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1 What is an Idea?


2.The nature of Ideas


3.Age and Creativity


4.Where do Ideas Come from?


5.How to think about Ideas


6.Where do I start?


7.Ten most deadly Idea Killers


8.Mind Management


9.What do Ideas need to grow?


10.Idea Midwives


11.Emotion and Ideas


12.Personality and Ideas


14.Emotion and Intellect


15.When is the best time to sell an Idea?


16.People outlive Ideas


17.Fifteen quick Idea points


18.Ideas and Economic Development


19.Idea Checklist



Firstly I would like to thank the Lord God Almighty without him nothing would have been possible.He had the greatest idea ever when he thought to himself and said,” Let us make men in our own image.”Genesis 1 verse 26.

I appreciate all the support from my family members,my parents, my sister Martha Rukato for all the emotional,spiritual and financial support to see the completion of this book.My Spiritual Father Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe World( Wide Family Of God Church)for igniting and encouraging in the writing of books and ideas that will be a heritage for the generations to come.

Mr.Patison Sithole Group( C.E.O GoldStar-),for helping in concretizing the initial untamed and unharnessed ideas in this book.Clemence Mtembo for provoking the initial thoughts and the research that took place in discovering the thoughts on ideas in this manual.Time and space is limited to express my gratitude and appreciation for all those I have not mentioned,however you are all greatly appreciated

Ideas are the seeds for any desirable change


Godfrey Masanga has clearly explained ideas from their immaterial ,spiritual equivalent and how they then translate to their material physical equivalent.He is a fourth generation Idea Champion or Intellectual Asset growth consultant.A lot of his ideas stem from his vast interaction in different fields and his keen and inquiring mind.Here he articulates clearly what ideas are,where they come from,how to grow ideas,ideas at an individual level,ideas in relation to society and the economy.He precisely sheds light and demystifies the gray areas which many people want to ask about ideas but have not had the particular wording or platform to articulate,these include questions like can ideas be stolen?

His work leads to the unlocking of minds of many to see clearly that most of their limitations are because many people do not ask themselves the right questions,leave things to chance and are affected mostly by what they do not know.His insight is foundational in the sense that it gets to the bottom,the source of ideas in a simple and yet engaging manner.He clearly shows that what limits many people is related to their own thoughts and ideas rather than hard facts presented by society.

His work will not only inspire and provoke many,but will really give the much needed practical steps to fulfilling ideas as it addresses two key human attributes:Emotion and Intellect,where men needs to unbundle his creative power systematically.Here are the tools to achieve this..Hearticulates clearly that knowing oneself and daring to be yourself will lead to the right ideas resonating from and through you all,successful people and nations have added their own concepts or ways of doing things even after having borrowed ideas from elsewhere.

Armed with the true nature of ideas and the tools in this book, individuals,nations can be achieve their full potential.

Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe

World Wide Family Of God Churches


Answers on how to think about ideas

The quest to find meaning in life and the origin of things and ideas

led to the thoughts and research that led in the writing of this book.

This is a journey that took several years in discovering and

unearthing the answers on how tothink about ideas,where ideas

come from and how to tap into ideas in order to realise one's dreams.

Consultations from various professional and academic bodies were

carried out over a span of more than six years culminating in the

synthesis of this manual.

What Ideas are you hoarding

This book ignites and gives you practical simple steps to leave a mark or influence on the world by giving the best of yourself out of love.Lets look at all the great men such as Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton to name a few and their impact on space travel,communication and technology in general.Yes we need to protect our ideas but in reality those who have really changed the world have allowed their ideas to outlive them and to extend them beyond the grave.What ideas are you hoarding and what would you want to be remembered for?Dare to unleash and bring to the world only you and only you can contribute to make the world a better place.

The Greatest Tragedy In Life

The only reason why you and I are still alive is to make a cumulative contribution to our world and society by fulfilling our destiny.Jonah in the bible was swallowed by a whale and survived for three days in the whale's belly for no other reason he still had a mission,a destiny and a purpose to fulfil.There are many tragedies that did not become fatal for most of us simply because we are yet to unleash our destinies.


The greatest tragedy in life is not a motorcar accident or any catastrophes' we might have seen or think of but the greatest tragedy in life is to be alive and not know why,to be alive and not be fulfilling your dreams,your ideas,your purpose,your destiny,

what a TRAGEDY!Fulfill your ideas NOW!

It was through long discussions with a close associate of mine, Clement Mtembo and the much needed guidance and support from Mr.Pattison Sithole(Group C.E.O ZSR,We were thinking of how ideas grow,how to develop ideas,what ideas need to grow,whether we can buy and sell ideas and in fact we ended up registering a company IDEAS BASKET INTERNATIONAL “ The Ideas Company”. This proved to be quite a mouthful after spending more than 8 months inconsultations with lawyers,patent offices,research on the internet.Yes ideas can be sold,in fact business,marketing,selling anything has to do with ideas.

