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Divine Parables Vol. 1


There is no meaningful life without a sustainable pillar. Your future is not determined by your physical stature or nature; neither do you attract divine prosperity with physical identity, but with ingenuity, coupled with a life of simplicity.

It is common sense that breeds common men. The reason many homes, vocations and visions are being daily aborted is due to lack of one thing- WISDOM.

Being made kings and priests does not make you an automatic champion- hence, there is no successful king without a successful key; neither is there any celebrated kingdom priest without a dominion word which terminates stress and breeds uncommon rest in the hearts of his people.

Life is full of battles; yet there is no circumstance without an innate chance which leads to stardom. In the midst of it all, God had designed a sure platform for you to reign and to rule, which truly means you decide what your situation makes out of you, because, it is your battle that determines your title.

“A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees”. Ps. 74:5

You do not need to be a victim of the end time's destructive venom or be found in the camp of the pessimists, whose lives are daily run by circumstances.

As a priest, you need to constantly apply a divine skill to maintain your uniqueness and rest in the midst of this unrestful world.

As a government official in an office, wisdom is needed to forestall bureaucracy from destroying your innate ability for creativity.

As a graduate, you do not need to put all your hopes in your certificate, which as a matter of fact, simply means “a certified cage”.

While as a business man or woman, you must constantly apply a divine knowledge to give you an edge among your equals or else, your good business might become “the next busy thing” in your hand.

In all, I am using this piece to drum it authoritatively into your consciousness that you can break out from your cage with God's divine axe within your reach, which is pure wisdom.

With it, you can unravel the secret within the arrow of Pharaoh in your family. You can remove the shaft on your way and become the new champion; you can block the hole through which the spirit of sorrow had been holding your marital life in captivity, thus make your home a blissful one.

Beloved, Pharaoh will not bow to you until you discover the secret behind his arrow, which is why this book is timely for you, to restore what hell had stolen from you in seven folds.

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding”.

Prov. 3:13

Everything on earth can fall by itself but nothing rises by itself. It is my prayer that God will use this book to take you out from the woods back into the way.


Segun. T. Obadimu


Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God light hath shines.

(Psalm 50:2)

A divine beauty is not meant for those who are called to partake in the kingdom duty, but meant only to those with dutiful minds, for many are called, yet glory belong to the exceptional.

True beauty comes from the Lord, who is perfect in beauty. The world has done a lot to make their environment beautiful, ranging from their streets, to their homes and from their personal make ups to their fashion statement. You can also see this in their diverse inventions; from their automobiles to their electronic gadgets. No doubt the world with their intelligence and their scientific research has done wonderfully well, yet all this beauty put together are worthless materials when put side by side with the beauty of Heaven which is totally divine.

What is divine beauty? It's that glory that surround a man that no one can search its origin, it is incorruptible, it doesn't shout, it is impeccable, it is visible but not touchable, its beyond human or scientific research, it is divine coupled with divine attraction. It is that great wave that surrounds a man that is void of human input (pride) that comes out from a broken cistern, from the depth of a man's heart; it's that beauty that sanctifies God in the heart and eyes of the world.

“But let it (beauty) be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” – I Peter 3:4

This kind of beauty as we described cannot be bought or sustained by money or worldly riches, it can only be seem and be evident in all those who have totally given all to Him, that have surrendered all their hearts to His ways and will.

Total commitment to the work of God is that which usher a man to this kind of awesome beauty you are the next on the list.


“And David arose and fled that day for fear of Saul and went to Achish the king of Gath.” (1 Samuel 21:10)

When you suddenly reject the thought of being a loser you ultimately find your feet toeing the paths of a dreamer; and the moments you cross over to that stage, nothing can stop you from mounting the stage.

When you read and David 'arose' you should have known that he had been on the floor devastated sometime and thinking on how he entered into the problem.

“Yes! he may say I am great, God is with me, I will like to do something great for God on earth but is this my end? I have failed. Moreover, as he was thinking in this line a divine understanding flashed into his soul. “There is still a ray of hope, a sure way of survival, I will only withdraw myself away from my former glory and dignity and maneuver myself out of this case”.

Hence, he determined to feigned madness.

“And he change his behaviour before them and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the doors of the gate. And let his spittle fall down upon his beard. (1 Samuel 21:13)

Life is not about agonizing, it is by strategizing, is not by window dressing, your mysteries but organizing yourself for a new and a better ministry.

