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Praise for Poetry and Praise:

This inspirational book will encourage your faith. Whether facing physical adversity or spiritual battles, the author's devotion to Christ, the Lord, is evident in these pages. Each poem in Poetry & Praise is eloquently written and illustrates tenacious dependence on God.

Dr. Vic Vlahakos and Deborah Vlahakos, MTASCP

House Call Doctors

The poems contained in Poetry & Praise were delightful to read; they cover a variety of subjects and reach deep into the heart. Even if a person does not read poetry very often, this collection will make the reader wish they read more.

I found it refreshing, caring, thought provoking, and soul searching. It's easy to read, and so rewarding. Selections I will read many times and commit to memory. If one had to pick one poetry book, this would be the one.

Thanks to the author for sharing such wonderful verses.

Paul Brockman

Former System Administrator Lead

Lockheed Martin Space Operations (Presently Retired)

Poetry & Praise is a beautiful collection of poetry, bringing honor and glory to her heavenly Father. Honest and soul searching.

Mike and Sandra Worley

Yuma, AZ

Poetry & Praise


Mary Jane Gonzales


This book is dedicated to the living God, the hearts that know Him and the hearts that need to. He is the vine. We are the branches. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.


I am very grateful to God for the gift of poetry that, for me, is language of the soul. I am grateful, too, for those in my life who share my fondness for poetry and, better still, my passion for the Lord. With that said, I’d like to acknowledge Shirley Bryson, my best friend of thirty-three years, who has encouraged me with both poetry and a love for the Lord. Having discipled me as a new Christian, she has been my biggest supporter and has prayed with me for eighteen years for this book to come to pass.

Table of Contents




Lavender and Lace


Laverne & Shirley


The Rowdy Red Group

Nancy’s Visit

How Little I Still Know

The Mind of Christ

What He Sees


The Game of Life

Tender Mercies

Strengthening My Frame




All Time

Shape Me Yet Anew


Wise One

Dynamic Duo

Angel of Mercy




Seasoned With Grace

Child of the King

Praying for Your Health

Gratitude Expressed

My Church

Angels of Mercy

Thankful for Vessels


Heart Response


Romans 8:28


Good Friday

Sunday Brought Hope

A God with So Much Love

The Way

The Redeemer


Love for Him

Michael’s Ministry

A Blessing Then - A Blessing Now


Put You First

Hidden Strength

Humble Thanks

Daily Care

Explain to this Child

In the Blink of an Eye

If I Didn’t Know

The Joining of Your Hearts

Seasons of Life

Strong Tower

Church Across the Ocean


From the Trials

Bedtime Rhyme

Her Witness

For You in Your Loss

Love Enough

Rock of Ages

In the Loss of Your Dad

Apples of Gold

When Spirits Dance

From Jesus to Jane

Fully Grown

Come So Far

Friendships Were Made

What an Inspiration

This Great Mother

Do Unto Others


Through Trials and Tests

Vale’s Passing

100 Years

Reach Their Prime

You’re Able

The Ruler of All (excerpt)

Resurrect My Spirit (excerpt)

The North and The South

Fragmentation (excerpt)

Streams in the Desert


Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Fasting Prayer

Love Without Condition

Pastor Chip

Princess of Curry

Roses In My Heart

Attack on America

Our Nation’s Plea

The Aftermath of 9-11


You Are With Me

More Love for You

Yes, God, I Still Love You #1

Yes, God, I Still Love You #2

Yes, God, I Still Love You #3

Yes, God, I Still Love You #4

Yes, God, I Still Love You #5

Yes, God, I Still Love You #6

God’s Grace

My Heart Desires

Would I Really Pass

The Way You Orchestrate

Black Dotted Houses

What’s the Limit (excerpt)

Simple Pleasures


Mother So Dear


Sacrificial Giving

A Gem in You

A Part of Me


Like Kin

Loving Care

Very Truly Grateful


Christmas Decorating

New Granddaughter



A Christmas Card Collection

Jesus is the Reason

A Love That Never Ends

Preservationist's Prayer

Arms of Love

Celebrate the Birth of Christ

Extensions of His Love

In My Heart

The Joy of Christmas

Life Abundant

Night Before Christmas

A Christmas Prayer

Christmas in New England


The Bread of Life

Commit to the Lord

The Song of the Season

Bon Appetit

Just One

Pursuing Us Still

Wise Men Still Seek Him

The Night Before Christmas Nearly

Message of Hope

A Plan To Save His People

The Exchange

Windows of Your Soul

A Babe in a Manger


My journey in life has held blessing and sorrow, venting and praise, and poetry has captured it all. For those who share a passion for poetry, I invite you to join me in a love of life, God, family and friends, the beauty of nature and all things treasured.


