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the secrets to a flourishing financial life.

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Your definition of wealth

determines your acquisition of it

To Kemi Alaje-Merayebu...

You lived well, so you live on.


To the one true and living God, the only Owner of the Heavens and the Earth and the Giver of all resources, i humbly worship. You are the secret of this success and forever you are my God.

And to the circumstances that forced out the best in me, i say thank you.

To my parents, Rev. & Mrs. L.O. Adebiyi, your great and continuous encouragement has pushed me forward further.

To my Father and Pastor, Rev. Deji Olabode, thank you for believing in me Sir. In your steps eternally.

To my mentor, Rev. Ojo Stephen Gbadegesin, thank you for the opportunity to learn at your feet Sir.

To Rejoice Oluwayemisi, you said "It's possible" and I believed. Now i see better. Thank you for all.

To Busayo Ilelaboye, my covenant friend, the CEO of PENIL Concept, your light remains global.

To the church I pastor, THE WORSHIP CENTER ASSEMBLY, from where the light of the message in this book started shining. May you remain eternally relevant.

To my great brother who believes in possibilities, Engineer Femi Adebowale, you have shown me this world can be a better place for all.

To my first music leader, Mrs. Tutu Adeyombo, your support has made this a reality.

To my two great business moguls, Mr. Segun and Blessing Ige, may you remain successful.

To my relationship expert and Pastor, Pastor(Mrs) Udomboso, thank you for your support.

To my mentor, Dr. A. Adebowale, thank you for your continuous message on the emancipation of the youths.

To my impactful friend, Segun Israel Aderinto, may your hands remain lifted in greatness.

To Elder and Dr. Kayode, thank you for believing in this vision.

To Mrs. Bello Mikhail, thank you for your support.

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Economically Successful Life


Chapter 1 - Why God wants you to be Wealthy

Chapter 2 - Wisdom for Wealth

Chapter 3 - Understanding Wealth

Chapter 4 - Where is your Wealth?

Chapter 5 - Power to get Wealth

Chapter 6 - How to attract Wealth

Chapter 7 - Patience is Wealth

Chapter 8 - The Greatest Wealth

Chapter 9 - The Lasting Wealth


Chapter 10 - Worry Not

Chapter 11 - Financing Your Future

Chapter 12 - The Negative Mindsets About Wealth

Chapter 13 - Breakthrough Imagination


The Economically Successful Life

This is one of the best seasons on the earth. Hmmm! I see you don’t believe that. You have too many questions in your heart. How can this time be one of the best seasons on the earth? There is global economic recession. And looks glaring that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Well, who told you that the poor will no longer be? Even our Master, Jesus Christ, announced when He was on the earth “The poor shall always be in your midst!”a

Fellow, this is one of the best seasons on the earth for you. It’s no flattery! You picked up this book because you believe that there is truly a wealthy place for you. Maybe you are even there already or you are about entering there. All I know is that your “sound” will be global.

I was privileged to talk on the subject of wealth at a conference some time ago, and I made an astounding statement. Look at it;

We have seen the worlds richest billionaire but we have not yet seen the worlds richest TRILLIONAIRE

Have you ever thought about that? Yes, we have not seen the richest trillionaire! We have seen great things in the world of Science and Technology, but that does not mean we have seen the peak and the best of Science and Technology. You know why? Because you, yes I mean you, also have something greater, than what has been before, to contribute to this earth to make it a better place.

Consider various fields of the earth; science and technology, medicine, entertainment, Banking, Trading and Commerce, Politics, Education and so on. None of these fields are yet functioning at the peak of their existence yet. That automatically means we all are yet to fulfill the commandment of God that He gave to us in creation;

“…replenish the earth…”b

To replenish means to refill, to renew, to supply again, to add a fresh quantity, to complete or to supply fully. And checking the dictionary again, I discovered that the direct opposite of the word “replenish” is “deplete”.

Are you very familiar with the phrase “The depletion of the Ozone Layer”? Of course I know you understand that the word “deplete” is the verb form of the noun word “depletion”.

Now, let’s do a little bit of Biology here. The Ozone layer is like an invisible shade God placed in the atmosphere to reduce the scotching intensity or hotness of the sunlight. It is what makes the sun not to burn our skin. Someone has put it right when he said “It can only take God less than a second to destroy the whole Universe…if He removes all the Ozone layer”

However, environmental scientists are complaining now that we are depleting, or wearing away, gradually the ozone layer by the gases that are released into the atmosphere by our petrochemical factories. That indirectly suggests that instead of man replenishing the earth literally and physically, he is somehow doing the opposite…he is depleting it.

But don’t worry too much, that is just a figurative expression of what I want to talk about. I’m not talking about the physical earth here because I drive a car too and release a gas that depletes the ozone layer into the atmosphere. If you are driving a car, you do too. The gas is called Carbon monoxide.

