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You Can Lose Weight Just like Me


This is a real-life story that happened to me. I have written down the measures that I took to lose weight. I had been over-weight when I started thinking of exercising and dieting to lose weight. It was a journey that took me over one and half years to lose drastic weight, but I managed it due to my perfect vision about my future.

The steps given in this book are easy to reproduce and are workable. The steps are meant for people who are reluctant to exercise and do not want to follow any rigorous routine. This book gives a structured approach to weight loss. You can also lose weight from 85 kg to 68 kg just like how I have done.

I started exercising when I was 35 years old and lost 17 kilograms by 36.5 years. Now I am 39 years old and still continue to weigh 68kgs.

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