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Five Secrets


Holy Books

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by Arjuna D. Ghose

Halifax, Canada

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Table of Contents

1. Turn the Other Cheek

2. Fight Against Your Wrong Forces

3. Perspective is Everything

4. Believe in Yourself

5. Let Thy Will Be Done


Hi, my name is Arjuna D. Ghose, and I am a direct disciple of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy’s. Sri Chinmoy (aka Guru) has helped me tremendously with my spiritual growth. I have transformed a large part of my nature so that I am now much more frequently feeling at peace and contentment than I was before I embarked upon my spiritual life in 1994.

Prior to embarking on Sri Chinmoy’s path, I was tormented by severe anxiety every day due to growing up amongst emotional abuse. I became an alcoholic. After becoming a disciple, it didn’t take long for a new life, involving good behaviour and inner blessings, to bloom within me. My anxiety decreased—these days I have little anxiety—and happiness grew.

But God works in mysterious ways, and two things that are difficult to understand is that, number one, my Master has disciplined me many times by way of his inner connection with me with blows. Blows are divine touches which I can feel physically and effect how I feel spiritually or emotionally, except when it is a matter of discipline, the divinity (from my spiritual Master) is hidden, and I am left feeling humiliated.

I have reacted to this humiliation many times by getting angry, spiteful, and cynical. I have caused my life a lot of harm through self-destructive spite, such as turning to booze. I help explain the missing logic in my actions in the following chapters.

The other aspect of my spiritual life that is mysterious is the fact that my Master is and has been for quite a while now holding on to all the inner divinity—feel-good spirituality—I’ve gained from my spiritual life throughout the years, although it wasn’t like this in the beginning. This divinity is like money, spiritual dollars. I have a lot more money in the bank than I am able to use in my day-to-day life. Thus, these days, every day, although I am sincere and devoted, I am spiritual dry.

I have written a lot about these experiences and how I’ve grown to be a better person in my book The Struggle Within of which Part 1 will be published as an e-book on 1 May 2018. The Struggle Within: Part 1 (The Wind’s Divine Melody) covers several ways one can become closer to God and achieve greater fulfillment in life. It is meant to inspire you, entertain you, and increase your faith. Receive this book for free when you sign up to my mailing list here or visit thestrugglewithinbook.com.

The following are five powerful lessons from Holy Books which I have learned along the way, which have and continue to help me.

1. Turn the Other Cheek

What has been really helping me lately is this section of the Holy Bible which I have been reading again and again in which Jesus Christ says:

“‘But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

- Luke 6:27 – 6:42 NIV

By being completely devoted to my Master again (after feeling resentful towards him for many years), I am turning my other cheek for him. I am loving and doing good for someone I think has done wrong to me. One passage from my Master’s writings which I read several years ago is: “... But while that person is establishing oneness with the Master, that person has to be so grateful, so grateful. If, for any reason, on a particular day he suffers, always he has to say, ‘It is for my good.’”.

Why didn’t that help me? That would be a solution to the problem, so why didn’t it help me? Because I didn’t believe enough. My problem all this time was lack of faith. I didn’t believe strongly enough in the truth of the inner communication I share with my Master. Without that faith the above passage couldn’t help me. So, a disciple or a mental health professional, or my parents, telling me in one way or another, that I’m deluded certainly doesn’t help since that causes me to question myself further. But I believe fully, for some reason, the aforementioned verses from the Bible probably because the Bible is the kind of thing I grew up with as a kid.

I am now just completely blown away about how if people in this world would just simply abide by and live up to the principles in these verses how much better of a world we would have, and how much better parents and upbringing I would have had.

If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.” -- That lesson from the Bible, which was only taught to me recently, could easily have been applied to the kind of blows I received from my Master from 1998 to 2007 and how I was responding to them. 2007 is when blows in the form of humiliation-pokes began. But from 1998 to 2007 the blows were different. During that time, at various times throughout the day, my Master was depriving me of my joy and taking it away from me with the blows and it would take a minute or two for the joy to completely refresh back into me. So, if he takes away my “coat”, I should not withhold my shirt from him. I should be okay if he takes something away from me, not go crazy and spiteful, and allow him to take something additional away from me if he so wishes.