This earth I am talking about is not this physical entity that has trees, lands, oceans and rivers. I’m talking about the systems that govern the entity called earth. So I don’t want your conscience to prick you because you are cutting down trees, killing some sea animals, burning the bush etc. It is even necessary to do that sometimes. However, a botany Professor will fight you for cutting down trees and burning the bush (deforestation). But in actual fact, those activities are even some of the ways of replenishing the earth physically.

Now before you consider this introduction as a long sermon, let me tell you the summary. You are not likely going to be able to replenish the earth to your full capacity if you are poor.

The Riches of Poverty

It is a good thing to be born into wealth as princes are; but it is a better thing to have an experience of poverty. You say “what?” Yes, poverty has its advantages. But it is bad if it lasts for a lifetime.

There are some good lessons you can learn in your poverty. You can learn how to manage resources, how to save, how not to waste, how to persevere, how to be humble, how to be patient and many more. However, the challenge is that most poor people or people in poverty are somewhat learning nothing quite right. Most people, in their poverty are just learning how to have a pity-party for themselves every time they need help, how to beg when their needs are not met etc. Hence, they remain poor.

The truth be told; riches begin from poverty. If we are going to live a wealthy life, we have to learn the right lessons in our poverty state, we have to indirectly start practicing the life we desire to live as wealthy people. An old Yoruba adage puts it correctly like this;

“What you don’t want as a rich man,

reject it as a poor man”

And this begins from your mind. Living the economically successful life begins from your mind. It’s first a mindset before it becomes an experience.

The Realm of No lack

The Economically successful life is a life that functions at the realm of no financial lack. Lack is a terrible four letters word that no one desires or prays for. We all want to prosper financially. Yeah! It’s a good thing anyway. And guess what; it’s God’s desire for you.

God wants you to get to your wealthy place and function there. Your wealthy place is not a geographical location. Instead, your wealthy place is a state or condition in which it is glaring to all that you are prosperous, not just financially, but in all things.

It grieves God’s heart to see you need something and you can’t have it when you need it. It grieves God’s heart to see you suffer continuously. There is a difference between trekking as exercise or prayer-walk and trekking because you don’t have money to board a cab. God hates to see you experience the later. And God’s desire is to see you discover the root cause of the financial lack and overcome it. Lack should not lower your life.

Please never get deceived by the devil that wealth and riches belong to some aristocratic class as one of my longtime friend told me some time ago. I guess he was just tired. Perhaps he was tired of believing God for his financial breakthrough. So, he came up with this statement “God already knows how to share the wealth…we are just trying. If we are part of them, we will have it. And if we are not part of them, we won’t”

You notice I did not put that statement in bold letters…Yes! Because I don’t want you to rest your mind on it. If this is the belief of my friend, let it be for him. He will still be my friend anyway because I will be happy to share my wealth with him to prove him entirely wrong.

Perhaps this is the belief you have too. If so, let me announce to you; You have just been deceived. The wealth of this life is enough for everyone to access and enjoy; even children, many generations yet unborn. The will of God for you is to live an economically successful life, not just a life that will barely get by; a life of struggle, toil and distress. It is a life that should be prosperous in times of famine like it happened to Isaac the son of Abraham. God wants you to have more than enough to give to people even when many other persons are saying what they have is not enough.

Austerity Prosperity

No matter how terrible everything looks, God still wants you to prosper. No matter the austerity the world is experiencing, God still wants you to walk in prosperity. This is the form of prosperity called Austerity Prosperity. It is exclusively reserved for you.

It is the kind of prosperity that does not know famine, does not identify with lack, does not recognize insufficiency, and does not see rejection. It flourishes in abundance, it delivers expansion, it announces increase, it makes unimaginable exploits real, it gives access to attractive glory and it is an expression of fulfilling grace. And that is the symbol of the economically successful


Chapter 1 - Why God Wants You to be Wealthy

Wealth has purpose

You are familiar with the old adage “if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. A child can’t help but waste a hundred thousand, because he does not know its purpose. If you also don’t understand the purpose of wealth, you will waste it. You now see the reason why many are poor.

Nothing in itself is wrong with wealth. Nothing absolutely is wrong with money. If you are a party to those who say the Bible says “money is the root of all evil”, you are limiting yourself in life. If that statement is true then it must have been written in the book of the devil, not the Word of God. The Bible, the Word of God, never said that money is the root of all evil. Let’s look at that scripture and see the way it is written.

“For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil; which some

coveted after, have erred from faith and pierced themselves

through with many sorrows” a

It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. No rich man is going to hell except the one that rejects God by not accepting and believing in His Son, Jesus. You can be wealthy and still make heaven. #Money is not the root of all evil…it is the love of money that is!

Nothing is wrong with being rich and wealthy. Nothing is wrong with money. However, money takes the character of the bearer. In the hands of a ritualist, money becomes a ritual money. In the hands of a thief, money becomes a stolen money. In the hands of a righteous man, it also becomes righteous money. It is the same money but different people who use it for different purpose.

