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Become Your Higher Self

Using Spiritual Energy To Transform

Your Mind, Body, Soul & Life!


Kelly Wallace

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10 Minutes A Day To A Powerful New Life

Become Your Higher Self

Chakras – Heal, Clear, And Strengthen Your Energy Centers

Contacting and working with your Spirit Guides

Energy Work – Heal, Cleanse, and Strengthen Your Aura

Every Day Miracles

Finding Love – Ask Your Angels

Happiness How-To

Healing The Child Within

How To Cure Candida

Intuitive Living – Developing Your Psychic Gifts

Intuitive Tarot – Learn The Tarot Instantly

Is He The One? Finding And Keeping Mr. Right

Learn Spell Casting Right Now

Leaving Love – Ask Your Angels

Make Miracles Happen

Master The Art Of Attracting Women

Master The Art Of Sex and Seduction

Messages From Your Angels

Clear Your Karma

Contacting And Working With Your Angels

No-Sweat Homeschooling

Past Life Exploration

Psychic Vampires – Protect Yourself From Energy Predators

Reprogram Your Subconscious – Get Everything You Want

Reprogram Your Subconscious For Financial Success

Soul Searching Soul Found – Increasing Your Spiritual Energy

Upgrade Your Life – Small Changes = Big Success

-Fiction - Sensual Romances

Best Friends Better Lovers

Bound To The Night

Confessions – Everyone Has A Secret At Ryder Ranch

Constant Craving

Cowboys Make Better Lovers

Gone And Back – Bad Boys Gone Good

Hard As Steele


Invisible Evidence

Looking For Mr. Right

Love Immortal

Lust In The Outback

Of Passion And Parsecs

One Wicket Night

Passionate Promises

Phantom Lover

The Chosen One

About Kelly Wallace

Kelly has written since the day she could hold a crayon in her hand. She soon learned though, after several hours of scrubbing, that white paper was a far better choice than white walls. Sighed at and lectured about her constant daydreaming, she put her imagination to good use as an adult and ultimately became a published author.

Everything Kelly writes about stems from personal experience. Her nonfiction books are based on decades as a professional psychic counselor and various life challenges. What about her romances? Yes! They contain scenes and characters she's known, witnessed or fantasized about, and places she's been.

Kelly was born and raised in Southern California. After 32 years on the West Coast, she moved to the East Coast and absolutely loved the changing seasons. However, she soon found herself in the Arizona desert for eight years. While the sunrises and sunsets could never be surpassed, she felt she left her soul behind and is once again blissfully living in Maryland. She has five grown daughters, various pets and grand-pets, sons-in-law, and one pretty fantastic life.

Contact her: AuthorKellyWallace@gmail.com

Table Of Contents

PART ONE - Personal Energy

Why You’re Stuck

What Is Spiritual Energy

Finding Your Spiritual Energy

Increasing Spiritual Energy

Learning To Focus

Mind Mastery

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Awakening

PART TWO - Relationship Energy

Love Yourself

How We Ruin Relationships

Soul Mate Relationships

Spiritual Sexuality

Strengthen Your Relationship

Money Energy

Physical Energy

PART THREE - The Big Stuff

Letting Go Of Fear

Enjoying Life More

Getting What You Want

Living Your Dreams

Finding Your Life Purpose


What is spiritual energy? How important is it? How can you harness this invisible energy and live a happier, more successful life?

For twenty-plus years I’ve been a psychic counselor offering guidance on everything from auras and past lives to soul mates and spirit guides. I've covered careers and lost love, life purpose and health issues, fertility and death, religious uncertainties and have even helped with a few scientific breakthroughs. One of the main things I stress to my clients is to work on strengthening their own spiritual energy. This is the only way to become your higher self and achieve your desires.

So many people have problems with money, health, love and happiness. We feel tired, depressed, uninspired, and life is one long treadmill. All of this could be easily solved if we spent more time working with our spiritual energy rather than wasting time on thoughts and activities that get us nowhere.

The problem is, since spiritual energy can’t be seen or felt like mental, physical and emotional energy, people are under the false impression that spiritual energy is bogus or too difficult to master. Within these pages I’ll cover some of the most important topics clients come to me about. These are the same subjects nearly everyone on the planet struggles with: Personal power, love, and money.

Can you imagine how confident and free you would feel if you could erase such problems as depression, anxiety, fatigue, negative relationships and financial problems? Not only is this possible, but nearly guaranteed once you understand what spiritual energy is and how to work with it.

This type of energy is incredibly powerful and can have you feeling and living in the depths of despair or at a high level of joy and wealth. How do I know this? For decades, I barely scraped by with my finances and went from one negative relationship to another. I felt that this was just how life was…until I had a spiritual awakening. Once that happened I knew, really knew, that I had complete control over my present and future. Life could be everything I ever dreamed!

My goal in writing this book is to guide you along your own spiritual energy path and help you to experience an awakening that will change absolutely everything you currently think, feel, and live. Life doesn’t have to remain stagnant and you don’t have to accept less than what you deserve, dream and desire. You can become your higher self!

I’m all about keeping things simple, so I won’t go into any deep esoteric ramblings. In my opinion, too many spiritual authors make things seem far more complicated than they need to be, or push you in the direction of a certain religion or lifestyle. That’s completely unnecessary. Spiritual energy is as logical as mental, physical and emotional energy.

Let’s get started on your spiritual path to personal transformation!

|Part One|

Personal Energy

Why You’re Stuck

Unless you’re operating at a strong level of spiritual energy, life will be stuck in one or more areas. Everyone and everything is made up of energy. Where you’re at right now in life is the direct result of how your spiritual energy is or isn’t flowing. If your life is negative or lacking in some way then it’s a sure sign that you’ve got energy blockages.

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