I know many may not be able to do this but not a man that has his vision beckoning on him. Strategy for fulfilling life dreams is not something you can read in the school curriculum you cannot be taught the strategy, you can only catch it when the situation arises, this is the single reason the most 'brainy' in the school still have their lives mortgaged under the control of different work bureaucracies because they cannot confront their greatest dread which is failure, while those who are dropouts have learned enough in the school of life that to win the battle of greatness and to be up in your world is not by graduating with distinction or upper class, nor through academic intelligence but through grace and emotional intelligence.

Academic intelligence will tell you to be careful and abide by the rules taught in the classroom, but spiritual wisdom will tell you that when you are down; you only need to look up to Christ who has made all thing beautiful in His own time.


“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honour of kings is to search out a matter” (Prov. 25:2)

One of the greatest enemies to divine discovery and accessibility to divine wisdom for our daily life is laziness. Laziness and idleness is not in the absence of what to do, it is not because the job to do has been occupied by more qualified people, but largely due to lack of insight, how can you give a sight to someone when you have none? How can you give strength or lead people in a way, when you are still batting under the weight of deception?

Laziness today had been attributed to many lies, our world has been so covered with deception that reward for hard work, dignity of labour and self-esteem has been reduced to the bearest minimum, the conscientious living of old time is no longer fashionable, the world is now daily fed on evil and recycling itself around mediocrities, it has become a place where anybody that makes it through crooks and tricks automatically becomes a champion and where those that make it through thick and thin become a specimen for mockers but little do they know that no matter how you straighten it, an empty sack can never stand straight.

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (Rom 1:32)

Laziness is a spirit, it operates through different means to limit the glory of men, to steal away their idea and divine capability to rise up to the challenges it takes to be a shining star in the world, it truncates the power of creativity and replaces it with the spirit of mediocrity, which result, in false and low standard of living. Rise up today and make up your mind to be different in your world through divine intelligence.


“For there is no respect of persons with God” (Rom. 2:11).

Years ago while Late Bishop Benson Idahosa, was meditating on how could possibly use a black man for His great work on earth to his surprise God told him “I never create a man black or white I only create them in my own image”

True success or divine wealth is never a birthright base on colour, race, geographical location or culture, as a matter of truth, no man can activate his divine wealth until he has located and pre-occupied his heart with God's divine gems.

Many of us grow up with the belief that the white are on top because their heart and body are white and holy, while black race are down because they are black, dirty and impure both in heart and body. Thank God the Bible says at the end of the age knowledge shall increase. Hence, in the 21st century, this word of God came to light which truly depicts the fact that all men are born with equal brain to explore and change their world.

“But thou, O Daniel shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase” (Daniel 12:4)

Despite the fact that colour white or black never exists in human race, the trend in our world is vastly depicting the fact that God is never a respecter of persons. We need to settle down with some facts in our heart, that with God on your side, you can do all things to scale all heights and leap over all walls. The greatest equalizer of all age is trouble, which is being conquered on daily basis though wisdom, That is why it has been called the principal thing- get hold of it today!.


“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” (Matt. 10:35)

How can you have a great control over the problem that is causing men's heart to shake, that is making their heart to pump and fidget and you will not be noted by the enemy. How will you be acting like God on the earth and think that the gods of the earth will just go to sleep without reacting? I have heard many good and great people saying, ho! I wish they can understand me! How I wish they could listen to me and give me audience. Some will say, why do you talk like that without firstly do your findings? The truth is, the enemy knows that, if he waits to do his findings he would be hindered from his attack on you, because he will be win over by the power of wisdom embedded in all your steps and the divine understanding that guide all your undertakings. He knows he cannot gain-say the wisdom that God has laced your tongue with.

“I have given you mouth and wisdom, in which you adversary can never resist or gain say”

In her book, private lives of pastor's wives by Ruth A Tucker, she narrated how Normant Vincent Peal was help out of her emotional distress by his father;

“Also soon after the publication of his best selling book the power of positive thinking he plummeted to another low point. Although the book became more popular and far more widely circulated than the Peales had ever dreamed it would be, it initially received some harsh reviews from fellow church men.