Follow Gods way to wealth

Let me ask you a simple question. Who do you think is richer- the devil or God? I can hear you saying in your mind that I’m not even supposed to place them side by side, they are not the same. You are correct- God is the owner of all riches, including the ones the devil stole. But why is it that we somewhat have a lot of poor people who believe in God today and many financially “okay” unbelievers?

I don’t want to waste your time too much; let me tell you why I think so. Many of them are poor because they are pursuing money, pursuing wealth, the exact way the unbelievers are also pursuing wealth. That gets God angry several times. Many people think God is too slow in granting miracles so they decide to handle the matter on their own. If God sees that you want to handle the matter on your own, He will withdraw. This is because what you are indirectly trying to tell Him is that you don’t need Him. So there are many believers today who are just church goers, claiming they believe in God, but they always have an alternative plan, a plan B, to anything they believe God for. God is only a part of the methods they want to use; God is not the only “method” they need. This faith is vain.

I once heard one of my mighty patriarchs in faith, Bishop David Oyedepo, say #“If faith is not absolute, then it is fake. If God is not the ONLY One you are looking unto for your miraculous supplies, then you are not in faith”. There are many people in church, praying day and night but still having an alternative plan at the back of their mind. If it ever occurs to you that God will fail you, then you have already stopped Him from stepping into your affairs to help you. This people have another place to run to, if it looks as if God is acting slowly or not responding. One day, I sat down and asked myself, “If we are indeed the light of the world, then when are we going to start shining as light to financial institutions, lending them money?” But I discovered that as long as we keep on borrowing from them, we can never lend to them. But God said we will lend to many nations and not borrow from them?b You ask! Well, that’s to the level in which we are ready to take responsibility for our faith in God.

Do you ever consider God too slow to give you your heart desires and so you go for an alternative? That’s why you have not yet become wealthy. Considering an alternative way to solving our financial problems outside God signifies our pursuit of wealth like the unbelievers. Can you look up and look down at the same time? Of course not! That’s what the devil deceives us to try to do when we are believing God and still considering alternatives.

Coming back from where we started from; some others also remain poor because of their lack of understanding of the exact purpose for wealth.

God wants you to be wealthy. Wealth is God’s will for you. Look at this scripture;

“…the Lord has GREAT PLEASURE in the PROSPERITY of His SERVANT”c

The Word of God above says it all. So don’t hate to be wealthy because you can’t attract what you attack.

God wants you to be rich because you belong to Him: I don’t think you believe that! Or do you? The reason why many are not wealthy is that they have allowed the devil to deceive them that God does not want to bless them with wealth. When they consider their condition, which does not look too good, they allowed the whisper from the devil to overwhelm their heart. “May be God does not want to bless you”; that’s the devil talking to them.

And some other persons remain poor because they are much too insincere with themselves about their financial state. I met a Christian man sometimes ago who came in anger to the education institute I was working in then. He came to complain that the tuition fee that the school was collecting from parents for the education of their children was too much. And he made some statements I will never forget.

He said, looking at me, “You know what? Actually I did not come here to complain. By God’s grace I am living a ‘comfortable’ life”. I could not give him an immediate response because he was an elderly man. I kept mute, allowing him to do all his shouting. When he left, I began to reminisce on all he said. And I asked myself “How can a man be this ignorant and insincere?”

I looked at the car he came in, it was an old worn out Nissan Primera car. I knew his family members; none of them looked “comfortable” in my sight like he said. I knew his house; not a comfortable place at all.

I worked in the school the man came to complain about that the tuition fee was too much; that school’s tuition was one of the lowest in that community. There were many other bigger, more facilitated and more standardized school in that same community. But I believe he could not send his child to those schools because he could not afford their tuition. And lastly, I knew if the man was truly ‘comfortable’ as he supposedly said, he would not and never have come to shout and complain that the tuition of that school was too much.

I reported to the Director of the school and she was amazed. Then she said “Even the tuition… he has not yet paid”. I was dazed. Immediately I felt like calling the man back and asking him “Excuse me sir, what is actually your definition of ‘comfortable’?”.

The point I am trying to make actually that made me pull out this story is this; that man had actually placed an embargo, a limitation, on God’s ability to bless him by pretending to be comfortable.

