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In my books titled Understanding Divine Visitations and Understanding Spiritual Dimensions, I discussed in detail, several ways by which God constantly reaches out to his people most times.

Many have not been able to connect with God in the right spiritual realm, so they have kept missing out on the unlimited visitations of their creator. As it is written, “how can two walk together except they agree?” Amos 3:3 (paraphrased), because some human attempts to connect to God are basically parallel lines that do not meet with divine intervention.

We all know that in life, if you do not have a clue about the person you are looking for, you are most likely to miss him or her even if they pass by you. So, when it comes to spiritual blessings and interaction with God, the preparation of your heart is of utmost importance. We also need to speak God’s language of faith, in order to align with His infinite power that makes all things possible in our lives.

Therefore in this book, we would be exploring the different ways whereby we can maximize our spiritual connection with God. We will also look at the several obstacles that have made many miss their day of visitation from God.

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