We wanted a platform,a forum,a virtual basket,a legal entity that incorporated ideas from the layman level,those at the shop floor level or those at the reception where the ideas are captured and could then merge them with the managers,the financiers and those with access to resources.This proved to be quite a mammoth task since Zimbabwe and Africa in general didn't seem to be ready at the time to embrace such changes.

A basket or platform whereby people would not have to die without leaving their thoughts or ideas,perhaps with immediate compensation or for the generation to come.This platform being based on one basic principle that there are those with enough resources(IFH-Idea Financial Holders)and yet not necessarily enough time to scout for

enough ideas Intellectual( Property)to invest in and it follows that there are those with enough ideas(IVH-Idea Value Holders)and not necessarily enough resources to translate their ideas to reality.

This company would be a mediator through linkages with captains in industry,through its pool of qualified personnel,academia,the ordinary man and would act as a giant idea incubator,Because no idea is too small or too Big!

This proofed to be quite a mammoth as the company seemed to have come way beyond its time. The field of Motivation itself hadn't gained popularity. One of its arms included motivation to solicit for ideas Ideation(Idea Creation)&Transfer and, Licencing.

The ideas behind the creation of the company and the tools for tapping into ideas are embodied in this book. The aim here is to create a “ WHY NOT” mindset in the majority of Zimbabweans and Africans and not to accept the “BECAUSE” mediocre mindset of not transforming ideas for economic gain whilst waiting for some foreign based solutions when it is high time we release our own ideas,concepts and ways of doing things.

The research carried out,the tools and methods used are now unveiled in this manual to help you unlock or develop whatever idea you are embarking on.


What idea?


The key to success in any human endeavour is to understand the

origin of a thing and the obvious question that comes to mind is

what idea anywhere,what is an Idea?What do ideas mean to me

and how can I tap into them?According to the Thesaurus dictionary

an idea is a thought,thinking,notions,accepted wisdom,planning

,concept,design,way of thinking,beliefs,opinion,philosophy,position

,mindset,point of view,viewpoint.

In the most narrow sense,an idea is just whatever is before the mind

when one thinks.The key question most will ask at this moment is:

What idea?There are so many types of ideas social,economic,

concepts,suggestions and otherwise.However,all ideas follow

through a basic pattern whether they be for entertainment,economic

gain and otherwise.All ideas share the same characteristics and

have the same basic steps in order to handle and make use of them.

Idea Steps

All Ideas have four key basic steps or attributes to them.

1.Ideas are delicate entities

2.Ideas are coloured by emotion

3.Ideas should be nurtured in patience

4.Ideas should be carried out with great tenacity

Ideas are delicate entities,coloured by emotion,nurtured in patience and are to be carried out with great tenacity

---Godfrey Masanga

What idea?


There is a myriad galaxy of ideas,an unlimited world in our minds

whereby each passing day most of us have thought of million dollar ideas or even billion dollar ideas even in US dollar terms.We have brilliant ideas on the commuter omnibus,after a powerful sermon, on a retreat,coming from some foreign country or even under very stressful conditions.However,most of our ideas are lost or never tapped into why?Because they are delicate entities or delicate things and need to be handled with care and will only mean something to us if we are passionate about them,we can never

be passionate or emotional about every idea.

Life and ideas are coloured by emotion meaning, that for you to love something you must have the emotion,excitement or passion for it.No matter the field or hobby if you aren't passionate about it chances are slim you will be able to effectively carry out whatever idea you are interested in.

After identifying the delicate idea you are interested in and being passionate or emotional about it you then need to feed it and grow or develop it,that is nurturing it in patience is music for example you need to spend lots of hours in practise,practise and practise and if it is a business idea for example a new business plan you will then need to gather all the information required to carry

it out.There are many business gurus to turn to who can assist in researching on your chosen idea.

What idea?


After gaining confidence through the adequate practise or knowledge you will then need to carry out your idea with great tenacity.That is with speed and accuracy,hard work and perseverance.You have chosen your path there will be no turning back.Doing basically the same things over and over again until you achieve your desired results.There is really no quick fix or shortcut to life.

You identify what you really want(think through because of the

(delicate nature of ideas),something you love doing(coloured by emotion),make clear simple steps to achieving it(nurtured in patience)by patiently gathering,researching and writing down clearly how you intend to achieve the idea and then getting started straight away(carried out with great tenacity)by gaining the necessary momentum keep going and keep on keeping on.

Yes for further assistance if you are not sure you can get help from an Idea Midwife.We will discuss about Idea Midwives in another chapter.

For example Simba wanted to write a song,he approached his uncle who loved farming,approached his sister who loved Accounting, he continues until he has spoken to eight other friends of his who are excited about other things more than music.After a while he

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