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Sacred Earth Wisdom takes you on a high and holy pilgrimage to the power centers, the chakras, of Mother Earth. While religions encourage you to visit one power place, usually the birthplace of their founder, Anna Watts takes you to the most sacred places, the source and wellspring of the wisdom of all the ancient traditions. Keep this book by your bedside, or better yet, take it with you as you visit these sacred sites yourself.”


A truly breathtaking work, Anna weaves her captivating personal story against a stunning backdrop of sacred locations as she reveals a profound journey of insights. I can highly recommend this book to all the seekers, healers, pilgrims and dreamers of the world for its spiritual guidance. Anna is a gifted and dynamic spiritual teacher who has an exceptional talent for articulating her experiences in ways that are both memorable and transformational. This book is certain to give you restlessness for travel and will have you reaching for your suitcase or backpack and planning your next sojourn. This book is special and deserves pride of place on your bookshelf.”



A Journey of the Heart & Soul

to the Healing Sites


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Table of Contents


The Earth Speaks

Earth Chakras & Vibrational Essences

Where Are the Earth Chakras?

Creating Vibrational Essences

Crown Chakra – Machu Picchu, Peru

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Synchronistic Meetings

Rainforest Healing

Temple of the Condor

Heart Opening Healing

Healing Inspiration from Machu Picchu

Third Eye Chakra – The Ganges River, Varanasi, India

Twin-flame Meeting

Following the Yogic Path

Love Affair with Africa

The Holy Waters of Varanasi

Healing Inspiration from Varanasi

Throat Chakra – The Great Pyramid, Egypt

Following the Path of the Priestess

Messages from Ancient Egypt

Entering the King’s Chamber

Past Life Love Affair

Healing Inspiration from the Great Pyramid

Heart Chakra – Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England

Sacred Union Within and Without

Healing My Heart

Drinking from the Chalice Well

Temple of the Goddess

The Cycles of Life

Healing Inspiration from Glastonbury

Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru, Australia

Call of an Ancient Land

Message from Uluru

Love Is in the Rock

Return to the Heart of Australia

Respecting the Grandmothers

Protecting the Sacred Waters

Healing Inspiration from Uluru

Sacral Chakra – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia & Peru

Entering the Womb of Mother Earth

The Gift of Receiving

The Pilgrim’s Way

Islands of the Sun and Moon

Amaru Muru – Stargate Doorway

Shamanic Meeting

Healing Inspiration from Lake Titicaca

Base Chakra – Mount Shasta, California, North America

Nature Orgasm

Rocking my Foundation

Sisterhood Healing

Magic Mountain

Wesak Festival

Healing Inspiration from Mount Shasta

Giving Birth and Beyond


About the Author


When you travel, you experience, in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. You confront completely new situations, the day passes more slowly, and on most journeys you don’t even understand the language the people speak. So you are like a child just out of the womb. You begin to be more accessible to others because they may be able to help you in different situations. And you accept any small favour from the gods with great delight, as if it were an episode you would remember for the rest of your life.

At the same time, since all things are new, you see only the beauty in them, and you feel happy to be alive. That’s why a religious pilgrimage has always been one of the most objective ways of achieving insight.”

The Pilgrimage, Paulo Coelho 1


The Earth Speaks

As I stand gazing up at the sacred rock, the luminous full moon appears to be balancing on its edge. I feel a shiver go through my body and I know with every cell of my being that I have to live in this ancient land. I have no idea how this could happen, yet it seems completely right and true in this moment. Here in the moon shadow of the rock, the vibration of trust is so strong; I feel completely supported by the Spirits of the Land.

This pivotal moment out at Uluru, the heart of Australia and the Solar Plexus Chakra of the planet, was the beginning of a huge transformational time in my life. The change saw me leaving my family and friends to move 12,000 miles across the world from Great Britain to live in Sydney, Australia. I knew no-one there but I was compelled to listen to my calling.

During the early months of living in Sydney, I had plenty of time to focus on my spiritual growth. I spent many hours alone, exploring my new home on the edge of the harbour. I had only spent two days in this beautiful city prior to emigrating and I was keen to get to know the area. My weekends were filled with long walks through the spectacular national parks, meditating on sandstone rocks overlooking pristine beaches and beginning to connect with the land. I felt at home in my new climate, although at times was lonely, and had the subtle feeling that my life was changing beyond recognition. My move from England to Australia had clearly put me directly on the next step of my soul path – although I didn’t know it at the time.

In the following year I immersed myself in self-exploration, something I did not have the time for in England. I studied spiritual healing, trained as a yoga teacher, learnt massage and gave away a highly successful career in advertising & marketing. My personal life was also transforming, and after a year apart, my fiancé joined me in Australia, we married and I became pregnant with my first child.

In my spare time I read many books about spiritual growth and picked up local magazines, which advertised new age events such as meditation groups, yoga classes and healing circles. One of these magazines was called “Southern Crossings.” It was here that I first saw the map of the Planetary Chakras in an article titled ‘Where are the Earth Chakras?’ by Robert Coon. 2

My immediate and spontaneous response to seeing this map was: “I must visit all of these places in this lifetime!” It was a reaction of absolute certainty and commitment. I was familiar with the human chakras, wheels of light within our energy body, but I had never heard of chakras relating to the earth. Of course, it made sense to me, if we believe our planet is a living, breathing entity, she would naturally have an energy system similar to ours. I studied the map and realised I had already been to the Heart Chakra point in Glastonbury, England and to the Solar Plexus at Uluru, Australia. If my powerful life-changing experience at Uluru was anything to go by, it was clear that these sacred sites, or chakra points, would be potent places to visit.

