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This book is dedicated to everybody who wants to know the truth about your origins, and what are you doing in this awesome world?, and find the answers to your doubts.

I have created it to teach my children when they will be at least 16 years old so as to understand this world and all the significant information from ourselves, and I wish this will be a diamond in their hands and in your hands too of course.

Take your time to assimilate each point, and enjoy this present.

Thanks for reading and share it with your circles of people.


A brief: You are a spirit living an physical experience in many lifes in order to achieve your goal that will be evolutionate in knowledge and love till becoming a complete clean spirit.

Who are you ?

Where are you ?

What are you looking for ?

How many bodies have you got ?

How many dimensions ?

What is Reiki ?

Can i use Reiki ?

What is the prana and pranayama ?

What is a mantra ?

Can i control my diseases ?

Emotional aspects of diseases with examples ?

Your family, and your whole family ?

Is there any way to learn how to be happy ?

Spiritual Laws ?

Attraction Law ?

Universal principles ?

Fibonacci, and the golden number ?

Akashics records.

Three marvellous techniques

Trust on your intuition always

Who are you?

This is a simple query, but the answer is not as simple as it seems, you are a shine spark light at the beginning of your time, you are part of the whole universe, then you start living an experience from the 1st dimension: point light, 2nd dimension: light with the shape of a line, 3rd dimension: physical.

So before going on explaining the 3rd dimension, i have to tell you that you have different shapes and physical bodies in the way of your evolution, so now coming back to 3dr dimension, here you start being a material, plant ,little animal, big animal, and human, this is the normal process, although you can repeat as many times as you need in order to get the experience that is required to jump to the next step of your evolution, so your spirit never deaths, you only change the dress.

I know that learning this kind of information is a bit astonishing, so try to do pauses whenever you need, the purpose of this book is to know exactly the truth, without any frontier.

Would you like to go on?, then come on, and next fact is that you have 7 energy bodies to move in all the dimensions that exist, so first of all you need to know that there are 3 main layers:




In each layer appears the concept of dimensions:

Physical layer: 7 dimensions, numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7

Mental layer: 3 dimesnions, numbers: 8,9, and 10

Spiritual layer: Infinite dimensions, numbers: 11, 12, 13....not litmited

Secondly, the bodies:



Low mental

High mental

Low spiritual

Middle spiritual

High spiritual

They are connected with each layer:

[Physical layer] - 7 dimensions - 3 bodies



Low mental

[Mental layer] - 3 dimensions - 3 bodies

High mental

Low spiritual

Middle spiritual

[Spiritual layer] - the rest of the infinite dimensions - 1 body - High spiritual

As you can see this is really impressive to discover, so for instance when you feel so good, it is said that you feel bigger than you are, and when you feel bad, then you feel smaller than you are, the reason is that your real size extends 1 meter and a half from your body appearance, and it is real energy expanding and collapsing from one day to another day, depending on your health, emotional thoughts, the way that you manage your life in all the daily conditions.

After this introduction, you may know that you are in the 3rd dimension in the physical layer, where you have 7 dimensions to go across them, and that you have 7 energy bodies that you can use to move from dimensions, and how many dimensions exist in each layer, and with which body can you enter in whatever dimension, then now you are going to enter in detail in the 3rd dimension.

Before coming to this word you have a huge variety of options to decide, anything that you must learn?, anything that you need to do for helping someone?, which country?, which family, depending on what you can learn from them, or them from you?, which year?, whom are you going to married with?, how many children?, any pet? ......, and later write down short lists

of goals to achieve in each period of your life, [Curious detail: when you achieve one goal or more from your list, it happens a situation where you recognize that you have lived this situation before it is called a "deja vu", like a breakpoint to control that you are in the correct path of your life, you are following properly your desitny, that your wrote before starting your life].

Besides, after making this lists, you need to take your time before coming here, to focus on your future life, studying everything, the environment, people, and whatever you want to live a great experience.

At that moment you are in the 4th dimension waiting your date to come here, it is a dimension for all the people that is going to born, or are death waiting their time to come here again.

You are not limited to come here a fixed number of times, you are inmerse in an evolution process, for that reason when you need to improve knowledge in whatever aspect or feeling real love in your own hands, the option is always available, also if you have evolutionated well enough, but you want to help others with their own evolution, is your choice always.

One curious issue, is that with your own family you can be for instance the father of your son, and in the next time, your son could be your grandfather, this is like a joke but is totally true, this is the magic of reincarnation.

It is time to stop reading and make a reflexion about all the information that you have learn before continue with the next page tomorrow or the next week, take your time to understand this amazing knowledge.

Going on with this point about the question: Who are you?, it is important to clarify this simple sentence "I AM", that is so significant, because the meaning of this two words combined is the whole universe, not matter where are you, or who are you, the fact is that you represent more than an individual person, you are everything, everything is made like you, you are made like everything, i mean the trees, ocean, animals, ligths from the sun, air, planets, the rest of dimensions, everything is energy, and you are a small spark of this energy with the shape of a human body, but you are not different like other external things that are alive like you.

