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Achieving More In Less Time

By Musa S. Joel


Copyright 2019

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Musa S. Joel

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Rule #1:

Few Decisions Are Important than Most Decisions

Rule #2:

Most Important Decisions Are Made By Default

Rule #3:

Gather 80% of the Data in 20% of Your Time, and Take Decisive Decision 100% of the Time with Full Confidence

Rule #4:

If the Decision You’ve Been Taking Isn’t Bringing the Required Changed, Switch Gears and Changed Your Mind

Rule #5:

When Somethings Begins to Work to Your Favor, Double and Redouble Your Chances


An Appeal Note to the Reader


This book was written out of necessity rather than out of urgency, and eventually came to fruition at the end of 2017, precisely on November 21st.

I would like to say, therefore, without sounding my own horns that this book would greatly influence your acts of decision making, especially now that we are coming to the close of 2017.

So as you read through the pages of this material, I hope you get the best from it as you set to make the most important choices of your life.

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Without the aid of trained emotions the intellect is powerless against the animal. . . . As the king governs by his executive, so Reason in man must rule the mere appetites by means of the ‘spirited element.’ The head rules the belly through the chest – the seat, as Alanus tells us, of Magnanimity, of emotions organized by trained habit into stable sentiments. The Chest – Magnanimity – Sentiment – these are the dispensable liaison officers between cerebral man and visceral man . . .

And all the time – such is the tragic-comedy of our situation – we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. You can hardly open a periodical without coming across the statement that what our civilization needs is more ‘drive’, or dynamism, or self-sacrifice, or ‘creativity’. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

  • C. S. Lewis, Men Without Chests


Rule #1:

Few Decisions Are Important Than Most Decisions

LIFE requires decisions; while some are made on a frequent basis, others are rarely taken frequently, even though they are to be taken as fast as possible within the perennial time frame, and without given much thought to whether they are right or wrong.

Unfortunately, whether taken often or rarely, the idea of not giving much thought to our decisions is what, often, leads to wrong choices in life; and wrong choices, conceivably, without being told, is central to wrong consequences!

Ever since creation, men have been in the habit of making decisions; whereas some are subject to logic, reason and intellect, others are driven by sentiment, impulse and feeling!

Regardless, whether as an individual, single or married, a management scientist, an analytical manager or accountant or as an organization, institution or consultancy firm, the truth is that we all make decision – cheaply or costly – on a daily basis that would either bless or plague us, improve or retard our growth.

Sadly, what many don’t seem to realize is the fact that every decision we make, irrespective of how little, has the potential to grow and better our life; thus decisions are key instruments to overcoming challenges, to gaining our place in the world and winning over limitation.

For instance, it was the decision the United States made sometimes ago during the Second World War, plus the landing of the moon and the accurate precision in bombing the Gulf War that, today, has greatly positioned her in world history!

Decision making, therefore, is like two sides of a coin; it has its dark side and as well as its bright side; its reasonable outlet and not-too glitzy outlet.

The rising trend of a debase life starved of meaning, for example, the obsession to gain and attain influence, to earn more money without giving second thought as to the choices involved despite falling behind morals, standard and ethics is one of the dark, not-too glitzy sides of wrong choices which has, sadly, led to pervasive existence!

The change we anticipate cannot be much better than the quality of our decision.

Thus one of the major reasons why many continue to suffer great loose whether as an individual, organization or nation is predicated on the fact that, too often, they make wrong choices and much less useful decisions.

Now, when it comes to increasing the quality of our life, relationship, marriage, family, finance, business and much more, there is one vital point we have to keep in mind which centers on the following thought:

Firstly, that few things are more important than most things.

In today’s world, there is no denying that most of our activities produce very limited, few or less important results; and that is because we’d failed to realize that only few things ever yield the needed change.

If this is the case it suggests, therefore, that a lot of our efforts don’t produce the required result we anticipate.

But as if plague by a curse, we burden and encumber ourselves with what is unnecessary, with unproductive effort and activity and even when we know that what we are committed to isn’t working, we hope and pray, though out of frustration and desperation that one day either by the luck of the draw or so it would resonates without our expectation.

Friend, you must know that sometimes in life what is not working is not working, and what is not meant to work won’t work no matter how hard, smart, and intelligently you try; hence it is foolishness to keep up with the mix!

Have you ever realized that most of the good things of life that happens, perhaps on a consistent basis or even if it were on a rare cases often time take place without much ado and effort on your part?

Like the rising of the sun, the rain, night and day, summer and winter or the breezy wind that trudges through the rustling leaves?

Don’t get me wrong, though; I am not saying that you shouldn’t put great effort into what you do.

But if you understand the rule, you would soon come to the evident realization of the knowledge that most of the good or bad things are, habitually, triggered by smaller forces, events, activities and people!