God wants us to be comfortable. And that can only be made possible if we are wealthy. However, this mindset is important; God wants us to be wealthy because we belong to Him. It is only a wicked father that will not want his son to be richer than him. That father must be a selfish man. Well, that’s even if he is the actual father! So, settle it in your heart, child of God, that as long as you belong to God, your wealth is sure. Your Father in Heaven, God Himself, is rich, very rich, too rich and wealthy. So you can’t be poor. Look at what the Bible says about God;

“The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell in it” d

I know you know that all that belongs to a father also belongs to his son, by legitimate right. So you can rewrite that scripture as this;

“The earth is mine, because I belong to the Lord, and its fullness thereof…”

You can now see the reason why Apostle Paul said in his first letter to his Corinthian friends;

“…all things are yours.”e

He said that because if everything indeed belongs to God our Father, then all things belongs to us

God wants you to be rich because He wants you to be part of those who will contribute to the expansion of His kingdom here on earth: I believe that is quite very simple to believe. Why should God bless a man if actually he does not have the mind of moving the kingdom of God with his resources? Please note these three truths on your way to becoming wealthy;

You must have INCREASE with Instruction

You must have ABUNDANCE with Assignment

You must have WEALTH with Wisdom

Please get it right from the start. God is a very good God. But if He sees that in your heart, you are selfish and you would not support the expansion of His kingdom on earth with the financial resources He has given to you, He will not allow those resources to flow in your direction. Instead He can even allow the spirit of poverty from the devil to invade your life with lack, want, insufficiency etc. My dear reader, it is very simple. God wants His kingdom to get to the far ends of the earth; He wants His kingdom to reach the poor and less privileged, those that the devil is ravaging with sickness and diseases, He wants His kingdom to fill up all the spaces on Cable Television, radio, the internet, He wants His kingdom everywhere. You can’t preach the gospel to a hungry man and expect him to accept immediately if he sees you are not willing to help him by giving him something to eat. Even the Bible forbids that. You want to know where? Read James 2:15-16. You are surprised? Yes, the Bible forbids that you just say a light “God bless you” to someone who is in need that you should help. And how can you help if you don’t have? That’s why God wants you to have. If you are not willing to share your resources, you are indirectly preparing yourself to be poor for the rest of your life.

This second point is one of the greatest mindset for wealth. Start supporting the work of God with your resources. And if you have been doing that, do it more and more and more. If you do, you can’t escape God’s blessing. I know a great man of God that is very wealthy and is still very committed to supporting the work of God. Now don’t say that maybe it is because he is a Pastor cause I know of many Pastors that are not supporting the work of God with their financial resources let alone committed to it. At the time that man of God continued to support and support God’s work, He said one day the Lord came and spoke to him in an audible sound. God said “My son, even if you don’t want to be rich and wealthy again, it is NOW late” That man today is one of the world’s most wealthy Billionaires. I know of another who also sold one of his most valuable properties and today he is also part of the list of the World’s most wealthy Billionaires. America’s Forbes magazine that rates the rich and wealthy in the world cannot rate them because their wealth is bigger than what Forbes magazine can rate. One of them said sometimes ago “If Bill Gates, who people consider to be rich and famous, wants to get a pair of shoe, he will have to go to where they sell it. But if I need a pair of shoe, I can get over a thousand pair of shoes while sitting in my bedroom” You see that? That’s wealth; having what and more than you need at the time you need it.

God wants you to pursue His kingdom first so that wealth will be added unto youf. You don’t need to run after wealth as the world does. If you can keep expanding the kingdom of God, God will definitely expand your life. If you keep giving to support God’s work, God will never abandon you; He will support you too. If you open your arms and give to God’s work every now and then, God’s hand will also remain open to give to you every now and then. And you cannot compare your hand with God’s hand; it is not the same thing. Just imagine if God’s hand is continuously open over your head in blessing; you become too blessed.

Please don’t be a party to those who believe in Grace without work. They say even if you don’t give to support God’s work, Grace can still make you wealthy. That’s insincerity! It will be better to say that God does not need our resources; we are the ones that need His resources, so giving in support of His kingdom is our way of showing our love to Him and telling Him that we are interested in the expansion of His Kingdom and because He sees our love for Him, He shows His love to us. It is Jesus Christ Himself that says;

“But Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL THESE OTHER

THINGS that people are running after to get shall be ADDED unto you” f

No one can change that rule. But note that He promised that ALL THESE THINGS, including WEALTH, shall be added to us if we seek the expansion of His kingdom.

God wants you to be rich so that you can become a blessing: God says;

“…I will bless you and make your name great and you will become a BLESSING” g

God wants to bless many people through you. He wants to take care of so many people through you. That’s one other great reason why He wants you to be wealthy. He wants to provide for some orphans through you. He wants to cloth some fatherless through you. He wants to give some people shelter through you. He wants to give money to somebody through you. He just wants to bless people through you. And His intention is that He will bless you so that you can become a blessing and do that on His behalf. No one sees God but they will see you. It’s not you that owns the wealth, it is Him. But He just intends to share the wealth through you. I believe that’s humility on His side, in that He owns it but He does not show His face so the people you help can see Him and thank Him. He just decides to put Himself behind the scene. It is you that the people will be thanking…but will you return all the glory back to Him for giving you the privilege of making somebody smile?

Please never you think that it is your hard work that will produce the wealth, though hard work is very necessary. But remember if hard work is the only thing it takes to be wealthy then well-diggers in Africa should be one of the wealthiest in the world because they work really hard to get the job done. It is God that gives the power to get wealth according to the Holy Bibleh.

