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Giant Strides

A Guide to Spectacular Achievement

Bolaji Ola-Adams

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To my darling wife, Naomi, and our children, Toluwani, Mobolaji and Akinola



Through research, it has been discovered that one of the strongest desires of man is to find meaning in life. When things are meaningless, it creates all sorts of vices because there is no direction and where there is no direction, there is chaos. The lives of many people today are full of chaos because their life has no meaning. Many are wondering and desperately looking for answers to questions that will make their existence meaningful. If you are one of such people, you need to look no further. This book will help you find that meaning and what you can do to turn it into significant attainment.

We all should strive towards new ideas and innovations. We cannot always live for ourselves. At a certain stage, our life must serve as an inspiration and encouragement for those coming behind. This book is geared towards helping you capture the essence of your being and helping you live your life to the fullest. No matter what anyone has achieved, it is a sign that if you are found in the same circumstance and you apply equivalent principles, you can also achieve the same.

Isaac Newton, a great scientist, once said, “If I have been able to see farther, it was because I stood on the shoulders of those who were ahead of me.” No matter how small you are, if you stand on the shoulders of a giant, you will see farther than that giant. You need not bother about where you have been but where you can be. What you do not have should not be a barrier to what you can have. Do not allow the present to become a barrier to your future. There is nothing you cannot get in this world if you will diligently make use of the unlimited resources that are within you. No one is born without inherent abilities. The tragedy is that we often worry about what we do not have while we waste away what we have. When we focus on our area of strength rather than our weakness, we are bound to create limitless possibilities.

The secret to greatness is already resident in you. All you need to do is look inward and discover who you are, where you are, what you have and what you ought to be. Tap into the wealth of possibilities in you and become a full expression of yourself. Also, you need to understand that there is no better time than the time in which we live. A time when wondrous things happen overnight through the acts of men. This is your time. It is not a time for you to wait for things to happen. You should determine to be an event maker and not stand by and watch.

We are never far away from our miracles. Everything we want in life is already a seed that has been sown inside of us. In writing this book, I have been prompted by the need to answer an age-old question. In most of my counselling sessions, people have asked me if it was possible for a man to change his destiny. I believe that we can change our destiny by changing the person we are. Every man makes his own history. No matter who you are or where you come from, you can re-position yourself and put yourself on the cutting edge of success. We all came into this world in different shapes and sizes. There are things that one person possess that the other does not. However, the fact that you do not have what others have does not make you inferior. In fact, no one can make you inferior without your consent.

The principles outlined in this book are timeless treasures gathered from the lives of men and women who have made giant strides. For any man who desires to make a significant impact in life, this book is your sure anchor. It will help you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. It is packaged for you so that through the principles used by men and women who have made a difference in the world, you too can make a remarkable mark upon the sands of time. Each principle outlined in this book is a step-by-step guide into how men have been able to turn around unfavourable situations in their own favour.

Finally, I encourage you to make use of the powerful principles discussed in this book to move your life forward. You were born to make a difference. Happy reading.

Chapter 1

The Seasons of Life

Everyone lives life in three time zones. Just like we have the morning, the afternoon and the evening of each day, so also we have the morning time, the afternoon time and the evening time of life. What we eventually are when we die is a result of how well or how badly we have combined these three times of life. As long as we are here on Earth, there are seasons for everything. There are certain things that you have to do in the morning season and others in the afternoon or evening season. It becomes an abnormality when you leave what should be done in the afternoon for the evening season. When this is done, it is simply a misplacement of priority.

The morning season is usually our formative years when we have to develop core guiding principles. This is when our educational development should really be concentrated upon. We learn to do so many things at this stage of life. At this point also, the foundation of our lives is formed.

The afternoon stage is the prime period of our lives. It is usually the most productive period whereby the energy and zeal to do almost anything is up and running. We branch into new paths, freedom is being experienced and the real man or woman emerges.

The evening period is usually a season of consolidation. This is when we put all the experiences of the morning and afternoon into play. We, at this point, become a pool of information and experience that others may tap into. This is the period when we look back and recount all that we have done and get set to meet our maker.

Each of these stages is important and I cannot say that one is more important than the other. The essential thing, however, is for us to know what we ought to be doing at each stage of life. Do not live your life in such a way that your later years become meaningless. Often I have seen men and women who, in their later years, became beggars. The question is, what did they do with their morning or afternoon seasons? When you find yourself doing what you ought to have done in your afternoon season in your evening season, then you need to know that you have mismanaged your life.


To make giant strides, you have to manage your life seasons effectively. If you do not, you will find yourself becoming a liability rather than an asset. To manage your life effectively means to make effective and efficient use of all resources that life has given you in that season and be able to give a good account for these resources. Take a look at yourself as you are right now. Do you know what you ought to be doing, having or experiencing at the moment? To become someone who makes giant strides, you will need to put your life seasons in proper perspective. You will need to put your activities on priority and do what you ought to do first to become what you need to become later.

Each life season is dependent on the other. Often, one leg has to be in front of the other for there to be movement. You stand still when you are not putting one leg in front of the other and you cannot move very far if you are jumping with both legs at the same time, and by so doing you wear yourself out. To be a force to be reckoned with in your afternoon season, it is expected that you lay the necessary foundation in your morning season. It is like the computer term, “garbage in, garbage out.” You only get out of life what you put into it. Do not leave till tomorrow what you really should be doing today because you might not get a tomorrow. You need to make that move, say those words, ask for that help when you need to. Always ensure that you do what you have to do, when you have to do it and where you have to do it.