Moreover, when you start learning this sentence, you can change the way that you see the environment where you are living, it is truth, no matter who you are, the main reason of a whole life is to be awared of your magnificience.

As part of this new knowledge, you can get the conclusion that when you help others, this help always is going to return to you, as it is similar as helping you directly, you are the other and the other is you, is not so easy to understand, nonetheless if you try to repeat this sentence when you are in a nervous situation, for sure you will have whatever issue under control in few seconds.

One curious thing is that exists a word that is called "UBUNTU", in some tribes that has the meaning of "you win when everybody wins", the most interesting is that old cultures already know this word and without knowing exactly "I AM", although it is the same goal for this meaning, you are everything, and everything is you", once you understand this idea, you will live happier than ever, it is 100% true.

Now let's introduce the next query: Where are you?, this answer is not the country, city, street, or whatever specific place or area, it is a bit more complicated than it could appear at first impression, so please read the next chapter to understand this question.

Where are you?

You are in the third dimension in a planet called "Urantia" but the common name is "Earth", this is a curious name due to 3 out of 4 parts of this planet is water and then only 1 out of 4 parts is earth, so it should be called "Water" .... this is a nice


Remember the list of dimensions that exist,and now you just need to concentrate in the 3rd dimension, so i am going to explain where is our planet in the whole universe, just pay attention and don't worry about getting lost, all the information that you are going to learn now is almost from fiction science however is totally true.

The whole universe is called: Master Universe and it consisists on 7 super universes,

each of them with approximately 100 big universes, each of them with 100 small universes, each of them with 100 local universes, each of them with 100 galactic constellations, each of them with 3 to 12 galaxies, each of them with stars constellations, and inside them the solar systems, this is in brief, although i will explain better in next chapters.

In the center of the "Master Universe" exists the paradise island (is the biggest place in the universe), and the home of God, it is cover by a big circle of asteroids, and it is invisible for anyone, there the physical laws don't work, because it is a protected zone, no one is able to go there except if you have completed 100% your evolution process as it is the correct way to access this restricted area where clean spirits can live forever with harmony and peace.

The real name of the "Master Universe" or "Central Universe", is "Universe of Havona", more than 1 billion of planets with intelligence life of each super universe, our super universe is the number 7 it is called "Ovorton", and inside it, we are in the local universe called "Nebadon", and in the "Pleyades constellation" it is located our solar system with our planet called "Urantia".

Just think about this interesting information before go on reading, and imagine this possibility for a moment, and look that you are in an huge universe with more than a billion of planets like earth, so we are not alone, we are in big neighborhood with people like you, and different with another physical aspects, mental aspects, and spiritual aspects as well.

What are you looking for ?

You have come here to increase two main aspects: knowledge and love, but this is in brief, so to explain this issue in detail just bring back your mind before you were a child, i mean where you were making your own list of goals to achieve in this life (you were in 4th dimension before coming here), and these goals could be to improve your patience, humility, courage, be in love with someone or someone be in love with you, have children, pass an illness (so as to learn something that you chose to be teached as something difficult for you to overcome), and more points that you can continue imagine .... ,

for that purpose you manage everything from zero, i mean you won't remember anything as part of your new life, except when you follow your intuition that is the unique way to make sure that you are in the correct way.

In other words, your spirit is looking for an evolution, and it must be physically, mentally, and spiritually,

this three aspects are essential because they are significant as you should understand, when you look after your body eating properly, doing some exercise, dedicating yourself time to do mindfulness, and relaxing as the same time you have pleasure with something, or you are laughing about something, those things that let you feel more comfortable, by the other side the mentally health is so important too, because an strong mindset is required in order to concentrate in the correct path to follow without getting lost easily, after that the spirit will be in calm and will be able to dedicate 100% of your time to guide you through the different choices in your life to select the most convenient for yourself improvement.

An answer for this question is so simple, you are looking for your evolution and of course helping others that are lost in their lifes too, the most important is to feel happy everyday working hard on yourself, and combine it with your daily routines but avoiding negative situations, and in case they appear (for sure it will happen) make your best to resolve them always using positive thoughts.

Remember one gorgeous sentence: Easy situations make you to feel great, although difficult ones will make you to learn how to feel great the next time you have another similar situation (success never comes without a failure, it is always your choice to learn from failure to achieve the success, remember when you started walking with 12 months approximately falling down many times till you start running).

Following this explanation, you can be aware of your current situation and think now in a different way, for instance imagine that you are living a difficult situation because you are not so happy in your job, or you are in trouble with something, or someone, then this is your turn to overcome these complicated situations by analysing them from anohter point of view, and letting your positive thoughts to come to you and help you, because everthing that you are living is part of the process to achieve your list of goals (created before coming to the 3rd dimension), so you just need to do your best to learn as much as you can from these situations and finish successfully with them.