So, always note that God looks deep into your heart first before He decides whether to bless you with wealth first or whether not to. #If God knows that you will not stop His blessing from getting to somebody else through you, then He cannot stop His blessing from getting to you.

God wants you to be rich to put the devil to shame and depopulate his kingdom: God wants you to command much wealth to the extent that an unbeliever will look at you one day and say regretfully “Since the day I’ve been serving the devil with all I have he has never made me prosper. Can you introduce me to your Jesus?” Yes, that’s God’s intention. God wants your wealth to preach the gospel. He wants you to come out of your Hummer Jeep or Range Rover Sport Jeep, or the exact car that is in vogue and stretch a tract to an unbeliever. Or you don’t think so? It is so my friend! And when the unbeliever sees you, without looking too much into your tract, he quickly believes that there is a better life with Jesus. He wants you to give some students, from financially struggling homes, scholarship. And through that win them to Jesus. That’s God’s goal! He wants you to use your wealth to depopulate the kingdom of the devil in every way. Look at the way the devil has bastardized wealth today in the hands of unbelievers. Do you know the trillions that unbelievers spend to further their evil cause? That same devil is still the one deceiving most believers not to support the work of God. It’s intentional! He knows if believers further the cause of the kingdom of God just like the unbelievers further his own evil cause we will take this whole world over for God at once. So, let’s join force together and put that bastard called devil to shame. Throw your whole weight behind the gospel. Support the printing of those tracts, support that media ministry for the gospel, support your church’s vision, pay that amount you have been levied in your church, meet that ministry’s need etc. And you are beating the devil hands down all the way.

God wants you to be rich so you can fulfill your obligations to your family: The scripture declares that he that cannot provide for his own house has denied faith and is worse than an INFIDELi. God wants to bless you so you can provide for your family, whether you are a man or a woman. I know a man should be the provider, but is it bad if the man is a Billionaire and the wife is also a Billionaire? Their generations yet unborn will never smell poverty. God does not want you to deny faith and He does not want you to become an infidel let alone become worse than an infidel. He wants you to have something to give to your wife when she comes to ask and He wants you, as a woman, to also have something to bring to the table when your husband tells you he wants the two of you to do one big project. He wants you to provide for your kids and He also does not want you to always run away from your family member when they come knocking on your door because they want your financial help. He wants your parents to always be glad that they gave birth to you because you are always sending big gifts to them every month; gifts that they can’t finish and because of that they also become a blessing to their neighbours by giving them out of the gifts you sent to them. He wants you to be a blessing to your family as a whole. But check your intentions now. Check your mind now. You ask “why?” Okay, let me tell you why. Hope you don’t have a family member that you have decided to punish with your riches by not remembering them at all to even send help to them assuming you ever become rich? If it is like that, riches can avoid you.

Dont pay evil for evil

Oh! I see you have a good reason. You are saying “But they did not remember me and were not there for me when I was struggling and very poor!” You are correct. But do you want to use evil to pay evil? If you want to do that, then you are not at all behaving like God who loved us even when we hated Him and God will not give you access to His riches. God already said it in His Word; “Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise”j God did not say you should honor them because they are good. He only said honor them (whether they are good or not). You don’t honor them because they were good, you honor them because God said so and as you are doing so you are obeying God. #It is our obedience that guarantees the blessings of God over our lives, not our deeds. If our deed is not in obedience, we will not still be blessed. You remember that scripture “Obedience is better than sacrifice”?k. If you are doing a lot working in church and you don’t honor your parents with your financial resources, you are excusing yourself from riches and wealth indirectly. Please be wise.

God wants you to be rich so that you can leave great inheritance for your children: Consider this scripture; “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children…”l Now compare that with this scripture from another book of the Bible; “…my husband is dead…and the creditor (the person he owed or borrowed from) has come to take away my two sons to be his slave”m. What’s the difference? One left a will containing instructions on how his properties should be shared after his death while the other left a bill of debts. The debt that that second man owed was still haunting him even after he was gone.

#Never consider borrowing as God’s way of bringing you into wealth. In fact, there is a scripture to back that up; “For the Lord God blessed you as He has promised you; and you shall lend unto many nations, BUT SHALL NOT BORROW”n. Did you notice that God did not say “and you shall not borrow”. He said but! Why? He was trying to tell us that we should not even consider borrowing as an alternative. It’s against our covenant right. #Borrowing is not an escape route from poverty. It could be, instead, a way into it. I heard three great statements from the mouth of one of my fathers in faith many years ago. He said:




These powerful decisions have changed my life forever because I also run my life based on them. It was not easy at first when I started adopting these principles. I had to stop a lot of things, had to stop going to some places and had to stop desiring some things. But it pays me after all! Following these great principles and taking these great decisions has literally landed me in an unimaginable wealth. God bless Bishop David Oyedepo, for teaching me those principles.