...and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.” I should remain cheerful and disciplined if my Master takes something that belongs to me. My Master just took away my joy with a humiliation-blow or a humiliation-poke, and I can’t be okay with that unless he gives it right back. Damn Him! But that does not abide by this lesson in the Holy Bible: “And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you?” I should be okay with “lending” to my Master my joy and good feelings even if I feel he’ll never give it back to me.

We could look at this passage of the Holy Bible from another point of view.

One morning, in 2012, I had a dream involving my Master. In this story, I will refer to my Master as ‘Sir’.

Sir was at some mall, and there was a little kid there that was lost.

He saw the child and joined him because the child was lost and didn’t know where his mommy was. In this way Sir gave the child the gift of his company and time.

Then he started taking the kid up the escalator to get an ice cream and to show the child some compassion, love, and kindness.

While they were going up the escalator, his mommy started to come back. And she saw them going up the escalator together, holding hands.

Immediately she started to look at that as though he was some sort of paedophile.

She yelled up to Sir and demanded that he bring her child back down right away. Obviously, since they were on the escalator, they kept going up, but despite the logic of that, she increasingly became more suspicious and angry the more up they went.

She was very angry with Sir, because he was a paedophile now in her mind, even though it was her fault in the first place that the child became lost and Sir was just trying to help the child.

Then, after Sir and the child reached the top of the escalator and stepped off, they suddenly disappeared, completely convincing the mom that he was just ignoring her.

As she was about to completely lose it and go ballistic, Sir and the child began to come down the other escalator. In order to get to the one that goes down, Sir and the child had to walk around a wall with an elevator in it during which they became unseen to the mom.

By the time he brought the child to the mom, she was still very angry with Sir. He gave the child back to the mom, and she stormed off, with no apologies or gratitude for helping find her son and perhaps saving him from some real paedophile.

Sir said, “Sorry!” even though he didn’t really need to apologize, but just because she was so angry.

Poor Sir had never done anything wrong.

He has so much love and care and concern. He didn’t get mad. He’s so incredibly loving and caring. He just moved on with his divine love. Moved on and continued with his day like nothing had happened.

It took a very long time, but gradually, by 2017, it dawned on me that this dream teaches me not to get offended when someone wrongly accuses me of something, that it is okay to apologize if someone is upset with me, wrongly accusing me, in order to help bring peace to the situation.

And that would be another way to turn the other cheek. Or you don’t even have to think of it as turning the other cheek; just take inspiration from Guru in my dream and know that this is the way to behave when someone wrongly accuses you or mistreats you.

When you’re offended, humiliated, or violated, at that time the spotlight of the karmic forces is on you waiting for you to go one way or the other and you need to really think about how you’re going to react or respond. Reacting in a hostile manner is one thing. It could have a very negative impact on your life. But responding is something else. Respond by turning the other cheek and that will help your life to go in the positive direction it is meant to go in and more success and good karma will be yours.

2. Fight Against Your Wrong Forces

It takes time and discipline to get to know yourself better. You have to fight against the impure spirits; you have to fight against Satan--whatever way you prefer to put it into words. I prefer to say “you have to fight against your wrong forces”. That's the Game that God created for us.

When you fight against your wrong forces, such as lethargy, fear, self-doubt, jealousy and resentment, you become a happier person. We are literally in a Game here. And we have no choice but to play. The only thing we can, in a way, choose to do is to not try. That may be the easy solution, but unfortunately that is not the way to true happiness.

We must try to overcome our self-destructive thoughts and afflictions, and that's how we win during our journey. Fighting against your wrong forces is how one truly enjoys the Game, and it gets better and better as you try your best. It's always a journey. You don't ever some day end up FINDING God, but rather you ETERNALLY DISCOVER Him. It's just a journey of eternal discovery. Heaven is not something to experience only after one dies. “The kingdom of Heaven is within,” according to the Lord Jesus. If it is within, that means it is within me right now, right at this very moment, and I can grow into that more right here while I am on earth. It's my choice. It's my choice to try the best I can and achieve God's Heaven on earth.

Sri Chinmoy’s writings, which can be found on srichinmoylibrary.com, are full of references to this spiritual fight and how divine forces such as our souls, angels, cosmic gods, and spiritual Masters help us to fight against our wrong forces. That is where I have received inspiration to fight against my own wrong forces.