Little did I know that this map would be the catalyst initiating a pilgrimage that would take me all over the world to some of the most remote and spiritually significant centres on the planet. However, it took several years for me to realise the full meaning of this ‘soul message’ and to gain clarity about my purpose as a spiritual healer and earth keeper. There were many stages along the way that were important steps in learning to follow my inner guidance, trust my heart and discover more self-love.

Leaving the stressful business world and retraining in both childbirth education and spiritual healing was a significant move in this process. When I began to follow my heart’s calling, I started to find myself in the right place at the right time. New doors opened and my role supporting women and families in their transformation to becoming parents continues to give me enormous fulfilment and joy. My work as a spiritual healer has also given me the opportunity to support many clients in times of challenge and growth. It is a privilege to work with each and every person in this role of deep trust and connection to spirit, and to see them embracing positive change in their lives.

On a personal level, it has been a profoundly transformative time on my soul path. I know without a doubt, none of this would have occurred if I had not listened to my inner guidance on that full moon night at Uluru all those years ago and put the wheels in motion to move to Australia. Looking back, I now understand the way in which my energy body or vibrational field was changed by my time at Uluru. I received what I call an ‘energy upgrade’. This occurs when the energy frequency of a sacred site is higher than our own energetic vibration. Spending time there offers the chance for our auric field to be cleansed and recalibrated to match the higher vibration of the site. This will create profound change and transformation in our lives when we are ready to follow the signs.

The sacred sites around the world are steeped in the history of the ancient peoples who understood the significance of the Earth’s power points. They are often located where ley lines cross in the landscape. The ley lines as they were named by the Druids, or songlines as the Aboriginal people call them, form a grid-like pattern linking one point to the next, in an intricate Global Grid. The most significant of these places can be viewed as the Chakra System of Mother Earth—powerful vortexes which allow us to access the timeless wisdom contained within their energy field.

Our ancient ancestors knew that these vortexes, or gathering places of the earth’s energy, were sacred, and they considered them to be multi-dimensional portals to higher consciousness. In present time, visiting the sites can be a life-changing experience—activating and energising our ‘light body’ thereby giving us new inspiration and clarity on our soul path, with greater awareness to consciously creating our own destiny. I believe visiting the sacred sites is a two-way exchange of energy – the natural intelligence of the site offers healing for us, and we in turn, act like an ‘acupuncture needle’ to bring greater awareness and alignment to the earth when we stand consciously in these places of power.

There are many important sites all over the world, near and far, each one significant in its own right. Individual places will call to different people; there is no defined place of ideal alignment on the planet for everyone. The map that I followed clearly resonated with me. It gave me the inspiration to begin my journey and to listen to my heart’s wisdom. It is my wish that this book may inspire you to explore the landscapes and cultures that summon your heart and support your own spiritual journey.

Over the twenty-eight-year process of visiting the seven sites, I have trusted my intuition to guide me as to which place to visit next. It felt right to wait until a particular earth chakra began calling to me—at first in a subtle way perhaps coming to me in a meditation, and then becoming stronger. It was not a conscious or mental process of creating a travel itinerary, but more a natural organic unfolding of the path to be taken. Although I have written this book in order, from the Crown Chakra down to the Base Chakra, the individual journeys to the earth chakras happened in their own divine timing.

Visiting sacred sites and meeting with teachers around the world has greatly enhanced my understanding of the magical, the mystical, the shamanic, and the way indigenous cultures embrace healing as part of daily life. I have heartfelt gratitude for all the guides and mentors, in both the physical and spirit realms, who have played a part in my pilgrimage of healing and transformation.

There is an Irish blessing that begins with the words “May the road rise up to meet you”. This is how I feel when a sacred site begins to call to me; any obstacles fall away, the way becomes clear and before long, I am enthusiastically making travel plans.

Earth Chakras & Vibrational Essences

Where Are the Earth Chakras?

When I mention the earth chakras, the first question I am asked is ‘Where are they?’ This is often followed by a reflection on a powerful place the person has visited that must surely be an earth chakra. This is true; places such as Hawaii, Africa, Bali and many other countries all have their own power spots. Some of these are ‘spinner wheels’ or connecting points on the Global or Planetary Grid and every one of the sacred sites around the world is a place of significance.

When we compare Mother Earth (Gaia) to a human body, we get a clearer picture. The human chakra system is commonly referred to as having seven major chakras, coming from the Hindu or yogic tradition. There are also 114 mini-chakras and another 72,000 nadis, which can be cross-referenced with acupuncture and shiatsu points. Our own energy body is a complex network of connection points, and so it is with the earth chakras and the Global Grid. We do not have to travel far to find a place of power where we can connect with the landscape to feel aligned and energised.

On the other hand, we may occasionally feel repelled by the thought of visiting a particular place. When I first saw the earth chakra map, Mount Kailash in Tibet was indicated as the crown chakra. At the time I remember thinking this may be the only place that I would find challenging to visit. Later, I recalled an unhappy past life in Tibet, where I had felt so desperate I ended my own life by throwing myself off a high mountain peak. In that lifetime, my present-time lover had been a monk and a close friend. In the past life, he had put my soul to rest and ensured the Buddhist death rites were conducted on my behalf. My spirit finally found peace, yet I had no desire to revisit the place where I had carried so much distress in the past. I put Tibet on the back burner and continued my quest to the other chakras, always trusting the mission on my soul path would unfold in the perfect way.

