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You can lose weight from 85 kg to 68 kg just like ME


This is a real-life story that happened to me. I have written down the measures that I took to lose weight. I had been over-weight when I started thinking of exercising and dieting to lose weight. It was a journey that took me over one and half years to lose drastic weight, but I managed it due to my perfect vision about my future.

The steps given in this book are easy to reproduce and are workable. The steps are meant for people who are reluctant to exercise and do not want to follow any rigorous routine. This book gives a structured approach to weight loss. You can also lose weight from 85 kg to 68 kg just like how I have done.

I started exercising when I was 35 years old and lost 17 kilograms by 36.5 years. Now I am 39 years old and still continue to weight 68kgs.

Step 1: Understand why you want to lose weight.

Everyone has a unique lifestyle. Some people are hyper-active, some are moderately active and some are lazy.

I am a moderately lazy person who likes to take things easily. Like any slim girl in this world, I took my slimness for granted. Since childhood I have been slim and so I thought I would remain slim for the rest of my life.

At the time of marriage my weight was 64 kg. It was considered ideal. I looked slim and lovely. Again I thought I will remain the same for the rest of my life and worrying about weight never crossed my mind.

Going to new places brought me out to excellent eateries outside. I am a foodie, so wanted to savour all the delicacies. I was eating out. Sometimes, ate outside all three times.

I had a baby. When I delivered my first born, my weight was 75 kg. This did not go down at all. By the time I had a second baby, I was weighing 85 kg. The weight was going higher and never came down.

Years after I had my second baby, I thought my weight would come down on its own or I would start exercising. But it never happened. I kept pushing my thoughts of losing weight far aside and just wanted to live my life.

It was then that I started getting odd remarks from everyone saying that I look older than my age and I have put on too much of weight. It was the same at every occasion. People were insensitive and just said what they saw. Of course my obesity was visible and that was the first thing that anyone would notice.

Even when I used to travel by bus or train, people started giving me a seat assuming that I am pregnant. It was too shameful for me.

This affected me badly, a sensitive person that I am. I went into a mode of challenging myself to bring about a change.

I had to do something about my weight. Moreover, due to my weight problem I used to wheeze even for the slight distance I walked. I did not have stamina for walking or running, leave alone play games with my tots.

I decided to put an end to my weight problems.

Step 2: Try different alternatives and choose the one that is suitable for you.

When we have a problem, we often look at finding the best solution. We try to run a google search and try to get answers. I too did the same. I started reading articles on how to lose weight.

We read articles on x weeks to weight loss. If your goal was to start exercising and lose weight, the x weeks to weight loss seemed to be a great idea. It would be a structured program, exercises would be given and what diet to follow was already chalked out.

I was excited with this idea. The duration was short and if I followed the exercises that were given, I assumed that my weight problems would resolve once and for all.

For one week, I followed the rigorous routine. I did the exercises given and tried my best to follow the diet that was suggested. The second week also passed with exercises, but a bit of lax from my side. I was trying hard to be on the routine.

Towards the end of the third week, I simply gave up. I had lost three kilograms in three weeks, but I was too lazy to continue. If I started with an exercise, I would go on long breaks and munch food in between. Over the next two weeks my weight came back to my original weight of 85 kg. I simply couldn’t resist hunger. I was too lazy to exercise.

After a few months, again the same thought came to my mind. I had to lose weight. I decided to sign up for a marathon. Atleast for the sake of money that I paid and atleast that I should not feel awkward with my running score in front of my colleagues, I used to practise everyday. But again, I lost interest and became lazy to get up.

The marathon was coming near. So I restarted jogging in the morning. Initially, I walked for 5 km every morning. Gradually I was able to jog. After a few days, I was able to run 5km at a stretch without taking any breaks. This was a good improvement and a moderate preparation for the 5.4 km marathon race organized by my company.

I participated in the race. I ran most of the stretch and walked in between whenever I needed a break. I was glad that I was not the last among my colleagues, but somewhere in between. As the whole purpose was to lose weight, I checked my weight. I had only lost a couple of kilograms and I knew this would bounce back.

The next day morning I did not run. I ran over the weekends and gradually I stopped running altogether and my weight gain was back to original.

I tried several ways to lose weight. For me, the problem was I would start, I would lose weight. Then I would get lazy and stop working out and again the weight that I had lost would come back.

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