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Secrets to Success: Colors of Feng Shui 2018

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Chapter one: Steps to use book

Chapter two: Introduce colors of feng shui 2018

Chapter three: Predictions about colors of feng shui 2018

Chapter four: The feng shui colors solutions for 9 sections of home

Chapter five: Six special directions of the year 2018

Chapter six: Feng Shui Frame work missions

The quick reference charts

Chapter one

Steps to use this book

Now you can use the information in this book to get your own practical benefits by following on these simple steps:

* Step 1: You must surely know your personal trigram and refer the instructions in the General Predictions to unforeseen difficulties or advantages in 2018. From there, you can set the targets and suitable plans to ensure to be successful and to overcome the difficulties or obstacles in the future. You can consult and apply ideas about feng shui colors in this chapter.

Note: If until now you don’t still know your personal trigram, please click on the link to get documents of identifying your personal trigram with these simple steps. This document is donated free and it will be very helpful to you.

* Step 2: Divide your house into 8 equal portions corresponding to the 8 basic directions. It is the South, North, East, West and Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest.

To do this, you need to have a common compass to determine the direction and positive attitude ready to discover new things. If you find difficult with the compass, please spend some minutes learning to use it.

Firstly you need to determine exactly the North direction of magnetic outside the house or your apartment. This is important because it helps you adjust the deviation of measurements on the compass when you stand in the middle of your house. Simply, you need to know when you measure out of your house and when you measure at the center of the house, the north magnetic differs many degrees and compass needle deflects to the left or right. You will use the measurements to adjust difference when you stand in the center of the house to observe the 8 regions corresponding to 8 basic directions.

You can also select the method of mapping the space of your house on a sheet of paper and divide into 8 equal zones to identify areas of the house 8 corresponding to 8 basic directions.

* Step 3: Now you have already known the 8 areas of your house belonging to the corresponding direction. Now you can reward yourself for having done the first important task.

Next, you look at each area of your home and compare them with the predictions of what will happen in each direction in 2018. You also need to consider the orders, the decoration of each area in the house whether it follows the instructions outlined in the part “The feng shui color solutions for home in 2018” and how to transform the Sha Qi in each area of your home.

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