Some years later, just before my trip to Peru in 2009, I read a book by well-known spiritual teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, called Serpent of Light – Beyond 2012, in which he explores the idea of the planetary crown chakra moving from Tibet to the Andes in South America. Drunvalo shares, “This Serpent of Light and the hundreds of indigenous tribes and cultures have secretly helped guide this spiritual energy from Tibet to its new home in South America. Coming out of Tibet into India, it then moved in a snakelike manner to almost every country in the world until it reached Chile, the new home of the Earth’s Kundalini, the new ‘Tibet’.” 3

When I read the book, I had the feeling this shift from Tibet, a patriarchal society, to South America, a matriarchal one, was significant for the planet at this time as we moved into a time of great healing for the sacred feminine. In South America, the honouring of the feminine is more apparent by the daily acknowledgement of the Goddess Pachamama or Earth Mother. Even in Christian terms, the worship of both the Virgin Mary and Mother Mary, as female deities, appears to be more prevalent there, too. I also understood that the year 2012 was indicated by ancient civilisations, including the Mayan calendar, to be a turning point in time when greater balance would come about on earth.

Drunvalo continues “Not only is this a shift of spiritual power from the male to the female, but it is also a spiritual power shift from Tibet and India to Chile and Peru. The Light of the World that has been nurtured and expanded with the Tibetan and Indian cultures is now completed. Its new reign has just begun in Chile and Peru, and soon it will affect the hearts of all mankind.” 4

My own heart was calling me to Peru. I trusted this, and made the decision to visit the temples of Machu Picchu—intuitively linking with it as the new crown centre energy of the earth. These ancient temples, dedicated to the Sun God – Inti and the medicine of the Condor, would prove to be in perfect resonance with the crown chakra connection to source and with the divine.

I later learned that many of the world’s spiritual leaders, as well as indigenous teachers, acknowledge that the energy of the planet shifted during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, from the masculine energies of Tibet to the feminine energies of Peru, and more particular, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Creating Vibrational Essences

Vibrational medicine, in the form of healing tinctures and remedies, has been practiced widely in ancient civilisations, including Egypt and Atlantis. Today, vibrational medicine includes homeopathy, Bach flower essences, gem elixirs, light essences and aromatherapy. A vibrational essence captures the healing properties of the core signature (energy pattern) of an object, being or landscape. This may be of a flower, a crystal, a symbol, sacred place, or of a particular realm, such as angelic or fairy essences.

Creating vibrational essences is a highly intuitive and transformational experience, requiring clear intention, a deep connection to spirit and trust in the process. When we create an essence, the remedy is co-created with nature and with the divine; the process is a two-way exchange and offers a blessing back to the earth. Vibrational essences offer a subtle, yet powerful way to establish balance in the chakras, the aura and the physical body to support spiritual wellbeing.

When I first began to visit the earth chakras, I had no thoughts of making essences. I was not guided to do this until the year 2000; whilst attending a flower essence workshop with Kaliana Rose, a gifted healer and founder of Rose of Raphael. I received the clairaudient message within the first ten minutes of sitting in the workshop: to begin creating essences at the sacred sites. This was a moment of such clarity and certainty that I knew immediately it was to be my new path.

I am often asked “How do I know if I am on my soul path?” My response is an invitation to explore these questions, “What do you absolutely love doing?” or “What really makes your heart sing?” The other sign of fulfilling your soul purpose is when something finds you, and this is the case for me with the vibrational essences. My intuitive guidance was so strong I felt compelled to follow the call.

The workshop inspired and motivated me to continue my earth chakra pilgrimage, which would now mean re-visiting some of the places, only this time to create an essence. I went on to create seven vibrational essences from the major earth chakras, a mission that took 28 years and many air miles.

These unique remedies are also referred to as ‘Landscape Essences’ as they capture the ancient wisdom and vibrational healing properties of a landscape or sacred site in the mother tincture. The Sacred Planet Essences offer the gift of aligning with the planetary healing energies of Mother Earth.

The first landscape essence created was on the beautiful island of Bali, at the Mother Temple in Besakih, high on the slopes of Mount Agung. The site is the largest and holiest temple of the Hindu religion on the island, and is built on six levels, terraced up the slope of the mountainside. The vast temple complex includes three main temples dedicated to the three Gods – Shiva the destroyer or transformer, Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver.

On the original map of the earth chakras, Bali was shown as a ‘spinner wheel’, and the centre of purification for the planet. It indicated that all the earth currents passing through Bali would be purified for healing. This resonated with me, and I chose to initiate the journey of the planetary essences on the exotic Island of the Gods.

I had visited Bali several times. I loved the warmth of the people, the beauty of their daily devotional practice and the cleansing rituals. I felt safe and at home on the island, but this trip was a different undertaking. My wish was to create the essence inside the Mother Temple, a place I knew was sacred to the local people and where visitors were not always welcome. I prayed to the Goddesses and Gods for guidance and protection as I prepared to visit the temple. I bathed and dressed appropriately in a long sarong, covered my arms and decorated my hair with sweet-smelling frangipani flowers. On the trip to the temple, I made the intention for my path to be clear, and although there were many guides and touts hustling for business around the ornate entrance, I managed to avoid them.

