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Prospective Higher Institution Students (University, Polytechnic and college of education) ‘’ admission seekers.

Thousands of people conceive ideas, but it is quite unfortunate that not all gave birth to the idea conceived as we know that everything on earth is a product of an idea, I mean EVERYTHING even you that is reading this book right now you are an idea, the pen, paper, computer, printer, mention them, all is a product of an idea. Your parents brought the idea of you going to school. They planned for you to go to school from elementary to higher institution. This is what almost every average Nigerian parent will do nowadays, but as a result of circumstances many children fall away on their educational journey to higher institution.

Okay if you take a critical look at it, not all that started junior secondary school completed it, and in the same vein, not all that started secondary school completed it not to talk of been a prospective higher institution candidate. Wait, are you skeptic about it, then pause and give it a second thought, I know you will finally come to agree with me, that definitely there are reasons you scaled through all the challenges from elementary level to being an admission seeker into university or polytechnic or college of education. I thought there is a need for me to congratulate you, congratulation! Friends. I wish you the very best even as you continue your journey to the top, may the good God see you through the present stage and coming life stages as life is all about stages. The teachers that taught you in your school were once like you, that man you are seeing dressed corporate with tie on top of it with white laboratory coat was once in this stage, that engineer was once in this stage, the pilot operating the Earoplane was once in this stage, Lecturers in the university were once in this particular stage, the professor you are hearing about today was once like you.

To cut the long story short, all the educated people all over the world were once in this stage being a prospective higher institution candidate, so there is no single need for you to be in a doubting state, that tells you that this is not end of the road. To be a recognized, as an educated man or woman in the society today you must not stop here (I mean after your senior secondary school) put aside all external and internal forces of discouragements, do not complain about money, do not be carry away with flashy things around you, do not be enticed by daily money gotten by Okada people or factory workers, hawker or any other daily payment sources because these are some of the reasons why many could not give birth to their initial vision of their academic pursuit.

Majorly, almost 50% of prospective higher institution students put full stop to their academic career simply because of worthy excuses that cannot be compared with the reward of being an educated person, I think I need to tell you here that,

“An educated man is superior to an uneducated man, just as the living man is superior to the dead man”.

My friends, whether you like or not, that is just the music I have played for you and for you alone, please do not stop here if you don’t want to bite your own finger tomorrow. Do not accept negative suggestions. Like whether you go to school or not, we are all looking for money; my friend it’s a lie, some complain about unemployed graduates in the society please do not listen to them because when opportunities shall come if you have not gone to school there will be no certificate for you to show forth and then it will be too late for you to go to school because higher institution is not a wait for me I am going to toilet issues, it is a serious issue that needs to be tackled with serious plans by serious minded person like you my friend. In the subsequence heading I shall lead you on how to go about it, practical ways to secure admission with little or no stress, I applied the principle and it worked for me, not only myself but with those that understand the secrets, it worked for them. It is working for some people now and most importantly it will continue to work till eternity, trust me, you are a candidate of that particular higher institution already. Just make sure you are reading with your mind.

Remember ‘’faith is the most powerful success instrument or catalyst on earth’’

1.1 Prerequisite to Higher Institutions (University / Polytechnic / College of Education).

Without an examination there cannot be a genuine promotion, in English alphabet recitation, you must say A before you say B or else it will be counted as wrong reading same thing in numbering, for correct counting of numbers it is expected that you count 7 before you count 8, without entrance examination into Secondary School, your admission is not valid. So Prerequisite to higher institutions is simply talking about things you need to get done before you will be admitted into higher institution without which you cannot be a higher institution candidate. It is important here to be attentive as I will be directing you to the crucial points needed on both the mental and physical Prerequisite; I mean the mental and physical things that need to be done for assurance of your admission into university, polytechnic or college of education.

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