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Jewels of Life

Jewels of Life


Brein E. Diggs

Jewels of Life

By Brein E. Diggs

Copyright 2017 Brein E. Diggs

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This book is happily and whole hearted dedicated to my older brother Roshone Curtis Davis who moved on to the ancestral world twenty-one years ago. The inspiration for this book comes from many thoughts of what life here on Earth might have been for him, what life might have been for his children, what life might have been for the family, if he was still here in the physical. I, therefore, will end this dedication big bro by saying “the journey here on Earth has no timetable, and every second is precious, so in following the laugh of your good spirit that was felt in the hearts of many, I must leave my stamp here on Earth, in a way different than yours, for the same results as yours leaving behind more smiles than frowns to those who know us and beyond”.

This second dedication goes out to Timothy Paul Moss, who tragically lost his life on February 28, 1992. The events of that dreadful night have never ceased to give myself a much call for a break of replaying that event over and over again in my mind. You were just a teenager like I at that time, who was just beginning to learn about life, that beautiful word life. You never got to experience life in the physical for a fair amount of time, and it’s I who has not taking advantage of life, that word life.

I have come to find out that life provides experiences that can be used forever. I am willing to bet that if you were here in the physical today, that you would want all the brutha’s and sista’s we know from the OX to guide our youth, so they don’t veer off on the path that most of us were on back in those days over 25 years ago.

And here it’s over 25 years later, better late than never after many life experiences, that I’ve gotten around to putting something together for the family and our youth, something we didn’t have back in the day from our parent’s- foundational information to stand on as a people. Information from a perspective of analyzing everything that one can in the past, present, and future. Much love big bro Roshone Curtis Davis and the homie Timothy Paul Moss!

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In this book we will be using certain terms and words to describe something or people in a general fashion. In no way are these terms meant to denote a ‘race’ of people specifically and concretely, with whatever term I use. In this way, the terms become a teaching construct for the purposes of understanding what is being said. These terms that I will be using are common terms that the masses of the populace in the world today use, and have used throughout extant times in histories past. The use of these terms and words are not used in a specific organized way with a sort of writer formula as to when to use them. Where ever they’re used is at random based on how the spirit moves me as to which term or word comes to the forefront of my mind at the time of writing.

Long after discussions with several people on what I call ‘the trail’ in the general area of downtown Kansas City, Missouri the light bulb turned on in my head. These discussions were of the content of a complete systematic deprivation with People of Color throughout the world. When one is at rock bottom you are completely removed from economic participation within the system. At this level, everything is put on the table birthing rationale conclusions specifically pertaining to one’s race, creed, or color. What a clear picture this is.

Obviously, those at this level of life couldn’t unify any type of principles as individuals, let alone as a family, though we all come from a family. This is where that light bulb in my head was screaming to share its glow with others, who had no unifying type of principles as individuals as a way of life. Generally speaking, if they did they wouldn’t be at rock bottom.

The trail is pit stops or places that the homeless travel throughout the day. It doesn’t take long for one on the trek to figure out that the trail is set up to become a routine for you. A routine laid out by the government to concentrate the movement of the homeless in a general specific area. We must keep in mind that the homeless have nowhere to go, nothing to do, no significant agenda in place, no positive outlook on life, they reject the system. There are exceptions to the rule on what I’ve just stated but they’re far and few in between. A system that can’t feel doesn’t discriminate on this level. Everyone including the homeless are exploited.

I happen to know this trail very well being a traveler on it for a period of about 5 years, more on than off. I would speak words of encouragement to those who sought them and they would return the favor on days when I was feeling bummed out. What I determined, and it wasn’t hard to do, was that most out there on the trail had a common denominator as part of their problem. That common denominator was the burnt bridge between families, or others. I say most because there are also those that have been wronged by family and/or others. There are even many with mental illnesses (remember President Ronald Reagan released a good number of them with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). The homeless community contains mentalities from many spectrums of thought, which makes it a very dangerous community at large.

In 2012, I made another attempt at college (my fourth or fifth) at the age of 38. The goal this time was to graduate from the Chef Apprenticeship Program, which was attainable within a three year period. The question I asked myself was “what is it that you like to do that will elevate you off the streets, so that you can maintain economic stability”? You see, economic stability was something that I could never maintain. I never did like the idea of working for someone. I never liked the idea of working doing something that I didn’t like even if it paid very well. I never liked the idea of working for someone doing something that I did like.

Money never moved me, in the sense that it was the foundation for purpose of life. Money did however move me, in the sense that I was in complete control of earning it on my own time doing what I wanted. This is the mindset of our brutha’s and sista’s in the streets. I understand the entrepreneurship working for myself mindset that they have. We see the same thing. We feel the same thing. We see and feel that the economic system within the complete governing system is designed for workers under the rule and control by a select few.

