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I dedicate the guidance in this book to the limitless self in each individual, that spark of eternal light and curiosity. I hope you find your way through the barriers of limitation to express all the goodness that you are.













First and foremost, to the unknown: that deep, dark ocean of infinite treasure. My heart is out of the cage and my mind is open. There are no words to describe how I feel about you, my limitless self, the key of love to my prison door. Thank you.

To Mike: no other has given me the space that I needed to discover who I am. I deeply thank you for all that you do and for the wisdom and love that make up all that you are. I have yet to meet another who encompasses the great reservoir of light that you ceaselessly share with whomever you encounter. I love you x

To Louiza, Sam, Cheyanne, Ian, Isla, Nigel, Katie, Angus, Max, Mum and Dad: thanks for being you and for riding this rollercoaster of life with me and for the laughs, the endless chats, the many cups of tea and encouragement. I love you all x

To my dear friends: we’ve travelled a long and winding road together, filled with incredible experiences. This is what it’s all about - the journey of lessons, laughter and love. Without you, I have no circumference, no mirror to see myself. You are me, as I am you. I hope the journey never ends and I get to love you all for eternity.

To those who were willing to trial the seven steps and ask the questions outlined at the end of each one: thank you for coming on this journey and for giving me the opportunity to observe the incredible effects these steps are having in your life.

Finally, to all those guiding lights who came before me, to those currently in my lifetime and to those who are yet to come: keep on making footsteps of freedom in the sands of time. I’ve learnt so much from you. My gratitude is eternal.


There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.

Sharron Angle

Thank you for choosing to read this book. I’ve always found that needed signs, messages and assistance show up at just the right moment. These are rarely by accident, but from an intelligent synchronicity, showing me that I’m on the right path. I would like to think that your attraction to this book is a sign that its content is meant for you.

I wrote this book, and others in the series, as a day-to-day guidebook for dealing with various life subjects. This specific book focuses on accessing your full potential and expressing it. For you to be reading these words, then there must be a sense that you’re not yet living at full throttle. Perhaps you’ve felt that there’s a more fulfilling way to live, but you can’t quite grasp what it is or it feels elusive, non-reachable, or maybe the goal posts keep moving the second you begin to head in the direction of living your life purpose.

Those two words at the end of that last paragraph are easily bandied about, yet their meaning and power are often overlooked, so what exactly does living your life purpose mean? Perhaps we need to reword this and ask: ‘What’s the purpose of your life?’ Surely, it’s to bring forth your latent abilities and express them creatively in every moment, but few live at this level.


Because most people have suppressed their inner spontaneity under layers of social conditioning, so they accept the beliefs of others with very little questioning. What’s a belief? It’s a repetitive self-induced thought or a recurring instruction from those around you, which you believe to be true, even without proof. These thoughts become anchored in your mind when you attach a feeling of like or dislike to them. The stronger the feeling behind the thought, the more it manifests.

These beliefs began to be embedded in a layer of your subconscious when you were a child. Some of them were based on common-sense guidelines to keep you safe, but others had their roots in confusion and fear and these have caused the suppression of your inner fire of curiosity.

To live at the level of your full potential, the creativity in you will have to take risks and step into unknown possibilities. This is a natural movement as a child, but if you’ve suppressed it, at some point in your adult life there will be an inner restlessness, triggering you to ask yourself the following questions:

What’s my life all about?

Why am I living the way that I am?

Why was I born in this country, in this family, race and culture?

If you don’t delve into these questions and begin the inner search of who and what you are, then this restlessness can move into a sense of frustration. The older you get, the more you’ll wonder if true happiness does in fact come from following what others expect of you and whether there’s another way to live. Most mid-life crises are the eruption of this restlessness and frustration. Many throw out the baby with the bath water in their panic of knowing that they haven’t fulfilled something and that life has been lived down a restricted route.

Traditionally, most of us are taught to:

Grow up

Obtain an education

Have at least a mediocre income

Buy a car

Find a life partner

Buy a house

Get married

Have children

Invest in life insurance


I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with this general path, as there’ll be many happy and rewarding events along the way, but you’re reading this book, so you already feel that aspects of this traditional life are not for you. The restlessness is already there, a knowing that there’s something more. It’s time to answer this inner call by going within and investigating yourself. The aim is to find something unique or a passion for a subject that makes you want to get out of bed on a morning with a fire in your belly.

I’ve discovered for myself that there’s more to life than just ensuring that I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboard and money in my pocket. These are basic and necessary things, but I know that the feelings you’re looking for are freedom, happiness and a sense of being alive. None of these will come from dreading your day or being in a situation that drains the life force from your being. There’s nothing more soul destroying than feeling that life is a monotonous drudge. This is where many slide into negative habits to find some form of relief, such as comfort eating, alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., but this coping mechanism only brings more suffering.

It’s time to discover just how incredible you are and exactly what treasures you have within you that have been silently working in the background. So, buckle up and let’s go for a ride into the interior of you!


If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Lao Tzu

This book doesn’t have to be long or bulked out with needless info. It just needs to get straight to the point by focusing on you and what you’re perhaps not yet consciously aware of. These hidden facets of you have been guiding you and trying to nudge you in the right direction your whole life. Imagine if you’d known as a young adult where to look for what your full potential is, what to look for and then how to put it into action as your life purpose, all at an incredible pace. Do you think your life would be the same as it is today?

Your answer is proof that you have untapped potential.

The what, where and how are exactly what you’re going to discover through the process of living through the seven steps detailed in this book. The question you may be asking is ‘Do these steps work?’ They’ve worked for me many times over and I’ve lived a colourful life. I’ve used these steps for everything that I’ve wanted to create, which has brought me global travel, vast experiences and the chance to meet incredible people.

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