Reading spiritual books or scripture is something you should do every day to help you with your spiritual life. If you want to learn to meditate, you should start by reading spiritual books. Sri Chinmoy has advised his students to read his writings for at least a half hour a day. Reading the Bible, Torah, or other Holy Text is good too.

You need to have something you are passionate about to help you fight against your wrong forces. Do not allow lethargy or jealousy or some other dark force to be the king of your life and make your decisions for you. Listen to your Inner Pilot and do what is best. That is the path to true happiness.

Success is nothing more than simple disciplines practiced daily.” – Anonymous

As I said in the Introduction of this book, I have been struggling with spiritual dryness for many years now. For a few years, this really discouraged me and I just had the sentiment that I was going to wait, day in and day out, for myself to start feeling better again. I often sat around and did nothing, often just looking at Facebook or lying in bed during the day, with no direction to my life. This was all due to the fact that I felt the spiritual dryness was too discouraging. I felt that I didn’t feel good enough inside to be able to apply self-discipline to my life to achieve things.

But when I gradually developed the determination to fight against my wrong forces, along with developing a passion, my whole attitude and state of mind changed. My spiritual dryness remained, but I became truly happy. I became a totally different person even though the spiritual dryness lingered. During the years I was discouraged and allowing lethargy to be my king, all I wanted to do was sleep or even die (although I wasn’t suicidal). But when I started fighting against my wrong forces, mostly lethargy, such as disciplining myself to take a shower every day, I became really excited and pumped up to achieve my goals.

3. Perspective is Everything

Perspective is everything—you may not be able to change the circumstances you have attracted but you can certainly change the way you look at them. The moment you change the way you look at anything in physical reality, what you look at changes, not on the level of form but on the level of feeling; thus, you render a completely different effect from the circumstances.

This is magic. This is your free-will. This is your God-given creative power. Use it wisely.

Remember it's not what happens that is of utmost importance as all circumstances are neutral until you define them either in a beneficial or degrading manner. This choice is yours.”

- Craig Woods

If only I had this much wisdom embedded into me as I was reacting negatively to discipline blows from my loving Master with self-destructive spite.

In my book, The Struggle Within, I talk about how perspective is very important. I myself often had a perspective problem when it came to dealing with my Master and he has helped me out of that, protecting me from leaving him altogether.

From my book:

As you can see by the from the following statement of Sri Chinmoy’s, it is important to have gratitude when dealing with the Master, particularly on the inner plane. “... But while that person is establishing oneness with the Master, that person has to be so grateful, so grateful. If, for any reason, on a particular day he suffers, always he has to say, ‘It is for my good.’”. It is possible that Guru goes on to suggest that one can suffer if one approaches the Master internally in an ungrateful state.

My feelings about my Master have swayed throughout my daily life. Most times I felt happy, and felt love, devotion and gratitude towards him; but there were times I got stressed because I felt like my life was not working out and I started to become cynical towards him and blame him—that’s when I received a humiliation-poke. When I’m cynical towards him, I think negatively about him, like he caused me problems. At other times, when I’m upset with him and humiliated, I feel like he humiliates me as though he is some kind of barbarian. In my cynical view, I do not trust him, I do not have enough faith in him; I am unwilling to surrender and I perceive him in a negative light. But that is an unhealthy way to approach the Master. One should take blows of the Master as most beautiful flowers given to him by the Master.

For one who feels the Master is not helping her properly, from Guru’s writings: “There are two attitudes one can take. You may say, ‘Oh, hostile forces are attacking me. That is why I am not making any progress, and my Master is fast asleep. It is clear that he does not care for me.’ That is one answer. The other way is to say, ‘My Master knows everything. If I am determined to remain really close to my Master, my Master will not allow hostile forces to attack me. But if I deliberately go away from my Master, my Master will say to the hostile forces, “Do anything you like.”’”

It is all about perception. If you perceive your Master or your relations with him in a negative way and deliberately go away from him, it will be detrimental to you.