Our desire should be to leave great inheritances for our children and not to leave huge debts that will forever render them handicapped. And one of the ways to do that is not to tour the path of borrowing. We must continuously believe in God to have our needs met. We must trust Him in every way. We must wait on Him to know the instructions He wants to give us.

Be ready to work

And we must not be lazy. We must be ready to work and labor. Jesus Christ, our Lord, says “My Father works till now and I also work”o. So if we are lazy, who do we really resemble? Not even the devil! That guy is a hard working machine, you know! The Bible says he goes about, to and fro, seeking whom he may devour. If you want to know whether that is true, just consider the many evil that take place in our world today. That’s the hard working nature of the devil.

However, with regards to work, we should not just be involved in just any work. We should do the work God wants us to and leads us to do. We will struggle more, if we are doing the wrong work. If we make any profit at all, it will be too minimal compared to the profit we will make if we are doing the right work. Please let God lead you before you decide to join a work or vocation. Don’t just take a job because you want to feed your family. First sit down with God to know His mind and what is the exact thing He would want you to do. God wants to bless you and make you to become rich so that you can leave a great inheritance for your children’s children, even their generations yet unborn.

Do something that your future family can benefit from. Leave a heritage for them. Wealth, for a family, has an acronym that I came up with. It goes thus;



Arrive at our




As a result of the inheritance left by fathers.

Many big business corporations in the world today are owned by families. For example, a family owns the Manchester United Football Club. It is a sign of wealth to have a legacy you can hand over to your children’s children that can feed them and their children too.

God wants you to be rich for your Enjoyment: If you are really following me, you must have been looking for this point. You must have been asking “Is my wealth only about God and for God’s things alone? What is really in there for me?” You are right if you’ve been asking that question in a corner of your mind and let me justify your feelings by saying #God wants you to enjoy your life with the wealth that He gives you.

One of my uncles dedicated one of his mansions sometimes ago and I was there. I entered the house; it was too massive and mighty. I said “WOW!” Not only me anyway so you don’t call me an illiterate; many other people also said woooooooooow!!!!! That house can compete with a Presidential villa. And I’m glad to let you know that that my uncle is a great Christian. I know he serves God greatly with his life, resources and possessions. So, on the other hand, I was not too surprised at what I saw there.

My dear reader, if you think God does not want you to enjoy, it is a lie. He wants His children to live in the best mansions, wear the best clothes, put on the best shoes, have the best landed properties, ride the best cars, and transact the best business…the best…the best…the very best! Please don’t allow the devil to cheat and deceive you. I’ve heard some believers, like the man I talked with you about earlier, who would say “I don’t want much…if I can just have a cloth to put on and any other thing, I’m okay!” That’s not prosperity! That’s survival. And that’s infinitesimal to God’s will for our lives. Instead, that’s the devil’s will in preventing us from getting the best from God. The devil knows that if he can disallow or stop us from desiring the best from God, we will eventually not have the best. This is because #if we don’t desire it, we will not have the faith for it and if we do not have the faith for it we will not have it; because God only relates with us based on our level of faith. For God to do anything for us, He needs a faith supply from us.

God is not angry with you if you use the latest materials whether in fashion, automobile, architecture or business. He is only angry with you if you turn it into a god and it now disallows your commitment to God. So, God wants you to enjoy! He does not want you to keep serving Him in pain, lack, wants, insufficiency, penury, poverty, murmuring, grumbling etc. Don’t allow the devil to deceive you; if you are in any of these presently, please understand that God wants to bring you out of them all. Read your Bible from Genesis to Revelation, if you can try it, and you’ll discover that Sin, Sickness and Poverty can never be the will of God for you if you are a believer. That’s why God vehemently spoke against them in His Holy Book, the Bible, and He gave cure to them. Jesus lived the best life in terms of material resources in that soldiers had to bet for His cloth after He died. It was a pure designer wear, my friend!

God wants you to be rich so that you can make heaven: This is amazing! Perhaps you believe that many rich people will not go to heaven. You are correct if you think so. But please put that category of rich people to be rich unbelievers. It is rich unbelievers that will not make heaven. They are the ones that will go to hell, not rich believers. God’s desire is to bring us to a stage in which money will never be a part of our concern again on this earth; pleasing the Lord will be our concern. This stage is the stage in which money is nothing to us; it’s not even important to us any longer. It is the stage in which we don’t work for money again; instead money works for us. It is the zone of limitless and prosperous abundance.

Do you know how many people go to hell and miss heaven because of their pursuit of wealth? My stand is that I believe that many poor people may go to hell. When I say poor, please understand that I mean poor sinners, including believers who backslide because of their quest or pursuit of wealth. Come to think of it, it is a poor man that steals. If you see a supposedly “rich” man that is involved in robbery, show me. And I will show you that you only considered him rich, he is one of the poorest men; his so-called riches cannot survive for a long time.