As long as you understand that you are the master of your life, and anybody and neither any situation can disturb you from reaching your main goal, that is the outcome of a lot of little goals, however i need to tell you that sometimes managing this typical situations is going to be more difficult than others due to your emotional state of mind, so a simple trick is to do mindfulness everyday even those days that you feel bored or angry about something, this exercise is one of the best for your mind, remember that a hard training can give you exceptional results.

Remember the sentence: "Train as hard as you can an you will achieve your goals easily, but don't stop doing it never",

as a result you will start to changing your rules to have all the situations under control, the reward is being self-confidence and defeat your fears.

How many bodies have you got ?

The simple answer is one, but it is wrong, you have 7 bodies in one body, the you are 7 bodies in total, i am going to enumerate them here:

1. Ether Body (Physical body)

This is the body connected with the energy from earth that is your first layer of energy, it is located in the "Root Chakra", and its colour is the red, the element that represents is "Earth".

2. Astral body

This is the body connected with the emotional thoughts, you can do astral travels by usging this body when you are sleeping or in deep mindfulness too for example, is the second layer, it is located in the "Sacrum Chakra", and its colour is orange, the element that represents is "Water".

3. Low mental body

This is the body where your ego is living, this is the third layer (when you die this 3 bodies will disappear forever till your next reincarnation that will be recreated again), it is located in the " Solar Plexus Chakra", and its colour is yellow, the element that represent is "Fire".

4. High mental body

From this fourth layer till the seventh your soul is moving around them, this body will never disappear in all the lifes that you live you will have the 4ht, 5th, 6th, and 7th layers always with you, they will never die, they are ethernal, it is located in the "Heart Chakra", and its colour is green, the element tha represents is "Air".

5. Low spiritual body

This is the fifth layer, this is an ethernal body, it is located in the "Throat Chakra", and its colour is clear blue (like sky), the element that represents is "Sound".

6. Middle spiritual body

This is the sixth layer, this is an ethernal body, it is located in the "Third eye", in the "Front Chakra", its colour is indigo,the element that represents is "Light".

7. High spiritual body

This is the last layer the seventh, it is an ethernal body, it is located in the "Crown Chakra", its colour is violet, and the element tha represents is "Essence" (the spirit).

So, you can consider yourself to be 7 times bigger than you consider at the beginning of the lecture, yes you have 7 bodies ready for you to used whenever you need them, that is an incredible information and it is true.

How many dimensions ?

Currently we are in third dimension but there are infinite dimensions not outside you, just inside you, so we need to understand that you cannot go directly from one to another dimension, you need in order to do it to evolutionate in knowledge and love that is the unique way, although you can experiment astral travels in the 4th dimension when you are sleeping or in deep mindfulness.

I would like to enumerate the dimensions in three main layers:

physical, mental, and spiritual, so starting with:


There are 7 dimensions (1,2,3 ...7) that you can move from one to another just with 3 of your vehicles:

A. Physical body

B. Astral body

C. Low mental body


There are 3 dimensions (8,9 y 10) that you can move from one to another using the next 3 available vehicles:

A. High mental body

B. Low spiritual body

C. Middle spiritual body


There are infinite dimensions (11,12,13 .... ∞), so as to move

around them you can only do it with your last vehicle "The Spirit" that is called: High spiritual body.

As you have read you have to pass through all the dimensions in your evolution process, and it is an unlimited process, you are always evolutionating, no mattter in which dimension you are, you just need to learn something new or teach something to others less evolutionated living in your current time.

From the 4th dimension and upper, the time and the space are not important anymore, you don't have to worried about doing something in a period of time, you are free to do it whenever you want, and to move from one place to other you just need to think about the place and you will travel to this locations inmediatelly.

What is Reiki ?

The meaning of this technique is so simple "Rei" is the "Universal energy", and "ki" is your vital energy, so this means to use your own energy to receive the whole energy of the universe and handle it in your hands in order to put in the correct position of whatever chakra to help yourself or whoever you want.

Reiki is an ancient method that can be used to reconnect yourselft with the universe giving you calm, and positive state of mind, but this is not just a simple significance, using this technique you can heal from whatever illness and much more like: take whatever situation under control, help others with whatever complicated situation to relax and increase their vital energy, you can use it with objects, fruits, places, or even remotely if you cannot access to a place or to someone, then you have the chance to send your energy by this way, but the unique important fact is that you want to help with your heart and the other part wants to be helped by you, this is so significant for the reason that exists a law that is called "Free will" and if someone don't want to be helped you cannot do anything, but in contrast if he/she is happy with your support then you can do your best to send the energy that is going to heal him/her.

There are three levels of Reiki:

1º Level

Learn everything about the 7 chakras, nadis, and meridians. Learn the symbols that you are going to use

Start using it in your body to restore your vital energy or to heal some illness or complicated situation.

