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750 Little Thoughts

All my thoughts are little ones but perhaps they will grow.

Stuart J. Kamille

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Over the past several years I have published several pieces on Scribd.Com., which is a web site similar to Smashwords. Imagine my surprise when I found that one item, Very Short Thoughts has been read by over 120,000 readers. Finding that there was an interest, I started writing down more short thoughts as they occurred to me.

But there was a problem. It was difficult to make corrections or deletions without resubmitting the entire manuscript and then the number of readers got reset to zero. That means once it’s published…it’s in stone. I can’t reconsider or delete the weaker ideas and replace them with something better without losing track of how many readers were interested enough to read them. Smashwords allows me to make changes without losing track of my readers. So I’ve gone through several of my earlier publications and deleted a large number of thoughts, replacing them with what I consider to be better, clearer or more entertaining ideas. Then I added more to the list to bring the total to 750.

What follows is a new, and improved list entitled, Everyday Common Sense. I’d like to think that it’s an improvement over the original bunch with many more brand new ones as well. This allows those of you who have read some of the original “thoughts” to get a chance to thumb through some of your favorites and also see some new ones that (I hope) will amuse you.

To make them easier to read and to remember where you left off; I've divided them into groups of five and divided the groups with a day of the week. It doesn't make any difference which day you start on since there is no theme. Just match the day of the week when you begin and it will help you keep your place.

If you like some of them, please let me know and I’ll continue to write them as they occur to me. If you don’t like some, please let me know and if several people have the same feeling, I’ll either delete them or try to improve them. My contacts and bio are at the end of this volume.

I hope these thoughts amuse you and you find your time well spent.


Everyday Common Sense


1. Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does.

2. God give me the grace to accept that even people I don't like sometimes have good ideas.

3. The more you live it up; the more you have to live down.

4. Your Mom has seen you at your best and at your worst and it still hasn't changed her mind.

5. We always want everyone to do well, just not as well as we do.


6. Most people would like to lose a little weight and sure enough, that's all they manage to lose.

7. There is a new black hole forming from which no light can escape It is located in Washington DC.

8. Not every pony is worth the upkeep.

9. To broaden your circle of friends, stop going around in the same circles.

10. In Washington, a budget is a target to exceed.


11. Even your heroes have problems. That's what made them heroes in the first place.

12. We are each in our own boat. The ones who row get someplace.

13. Take your life in your hands or life will take you by the nose.

14. Measure your life by firsts not in seconds.

15. Patience keeps foolish remarks in their proper place…unsaid.


16. When you’re younger, you want to be older and when you’re older, you want to be younger and no one wants to be middle aged.

17. Why do the instructions always apply to a different model than the one I bought?

18. The quickest way to get there is to avoid shortcuts.

19. The more corners you cut, the smaller the piece.

20. No one ever made a friend by arguing.


21. We grow wiser by degrees, but PhD and MD are not the degrees I mean.

22. Worry is understanding enough to realize that there may be a problem.

23. Nothing has just one side.

24. Taxes are the government's way of letting us know they are thinking of us.

25. We spend more effort worrying about things that won't happen than fixing things that do.


26. It is hard to judge ourselves fairly because we always believe our own excuses.

27. If you don't take charge of your life, someone else will try to.

28. You can't sail the ship standing on the dock.

29. The only thing certain about the future is that it is not certain.

30. The more I organize; the more there is to organize.


31. There is never enough time to do anything, except worry that there is never enough time to do anything.

32. Congress is like Peter Pan's Neverland. It's full of pirates, crocodiles and little lost boys that don't want to grow up.