One time in November 2016, I was upset with Guru because of his humiliation-pokes, and I contacted a fellow disciple, whom I’ll call David. David had been on Guru’s path about 20 years longer than I, and I asked him if he has ever heard of anything like what I experience, i.e. the blows. The following is our conversation:


Hi, David, I don’t mean to bother you. I just want to ask if you have ever heard of anything like this. I am not allowed to think ill, especially in a cynical manner, of Sri Chinmoy or else I will receive a violating/humiliating ‘blow’. If you are not interested in commenting/responding, no harm, or if this bothers you, I’m sorry. But if you have ever heard of anything like that or if you think Ashrita may have heard of something like that, please let me know, I would be grateful. Thanks, Jacob.


Hi Jacob, I don’t know to what you are referring. Forgive me if I don’t understand your question...


That’s okay. A ‘blow’ is a kind of touch. I experience very kind touches sometimes. Does that help you to understand?


Oh, I see... Well, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing, is it? A gentle reminder of sorts? I see you with your daughter... do you ever give her a loving pat on the fanny if she is mischievous?


I have slapped her on the bum a few times when she was about 4 or so, but since then, I’ve only done it jokingly.


So, you get bumped too.


Thank you, David. I feel you have helped me. It has a lot to do with perspective. And I’ve read about that sort of thing in Guru’s writings. But it really helps me a lot more to hear it also come from an older disciple. There were a few times I disciplined my daughter, such as put her in her naughty spot or a little slap on the bum, all because of her attitude towards me. And I remember a couple times I disciplined her and her attitude got worse/continued, and I knew at that time she was being naughty, that she wasn’t going towards the light, and that is the kind of thing I have done several times with Guru, so I am being naughty at those times. Yes, it is like a gentle reminder. A scolding, but a gentle reminder. I wish there was a way I could thank you better than just by saying thank you. Thank you for your words and thank you for talking to me. I really appreciate it!

How ever your emotions may be trying to convince you that something negative has happened and that it is a bad thing, you need to use your God-given creative power and change the way you look at what happened to you. This will change you, bringing you closer to God, and, in the long run, bring about more happiness and success for your life.

The blows of my Master

I take as most beautiful flowers

Given to me by my Master.

- Sri Chinmoy

4. Believe in Yourself

The problems I’ve had with cynicism and reacting in a self-destructive spiteful manner towards my Master never would have occurred if I had truly believed in myself.

You need to make a conscious effort to deliberately believe in yourself. Like I said in Chapter Two, you must not allow what’s dark within you to be your leader and guide how you feel and live. But that is what will happen if you do not deliberately try. You need to be consciously aspiring to make faster spiritual progress and become an overall happier person.

To silence the mind's cynicism, we have to call on a superpower. This superpower is not like an atom or hydrogen bomb. No! The absolute superpower here is faith — faith in oneself and faith in God. When we say faith can move mountains, it is absolutely true.”

- Sri Chinmoy

Take it from somebody who has had a lot of personal experience with this: cynicism will ruin your life. Faith in yourself and faith in God is key.

Repeating encouraging affirmations to yourself will help you. An example of one such affirmation is: “I believe in myself and I believe all will work out well.” You should repeat to yourself the opposite of what your inner negative talk is telling you. This is one important way to fight against the negativity within yourself. So, if your inner negative talk is telling you that you are stupid for making a mistake you can say “I am smart. I can figure this out. My mistakes do not define me.” Similarly, if you are feeling ugly, remind yourself that you are beautiful, if you feel overwhelmed and tired tell yourself that you have the strength to accomplish the next step on your path.

Try it!

5. Let Thy Will Be Done

When you have many things to do, at that time you remind yourself so that you won't forget something. On earth you have twenty things to do at a time, so you constantly remind yourself of the thing that you consider most important in your life. Otherwise, the important thing you will miss. And sometimes you forget even the most important thing, while the most unimportant thing you do. If you feel that you have many, many things to reach in the spiritual life, then naturally there will be tremendous confusion and you will forget. But instead of reminding yourself, feel that there is nothing else for you to do except the most important thing. If you feel, ‘There is only one thing to do: to surrender to the Will of the Supreme,’ then why will you have to remind yourself twenty-four hours a day to do it? The Christ revealed the supreme secret when he said, ‘Let Thy Will be done.’ In the spiritual life, you should feel that surrender not only is the most important thing, it is the only thing.”