2º Level

Try to do it to help others (people)

Try to do it to places (for instance: with negative energy so as to clean it)

Try to do it with animals (to calm them, or heal them)

Try to do it with food/water (to improve the quality of them before eating or drinking)

Try to do it with objects (to load you energy and later use them as a charger)

Send remotely energy to whoever or whatever by connecting / sending / closing

3º Level

This is the last level and it is based on healing someone from the bad situations

lived in the past or in others lives that he/she has lived so as to do with a technique

called "Regression", and this is not easy to treat so not everyone is able to do it


Symbols that reiki need to be implemented:


It is used to increase the vital energy of somone, or something, as well as to use after the rest of symbols for increase the power of each one.

(for instance sei-he-ki cho-ku-rei, it is stronger than sei-he-ki alone)


It is used to heal someone or something.


Its is used combined with SEI-HE-KI, so as to cure from mental diseases, or addictions like drugs, tobacco...


It is used to unblock the energy that is blocked.


It is used to start or close a remote connection with someone or something, after that you can use whatever symbol you need ,

but finally you must close the connection repeating this symbol again.


It is the universal symbol just to do whatever you need, it is called the "Wildcar".

(for instance when you want to help someone you will use SEI-HE-KI ZO-NAR CHO-KU -REI, so instead of doing it you can just say DAI-KO-MYO, it can replace whatever combinations of symbols)

Can i use Reiki ?

As you may know after reading the last question about "What is Reiki ?", yes this technique is universal and you are able to use it whenever you want for your own purpose of healing some part of your body, any disease, or just to calm yourself from whatever complication, apart from that if you use it daily or weekly or monthly to help others then you are going to feel so well, because when you help others, the universe is thankful and will return to you the favour with positive situations and rewards that will help you in some aspect of your life.

Following this explanation about helping others exists a word that is called "UBUNTU", and it means that a unique person experiments the best results, when he/she is looking for the best for everyone not just for him/her, it is a way of winning when everybody wins, and this is a good manner to start learning the technique of "Reiki" so as to help people, o just help them with whatever other method, but remember that to evolutionate you need to learn how to look after others, and it means to be yourself an example of good practices with the world that is around you, never forget it, you are the world and the world is you.

At the moment you want to start using "Reiki" be careful not to do it with people that do not want to receive it, because you will lose your energy without any good outcome, just make sure to do it following your intuition that is the best filter for you.

There are many resources about learning this technique from the internet, feel free to follow whatever you prefer, and thanks for your help to do a better world helping others.

What is the prana and pranayama ?

Well as you know the meaning of "Rei" from the word "Reiki", that is the "Universal energy", so it has another word to represent this singifcance again, and this is "Prana", the other technique consist on using the energy to use it with your hands or remotely to help someone or something, but in contrast to it, we have another way to handle this "Universal energy" that is "Prana - Yama",the last word "Yama" it means to breathe, so this new technique is based on breathing slowly the "Prana", and relief the pressure, stress, and stabilize the thoughts that are working around your mind.

This exercise has to be done with one hand and your nose:

Close one hole of your nose and start inhaling the air slowly

Open the hole that is closed, and close the other that was opened to start exhaling

With the same hole opened and the same other closed start inhaling

Open the closed one, and close the opened then start exhaling

5 Repeat from the point 3 (do this process as many times as you want during 5 or 10 minutes)

Finally, you will notice that your body is calm, and your brain has stopped thinking about everything and nothing at the same time, i mean that the main thoughts will be clear, and the rest will be rejected inmediatelly.

This technique is a good way to dedicate yourself few minutes during the day to make a brake, because you should do it in order to feel more comfortable in your daily routines, when you change the point of view for a moment, your thoughts will be free to be organized in priorities, and delete those that are not good for you.

Once you start doing it, you will become happier than ever, i can give you this answer based on my personal experience, trust me you will change something important in your life, disconnect and connect with your own, inside and outside from whatever situation.

My recommendation is to do it 21 days without stopping, because when you try something this amount of days, it changes into a good routine, and you will do it automatically without thinking on it.

What is a mantra ?

This a word that has two parts man - tra, the first "man" means your mind, and "tra" is to manage, so the combination of these two meanings is the significance of: managing your brain (put your thoughts under control), with this bright technique you need to repeat a word or sentence slowly as many times as you need to put the mind in blank, as long as you do it well, you will find that your body-brain-spirit is synchronized in peace and calm.

One of the most common mantras are the following:

1. Om

Om mani padme hum

3. Om namah shivaya

4 Om ah hum bagra guru pema sidi wo


and more

As much as you practice with this technique you will start the way to do mindfulness, that is a combination between breathing and pronouncing whatever of these mantras as well as your custom mantras that you can create for instance: I am in peace, I am in calm, I am happy with my life ..... etc, this is beautiful

whether you use a common word / sentence or you want to personalize it using your own words.

There are a lot of mantras that you can learn from the internet, nonetheless the most important is to do it alone and in silence to let your attention to take a break and let your thoughts to come in and out from your brain without stopping them.