33. We are better at fooling ourselves then at fooling others.

34. The loser the mouth, the more room for exaggeration.

35. Everyone needs a good editor.


36. You can't see the future with your head in the sand.

37. Wishing might not make it happen, but not wishing won’t make it happen either.

38. The more you laugh at yourself, the less others will.

39. Smiling makes you appear smarter because you can't do it with your mouth open.

40. You can't move forward by standing pat.


41. The surest way to miss the boat is to be the last on board.

42. The difference between good and evil is who it is happening to.

43. You will never get all that you want, so make sure you want all that you get.

44. Isn't it a bit unrealistic to let the people who put us in debt now be in charge of getting us out of it?

45. Attending church does not make you a Christian any more than attending a ball game makes you a player.


46. We spend most of our time worrying and the rest wondering why we were worried.

47. Suspicion follows adversity, like thunder follows lighting.

48. The young have much to learn. The old have much to forget.

49. If you know what you need to do, you won't need reminding.

50. Children have more fun with nothing than grown ups do with unlimited resources.


51. Guessing is a poor substitute for knowing.

52. Silence is often the most eloquent response.

53. The swiftest cure for fear is knowledge.

54. No one ever started an argument by agreeing.

55. The bigger you make yourself appear, the smaller you look.


56. The blessings in your life are like stars. You see them best when everything is dark.

57. If you scratch your own itch, you will never miss the spot.

58. You can't reach for the stars with your hands in your pockets.

59. Time cannot be wasted. It can only be misused.

60. Friends and memories are all you end up with.


61. The road seems shortest when the end is in sight.

62. You can see farther with an understanding heart than with the best binoculars.

63. A smile cost nothing, yet it can get you anything you wish.

64. The higher the goal, the longer the climb.

65. Your toothache always hurts more than someone else’s.


66. The things we enjoy, we soon take for granted and no longer notice. The things we dislike, we never forget.

67. Sadness is relieved best by action than distraction.

68. Silence makes no mistakes.

69. A straight path requires persistence.

70. Even a great man cannot count the stars.


71. What you do today, decides what you must do tomorrow.

72. There is nothing more powerful or more delicate than a new idea.

73. Doubt is the enemy of progress, but the mother of invention.

74. The saddest man is one who thinks he has everything for then he has nothing to hope for.

75. The further from the center you go, the nearer the edge you are.


76. Quality is the over-abundance of capacity.

77. You start making progress when you run into obstacles.

78. The more hands on the rope, the lighter the load.

79. The more you worry about what other people think of you, the less other people will think of you

80. A man’s character is displayed by how he deals with others.


81. You are what you have lived.

82. Creativity disappears with a single word …NO.

83. Worry is a lack of confidence in your control of the situation.

84. Think straight and you won’t go around in circles.

85. The higher you reach, the sweeter the peach.


86. Time waits for no man however that’s not true for women.

87. We all wish to be remembered, but just the good parts.

88. The quickest way to start something is to pay for it first.

89. You won’t be left behind if you’re always up front with everyone.

90. Men want money, women want shoes.


91. The more I remember the more I seem to have forgotten.

92. The cookies with the most crunch, crumble quicker.

93. If you’re in the way, someday you’ll pay.

94. Problems get softer when you sleep on them.

95. You can’t smile with your mouth open.


96. The more people you like, the more popular you’ll be.

97. Women spend more time fixing their hair than men do getting entirely dressed.

98. The best conversationalists do the least talking.

99. No one ever started a fight by listening.

100. You weigh exactly what you deserve.


101. Computers never forget anything, especially when it’s wrong.

102. The longer you spend in line, the less important the purchase becomes.

103. Things out of reach make you grow taller.

104. Why is the manual I need always poorly translated from Chinese?

105. The shorter a line seems, the more time the person ahead will need.


106. You never have the tool you need at the time that you need it.

107. The last part of a download always takes longer than the first part.

108. Men never apologize and women never forget.

109. There is never enough time to be bored.

110. A swift decision leaves more time to worry.


111. Laughter punctures all trial balloons.

112. The best recipe for disaster is to not follow the recipe.

113. The less time you spend on something, the more time you will have to redo it.

114. Success never stands still.

115. You are luckier than you think and happier than you deserve.


116. If you do nothing, something will do you.

117. Character appears when things look the worst.

118. I spend more time fixing things that go wrong than enjoying things that go right.

119. When deciding where to cross a river, look for a place with the least amount of water.

120. Nothing happens for no reason.


121. Making it up as you go along will leave you making up excuses for why it didn’t go right.

122. You cannot plan an accident.

123. Why do people say: “No problem” when there really is one?.

124. When did the telephone become just another way to sell you something?.

125. When you realize something is not going to work, it is already too late to fix it.


126. Remember… the person who disagrees with you probably thinks they have a good reason.

127. Most arguments arise when two people want more than they should get.

128. There is no good way to say “no”.

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