Hence, the cosmetics of this system blinds the masses to the true title of a worker as a slave. The masses spend their life working to retire for a pension, then to die. It’s this cycle that is the foundation of their existence unknown to them. This foundation controls all thought and actions unknown to them. The removal of this foundation brings about fear in them. Fear of what? Fear of losing your job, your house, disconnection of utilities, no food. It brings about fear of losing all material gains. It brings about fear of not being able to gain material gains.

So, it’s our brutha’s and sista’s in the streets who reject this system observing it for what it really is. By turning to the streets our brutha’s and sista’s have turned to the wolves of the streets. Wolves of the streets created by the system, a system moved off the oppression of others.

What was deep inside of me that said you were not put here to spend your life working to retire for a pension then to die? So, I accepted that which is deep inside of me. It’s the hundreds of thousands of years of my ancestors, your ancestors that make up my spirit speaking through me to you. They have unfinished business to do and I have dedicated the rest of my life here on Earth to helping them do that by providing information.

Everyone on ‘the trail’ has a story to tell. While most will tailor their story in the best interest of themselves straying away from the real truth, the least will keep it real giving you the truth. I was a keep it real brutha. I was the child, adolescent teenager who had temper problems, not knowing how to channel anger in the right way. That detriment of not knowing how to channel comes from my Pops, an authoritative figure.

As I became older and decided I wanted to have a drank (as the Ebonics would have me to write it), what was impossible to see then but would later become evident, was that I opened up a can of worms on what possibly could turn out as a drunk, as an alcoholic. If you were to combine a man with a short temper, with a man who is a heavy drinker, then what you have is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. When that bomb explodes everyone feels the explosion including family. Then that mans’ family doesn’t want to deal with him until he gets right in the mind.

So, what does a man do who is now out on the streets with the baddest of the bad? Well, this man decided to reconfigure his mind back to its original state before that first drink. This man had lost along the way for many years who he was. This mans’ first thought on the streets was the foundation of himself turning inward, and that foundation was family. To know the origin of thyself is to know the origin of family as the building block for all of humanity.

In its simplicity, this book is based on what I think are some crowning jewels of life for all. Some of these crowning jewels I came across in 1992 are part of the Five Percenter Doctrines, and on those I expounded on based of what I could pull out of them. The jewels, along with others I added, are codes of thought and action that you the reader will be able to carry with you the rest of your life. Codes of thought and action that you the reader will be able to incorporate into principles that you teach your kids, so late on when they become adults, the decisions they make will highly likely keep them off the streets, of the trail, away from the baddest of the bad.

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Definition- The psychological result of perception, learning, and reasoning; factual information that a person knows; the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something; everything that is known.

Knowledge is to know, hear, and observe. In order to know we use what is used every day all day, the senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). The seeker of divine truth, the highest level of truth, is one who is proactive in there seek. This seeker isn’t told what to believe, but takes the information giving to them, and begins to proactively research themselves along with other information pertaining to.

Proactive is one in their quest for the divine in everyday life. It’s the seeker who finds the central point, the bulls eye, stands in the center of the circle as the cipher, as the code. The code is the formula to all of mankind, the code is balance.

Let’s go into where belief versus knowledge meets up head on. Belief is a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. Anyone as we all already know can believe whatever they want in life. For example, at one time the Europeans especially Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus), believed the world was flat without any proof. If they had any proof that the world wasn’t flat, they could still believe that it was. That is how belief works. On the opposing side of this example the knowledge seeker has the proof that the world isn’t flat and solidifies her or his belief based on the facts (knowledge), so you can see the huge difference in belief versus knowledge. I used the flat or round Earth theory since it’s commonly agreed among the masses that the Earth is round or oval for the purposes of understanding the point being made. However, my opinion on whether the Earth is flat, round, or oval is of no significance here, the reason why I have not given it.

Therefore, there is no criteria for believing as it can exist without any body of facts leaving it standing on shaky ground. When belief is standing in the boxing ring face to face against knowledge, belief will always get knocked out, because knowledge is a body of accumulate facts, it’s the foundation for all things. Knowledge gives beliefs its foundation to stand on firmly, therefore, those beliefs become knowledge backed by knowledge. Without knowledge one’s belief system(s) will cookie crumble.

To know is also self. Knowledge is self. Know thyself. We’re knowledge. To know who you are and where you come from is essential to the wisdom of self. In this paradigm we live in, we’re constantly bombarded with the top tool of deception known as media (television, newspaper, radio, internet) to shape our perception of self, people, politics, economics, governments, histories, and the world.

The deception of these forms of media as entertainment, is for us to use the media (television, newspaper, radio, internet) as the sources for the information in understanding of self, people, politics, economics, governments, histories, and the world. The question that needs to be asked is who is the sources behind the media propagating the information(s)? The second question we need to ask ourselves is what is the histories of those source(s)?

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