Try to repeat this technique 21 days, later you will notice that something has changed in a good way in your life, and the routines are not boring you because you will start feeling better than you could imagine easily.

Can i control my diseases ?

First of all, you have to know that your body is ready to fight against every infection, illness, or whatever damage that is affecting you, this is an important information to be aware because of the power of your own cells to repair the organism, that is incredibly truth, when you start for instance with a cold, the body starts to feel weak, and with less energy as the same time you could feel dizzy, this is a message that your brain is sending to you about an alert in the organism, even thought sometimes you can get confused with different types of alerts, in those situations, you have to put your body under control the sooner the better, or you will fall in the illness quickly.

Emotions are crucial in this role, when you are happy and you feel with a lot of energy it is almost impossible to get ill, except if you are not looking after you properly, however when you are annoyed, disappointed, embarrassed, or whatever sad emotion, your body starts to turn down the capacity of protection, and in this moment no matter if you are fit or not you will be a good target for diseases.

Think about it in you own about those occasions when you have been feeling weak, and in one day or two you were in home with some illness, that is the way the body lose control, and in that situations you are not covered with the power of your cells to support you during a dangerous period of time that you are nude to fight against an illness.

So the question, is how can i protect myself always?, yes you can do it, but you need to do a good hard work using the techniques that you have learned in this book, like doing mindfulness, pranayama, mantra, or just focusing in your personal pleasure of having a break everyday from routine and do whatever you feel real well doing, that positive way of living your life, will make it difficult for those infections that are outside to come inside you due to happiness and strength of your brain-body.

On the other side, if you are already ill, and you want to recover soon from the complicated time that you are living just to do it, remember that your bad emotions are linked directly with your illness, so in order to overcome it, you will need to have a look to a dictionary of emotions/illness that exists on the internet, like this one:

It is in Spanish although you can translate it to English using whatever tranlator like this one:

In the page that i told about the emotional dictionary, you can find an alphabetic index with all the known diseases and why they are affecting you, exactly which emotion or emotions are the responsibles of your illness, and how to overcome the situation managing those emotions correctly and you will feel better in few days / weeks for sure 100%.

If you have a difficult illness you just need to have faith, and love you so much in order to let your body to heal, trust on you and start visualizing yourself totally healed, and don't try to do it fast, sometimes there are some illness that need long period of time to disappear completely, be calmed and start thinking in those things that you are going to do when you defeat your disease, you will achieve it!!!, just remember that your body is the most powerful medicine that exists, then you just need to trust on your own power of healing from whatever difficulties.

Another important issue, is that when someone is so sad about his/her illness the best way to help him/her is to be positive, and visualize that is overcoming the situations totally, no matter what the doctors say, just keep going positive and share your love with all the people that is around this person to increase the perspective of healing from that illness.

Emotional aspects of diseases with examples ?

When you have a disease, it depends on which part of your body it is damaged, and you need to know exactly what it means in terms of emotional feelings, for that purpose, this is a list of organs with their affected emotions:

Kidneys are the part of the body that is affected by your fears, so when you have some situation that is going to make you feel fearful, and it is linked with your sexual organs and your ass, it means that whatever is damaging these zones, it is due to something that you don't feel brave to overcome, but you need to do it if you want to heal completely.

2.Liver and spleen, it is linked with your vital energy, it means your "Ki", these organs have the feature of recharging your "Ki", but you need to know that each of them have to be cleaned from eating meat during a period of time so as to make it healthy (eating vegetables, cereals, and all the alkalines that you want), one of the best flavors for them is bittersweet, and they are altered by your feelings of being angry or disappointed, so if you have a bad health in those organs, you will have a bad temper, and jump immediately with anger in whatever situation although it is a normal one, otherwise if you have a good health there, you will be more patient and happier.

Stomach is the organ that is control by your worries, if you have not worries, you will have a healthy organ, however if you are worried everyday with everything you will have discomfort in the stomach, so just by getting under control your concerns will make you to release the pressure in this organ, and heal quickly.

Heart is the main organ of our body, and the most powerful one, for the correct health of it you will need to start laughing more day by day, focus on positive thoughts and forget everything that is sad, because you are talking with the boss of your body "The heart", because of that you need to be sincere, and if not try to fix it, for the health of this extraordinary motor machine.

As you may understand at this point of the lecture is that all the organs are perfectly connected with your emotions and as well as your diseases, why not looking after you properly well to avoid damaging yourself.

It is incredible, the best way to heal your body is knowing what can affects you and repair those aspects that injure your organs, "the emotions", take under control your emotions without taking any medicines. The best medicine for you is inside you.

Your family, and your whole family ?

It is a beautiful explanation, your family is not only your grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, sons, daughters, nephews, grandchildren .... and friends, you

have a big circle of relatives in the 3rd and the 4th dimension, but you are only aware about this physical layer (3rd dim), and you forget that your family is bigger than you have ever imagined, there are a lot of people in your close circle, although you don't know it till the moment you return to the 4th dimension.