- Sri Chinmoy

The prayer “Let it be Your will and not mine” taught by the Christ in the garden of Gethsemane is key to success in life through God’s Help. When you surrender to God, God solves your problems for you. And what better Person to solve your problems for you than the Most Brilliant, the Most Powerful, and the Most High?

Question: Can you tell us a story about spiritual surrender?

Sri Chinmoy: India is the land of surrender. This is not a blind submission, but rather thee dedication of one's limited self to one's unbounded Self. There are a good many stories in the Mahabharata dealing with surrender. They all have great spiritual Truth in them Let me tell you a short but most inspiring and revealing story about Draupadi, who was the Queen of the Pandavas. While the evil Dhushasana was ruthlessly attempting to disrobe her, she was praying to the Lord to save her. Yet all the while she was holding her garments tightly with her fists. Her surrender was not complete, and her prayer was not granted. Dhushasana continued his efforts to pull off the garments of the unfortunate Queen. But the moment came when Draupadi released her hold on her robes and began to pray to the Lord with hands upraised. "O Lord of my heart, O Boatman of my life, may Thy Will be fulfilled," she prayed. Lo, the strength of her absolute surrender! God's silence broke. His grace rained down on Draupadi. As Dhushasana tried to pull off her sari, he found that it was endless. His pride had to kiss the dust.

God's all-fulfilling grace descends only when man's unconditional surrender ascends.

From my book, The Struggle Within:

Unconditional surrender

To God’s Will

Is needed

For the inner victory.

- Sri Chinmoy

The next morning, I no longer felt mad at Guru and all morning I tried to give my inner darkness and the negative forces within me to Guru, particularly that which built up from the night before.

But Mom, and particularly Dad, became angry and upset with me. Dad became angry with me in the morning for what had happened the night before. I felt that this was very unhelpful. I was particularly dumbfounded by Dad’s inability to acknowledge that his anger would be harmful to someone who really did have a mental illness. If he felt I had a mental illness, why wouldn’t he understand that he needs to be patient and supportive? It, yet again, sparked an understanding within me that Dad’s anger is very unintelligent. But I felt helpless at being able to teach him this.

I could feel Guru dealing with the darkness inside of me, improving it and helping me. And at one point, it felt like he was starting to deal with Satan. Then I felt like it was just me and Satan. I became somewhat afraid that feeling Satan’s presence like this was the result of surrendering to Satan the previous evening and that it could be like this until I die. A part of me also felt that Guru would eventually help me. I tried to continue to give to Guru and surrender to Guru.

But Satan was inside of me and he’s very bad. I continued to deal with Satan for another hour or so. One time he showed me his face, with the horns. Another time he gave me the middle finger with an evil, bad looking, dark, greenish hand. I was given an aphorism from Guru at one point to repeat:

Jesus Christ saves my life, saves the day, and paves the way,”

which I then repeated. Then, afterwards, for some reason I had to start praying to Jesus. I had to pray:

Jesus Christ, please show me Your Unconditional Guidance.”

At the point that I said this prayer, I felt something divine happen inside of me and I felt that this was Jesus Christ showing me his Unconditional Guidance. For some reason, Jesus had a lot to do with getting rid of Satan. I don’t know why that is.

But Satan still wasn’t gone. Satan made the feeling of Jesus Christ and Guru seem bad by giving me bad feelings associated with them. I tried to look at Guru’s transcendental picture and imagine that I was giving Satan to Guru, but Satan somehow made me feel that I was looking at a picture of Satan instead of a picture of Guru. So, it was hard to give Satan to Satan. Satan also did something to my lower vital at one point [an area below the navel and above the groin]; he seemed to completely suck all the joy or goodness out of it, and I got worried that it would be like that permanently.

I got worried that Satan would never go away. So, I decided to just relax and sit there and make unconditional surrender to God regardless of whether or not Satan would ever go away. As I did this, I began to sort of meditate and I meditated so well that at one point it felt like I fell asleep. At the point that I made the unconditional surrender to God or fell asleep, inwardly I could see myself get hit with a giant ball of light. I opened my eyes, and, from that point on, after I got hit with the giant ball of light, Satan was gone. I don’t really understand where he went or where he came from. But I assume it was God or Guru that got rid of him. That was probably one of the most messed up things I’ve ever dealt with, and something I had never experienced before in my life.


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