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You Gotta Try!

Written and Illustrated by John Lane


Many never achieve their dreams You have a right to your dreams To achieve anything worthwhile Naysayers and Doubters Tortoise and Hare race A baby bird To learn to ride a bike Madam C. J. Walker The Wright Brothers Dr. Jonas Salk Wilma Rudolph Harriet Tubman Rosa Parks Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The North Carolina A&T Four Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. Muhammad Ali Nelson Mandela Captain Chesley Burnett Sullenberger Building the Great Pyramid of Giza Noah’s Ark Moses crossing the Red Sea Samson and the Lion David and Goliath Naaman and Elisha Jesus and the Centurion Touching the hem of the garment of Jesus The Prodigal Son President Barack Hussein Obama Talk to achievers In every situation Incorrect grammar Get rid of old Naysayer and old Doubt


It is hoped that this book will serve as a motivational tool for readers. That it will serve as a reminder that it is always of greatest importance to keep focused, remain confident, diligent and try never to entertain self doubt and negative comments from other people. The somewhat well known stories included in this book demonstrate how following these rules account for the success of the characters in these stories. Without fail, this also holds true for all who have or will have goals they wish to reach. Remember the old adage; nothing ventured, “Nothing gained!”

Some license was taken in writing this book. The stories are told with obvious alterations and a bit of humor in effort to flavor the telling for added interest. It is hoped that these alterations do not lessen the accuracy or the importance of the original telling of these stories. The author had to try!

Many never achieve their dreams. Here’s one reason why! Time and hard work they’re just not willing to apply. It’s true; we may not succeed every time we try, but there is one thing none can deny. You are never gonna succeed at anything if you don’t try! You gotta try!


You have a right to your dreams as does the other guy! One bird has no right to tell another how he or she was made to fly! When given a chance; these words are true! No one knows what another can or can’t learn to do. What you achieve is all up to you! You gotta try!

If you’re gonna achieve anything worthwhile in this world, you gotta try! Don’t throw up your hands and say, “I can’t do it and let your dreams die! Sure, in the beginning you may make a mess, but you gotta keep on trying to find success. And you gotta always give it your very best. You gotta try!

Some Naysayers and Doubters who mean well, but will tell you, “You’ll only be wasting your time if you try!” Others may be envious with evil fish to fry. Both will discourage if you’ll allow, but keep your hand on the plow and just keep on pushing, anyhow! You gotta try!

An old Doubter once said to a tortoise, “Dude, you know good and well that you can’t outrun that rabbit.” The tortoise replied, “I’m gonna try!

Then an old Naysayer said, “Slowpoke...even if he races backwards he’ll easily out run you. Man, that dude can fly!”

Negative comments that tortoise did not embrace. He kept a slow, but steady pace. And it was the tortoise who won that race. The tortoise tried! You gotta try!

A baby bird must learn to soar up in the sky and it has to try!

If it doesn’t soon learn to use its wings it’s gonna die!

Mama bird removes the little bird from the nest and lets it fall as an important test. That little bird has to do the rest. To learn to fly, it’s gotta to try! You gotta try!

Learning to do anything in life is the same as learning to ride a bike! You gotta try!

Oh, Yeah! You may fall a few times before you get it! But…by and by!

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