There are many things we commit ourselves to, so much unnecessary activities which we desperately hope it turns out precisely the way we’d anticipated but which, tragically, don’t!

Since this is the occasion for many, perhaps million, I am going to outline the 5 most important rules for decision making.

The first rule, therefore, to making sound and effective decision is what I titled, Few Decisions Are Important Than Most Decisions!

This may sound unfamiliar to most, or rather cheaply to many. However unfortunately, to believe in the notion that few decisions are more important that most is not how we’d been wired, maybe because of the way we’d been trained and taught; our background, culture, education or the pressure of the world to do more in less time.

Like Martha during the Bible days, we tend to believe in much activity, that if we are nestled in work or we are hustling, bustling and as busy as a bee it simply means that we are progressive. What a lie!

Activity is not the measurement for progress! You can be active, busy and burrowed with work and still not achieve your goal!

While some decisions are important, however many are not; but we pursue the unimportant ones at the expense of the most important resolutions and agonize for days why things are not working in our life; we waste our time, money, resources and efforts over activities, decisions, and choices that consume larger part of our life and existence producing nothing significant!

Whenever you’re at a cross road, especially when presented with multiple choices you must learn, first, if you’re not going to be stocked with bad consequences, to decide which decision is more important than just making conclusion out of impulse, or maybe that is what majority prefers.

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Subordinates can advise, urge, help, and pray, but only one man, in his own mind and heart, can decide ‘Do we or do we not.’ The stakes are the highest and the penalties are expressed in terms of loss of life. . . . So the struggle is to do one’s best; to keep the brain and conscience clear; never be swayed by unworthy motives or inconsequential reasons but to strive to unearth the basic factor involved and then do one’s duty.

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, in a letter to his wife, February 15, 1943


Rule #2:

Most Important Decisions Are Made By Default

RECENTLY I was reading a fine book on relationship by Hugo Harrison titled, How to Meet Her Parents: A Gentleman’s Guide, when he remarked on something that took my interest. Making allusion to himself (if my memory still serves me well) as he dribbled along the paths of his imagination he said, and I quote: “I’m stylish by default”!

Wow!”, I thought I said to myself out loud, “that’s an interesting statements” as I hysterically laughed my head off; however gradually in the course of time those word found their footings and registered into my subconscious mind.

Little wonder as I concentrate my disjointed ideas on this subject and try to fix them together like a missing puzzle, I am now making reference to their simplicity, even though profound.

But come to think it over, isn’t that the precise way we’d been created a very long time ago – by default? But wait a minute, you asked, what do I really mean? You don’t understand? Alright, I’ll tell you and here is what I mean:

By default we’d all been given the potential to learn, to walk, and to respond to life’s demands, challenges and responsibilities.

For example, when a baby is born into the world nobody tells the baby how to cry when hungry; when we are hurt, as grownups, nobody tells us to scream our head off, or to look out for solution depending on the degree, magnitude or the type of hurt, whether it is physical, emotional or psychological.

When we are exposed to bad smell or odor, nobody tells us to be objective, to do whatever we think is right, necessary and appropriate to avoid taking such smell into our system.

And, finally, whenever we are face with danger nobody tells us that we are to respond to instinct either to fight or flee. By default this is how we’d been created and fashioned to respond.

Hence, the same could be said when it comes to decision making; for the most important decisions are made by default! And yes, this does not exempt you from responsibility, for if you must achieve your goal you are expected to plan and to execute you plan with great determination, steadfastness and focus!

You don’t believe it? Alright, come to think of it: the point at which your life is dramatically changed often than not comes when you least expect, isn’t it?

Okay, I understand. Perhaps this does not registered into your subconscious mind. So let me give you a break down:

In life, there are those who have lose their partner, or whose marriage end up in divorce not because of anything but simply because they have failed to pay closer attention to the demands, needs, yearnings, discomfort, signs or signals their lover, whether directly or indirectly, is emitting.

They couldn’t read the handwriting on the walls that suggest the dissatisfaction their partner is having in the relationship or how bad they are treating their partner.

Even in the business world, this trend is repeated over and over again; and I guess IBM has a story to tell.

For example, there are many businesses that started out strong, vibrant, and very successful but later loose track with large percentage of market share to their competitors just because they weren’t giving attention to their customers.

Or simply because they were not studying the market trend, they kept doing the same thing the old fashion way, maintaining a wrongly conceived notion when market suggests otherwise or things have changed!

Sadly, and predicated on this trend, because of our failure to give attention to what is necessary and very important in our life, we have lose track of immense opportunity, the chance to make millions and to carve our names in the annals of history.

And this is repeated in every facet of human endeavors.