I made my way to the lower courtyard, the first platform, where it is customary to make an offering to the Gods. I received a blessing with holy water from a female priest, who smiled whilst pouring the water from the sacred mountain into my hands; I felt welcomed. I slowly began to climb the many steps through the centre of the complex of more than 80 individual temples. I hoped to make the essence alongside the highest pavilion—a platform reserved for Hindu worship and not usually open to visitors.

When I reached the top, there was a grassy bank around the temple and this is where I sat to meditate before setting up the bowl for the essence. With no-one around, I closed my eyes and began to tune into the tangible spiritual energy of the holy mountain. Before long, I felt a presence nearby and opening my eyes, I saw a priest dressed in traditional white clothing and a headdress standing in front of me. My first thought was he may ask me to move, but surprisingly this was not the case. “You are meditating,” he gently affirmed, “Would you like to come inside?”

He invited me to join him in the high temple and was curious when I asked if I might place the bowl of water for the essence in front of the enormous statues of the Gods. He happily agreed and seemed open to the idea of capturing the vibration of the temple in the water to share with others. I was enormously grateful to be offered this time to experience the extraordinary power of the Mother Temple. When the essence was complete, the priest offered me his assistance to bottle it and sent me on my way.

With my mission complete, my feet literally flew down the 1,700 steps. I felt elated and joyful to have fulfilled my intention, and to have been given both access to the temple and heartfelt support to make the essence. This uplifting experience would pave the way for future trips to some of the most remote and sacred places around the world. My vision to travel to the earth chakras now felt real and within my reach.

Chapter 1

Crown Chakra – Machu Picchu, Peru

Seeing the Bigger Picture

I have a vision…

Awakening in the pre-dawn light, I am a young Inca girl. I quickly dress in my simple woven tunic, tying it around my waist, and then strap my leather sandals onto my feet. Adding the customary band around my head, I am ready for the day. With the chill of the morning air against my skin, I leave my simple abode and begin to make my way across the neat terraces cut into the mountainside. My destination is the Intihuatana Stone or ‘hitching post of the sun’, one of the highest points in our community, where the members of my tribe come to gather in silence as we prepare to greet the morning sun.

My friends, girls my age, are also making their way to the point where a large carved rock indicates the time of day when the sun casts a shadow on its stone. For now, we are still in the pre-dawn shadow of the mountains as our village rests on a slightly lower plateau, cradled by the surrounding mountain range.

We move quietly across courtyards and past temples where ceremonies take place at special times of the year: celebrations and rituals to mark the passing seasons, where we give thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth) for her gifts of abundance. Many of our rituals worship the Sun God (Inti) showing our appreciation for the nourishing and life sustaining warmth of the sun as our primary source of wealth.

I begin to climb up the steps towards the Stone, quickly now to be sure I am in my place when the first rays of the sun reach our plateau. We stand together in oneness. There is no hierarchy, only our equality as men and women and the honouring of each person. Gently at first, the light changes as the sun begins to shine over the distant peaks.

We begin to chant softly... I close my eyes to bask in the first gentle rays of light on my face as the sun emerges from the shadowy peaks. I open my crown chakra, as I have been taught, to receive the golden liquid light into my whole being. My third eye awakens, as the light flows into my body, and I feel it moving down through my throat and flooding into my heart centre. Here it becomes a golden lake encircling my chest. The light swirls into the back of my heart chakra, loosening the muscles between my shoulder blades, to allow my wings to open easily.

Reaching up with my arms, I spread my wings, as the warmth continues down through my lower chakras, my organs and veins, until every cell is bathed in liquid golden light, right down to the tips of my toes. My light body is now vibrating at ‘gold’ and I give thanks to the sun as this golden vibration pulses through me, overflowing and grounding down into Pachamama. I am a conduit of healing light for the Earth.

As the morning ritual comes to a conclusion, my feet carry me lightly down the steps past the Tree of Life, the only standing tree in our community, to the Condor Temple. Here I bow before the large stone altar to make an offering – again giving thanks to the sun and in acknowledgement of the powerful Condor Medicine – the gift of divine connection, higher wisdom and the conscious intention to embrace a spiritually aligned path.

Synchronistic Meetings

The first time I ever thought of Peru was back in 1985 when I was staying on a floating lodge in the Amazon in Brazil. I had miraculously won a holiday to Rio de Janeiro in a marketing competition and felt compelled to make a side trip to the lodge deep in the jungle. A local guide suggested it was possible to navigate through the rainforest from Brazil, following the banks of the Amazon all the way to Peru. When I expressed surprise at the terrain and the distance, he laughed and said, “Well, we could take a horse for you!”

After that I started to learn about Peru and gather pictures, particularly of Machu Picchu. I felt drawn to the culture and experienced a connection with ‘bird tribe’ energy in my meditations. I had a picture of Machu Picchu with its vivid green terraces and ancient ruins on my vision board for at least ten years before I got there. As a long-time vision board creator, I have learnt to trust in ‘divine timing’ that is always in alignment with our ‘highest good’. The ‘Universe’ hears our request and delivers the results at the perfect time. In 2009, a series of synchronistic events had me journeying back to the Amazon and on to Machu Picchu.

I had heard of the Brazilian medium and healer, known as John of God, a name given to him by the local people. I understood people seeking a ‘cure’ for cancer or other life threatening illness would travel to his healing centre in Abadiania, a small rural village near Brasilia. There were stories of the unusual psychic surgery practices used by the ‘spirit doctors’ who worked through Medium Joao, as he is known in Brazil. I also knew a woman with breast cancer who had visited him and she had come to a place of wonderful trust and acceptance before her death.