Though each poem has a unique story, making them all very dear to me, I would like to share with you my personal favorites. They are:

All Time, Shape Me Yet Anew, Exalted, Good Friday, Rock of Ages, Apples of Gold, When Spirits Dance, Fasting Prayer, Our Nation’s Plea, God’s Grace, and the entire Christmas Card Collection.

I hope you’ll appreciate the book as a whole; while discovering your own favorites, as well.


On pretty days I like to walk,

Have poetry and prayerful talk.

Communing with my sovereign King

And sharing with you everything.

‘Cause nature has a strong effect

And helps my spirit to connect,

With you, my Savior, Lord and King,

Ruler over everything.

Lavender and Lace

Father, why does nature

Have such effect on me?

Why exhilaration

When plants and trees I see?

Why is there such awe

When flowers I behold?

The splendor of their color

So vivid and so bold.

The thrill when wind blows through my hair

And breeze upon my face

Is likened to the beauty

Of lavender and lace.

The joy of seeing foliage

Takes my breath away,

And knowing you create all this

Praise the Lord I say!


Father, it is me again

Writing as I walk,

Seizing opportunity

For you and I to talk.

There’s something about nature

That brings me close to you,

Enlivening my spirit

And making it like new.

Polishing the dullness

Of each day’s heavy load,

Mundaneness used of Satan

Who’s hoping to corrode

My spirit and my walk

Causing in-effect,

Tarnishing my witness

And staining dialect.

Wanting to destroy me

By robbing me of joy,

By draining me of praise

And making me his toy.

He needs to know that through your power

I can deal with strife,

Because you have equipped me

For everything in life.


Laverne & Shirley

Laverne and Shirley, we once were

Young and sassy, me and her.

And we are still two precious pearls

But now we're called the Golden Girls.

Written as a birthday card for a long time friend.


Well, I’ve only got a minute ‘cause I need to go to bed

And my eyes will quickly close as the pillow hits my head,

But for now I’ll keep on basking in the wonder of your love

As the angels become sandmen sprinkling particles of love,

From the dust of Heaven’s glory where the streets are paved with gold

And the showers of your blessing are too great for us to hold.

The Rowdy Red Group

Here sits Mary’s following

The rowdy red group hollering,

Shouts of laughter fill the air

And sounds of praise are everywhere.

Who’ere said Baptists can’t have fun

Should join us as the songs are sung,

And listen as the lesson’s taught

The joy of Jesus we have sought.

Then Mary instigates the class

With questions of dear Beth to ask,

And laughter fills the crowded room

As halos make a crashing boom.

We’re hooligans, it’s sad to say

But Jesus loves us, anyway!

Nancy’s Visit

My friend was coming into town.

We’d been apart so long.

With jubilance at seeing her,

My heart broke into song.

When came the day that she arrived,

We set about our fun.

We sought out all the gift shops

And we visited each one.

We ate along the water

With the seagulls and the waves.

The sailboats and the view

Were all deserving of our raves.

And following our agenda

We found a B & B.

A comfortable and cozy place

That overlooks the sea.

The second day was also fun.

We headed for the mall.

With diligence and fortitude,

To heed the shopper’s call.

Shop until you drop we say,

Even with bad feet.

I guarantee that, at day’s end,

We were really beat!

The visit was a blast except

The roach that made me scream.

But then we put away our fear

And fell asleep to dream.

Again this friend and I have had

A very pleasant time,

And now the memories that we made

Have all been put to rhyme!

How Little I Still Know

As I seek the mind of Christ

And being more like you,

I feel like I’ve been purged

And parts of me made new.

Yet, I so clearly realize

Even as I grow,

Despite how much I’ve learned

How little I still know.

The Mind of Christ

As I endeavor, Lord, to seek,

The mind of Christ and being meek,

I’m surely very well aware

That I am here and you are there.

A chasm I could never span

But Lord I know you surely can,

And that you wait with open arm

To save your children from all harm.

What He Sees

Our God enthroned in Heaven above

Does not forget labors of love.

We know that it delights His heart

When we effect what He imparts.

So, as He lovingly looks down,

He crafts the jewels in our crown.

From what He sees in you and me

When He in us is what they see.


Jesus, I’m so glad

You rose up from the grave.

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