As a result you can only be in touch with these people next to you in the 3rd dimension (the earth), nonetheless you are supported by your relatives and friends in the 4th dimension, just remember those moments when you have felt that someone is next to you in a difficult occasions, and suddenly everything is straightforward, and you are quiet as well as self confidence, they are there to help you whenever you need them.

Moreover, all of them are watching you, and learning with you, even when you feel sad, they are close to you sending positive thoughts directly to you, or to someone next to you that can talk with you and explain in their own words something that you need to listen in order to change your point of view, or to recover your mood.

Apart from that family, all the people in the earth, animals, plants, trees .... build another big circle of relatives, that is the

whole family, you are part of the biggest family in the universe, so no matter who are you, or where are you, you have always

someone next to you that is part of your "whole family", and looking after them is so important to you, because when you give to them the best you can they straightaway returns to you the favour, this is a great feature of the inmensity, whenever you help someone of your whole family you will be helping yourself, try to help someone without waiting to receive the favour, and you will surprise how sweet the universe will reply to you (resolving whatever trouble that you have or whatever situation that you were waiting for a long time), the universe in other words is "GOD", everything is made of him, so it is everything.

We will talk more about these issue in the fibonacci number section, the gold number, is related with your reward when you help someone from your local family or your whole family, finally both families is the same a unique family.

Is there any way to learn how to be happy ?

The answer is no, but yes, i mean, you have everything from the time you start in the school,till you reach the University and / or start working in whatever job, for this purpose you learned mathematics, physics, geography, business logic, business processes, and a lot of material to build yourself as a good machine of working to get a result, that starts being of passing an exam, finishing your studies, and finally earning an amount of money from your daily job or jobs, until this moment you were understanding how the society works, and of course how you should work too, but the most important part is another that called "Attitude".

Following this explanation the "Attitude", is what you need to learn to handle so as to learn to be happy daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and for the rest of your life, this is the truth of your story, i mean, for instance imagine that you are not working in what you would like to do and your attitude is zero, because it is bored and don't encourage you to do a good job, or in the other hand a job that is well paid and you are really good doing it, although it is a routine that has decreased your interest on it, both situations are lack of a strength attitude due to this fact the people is not going to be happy in them, that is significant, after that it is not possible to go on with your life totally satisfied.

One of the purposes of the book is trying to explain you perfectly how you can be so happy everyday from dawn to dusk, then just try to do your work with the best of your faces, do it the best you can, be sociable, be thankful, if you don't like someone or something just change it, you are not depending on anyone else except you, you are your own boss, and your

job's boss is your client, repeat to yourself positive thoughts, and focus on separated tasks, listen to jokes, or listen your best songs, do some exercise, look after your diet, and say to the mirror that you are your best, and then you will achieve your happiness without any doubt, then you just need to repeat it, feel it, and remember that you deserve the best you can achieve, why not working hard for you, and love you as much as you can.

People is important for you, because you live with them, but just remember that you cannot give to them love, unless you love yourself completely, i mean with sincerely, from the deep of your heart, then you will start living a new life with a different perspective.

Love you as much as you can if you want to be happier with your life than you are currently, it works!!.

Spiritual Laws ?

It is a pleasure to talk about them, when i started my lectures about these laws, i was impressive about the facility of them, it is unknown the exact number of laws that exist, however i can explain the main ones:

The Evolution Law:

You are a spirit that has as many lives as he need in order to increase the knowledge of everything, and to experiment the inconditional love that gives to someone and someone gives to him too (i am talking about "he" instead of "she" but it is the same at this level), hence when you are evolutionating from one dimension to the next dimension it is sequential progress, though a spirit can be locked in some levels of the evolution till it reaches enough knowledge to increase his vibration, in other words an spirit can evolutionate always forwards, or stop and then go on forwards, but never can go backwards, you will never forget what you have learned, at least this is a good way to store the most important information about your lifes, taking in account that you will forget it temporally when you are experimenting a new life, and later remember it when you die (this is a moment to analyse your last experience and add it to your memory box with all the new knowledge).

The Love Law:

In the whole universe there is no other powerful strength than love, you can be whoever you want in this life, or other lifes, but just remember that whatever happens to you or someone you love so much, there is something that can help you to recover

from any difficulty or help others to achieve it as well, this is the unique strength that can pass whatever illness, can sacrifice for someone without thinking in your own injuries, or become stronger or clever to find a solution for something that is apparently impossible, or no one knows how to do it.