In my work as a spiritual healer, I understand the soul has its own destiny and plan in the greater scheme of existence. It is not always in our highest good for our soul to continue earth-side… Several of my clients have been through the experience of serious illness and I feel my role is to support them in coming to a place of peace and acceptance, regardless of the final outcome. In fact, I have had several ‘visitations’ from clients who have passed over. They have all been excited to share their experience of limitless expansion in the spirit realm with me.

In 2008, my dear friend Radhika, who was just recovering from surgery for bowel cancer, met John of God. She attended his spiritual healing retreat in New Zealand, at Lower Hutt, her place of birth. On arrival at the retreat she heard the words in her head “You are not sick” and immediately knew she had fully recovered, even though she had not followed the doctor’s recommendation of chemotherapy.

On returning from this healing retreat, Radhika was keen to share her experience and told me about the John of God Healing Centre in Australia (The Australian Casa). It happened to be at the top of a hill on a beautiful property, just three kilometres up the road from my home in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales.

I immediately started attending the powerful weekly ‘current’ meditations, where a direct link to Medium Joao and the healing energies of the Brazilian Casa was established for us to enjoy. The energy during these ‘current’ sessions was profound. I have meditated in sacred places all over the world, and this hour and a half of closed eye meditation was an experience unlike any other. The essence of pure bliss combined with a feeling of cleansing, rejuvenation and joy washed over me like a waterfall.

I had no thoughts of visiting Brazil at that time; however, each time I sat in the current meditation, I would be taken for a ‘spin’ over the landscapes of Brazil. I felt as if I was flying down low over the rainforest canopy, above the Amazon River, meeting brightly coloured parrots and noisy macaws hovering above the treetops. Then swooping up and soaring over the continent down to Rio and around the huge white statue of Jesus – Christ the Redeemer – standing with arms out-stretched as a guardian over the harbour. I would then travel over to the extraordinary Iguazu Falls on the southern border between Brazil and Argentina. All of these places I had visited in my earlier trip to Brazil, yet I had no conscious desire to revisit this amazing land until now.

Around the same time, another series of events rekindled my interest in Peru. My neighbours mentioned an old friend they had met up with for breakfast. He was a psychologist who had been studying with the Shamans of Peru for many years. I asked what he was doing here in Byron Bay, and they told me he was giving a talk about his Four Winds School of Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing and that he had invited them to join him on a trip to the Amazon in Peru.

This conversation took place on a hot summer evening in their swimming pool at around six o’clock. When I asked where and when the talk was being held, they said, “At six thirty in Bangalow”, a nearby town. Within minutes I had jumped out of the pool, raced home, dressed and driven to hear the talk.

I arrived at the venue just in time for the presentation. Alberto is a charismatic speaker. He has one of those faces which could come from many cultures, in one moment looking like a young Native American, the next like an elder and South American Shaman. During the evening he talked about shamanic practices and the teachers (Inca Elders) he works with in Peru, and then guided us in a soul retrieval meditation to reconnect with any parts of ourselves which may have been left behind in other lifetimes.

The wealth of wisdom he shared included the concept, held by ancient civilisations, that time is not linear as indicated by Western calendars, but time is circular and turns like a ‘wheel’ or a figure of 8. The future can reach back in time and pull you forwards into the future. In sacred time (circular time) the operating principle is synchronicity. Alberto continued to share, “When you live in linear time, you get Western medicine. In circular time you get sacred medicine. When you are in ‘right relationship’ with time, the train leaves when you get there!”

At the end of the evening, I joined the long line of people waiting for books to be signed; I wished to thank Alberto for his insightful talk. When I mentioned our mutual friends who may join his group in Peru, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Why don’t you come too?” I knew that nearly all of the participants on the trip were students with Four Winds and felt privileged to be invited to join them.

Immediately following this meeting, time appeared to be speeding up and everything started to fall into place – synchronicity was coming into play. A couple of days later I was invited to watch a movie about the coming planetary changes in 2012. Unbeknown to me, the documentary featured Alberto Villoldo sitting in ceremony with the Inca Elders. As I took in the magical scenery of the Andes and the Sacred Valley, I made my decision to join the Four Winds group in Peru.

Of course, I could not go to South America without visiting John of God in Brazil too, so travel plans were quickly made to fly to Peru and spend time in the Amazon. Then I would independently explore the Sacred Valley and, most importantly, finally visit Machu Picchu. This would be followed by a marathon trip across the continent from Cusco to Lima to Sao Paulo to Brasilia and on to Abadiania, the home of John of God.

Rainforest Healing

Our group meets in the dusty town of Puerto Maldonaldo. From there we will travel down the river by motor canoe for two hours to the lodge. The river here is wide and open, very different to my last experience of the Amazon when we stayed on the floating lodge, in a small tributary. Soon the sounds of the jungle begin to resonate all around us, rainbow-coloured parrots, macaws and chattering monkeys call out, as the boat makes its way through the calm water. Eventually we come to the Eco Lodge, on the banks of the Amazon, with a cluster of small cabins set in twenty five hectares of virgin rainforest – heaven!

Our first meeting with Alberto and his new wife, Marcela – who is initiated into a linage of female shamans herself – takes place in a large hut surrounded by jungle. Sitting in circle, we begin to share our personal stories and to set intentions for our time here. It is so precious to be here, I already feel like crying tears of release into the earth.