It is poor people that partake in social vices most. You never see a truly rich man instigate or partake in environmental disturbance. Many believers backslide today because they are poor. Look at what the writer of the Proverbs, in the seventh verse of the thirtieth chapter, said “…if I am poor, I might steal and dishonor the name of the Lord”

Is it not true? In fact, God, our heavenly Father, Himself knows that it is true. That is why He wants you to be blessed so you won’t have to do what you are not supposed to do and so dishonor Him as your Father. So never you think you are doing God any favor by remaining at your status quo or by remaining poor. Remember Abraham was wealthy and he made Heaven. What about Isaac, Jacob, David etc. Even Solomon, where do you think he is now? What about Job, the upright man? The Bible revealed to us that they are now with the Lord. And these were WEALTHY men while on earth. Who do you think you will resemble with your poverty, lack and insuffiency? You don’t resemble God in any way by staying poor. #Your poverty is not a sign of your spirituality instead it is the sign of your ignorance. Don’t be deceived.

Brace up! God wants you to be rich and wealthy. He wants your wealth to become a network that other people can benefit from greatly. Don’t be deceived! It is your Father’s will that you function in unlimited, even austerity prosperity.

Chapter 2 - Wisdom for Wealth

God wants you to be comfortable.

God is not benefiting from your poverty at all; it is not giving Him glory in any way. He desires many things for you. He desires your comfort above everything else. God wants you to be comfortable.

God hates lack, no matter how big it is or how small it may look. In terms of small lack, when Jesus Christ the Son of the living God was on earth, He provided additional wine at a wedding in Cana of Galileea. And in terms of big lack, He fed five thousand men who were dying of hungerb.

But how do you think I got to know that God hates lack? Look at this;

“For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land…where you shall eat bread without scarceness, you shall not LACK anything in it”c

Poverty does not make you resemble God at all. Jesus could rebuke the Pharisees and the Sadducees because He never needed their money to run His ministry. He was not looking unto them for anything because He was connected to a never-ending supply.

Wealth is not an issue of luck or chance; it is a function of wisdom. Yes, wisdom! Some people have been kept back from being wealthy because of their show of foolishness. It takes wisdom to handle wealth. This is because wealth is actually the keenest contestant or competitor of God’s place in the life of any man, not the devil. I can say it over and over again; #money can contest with God more than the devil in a man’s life. You rarely see a man that wants the devil. But everyone wants money. That’s why the devil uses money to derail a lot of people.

Jesus says in one of the gospels “You cannot serve God and money”d. Have you asked before why Jesus did not say God and the devil? Yes, because He understands the role that money plays in controlling people. #Nobody wants the devil but nobody hates money. It is wisdom that will disallow you from making money to replace God in your life. If you stay at work when you supposed to be in church, you have made money your God.

However, wisdom for wealth is a product of the right mindset for wealth.

“The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, says the Lord”e

That’s one of the mindsets. Wealth is of God and not of the devil. And if wealth is of God, your Father, then it also belongs to you. Never allow the devil to deceive you, like I said earlier, that wealth is not for you. If all the rich people go to hell eventually, why did Abraham not go to hell? The story of the rich man and Lazarus reveals that Abraham is in heaven. Jesus said that Himself. And please note that Lazarus did not get to heaven because he was poor on earth; he got to heaven because he believed, accepted and followed the ways of God. And the rich man did not go to hell as some people feel or conclude. He went to hell because he rejected God. But still come to think of it, why is it that Lazarus who was very poor on earth still had to share in Abraham’s place in heaven and he did not have a place of his own? Think about that. Abraham that was very wealthy on earth still had a great and wealthy place in heaven. So tell me, what’s the benefit of staying poor? Nothing!

Wealth is one of the proofs of our redemption as believers. God uses wealth to establish the promises He made to our father Abraham. God told him “In you shall all nations of the earth be blessed”f. So if you are wealthy, it’s a part of the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abraham. God gives His people wealth to prove His faithfulness to His covenant. God gives us wealth so that His kingdom can expand. Look at what He said;

“My cities, through PROSPERITY shall yet spread abroad”g

God uses wealth to build His kingdom here on earth. The unreached can only be reached through money.

For your voice to be heard, you must not be poor.

God also uses money to establish the dominion of the saints. For your voice to be heard, you must not be poor. In some countries, including the one I’m in, some preachers have been arrested by the police, instructed by the community, over and over again for coming to preach. But some other preachers have gone to those same places to preach and they were given security police. One became an offence while the other was given a defense. That’s what wealth does.

Now let’s look at the wisdom for wealth. This wisdom is the light that a man needs to get rid of lack in his life. And this wisdom is - Obedience

As simple as it may sound; wealth is a result of obedience to wealth principles. Principles are horses opportunities ride on. Don’t expect any reward whatsoever if you are not obedient to the principle that should guarantee the reward. God himself has laid down certain principles that guarantee an economically successful life. If these principles are obeyed, the coming wealth will arrive at your doorstep. But if they are not obeyed, poverty remains for a lifetime.