Every human being is destined for progress and whether we make progress or not will be determined by the things we are willing or unwilling to do in the seasons of life. Do not sit by and let the seasons pass you by. Do not let your loved ones ask what you did with yourself at the end of your life. Let your mouth say less and your life more. Inspire others. Make a meaningful use of the season in which you are in. Even if you are currently out of a particular season in your life and you have nothing to show for it, you can still re-strategise. As long as you have life, you can still make something useful of yourself.

Whatever time of the day you wake up is your morning. The most important thing is that you need to begin to run. Do not let the loss of the season gone by prevent you. You can still recoup whatever it is you have lost. History presents us with cases of people who turned their last seasons into their finest hour and recouped all they had missed in previous seasons. It’s never too late. You only need to start utilising yourself. Great men are men who have discovered that one of the most important gifts of life is time and they make the most of it. Inside time is the opportunity of becoming anything you may ever attempt to become in life. The only thing common to us is time. Irrespective of your age, colour, race, religion or academic qualification, we all have the same time span.

Furthermore, he who controls your time controls your life. Whatever controls your time will control what you will become. You must be able to account for how you spend your twenty-four hours. If not, you are under slavery and you must set yourself free because time is money; time is accomplishment; time is health; time is success; and time is education. Anything you want to be requires time. If you want to make giant strides, then you will have to learn how to invest your time in meaningful pursuits rather than spending it on frivolous pastimes.

The difference between a man who makes forty thousand dollars an hour and the one who makes two thousand dollars an hour is in the quality of what their time is worth. You should not start a day without having planned it out on paper. If not, the next day is wasted already.

Also, a man who does not have control over how long he sleeps is not in firm control of his life. He will be a victim and not a victor in life. You can either spend your time or invest it. I used to wonder why some people while away their time in chit-chatting, idle talks and all sorts of loose talking, while others are making things happen for themselves. The rich have twenty-four hours, so also the poor, but one is more comfortable than the other. This is not just by stroke of luck. It is in what the worth of their time has come to represent. A rich man, within his twenty-four hours, becomes richer by making more money whereas, a poor man, within his twenty-four hours, gets poorer by losing what he initially had. All you will accomplish in life is meant to be accomplished within the confines of the twenty-four hours of each day.

Someone once said, “You have no right to ask God for twenty-four years if you do not know how to make use of twenty-four hours.” At each passage of time, a minute percentage of our life is ticking away. He that does nothing accomplishes nothing. If twenty-four hours were not enough to accomplish all you would have wanted to accomplish in a day, then life would have added extra time. Whatever you have become today is a result of all the time you have invested into it. Time is an asset. Most people practically watch their time tick away, while some are so busy about their work and wonder how fast time has flown. A man whose time is unimportant to him sees the time go slowly, wonders why the time is not running fast, and idly watch his time waste away counting in days, weeks, months and in years. And before he knows it, he is at his death-bed wondering what he had been doing all along with his time.

A man whose time is important to him, sets out to accomplish meaningful things and while he is so engrossed with what he is doing, he does not know that his time has been fast spent while busy with his work. When he looks at his watch, he realises that the day is far spent and as the days, weeks, months, and years roll by, he soon finds himself on his death-bed recounting all the things he was able to accomplish within his brief stay on Earth. The difference between these two men is in how they made use of their time. Everything is within our power to create when we devote the time to it. The thief that robs most people from enjoying the good things of life is procrastination. Many wondrous things that ought to have been done are yet to see the light of day because men have not invested the time required. Couples who ought to have built their own house five years ago did not because they were waiting for the perfect time which never came. The time to move is now. If you are waiting for a perfect time, you might have to wait all your life. Time, like tide, waits for no man. Who will you be in five years’ time? What will you have? What will you be doing? And who will be your friends?

Some time ago, I counselled a young man who was having problems with his academics. He had finished secondary school nine years earlier but had not furthered his education. I told him he would have to choose what he would love to be in the next five years. This was a personal choice he had to make. Whatever your present situation is, you need to weigh the consequences of acting now or not. Someone once said, “If I have been able to go any farther than my contemporaries, it was because while they were busy going from one occasion to another, spending time on unprofitable pursuits, I was busy solving the questions of mankind and investing myself on profitable pursuits.” The people who move the world are men who understand that time is the determining factor of what a man can be. A boy who does not want to run errands for his mates when he grows old, will have to use his time judiciously while he is young. We are all in the private corners of our various rooms and no one knows what the other is doing. Only time will tell.

As I was writing this paragraph, a cool breeze was blowing on that early Saturday morning. I felt like dropping my pen at that point and going back to sleep but that would further lengthen the days I had to write. It was either I did it then or later, but I had to realise that deferring it would cost me a lot. There were many speaking engagements that I had of which this book would serve as a great blessing to my audience if it had been published earlier than now. This is how we often miss opportunities because we fail to do what is expected within the required time.

A diplomat was once asked how he still had time to write despite his busy schedule. The diplomat's reply was, “No man who wants to ever amount to anything in life spends his whole time sleeping. While others are sleeping long hours, I am up writing bestsellers.” This shows that time is a treasure to be invested, it cannot be hoarded. Do not spend your time in transient pursuit but invest it in something that will outlive you.

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