As I ponder my highest intention, here in this magical place, my heart is open and empty to receive love; my purpose becomes clear:

To step into my new role in life when my youngest daughter is finished school. To live my destiny in love. To be fully who I am. To be in service to Mother Earth. To walk the beauty way supported with abundance and love.”

Before coming on the trip, I was feeling confused as to how my life would unfold once my youngest daughter left home. My primary focus over the past ten years had been mothering my two daughters – a role I loved for the soulful connection we shared. My sacred birth education and spiritual healing work had always been on a part-time basis, to fit around school schedules and holidays. With Amber about to fly the nest, I had begun to question if I should now get a full-time job to support myself and the beautiful property I owned near Byron Bay. I loved my work with a passion. Supporting others in times of transformation, such as pregnancy, birth and life transitions, was enormously fulfilling. However, it was not fully supporting me financially and I wondered if working in more regular employment would be a better option. Here in the depths of the Amazon rainforest I was hoping to gain clarity about this decision.

The Four Winds Society teaches the ancient traditions of the Inca Medicine Wheel, Alberto is a Shaman having spent many years apprenticing with the traditional medicine men and women. I was already familiar with the power of native teachings and had created a ceremonial medicine wheel at home to honour the four directions, the seasons and natural cycles on my land. There are many different ways of working with the healing energies of the medicine wheel from the different tribes and nations around the world. Alberto works with the symbols of the Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Condor sitting in the four directions.

As soon as I arrived in the Amazon, I, too, began to connect with these totem animals. In one dream, I am at work and my Mother arrives to tell me she has a new job (my mum had died a few years earlier). She adds that I will be losing my job, but she will try to find me a new one. As I wake from the dream, a Jaguar appears in my third eye with the message: “Be still to hear the heartbeat of the Mother. Take in your surroundings before acting.”

The next days are spent basking in the natural healing properties of the rainforest. The air is moist against my skin as we walk amongst the enormous tree guardians, leaning against trunks that are hundreds of years old and feeling their roots connecting so deeply into the earth. Tears flow as I feel the support of these ancient ones. Chino, a local shaman, watches over me, waiting quietly beside me. He points to an enormous butterfly, which has the symbol of an eye on its wings, as it comes to rest nearby. Its message is: “Be soft in your heart and allow the gentleness to heal you.”

Later that day I receive a shamanic healing session from Chino. I ask where he learned his skills. “From meteorite,” he replies. I do not question further as my Spanish is too basic. During the session he places a large rock in each of my palms. I lie with eyes closed as he conducts a cleansing ritual and heart healing ceremony. When I open my eyes I see the rocks in my hands are pieces of meteorite, it feels as if stardust is pouring up my arms and into my heart, a deep sense of relaxation and balance floods over me.

On our walks through the jungle, we encounter a huge variety of wildlife. A spider monkey suddenly jumps onto the top of one woman’s head. She manages to stand completely still until our guide throws a piece of fruit to distract it. Only when it has swung off again, does she break into squeals of laughter. We visit a lake full of caiman (tiny crocodiles) lying peacefully in the water. When swimming, they use little effort, moving gently through the water. As I sit quietly by the lake in meditation, the Hummingbird totem flies into my heart and gives me the simple message: “Drink from your own sweetness.”

By the end of my time here I have come to a place of deep peace within and without –“Love flows through me and within me. My relationships are an outer expression of the love within. When my heart is open and expansive, my true destiny synchronistically shows itself. I am abundantly supported to follow my heart.”

As we sit in the closing circle to say our good-byes and share our final insights, the words “The job is within you” come to me. The healing work I already do is my sacred work and I am clearly on my soul path.

Temple of the Condor

After the deeply nurturing time in the Amazon, I feel ready to begin the next part of the adventure to the Sacred Valley. This area is seen by the Incas as a reflection of the Milky Way or ‘heaven on earth’, with the ancient site of Machu Picchu sitting on a high saddle surrounded on three sides by the Urubamba River.

We fly back to Cusco where I instantly feel an overwhelming sensation of joy. I feel peaceful, content and inexplicably happy as we wander the streets of this mountain city.

The same day we travel by car to the small town of Ollantaytambo, which dates back to the time of the Incan Empire with its cobblestone streets and quaint plaza. There are many ancient ruins around the town including Temple Hill, the Wall of the Six Monoliths and an uncompleted Sun Temple being built in the shape of a llama. Today it is one of the starting points for the four-day hike known as the Inca Trail. It is also where the train to Machu Picchu begins its journey up the mountains each day.

We have pre-booked accommodation in a family-run hostel owned by an English woman and her Peruvian husband. She says he will meet us in the Plaza to carry our bags, as the small cobblestone streets are not wide enough for cars. We wait patiently and just when we are about to give up, a car pulls up and out jumps a Peruvian man full of excitement who, in broken English, tells us he has come straight from the hospital where his wife has just given birth to their second child!

In the following days, my natural mothering and birthing skills come into play. On her return from hospital, the new mother is trying to run the hostel, make sure the guests are comfortable, supervise her husband and look after her three-year-old at the same time as she is trying to bond and establish breastfeeding with her tiny new baby. I offer gentle healing energy, soothing words, listen to her birth experience and reassure her all is well with the baby and her milk supply. Soon afterwards her parents arrive from England to give her the much-needed practical support.

