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Reflections From

The Heart

by Nancy LePar

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This book is dedicated to my loving husband, William Allen LePar.


My life with Bill LePar started out as many young adults do. Bill attended trade school and became a first class machinist which was his trade as an adult. I went to nursing school and this was my trade. It was by coincidence that a lady I worked with rented an apartment owned by Bill. I met Bill after working afternoons one night when my friend invited me for a late night snack. After this, I joined my friend and Bill on many occasional late night snacks. Bill and I became friends at this time which developed into a dating relationship. Approximately two years after dating, we became engaged. In 1969, Bill and I married on the longest day of the year. Bill and I were married for 42 years, and during those 42 years we shared many interests. Even though we both worked, we enjoyed being alone as a couple with the same interests as going to fairs, shopping, cooking and riding roller coasters. A year after we were married we purchased our first home, a 97-acre farm. We were not farm people but the farm involved us in gardening, becoming the owner of a German shepherd and many kittens (since I was not accustomed to mice). But the biggest change in our life occurred with the adoption of our 16-year-old son. We transitioned from a two person family to a three person family with the challenge of having a teenager who had not experienced a disciplined household. As I watched Tom grow from a teenager to an adult, I saw that Tom had many of Bill’s qualities, and I am proud to say that Tom developed into a very loving, caring son whom I depend on greatly.

Shortly after this, Bill’s high school friend entered our life. I had not met Walt before but he became a close friend. Up to this point I was not aware of Bill and Walt’s relationship to each other. They were high school friends but they were much more than that. Walt and Bill, in high school, became interested in the psychic phenomenon. They tried to project different thoughts regarding each other, like reading each other’s minds, and from there it progressed. This was a “no-no” to Bill’s Catholic parents, but Walt’s mother was more receptive since she was able to sense other occurrences, too. This led them to attend the Spiritualist Church where both boys were able to see how these occurrences where they could sense things could be useful to other people. As high school boys they observed activities of the Spiritualist Church and were able to soak in this knowledge like a sponge in water. After a period of time, they decided, as a joke, to try to utilize some of the abilities they had observed on friends. They surprised their friends by being able to “pick-up” things about them. Their friends’ reactions were, “Are you trying to read our minds?” After high school Walt and his family moved away, and Bill and Walt did not keep contact with each other very frequently.

One night after supper the phone rang and Bill said, “Oh, no.” I looked at him and wondered what he meant by that. It was Walt on the phone and that phone call changed our lives drastically. Walt made a trip back to his hometown and he and Bill acted like they had never been apart. They joked with each other and talked about their time at the Spiritualist Church. After Walt returned home, Bill decided to take some classes where he practiced his psychic abilities. This was the beginning of our involvement with Bill’s psychic ability which was used for readings (which he did not really like to do). He preferred to speak with many different people and help them become better individuals without designating it as a psychic reading. This led to traveling for different conferences and meeting other individuals who shared the same kind of knowledge, such as astrologists, Tarot card readers, psychometrists, and other types of readers.

It was at this time that our life became involved with many people who, after a period of time, became a second family. At first I resented this second family because I didn’t want to share my husband. I was used to having him to myself so that when he began lecturing and traveling, I did not like it. After a period of time, and with the help of my husband, I began to understand more about his ability and accepted all my new friends. Our house became a meeting place for discussions, lectures, and social events like the annual picnic. At that time, I became involved in that aspect of my husband’s activities and realized all those extra people were my second family too, friends that I found invaluable. I discovered that we both could share the same activities and still maintain our loving relationship.

Bill’s activities created the SOL organization, and the membership program was started to share the information we were receiving from The Council. This was to get more people involved and to present all the knowledge we were receiving. (You will find more information on The Council at the end of the book.) With the activities, a research group was developed and many people from different walks of life became involved, like doctors, teachers, nurses, businessmen, etc. With their involvement in the organization and their interest, library files covering trance material on such topics as angels, animals and pets, life after death, effects of music, nutrition, dreams and many more subjects were developed and made available with the SOL membership program.

As years passed, all of these activities took a toll on Bill’s health. When Bill died, his death was devastating to me; I no longer had my husband, friend, and companion. Even though I was able to be with him 24/7 for several months, I was not ready for his death. He even spoiled me by preparing me for his upcoming passing. That is one day I will never forget. He told me he was going to die, and I remember looking at him, tears in my eyes, and asking WHEN? All he said was SOON. Of course, the next few days, he began gaining strength and I was definitely in denial and thought he didn’t know what he was talking about. Throughout our life I realized I should always listen to him—he passed away five days later. It’s difficult to explain what the next several months were like, but they were like a fog that would never go away. It has taken several years for me to be able to go through many of his things. That is why this book was put together. My husband always had paper and pen all around our house. After his passing, I found many of these sayings in numerous places around the house like our Bible, in books, our bedside, in his desk, and around his recliner. It was as if he placed them for me to find at a later date. I found many of these sayings along with birthday cards he had purchased for me. I feel like it was a sign from Bill that he was still with me and sharing his thoughts with me. I have learned through my experience living with Bill to share, be loving and kind, so that is why I want to share Bill’s thoughts with you. I have derived great comfort and insight from Bill’s musings so I hope you do as well. As you read, you will see that a few came from other authors and a Bible quote, but Bill found significance or inspiration from those quotes because he wrote them down, so we included them along with Bill’s original thoughts. I think we have attributed all the “borrowed” quotes to their authors, but we may have missed one or two.

