The office was a total of two rooms. One was the smoking room. And the other was the smoking room, too. You would have thought they would have made one non smoking. But it was the early 1990’s, still too early for Human Rights Violations, I guess…

In the two rooms there were two rows of yellow pages and phones that we would have to use to make calls to prospective buyers of our special introductory gift baskets. The telemarketing rep with the most sold per day would get an extra $5 on their paychecks for that day. I thought great…if I can sell the most for a whole year, I can pay for the hospitalization bills dealing from the continuous second hand smoke I encounter in the phone rooms. No kidding…you would walk into any one of the two rooms and you would be engulfed in a white recycled nicotine cloud that would suspend itself over your head the whole day and night. If you were lucky enough to get a 15 minute break to get some fresh air, you would experience what it would be like to get saved from the clutches of death’s arms. I started full heartedly believing in God right about that time. Of course, this job was part time. Because thinking about it, if I would have had to work that job full time, I think I would have lived a short and fruitless life…because I would have definitely taken myself out of this world. I quickly realized that this was just another job just not cutting it for me. So I left…


Scrambled or Sunny side up?

Looking for a new opportunity to make smart long-term decisions to create a future filled with great earnings and long-term education, I joined the Army Reserve (with the co-signature of my parents of course, since I was only 17) ironically. Thanks Mom and Dad for making sure I knew what I was doing at the time.

Have you ever been scared beyond belief that you couldn’t think, act, or make your own decisions? Imagine feeling like that every day for a week. Now how do you feel? Hold on, we’re not finished… Multiply that feeling by 9 (which is the number of weeks you spend in boot camp for our beloved US Army) and you have the scariest lab controlled experiment imaginable. Why did I join the Army again, you might wonder? That’s exactly what I said the first day of boot camp when I got off the “welcome” bus and stepped into Hell. That’s short for Hot as Hell Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The worst time to be in this region is in the middle of the summer. As you can guess, I was chosen to attend one of our country’s highly regarded penguin producing institutions at this exact time. Penguins?

To give you an idea of what boot camp looks like from a bird’s eye view, imagine Human Individuals going into the entrance of a building with a sign that says “US Army” on it. Everyone (the soon to be soldiers) is dressed differently expressing their own unique and different personalities and mannerisms (which by the way is the greatest gift given to us by God and/or the Powers that be in my opinion) entering the building at different paces. On the other side exiting the building, you have the same colored marching line of humans or “penguins” marching in step behind each other with the same uniforms and showing no individuality or personality with which they entered the building with. You can’t tell the difference between one penguin - I mean soldier - and another. That’s the goal of the Army. March step-by-step under one order to conquer evil overseas. Unfortunately, the whole process does more harm than good in my opinion.

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