On the second day, I begin to feel the effects of altitude sickness. I am very tired and short of breath, but luckily not feeling any nausea. I know it will take a few days to acclimatise, so I drink the local remedy of coca tea (which tastes nothing like chocolate; more like green tea with sugar) and continue to take the CoQ10 tablets, which support the body’s ability to use oxygen. Rest is, of course, the best remedy.

We take it easy for a couple of days, exploring Ollantaytambo, the surrounding landscape and its fascinating ruins, without too much strenuous climbing. I already love this place – the stark mountains silhouetted against the crisp blue skies, the warmth of the local people, especially the women who dress like an embodiment of Pachamama with their wide layered skirts and brightly coloured hats. As in many indigenous cultures around the world, the women carry their babies and toddlers tied to their backs with a colourful woven shawl; this is attachment parenting at its best.

Being a major tourist attraction, the tickets for Machu Picchu and the train up the mountain are not cheap. There are several different classes of train and we opt to travel up on the ‘Vistadome’ to enjoy the spectacular mountain views through the glass roof of the train. We will make the return trip in the less expensive economy carriage.

Many tour companies offer packages, including guides, lunch and accommodation. I have learnt from my travels all over the world, to do my research first then to visit the sacred site alone or with a friend. I avoid groups with guides who are focused on the proven historical facts, as my reason for being there is to work with my intuition and psychic awareness, to ‘feel’ the energy and allow the site to ‘inform’ me of its healing gifts.

It often amazes me when I am sitting quietly meditating at a sacred site, the amount of people being herded around by guides, quickly moving from one point to the next with no time to really settle and take in the experience. Machu Picchu was no different, in fact it was one of the only times where I was sitting against a rock with my eyes closed in deep meditation, when a tourist came up to me and asked me to move so she could take a picture!

The train journey takes about an hour and a half from Ollantaytambo, making its way up the mountains through stunning landscapes. There is a sense of anticipation in the air, as the travellers gaze out of the glass roof up to the peaks above outlined against the clear blue sky. We plan to stay overnight in Aguas Caliente the small town just below Machu Picchu. There is only one hotel at the site itself (an expensive five-star), most visitors stay in Aguas Caliente so they can easily catch the bus at five thirty in the morning to watch the sunrise.

We disembark next to the colourful markets, grab a snack and head straight for the bus to Machu Picchu. Wow! This is one of the most terrifying bus trips I have ever experienced. I am sure the driver knows what he is doing but the way the road curls around the mountain with almost vertical drops plunging over the edge to the valley below has me holding my breath. I am very happy to arrive at the gates safely.

As we enter the site there is a small path off to the left. We climb the steps and find ourselves at the peak, where most of the classic pictures of Machu Picchu are taken. The view takes my breath away, seeing the emerald green terraces and ancient ruins spread out before me, with the peak of Wayna Picchu as its guardian in the background. I have waited so long to be back here in this place which I feel is in my cellular memory from long ago, perhaps lifetimes and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

The first day, along with hundreds of other tourists, I begin to explore the layout of this historic community. Entering through the stone gateway of the walled city, I can feel the memories stored within these enormous stones, which have been placed here so long ago by the Incas. I am in awe of the structure and layout of this place, with its neat terraces perfectly aligned along the mountainside. I wonder how on earth human beings managed to create such elaborate structures with no building equipment as we know it today.

Walking along the pathways and through the temples, I begin to remember… I recall living in harmony with these surroundings, worshipping the sun every day in ritual to give thanks for its life-giving and sustaining energy. I feel at home here and seek the perfect place to make the vibrational essence the next morning, when I will return at sunrise to capture the first rays of the sun in the pure water of the essence.

The Intihuatana Stone, sometimes referred to as a sundial, is an enormous rock with a carved pointed stone on top, the highest point in the ruins. Depending on the time of day and time of year, the stone casts a changing shadow on the rock, which indicates the different seasons. I feel sure the Inca people used this to observe the timing of their rituals. This place is one of the first points to be touched by the rays of the morning sun as it emerges from the surrounding mountains.

I pass through the Temple of the Three Windows with their amazing view across the mountainous landscape. This Temple is also called the Windows of the Universe and is said to represent each part of the world: the underground (Uka-Pacha), the heaven (Hana-Pacha) and the present or the actual time (Kay-Pacha).

Imagining the powerful ceremonies that would have taken place here in these courtyards, I climb down the steps and across the main plaza. I pass by the Tree of Life, the only standing tree in the complex, say ‘hello’ to the nearby grazing llamas, on my way to explore the Temple of the Condor with its huge stone altar. There is an open window in the wall of the Temple, this looks promising for placing the essence in the morning sun the next day.

Finding a quiet corner, away from the crowds, I sit down to meditate in the sun. Two tiny birds come to join me, flying in and out of my space and settling in between the stones of the wall. I am taken with their size and exquisite beauty, compared to the size of the condor in whose temple I am sitting. The Condor is the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere, its wingspan ranges from 274 to 310 centimetres, and they can live for 50 years or more and mate for life.

In the evening, we take the bus back to town and check into our hotel next to the Urubamba River. After a simple dinner at a local restaurant, I say good-bye to my friends and fall asleep to the sound of the water flowing over the rocks below.

Whenever the time is right to create a vibrational essence I feel my spirit is vibrationally aligning with my soul purpose. Excitedly, I pack my bag with my essence-making tools – clear glass bowl, pyramid shaped cover, pure water and the crystals I have chosen to sit beside the bowl and hold the space, helping to anchor the energy for the essence.