For example, if we refuse to do what is necessary to keep the people that are most important in our life close, and like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation who left R&D, we might lose these people and regret it for the rest of our life!

Sometimes when things take a wrong turn, no amount of reconciliation, counselling or advice can help, no gathering of data, restructuring or analyses can make us recaptured lost opportunity!

So when it comes to decision by default, we must understand the place of intuition and insight which are keys to productivity and creativity, to capturing unexpected turning points in our life.

Back then when I was young, my mother often time use to say that, “He who asks questions never get lost”. While this may be right, however I might as well add a little variation to it thus: he who asks the right questions hardly get lost!

In that light, therefore, I am going to ask you the following questions (and I hope you and I don’t get lost):

What activities, events, opportunities, problems or people that form part of your life which, due to lack of attention can add significant meaning to your life if you start giving closer consideration?

What are the things that are working well right now in your life that, instead of doing more of it, you are ignoring it?

What are the things you’re doing unintentionally that are, regardless of how little, gradually yielding to the outcome you’d long anticipated? Are there anything that are going wrong in your life right now which you think you know why, but could be wrong all together?

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Not only was he the greatest leader Britain ever produced, but he was . . . among the greatest statesmen of all time. . . . He lifted an entire nation out of the depths of humiliation and defeat. . . . He was able to do so by his unique combination of qualities – magnetic leadership, powerful eloquence, contagious courage, supreme self-sacrifice, a deep sense of history, and an unshakable faith in the destiny of his people. . . . History would have been different if there had been no Churchill.

  • David Ben-Gurian, first prime minister of Israel


Rule # 3:

Gather 80% of the Data in 20% of Your Time, and Take Decisive Decision 100% of the Time with Full Confidence

WHEN it comes to making an important decision, many of us give less preference to getting relevant information and data, failing to analyzing what we have readily in our hands and thus, detour from making conclusive decisions contrary to the information, data and the analyses we are able to deduced from all of these.

Nearly every one of us make too many unnecessary decisions on a daily basis, either partly because of the significant people in our life are making the decision, or partly because life and society are pressuring us to make such decision, or partly because we are left with no important decision whatsoever to make.

So we end up making whatever decision we think its fit with no regard to its consequences.

Often than not, this is what measures the quality of our life, depending on whether we succumb to it or we refuse the temptation to yield to such trend; it is what makes our very existence to be complex or otherwise!

Mostly in 100 percent of the time, 20 percent of the decision you make is what counts, the remaining 80 percent might not be that really important, after all.

Ironically, however, we concentrate more on the 80 percent of unimportant choices of our life at the expense of the most important ones – the 20 percent. Thus, 20 percent of our choices are profitable, while the remaining 80 percent are unprofitable.

So what is the cash, you asked? Very simple:

Radically cut off any unproductive decisions that are taking bigger chunk of your existence, either starting with the ones that are less frequent or with the ones that, often, you commit yourself to, depending on the one that is your cup of tea.

So when it comes to some critical moment of your life, you decide what decision to make, when, where, and how to make it! After sometime reassess the outcome base on the decision, whether it leads to your desired objectives or toll you further away from your goal.

The greater you expect your life to become, the wiser decision you’re expected to make at every point in time, thus giving attention to detail and to reflective thinking.

If you have learn how to make the best decision in critical moment – those that would lead to the highest benefit and satisfaction – sometimes you will discover, surprisingly, that the demands of such moment do not even require much time, effort or resources on your part as the less important ones!

So what critical issues of your life are you trying to resolve? What important decision can you make to solve it, if not all, at least the most part? What information is necessary to help you process and take the right decision?

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In ancient shadows and twilights

Where childhood has strayed

The world’s great sorrows were born

And its heroes were made.

In the last boyhood of Judas

Christ was betrayed.

  • AE,” George Russel


Rule #4:

If The Decision You’ve Taken Isn’t Bringing In the Required Change, Switch Gears and Change Your Mind Before It’s Too Late!

MOST often, we stubbornly hold on too long for what isn’t working and we call it perseverance, faith, and consistency. What an illusion!

In life, there are things that do not demand perseverance, faith and consistency, especially when we keep running against cautionary flags!

If they are not working, then it simply means they are not working; like fighting the market trend when logic, reason, data, information and every analysis in the mix shows that we should flow along with the current.

The tragedy for many of us, unfortunately, is that too often we fight against the trend we should be flowing along with, while we flow along with the current we should be fighting!

You must understand the difference between perseverance and stubbornness. A lot of what we call perseverance, sadly, is nothing short of pure stubbornness, stupidity and foolishness!

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is an evidence of insanity. Hope you’ve heard about it before?

So if the decision you’d been taking thus far isn’t bringing in the needed change, quickly as a matter of urgency or as a SWAT team, change your decision by changing your mind early before time, life, event or the Universe begins to go against you!