The law of sowing and reaping is an unavoidable law of wealth creation. If you are not willing to give, then don’t be ready to receive. This law is the law of increase. You have to obey it because if you don’t obey laws so you can go up, you remain low.

What goes up surely comes down by the law of gravity. This is another law of wealth. What you give up or the quality of what you give is what you get. According to Geography, there has to be evaporation before rain falls down. In the words of a finance expert, with regards to giving, “until something evaporates from you, nothing out-porates on you”.

When God says “Give” to support His work, it does not mean that He is depending on you to sustain His kingdom. He can do that all by Himself. The reason why He allows you to be involved in supporting His work is so that He can bless you. So if you want abundance, you have to obey this law of increase. God is not hungry, so you are not helping Him or supporting Him in anyway when you give to Him. It is you that needs support; that’s why He is calling you to this higher life of living.

So, put the support of the kingdom of God in the right centre of your desires.

This law demands that you part with what you have so that you can partake in what God has. Always note that God has the harvest while you have the seed. There is nowhere we can talk about financial abundance that we will not mention obedience because it is this law of obedience that really brings abundance.

So, when you give, you open up yourself to the Spirit of Wisdom that will guide you into profiting. When you give, you open up yourself to supernatural creativity- God begins to tell you what steps to take to have your needs met.

That’s why your giving should be out of your love for God because He is the only One that’s got the key you need. Solomon loved the Lord so he sacrificed sacrificially. And God appeared unto him in a dream and asked him what he desired. He eventually received his desires because he loved the Lord.

Whatever great thing you become in life, make it known and plain enough to God always that all you have and all you are is for the advancement of His kingdom and demonstrate that in your daily living. This is because #when you are after God’s kingdom, He will be after your welfare.

The gold you cannot serve God with will soon become your god. And except you do the work of giving, you cannot enjoy the grace of additions.

Prosperity is not determined by how much you have; It is determined by how much you give.

Give willingly and cheerfully. When you do that you are obeying the law of wealth.

Never expect a harvest when you have not planted a seed. Only givers are qualified for harvests. Your supply is dependent on your giving, not on your receiving.

#Prosperity is not determined by how much you have; It is determined by how much you give. That is, it is not a function of what you have, it is a function of what you give.

Nothing happens to the money you save; it does not increase and it does not decrease. It remains the same. But something happens to the money you give…it increases! #You really have more money, not because you save more money, but because you give more money.

Your giving is service to God. And if you will not serve God with your means, you will end up serving your means. Until you are ready to serve God, you are not yet ready for good.

Chapter 3 - Understanding Wealth

Your definition of wealth determines your acquisition of it.

In this chapter I will be sharing with you over fifty definitions I came up with concerning wealth. However, I will leave you to number the definitions yourself. Please, a word of caution here; some of the other definitions I give occur over again in different ways. Please don’t discard them. Sometimes, for a particular truth or fact to stick to the mind, it has to be repeated again and again. In the words of Dr. Mike Murdock #“It is not truth that changes a person; it is the repetition of the truth that changes a person”. So you see the reason why God intentionally made some wise repetition in the Books of the Gospels in the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures. What He said in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, He repeated again in the Gospels according to Mark, Luke and John.

A powerful statement was written on a single page in the earlier page of this book;

“Your definition of wealth determines your acquisition of it”

That’s the exact reason why I decided to share with you what I have discovered to be the real meaning of true wealth. Please come along with me and don’t get tired as you go through.

Wealth is a condition or a stage in which a mans Small Efforts produce Big Results

Poverty, the opposite of wealth, means big efforts yielding or producing small results. One great defining marks of a poor man is that he inputs big efforts into his work and labor but gets back a small result. Look at the many poor people in the world, you will surely find a common denominator to all of them; that is, you will surely find one thing common to all of them. And that is, they work expansively very hard every day. If it is only hard work that brings wealth, then we should have more than enough rich people in our society that we will never believe that there could ever be poor people.

It is not only hard work that brings wealth. #It is right work, smart work and hard work that brings wealth. If you follow that arrangement, you will discover that hard work comes as the last in the sequence. Working hard at the wrong work will definitely make someone end up poor and unfulfilled. A lot of folks belong to this group. Then, we have the next group – those that are working hard on the right work but are not smart in their thinking.

Follow these codes…

Well, let me give you these arrangements, maybe you will get more understanding from it. These are the four formulas I have propounded concerning wealth matters;

Wrong work + Smart work+ Hard work = Struggle

Wrong work + Dull work + Lazy work = Poverty

Right work + Smart work + Lazy work = Average Productivity

Right work + Smart work + Hard work = Wealth and Success

Those are the codes! If you can get it right from the start, you will gladly celebrate your success in future. One of my mentors once told me #“There are two things that are only essential for you to do in life. The first is GET IT RIGHT. And the second is GET BETTER” That’s the total truth.

Get it rightget better!

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