The Universal Justice Law:

That is an important issue, think about someone that has made that you feel so bad in any situation, or disturb you when you were a child, or a boss that is not fair with you, or a fellow that tries to put his/her foot on you, finally it cause that you feel anger or sad, and try to return to them this bad behavior to make them suffer, this is not necessary due to the existence of this law, it does not matters who your are just why did you treat anyone with bad modals or avoid helping others when it was required, because the universe has the power to judge whoever has done something bad, and teach them in their own experience (it will be learned in the next lifes living a similar bad situation in their own), this is in my opinion a perfect way to teach someone that is not good to damage others, you will be judge inmeditaelly after your die, so why not helping others instead of injuring them physically or emotionally.

In other words, you can be experimenting difficult situations due to your bad modals in other lifes, or in contrast you can feel so happy this life because you have been a real good example in other lifes and this is returning to you as a reward (living a life with facilities).

The Free Will Law:

At last but not least, we have this law that aims to show that you need to experiment everything in your own, and follow your intuition to do it, in that moments that you feel that someone wants to give yo advice about something to do it or not, or you cannot act with freedom about taking a decision due to the influence of people that matters in your life, although they can support you, they cannot force you to take an option between others, you are your own boss, then you are responsible of your actions, with this words i want to say that you are totally free to follow your own path or just listen to others that will tell you what is best for you, however the responsible is yours, and in order to learn you must follow your deep intuition and you will success, anyway sometimes you will fail but is normal before reaching the correct goal, remember that before riding your bike, you felt down may times till the moment you control it, is the same, follow your path your rules and learn as much as you can from each decision you take.

Attraction Law ?

In this occasion i would like to talk about what laws are related with abundance, and the meaning of this word is so simple, live the life with everything that you need, a good job, a wife or a husband, have children, have friends, have money, have fun...etc, whatever you want to experiment in your life. There are 7 main points to attract this slowly to you:

1. Your internal world creates your external world

When you feel really good inside you, the world is going to vibrate in consonance with you, in contrast when you feel tired or angry or whatever sad feeling the word is going to be so hard, so it is easy just control your brain and start trusting on you 100%, and your outside word will be as sweet as you need.

Order and get rid of those old things that you do not use, to create free and clean space to store there new things.

Imagine that you want to buy a new collection of books, but you don't know when to buy them or where you can put them, so the universe is locked by you, then you have to make up your mind and save enough money in a period of time, as the same time you organize your shelving to have a free space to put this collection, this works, because you stop thinking about something and visualize it with real actions: saving and organizing your dirty spaces in your home, to let the universe to know that you want to get it, to unlock the help of this law.

3. You are a native creator

Whoever you are, you just need to know that your capacity is inmense, you have no limits to create or develop good modals, or develop an idea from the beginning until the final step, it is significant that you know that you can do everything is just a real fact but it depends on your attitude.

4. Focus on positive

Remember that to achieve something in your life, the most important is to focus on positive, i mean your thoughts, actions, good modals, good mentors, good materials, good physical condition, good dressed, good sounds, good food, good drinks ...., then you will be in the correct way.

5. Less effort is more outcome

To explain this point, at first time you will recognize that is not true due to the fact that you need to effort so much in order to pass your studies, find a good job (have enough experience to do a great job), and more ...., the answer is yes, except when

you reach a moment in your life, that you have to learn less in order to be updated, you have to do less work, like having a senior position instead of junior, it has less work but more professional, finally you earn more with less effort, that is the real answer.

6. Detachment

This is a complicated point, i mean when you want to achieve a goal for instance to gain more money, you focus on this issue, and start to think about it everyday and all day, that is the wrong way to do it, the unique way to attract this to your life is to do not think about it more than once per week, otherwise is going to become an obsession, just reduce your anxiety as soon as possible to find the results.

7. Dharma

It is a word to represents two meanings like your good skills, or the path you must follow to achieve all your life's goals, exactly we are going to this time to focus on the second meaning, and to split it in three aspects:

You have an unique talent that is different from any other person in the word, remember it and find it.

You just need to help others to teach them how to follow the correct path, giving them your own

example of how you achieve yours.

The sentence "I AM", this is used for increasing your self confidence, for instance: I AM a good person, I AM a clever person, I AM a good father, I AM success person, ..... try it and you will see how everything turns so simple to achieve.

Universal principles?

In the whole universe exists 7 principles associated with your chakras, the knowledge about them is essential so as to understand how everything works, later you can search for answers depending on them:

1. Principle of Mentalism - associated with the "Crown Chakra"

Everything it is directly linked with your thoughts, for that reason you need to have positive thoughts to speak sweet to yourself or others, even when you are not comfortable with someone or something, you need to avoid negative thoughts because you will change your point of view intermediately, and this is the first step to be an stable person.

Principle of Correspondence - associated with the "Front Chakra"

Remember that whatever happens here in the earth it is exactly an image of what can happen in other dimensions, and in the other way too, whatever happens in other dimensions can happen here too, in other words is the same down or up, the same inside or outside you, it is reciprocal always.

3. Principle of Vibration - associated with the "Throat Chakra"

It is so easy to learn and as the same time it is so easy to forget it, when you concrete something it will be decreed, so be careful with using the wrong words to express your personal thoughts at the time you want to do something, because it could become a reality, talk with your heart before talking out loud, be positive to attract positive things to your life.