Conservative Evangelicals in many cases said it was without biblical foundation, and some liberals charged that is was an attempt to make a Christian defense of capitalistic materialism. One article was particularly Scurrilous, and when Norman read it he become so up set that he vowed to quit the Christian ministry in fact, he write a letter of resignation to present to the church compounding nor man's despair over his critics was the serious illness of his father. It was his father's death, however, that brought Norman back to a sense of reality. At the funeral his step mother told him that his father, before he died, had sensed Norman was facing crisis, so he asked that message be given to his son “The peals never quit” Those words gave Norman the reassurance he needed, and he did not carry out the threat to resign”

Controversy is a major reward from the pit of hell to those that it powers cannot blind fold or stop, it is a great cake from sheol for the great mind, for men and women of destiny, who are actually walking on the waters of life, but they don't need to eat it. When people cause misunderstanding between you and somebody else, it is because they find it difficult to stand under your great understanding, which is greatly divine, just be at rest for your God is in control.


“The prince that wanteth understanding is also a great oppressor but he that hateth covetousness shall prolong his day. (Prov. 25:16).

Somebody said the truth about a person is his height of ideas, the breadth of his sympathy and width of his conviction and patience. I have watched many people closely and the way they are leaving their life is worrisome and I secretly pray to God to have mercy on them, for mercy is the end of all prayers.

Somebody also said it well; when he said; “Do not slam the door, for you might want to return. Life as a test is established on the mystery of sowing and reaping. You eventually reap what so ever you sow Old age has been tipped to be the most exciting and most favourable time of any man which should be full of joy, peace and solace but little do we know that as good as it might sound it all lie within our hands, the way you want your life to be in the next forty-sixty years to this time is the way you will eventually have it no more no less if you put the required machinery in place.

This secret has been hidden to many who believe they can just do anything and escape the consequences. It was Galileo who says, “you cannot teach a man anything, you can only make him get the awareness of what is already inside of him.” Hence, if old-age is already in your mind then, how do you want to live it? Is it in a lonely house or in a house full of happy children, and your grand children taking care of your daily needs and seeing to your welfare?

Somebody I knew just flew in from united Kingdom; she was detained by her children, who seized her personal contact (cell phone) in order to enjoy-her rest with her personal doctor. What are you doing to your children today? How about those who are working for you?, your neighbour and people in general, are you giving pity when your should be giving action?

Remember when you are old enough to receive gain you will receive the same type of pity, are you an oppressor? Are you covetous and full of selfish interest? Are your paying any worth-while price to raise people up around you or full of promising and lip services? Remember that the old will grow cold while the young will grow old, when a big and a great man will no longer live big or great for dimness of eyes and for loss of strength.


“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:6-7)

To break a curse is very simple, just find a divine course and stick to the breakthrough of the same. The truth is you can never have a successful story on any divine course until your curse is broken. But, the cheerful news is that the day you discover your divine course and believe in it enough to take you to stardom, that day the root of curse in your life is exposed while its grips on you is already shattered. From that day you become a freeman.

No task will yield it all, until you give it your all. Hence, your miracle on such job is hiding inside the obstacle you will be facing on your way to actualize your goals and objectives, curse is just a mere indication that your blessing is possible.

Satanic rage in many families has not been tamed, because those whom God has empowered for the task had allowed discouragement to rob them of their goal.

Discouragement and lack of commitment has been the major setback on the journey of many. As trivial as this might sound, a man that will break a curse in his world (life) must be determined and be disciplined to obey divine rule and ordinance. Lack of commitment to duty is one of the vices that dethrones Satan from his exalted position; To have the same trait is to be sending a signal to God that you are not yet ready to embrace his package of redemption. While discouragement makes you to abandon the process of a miracle which He had started already.

Do you want to break that curse of limitation, look beyond your limitation, see beyond the physical, pray, and stick to your word in faith, allow patience to have its due course (James 1:4), eventually, you will share a testimony not only to your immediate family but to the world at large.


“Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter and abode with him fifteen days.” (Gal. 1:18)

Nobody can become 'a matter' in his world, until he had thoroughly been tutored under a master.

