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By Christopher G. Bremicker

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 by Christopher G. Bremicker

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The Friendship Room and lunch after the service were staples of socializing at my church.




I walked from my apartment building to the bus stop to go to church. It was a cold, wet morning, the sidewalks were damp, and the winter weather cut right through me. I wore a down coat, scarf, gloves, and a rabbit-furred hat.

Church was crowded, because the children were performing the Christmas pageant. Parents and relatives filled the pews. The sermon was brief, hardly an observation, to allow time for the show.

The children were dressed as sheep in costumes of soft, white, fuzzy cloth, like pajamas, and floppy, pink ears. A choir in the back sang Do You See What I See? and the children pointed in its direction. Then they scrambled up the aisle on their knees toward the singing.

When the shepherd, played by the man who wrote the pageant, called them back, they returned on their knees to the front of the altar. This went on several times. The older children were shepherds, carried crooks, and talked into microphones.

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