A special thanks to Don Weisgarber and Sherilyn Highben who helped me compile these various thoughts into a book.

Nancy LePar

Go through life with grace and dignity because you have once been cherished.

The materialistic world is the external orientation hoping to find happiness outside of yourself.

Trust and love is a grace. Do you have it? Commitment. Fidelity.

I looked for my soul, but my soul I could not see. I looked for my God but my God eluded me. I looked for a friend and then I found all three.
(By William Blake)

A woman’s body is a temple of life; should not be used as an object or for sale, for recreation, or in a way to demean.

What is the purpose of life? Why are you here?

Belief is as important as the process. One book cannot make you believe.

The universe is an ordered, harmonious whole, a cosmos. If mankind is to experience his greatest potential, that is for mankind to experience his humanity, we must balance the need of the individual and society. The individual must accept limits on space and desire in a world of finite resources.

God reveals Himself in the order and the harmony of what exits.

You cannot tell people what to do; you can only do it yourself and ask them to follow.

As you are, I was. As I am, you will be.

What is allowed in moderation, becomes excuses in the next generation.

If no one misses you when you die, that means you haven’t done any good for others.

Give me your hand and I will pull you up from the depths of Hell.

What you do speaks so loudly that people can hardly hear you speak.

Love me more than yourself, and I will give you wings so that you can soar with the Eagles of Heaven.

Your life is an invitation to serve others.

Our decisions that we make today must not take us to places that we have tried to leave, to places we have already been.

To forgive is to forget.

Blowing through time, choose the things that will make you proud.

If you don’t judge, how can you be moral?

Intention behind action creates karma.

Think and feel

Thoughts and feelings.

Success is determined by the casualties left behind a man’s path.

Winds of night move swiftly, blow across the desolation of my life, my person, my heart; a desolation forcing the real me, my soul, to rise up and breathe in the winds of day.

Absence is to love, what wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small, it kindles the great.

Silently and introspectively we grow strong or weak, and at last some great crisis shows us what we have become. Great occasions do not make cowards or heroes; they simply unveil them to the eyes of man.

Each day brings with it the pain of the past, the dreams of the future and the sense of the past. Is life nothing but hopelessness?

The wind of the night sweeps away the dross of the ended day, the day coming offers us a new chance to give and begin anew.

In prosperity you cannot always tell a true friend, but in adversity you cannot mistake the enemy. (Ecclesiastics 12:8)

Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

Gain a deep understanding through feeling.

You can only be free by giving and never so free as when you give the most.

Let go of ego and feeling of self to empower the soul to merge forever with the light and God.

The great sinner can become a saint because he has seen enough of evil to totally reject it.

Will your dust be more valuable than the life you have lived?

Our history is one of a sometimes vicious species.

They have the eye of small children who are forever looking for the source of the next distraction, entertainment, or the sweeter taste in the mouth; they threw away God’s blessing and the opportunity that He sends us.

Those who are not responsible, they do not deserve what they have.

Hidden in the deep caves of a man, some time bombs tick louder than others.

Microwave mentality;

An instant mentality.

Opiate of the people, House of the Lotus Eaters, these roots put a person in a trance.

Being an adult is having to choose between two things, neither of which is the perfect choice.

The purpose of time is to keep everything from happening at once, so that we can understand more clearly the cause and effect with the limit of the conscious mind or the infinite mind.

Self esteem comes only from earning it, hard work and a job well done.

People today live their life on short term goals, a day or a week ahead.

Extraordinary people are not people above others but are more ordinary than others.

No truth can be heard until someone will listen; no truth can be discovered if there is no one to look.

The mind does not make a good and loving person, it is the heart that the person has.

The choices we make dictate the life we lead—dark victory, thunderous silence stains on the soul.

Redemption is a change of heart, the return to innocence.

Fate is the hand life dealt you at birth; destiny is what you make of it.

The pollution of the land, water and air shows the pollution of man’s body, mind and soul.

Man must have roots or he must have wings; without one or the other he drifts aimlessly.

When man controls his yearnings, he then finds peace and begins to grow. This leads to growth.

Simple enough in their wants and needs makes one remain innocent.

Man is unhappy when he cannot preserve the happiness he has.

Some things happen in life that no one can explain, so people cannot live with that.

In the world one day, death is going to take the life from everything you love. While you are able, love what you have that takes the death from your life.

When you give up the ability to decide for yourself, you give up the right or ability to be yourself or to find and know yourself.

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