Because if you don’t, I bet you will no longer have a place to hide. You will become a complete failure. Your life will take the turn of a jerky and uncoordinated fashion.

So do not listen, I beg of you, and don’t even mind if everyone else is making such choices that are adding little or no significant impact in their life when there is a better way.

If they are not adding any significant meaning to your life, if they are not taking you a step further to your goal, if they are bogging you and slowing down your pace and they are not taking you to your intended destination, then forget about it!

Switch gears! Make a 360-degree turn around; and if that would make you a black goat amidst white sheep, rather be a black goat heading towards its destination than a bunch of sheep straying away from their goal. However this does not mean that you should steep on toes, be rude, and be ungovernable; no!

So do this in every aspect of your life, relationship, marriage, business, finance, family, education and so on.

Perhaps taking such step is the ideal solution to your problem like raising the standard of living, cutting down expenses and costs, and speeding up your life in the right direction!

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To make a fistful bigger than our fist, an armful bigger than our arm, to hope to step further than the length of our legs – these actions are impossible and monstrous. The same goes for man’s attempt to rise above himself and humanity.

  • Montaigne, Apology


Rule #5:

Whenever Events Begins to Work to Your Favor, Double and Redouble Your Chances By Doing More of Those Things that Are Leading to the Outcome

IN life, there are certain things that are practically unexplainable even when you are not doing anything serious to make them happen.

For example, like the stock market trend that begins to rise to your profit and gain, a romantic love affair that, all of a sudden, starts turning out precisely to your long awaited dream, an unexpected door of immense opportunity which, though abruptly, was swung wide open for you to make the most out of it, or a situation, event or any circumstance that begins snapping either exactly or close to what you’d long anticipated.

Whatever may be the case, and whether you are doing something serious or nothing to merit it, the truth is, each time an event begins to snap to your favor, double and redouble your bets; push hard for your luck while you can while the forces of nature, the universe or whatever circumstances that are working to your favor are still on your side.

The rule of thumb, therefore, to this scheme is this:

Whatever works to your expectation, multiply the strategy, the activity and the decision; keep doing it until it stops working. So if really you want to improve your life in a significant way, if you want to make more profit and cash, this is the way to go!

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Life is exciting, and can be more exciting depending on the quality of the choices you make.

You can improve your life, experience great success by taking inventory of some of the decisions you’ve made, and attain the greatest height through this approach.

In other words, this is the key to progress; for progress of any kind is achieved only when we focus on the few things that are truly important. This art of living would invariably lead to our aliveness, wellness and value chain!

Too many unimportant decisions are what destroy the value of our existence, for they usually take more than they add!

Don’t pursue what others are in the habit of pursuing simply because they are pursuing it; that’s an odd way to live, a sure way to failure, defeat and disaster!

But if, however, it becomes imperative or necessary for you to join the band wagon, then firstly, simplify the task, demand or the activity that is involved.

Doing this will help you aim better; it would help you put in refined effort into accomplishing whatever you’re trying to achieve, and which would habitually lead to increase satisfaction.

Most time, 80 percent of anything comes from 20 percent of that thing – it could be an action, a project etc. Therefore, don’t live your life in pursuit of what is invoke until you’re able to weed out the unimportant aspect of it. This will leave you with high value tasks.

Twenty percent of requirement is needed to achieve eighty percent of the benefits. But if you keep up with the 80 percent mix that often produces miserable 20 percent outcome, I doubt if you will ever reach your potential!

Therefore, in view of this fact, what will turn your life into a catastrophe is too much of everything; and this always begins at the point of desperation.

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ALL of the five steps outlined in their individual chapters can, of a truth, help you to solve some critical aspect of your life. It is our responsibility, therefore, to work out some of the important decisions needed to progressively move our life upward and forward.

If you don’t design your life, it would lack rhythm and symmetrical pattern; everything wrong would continue to happen. Until you design, you can never implement accurately and perfectly, and even if you do, your implementation won’t be up to point.

But tragically a lot of people are implementing every aspect of their existence without giving much thought to the critical design of their life. Little wonder they are ruined by huge problems, and while it seems that they are bogged down, it always appears they need a complete and total overhauling!

Don’t compromise the value of your existence; sometimes winning isn’t everything!

Therefore, make a list of the requirement of the important decision you have to take.

Impulsive people don’t make good decision, and no wonder they never become good leaders.

So by now, you would have realized that every decision, even if it is as little as the drop of rain in a desert, have significant impact in our life, business, finance, relationship, marriage, family and so on. This is a living reality, a stronger force that rule and govern our existence, whether we know it or not.

It is time, therefore, to make every of your decision count, to make every of

your time, money, and effort in your decision making worth it!


The End!

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