The next day I am awake before dawn to catch the first bus up to Machu Picchu. There are many tourists making the same trip, and as always, I trust my guidance to find the perfect place for the essence, regardless of how many people are around. We arrive at the gate and I have planned to go straight to the Temple of the Condor to set up the essence bowl.

However, once entering the site, I find my feet ‘walking me’ in the pre-dawn light up towards the Intihuatana Stone. I follow this impulse and climb the steps to where many people have gathered to await the first rays of the sun. Usually I would avoid large numbers of people when doing my sacred work, but this time I realise everyone is here for the same reason and all are quietly waiting to greet the sun. There is a feeling of oneness.

The energy is beautiful, some people have cameras set up, and others are gently stretching or already meditating. It feels as if we have a common devotional practice and all are grateful to partake in this ritual. I see the Condor Temple below and realise I will go there shortly, but first I will receive this sunrise blessing from the Sun God.

The sky is growing lighter as the sun makes it way upwards, still hidden behind the surrounding mountains. I stand quietly breathing and grounding myself to connect here fully, allowing my roots to reach down into the centre of the earth, the crystal core of the planet. I call on the four directions to balance and support me in my work, breathing easily and opening to receive.

The first rays of sunlight burst over the opposite peak. I feel the warmth against my face and open my eyes to see rainbow prisms of light. The golden light of the sun pours in through the top of my crown chakra, like energising liquid flowing into my third eye chakra, my throat chakra, my heart and down through my physical body.

The light raises my vibration as it continues to pour through my whole being and then flows down into Mother Earth. I feel alive, energised and ready to continue my work. Without thinking, my feet carry me down the steps and into the Temple of the Condor, where I set up the essence to capture the sun’s rays as soon as they reach the window overlooking the Tree of Life.

There is no one around as I set up the essence bowl and the water, then settle myself next to it in quiet meditation. I call upon Pachamama, the ancient spirit guides of Machu Picchu and the Medicine of the Condor to bless the water with the healing vibrations of this sacred place and the rejuvenating properties of the morning sun.

In meditation, I connect with the energy of the Condor, feeling the power of its wings and the clarity of vision to see the overview—the bigger picture. The message comes, “This essence will help you to rise above the everyday and connect with higher wisdom. You will recognise your place in the world and how you can benefit humanity. Ask yourself, ‘What is your unique gift to the world?’”

I ask myself this question and immediately feel, “I am an Inca Priestess. I worship the sun, the moon and Pachamama. I am a radiant being and an Earth Healer.” I embody this wisdom, the deep knowing that I am on purpose with my soul path, and I give thanks.

Heart Opening Healing

The days following the magical visit to Machu Picchu are both joyful and frustrating, as I had also hoped to visit Lake Titicaca (Sacral Chakra) while I was here in Peru. The news comes; there are crowds of demonstrators protesting against mining in the Amazon on the road to Puno on the banks of the lake. Puno is the Government centre of Peru and this is where the demonstrators are trying to attract media attention. However, the protestors have become violent, throwing rocks at cars and buses, so the taxi driver we have lined up refuses to drive us there.

We check out all the options, including flying from Lima to Puno, only to find the access from the airport is along this same road. For me, time is running out as I have my international flight connection to Brazil and John of God. Eventually, I accept the lack of flow and make the intention to return another time to make the essence at Lake Titicaca.

The journey to the John of God Casa is long, including a seven-hour overnight flight from Lima to Sao Paulo in Brazil, then on to Brasilia. There I am met by one of the taxis from Abadiania for the hour-and-a-half drive to my pousada, Luz Davina, the comfortable guest house where I will stay for the next two weeks.

John of God, or Medium Joao, as he is known here, holds the Healing Current sessions here each week from Wednesday to Friday. There is no charge to attend the Casa or to receive healing; there are optional herbs and blessed water that can be purchased. At first I think Joao works a three-day week, but later learn on the other days he travels to different towns and villages to perform outreach clinics for the local people. He also runs many charitable projects in the town of Abadiania, including a soup kitchen and an orphanage.

The next morning I am up early to dress, head to toe, in my white clothing (including underwear), which is requested by the Casa. This apparently makes it easier for the spirit doctors to see what treatment is needed for each person. I feel quite devotional dressing in white, then joining the stream of pilgrims walking up the dusty road to the Casa at seven o’clock.

As soon as I walk into the Casa de Dom Inacio (Home of Saint Ignatius), my emotions rise—the energy feels exquisitely loving and my tears begin to flow. There are many people, including Portuguese guides explaining the way the Casa is run. We are told to prepare questions to take to Medium Joao when we will pass by him, after waiting in line for his blessing. The advice is to ask for what is really in our hearts and to be specific on the areas we would like to receive guidance. The guides then translate our questions into Portuguese to be given to the ‘Entity’—the term used for Joao when he is embodying one of the spirit doctors.

Medium Joao arrives to a warm welcome and immediately steps onto the stage and conducts a physical ‘surgery’ on a young man. From where I am standing, he appears to push a small pair of scissors up his nose very quickly then the man, who seems a little dazed, is taken to recovery. I have heard how this kind of psychic surgery happens here, however, witnessing it is much less concerning than hearing about it. I later discover the Casa recommends visitors undertake non-physical surgery if they wish to receive a spiritual healing. It is only those who ask for the physical demonstration who will receive this type of intervention.

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