4. Principle of Polarity - associated with the "Heart Chakra"

Every force has always another that opposes with same intensity, for instance when you are having a good situation suddenly difficult things may appear to be defeated, for showing you that you are strong enough to stay on this position for long time, or in contrast you are in a bad situation because you have been fired from your job, and now a good chance is going to appear in your life to take it perfectly (for instance another job better than your previous one).

5. Principle of rhythm - associated with the "Plexus Chakra"

Everything needs to flow from one side to another, from one direction to a different one, it is like the example when the night is totally dark it means that the morning is going to arrive soon, or in other words when you are living an illness, and you know that in few day you will be recovered.

Principle of Cause / Effect - associated with the "Sacrum Chakra"

Whatever you sowing you are going to harvest, then you should make good actions instead of bad actions of course, for your rewards after a hard work, or a sacrifice about something that is hard for you to achieve.

All the actions in this life will be rewarded in your next lifes, or you will need to suffer similar ones in case that your behaviour was wrong.

7. Principle of Gender - associated with the "Root Chakra"

Always it is male or female, positive or negative,.... and that has

a good explanation, it is due to the fact that there must exists the opposite from whatever, in order to reach the correct position, otherwise you will be totally from an extreme case, nonetheless in this way you can learn from both extremes, and reach an acceptable balance between both sides.For that reason in the reincarnation for instance you can experiment the life in a man or woman body indistinctly, to take your own conclusion about it.

Fibonacci, and the golden number ?

When you help others in whatever situation, you are creating a good reward that is going to be returned to you in few days, or few weeks, or few months but not more than this normally, and the measure is the following: your help is 100% and your reward is a 163%, well with this meaning it will be easy to get the conclusion that your receive always more than you give, so it is clear that if all of us give to the others our hand the world could change completely and no one will continue looking for their own convenient and start collaborating with the rest of their circles to achieve the most convenient for everybody.

This reward could be that a good chance to another job that you were wishing to improve the salary or something more related with your talent than your actual job, someone can bring you information that is going to solve any problem, an amount of money can arrive such as present, you can start recovering from an illness, or something that makes you suffer, your wife or husband can change his / her behaviour and will be sweeter than ever, and a large list of rewards can be ready for you.

Then the Fibonacci number is the mathematical representation of this percentage 1.63, at the same time is the gold number, exactly it means that everything in the universe, nature (plants, animals, minerals, humans .....), all you can image that is

completely natural has embedded this percentage in their cells, in the angles of the most beautiful things in the world, finally this is extended to the whole creation of the universe.

There is a lot of detailed information about this number in spiritual issues as well.

Akashics records.

Imagine a belt that is crossing the world from one side to another, here you have got an infinite hard disk with a lot of lines connecting everythting from you or from others and you can have a perfect access to this belt, to write and read information on it.

That sounds fantastic, yeah i know it, even though it is true, here you have all the information related with each person of this planet, in all the layers or diemnsions that exist, and this is restricted to each one, you cannot access to something that is not yours, you can access only to the data that you have stored yourself.

This information is related with all your past actions, past thoughts, past feelings from this life, and the other lifes that you have finished, as well as the present and future information, take a break now to understand this amazing knowledge, later think about what you can do if you learn to access to your "Akashics records" and read the information that your learned in the past, or if you are having difficult decisions at the present know what is going to happen in the future if you go on with your attitude in determined actions. as you may know it will be very useful.

There are specific techniques to allow the access in mindfulness to this transcendent information.

Three marvellous techniques.

There are three useful ways to relax and focus your attention in the main facts or your life:

1. Flower Heart

You have to focus your mind in one thing only, like if you were watching a flower seeing the beautiful of it without paying attention to other things (thoughts that has your brain sending to you all the time), avoid distractions.

2. The lake's secret

Remember what happens when you stay stand up in the border of a lake, you can watch yourself like in a mirror, that is the key when you want to achieve something just imagine yourself that you has already achieve it, and act in this way, i mean to start visualizing that you have accomplish the goal, later the goal will come to you quickly.

3. Opposite thought

Your brain is always working for you, but not as perfect as it should do, that has a simple reason, you have to train for increasing the strength of it, whenever you have a negative thought, something that dislike you or let you feeling sad automatically search a positive thought to defeat the previous one, this technique must do it daily till the time you do it by instinct.

Trust on your intuition always

Just listen to your heart that has all the main information to give you in whatever situation, the reason about this is because of the intuition is living there, for instance when you have to take a not easy decision,in this moment will be complicated as long as you start thinking about all your thoughts in your brain, that are going to distract you from the main purpose, hence you need to be quiet and in peace with yourself to let your heart to talk about the best option for you, practice this to get the best solution.

You have always the chance to do it well, the unique tip is to know how to syntonize the same frequency of your heart "The intuition".

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