There is no job, task or vocation without a master. Every job is unique in itself while the mysteries for each is given to an individual; when you discover those that have great skill and greatly endowed in your chosen field, then prepare yourself to serve them, I have never seen a man that waits patiently under a grace and ends up a disgrace; when you wait in due orders, you become a blessing to others the Bible says; “he that wait for his masters shall be honour”. (Pro. 27:18) You really need to understand that, everything you need to be great in life is already here. Everything you need to be a blessing to others has been ordered and received by someone before, the only mystery there is that, we are yet to witness or see what the Lord will use the same 'gift' in your life to do; that is why He said, eyes had not seen, ears had not hear…. (1 Cor. 2 vs 9)

Do you know that Paul had to master some divine issues under Peter? For some days, even when he has not begun his ministry, but the moment the actual work commences, the Lord said, “Go toward the Gentiles.

Do you know that the same rod in the hands of Judah was the one in the hand of Moses, while Judah gave his own as a special gift to a harlot, (Gen. 38:18) Moses own was specially used for signs and wonders. You are not designed to waste at the time of waiting, wait under a master so that you can be a matter, to the world. Always remember this, that the gift of knowledge, or power in the life of your master is the same thing God will give to you, the difference is what God wants to use it for, hence, you need to be humble to stand under a man to be seen as a 'MAN' and lastly as you are waiting for your time, always note the fact that, contentment is the only substance that will make your contribution rich in divine content.


“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek things which are above where, Christ sitteth on the right hand of God” (1Thess. 3:1)

Many are ending their life in gaol because they are too much in a hurry to attain their goal. Many great men and women are daily ending their sojourn in life in emptiness and crisis for failing to take hold of that which is of Christ.

Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God once said, “men should learn to be mindful in the beginning, what matters most in the end”. God wants us to be aware of what is important to him, when we know how much he cares about certain things like salvation breaking of yokes and releasing those who are oppressed, then we are ready to set ourselves on our away to His heart. God wants us to be interested in the things he is interested in and that is people. (Isa. 58:6-7)

In his book, Angels on Assignment by ROLANDBUCK. He said the Angel of the Lord told him the following: “people are doing a lot of things that are “good” thing, necessary things, things of this life, and things that need us be done. They have a real value while on this earth, so they are not worthless, they have a reason here, but they are not all things which are going to remain. He mentioned specifically certain books which people spend all their time writing, books which may have value, but do not meet the eternal need of people.

Singing performances, unless directed to the need of a life, are temporary and will not go on. Even sermons that are preached which can give information, may be preached to a crowd of people but may not meek the need of people, this may guide and steer people in a certain direction, but they will not remain.

Buildings have a great purpose, but God doesn't need building, He has one which put those in this old world to shame. He spoke about “giving” campaigns. He said if you give for credit, you get reward here, but not in heaven. Often an individual missionary vision has been hurt because they did this for credit or recognition. It is all right if people have to be motivated, but this kind of giving is not going down in God's book. He wants giving from the heart. These are the exact words the angel used: these things may have satisfying reward in this life, and they are important, but they will not remain”. “What will remain”? I questioned. He referred me to (Phil. 4:17-18) and John 15:16; He said: Jesus prayer was that the fruit of your life should remain”.

People are special to God if you want to know where God lives on this earth, look where people are, God lives where people are hurting. He wants to help them, He involves himself with the needs of people.

I advise you to back out from your canal ambition and enrol yourself immediately in the mercy race.


“But the fruit of the spirit is love… (Gal. 5:22)

Many of us can join people to pray for a soul to be saved but to give all we have at hand to pursue the same to mature in Christ is an uphill task. Thank God for tongue speaking Christians however, its high time the we add much love and positive acts, just like the Apostles of old.

One of the assignments in the face of today Christian is ability to reach people with a divine message, which can be done through evangelism, prayers, self help programmes which is centered on soul winning. The Lord so depend on the ability of His divine wards that He told one his spiritual daughters in a revelation that “I am not going to blame the president for whatever evil that occur in a country but the Christian”.

There are lots of us who are struggling with our spiritual life; many are more comfortable in speaking in tongue, binding the devil, praying for miracle than to fast for a day for a soul to be saved. Many find it hard to believe that they can leave above some certain standard, while some did not even believe they can possess some gifts of the spirit believing it's meant for certain group of people. All these are traceable to one thing, inability to get themselves committed to the preaching of the gospel.

Many of us love to think and talk of heaven but, we will do everything like Peter to give Him away through our words associations and dressings. Even many of the so called ministers are not even preaching to rich people, but are now using different gimmicks to enrich their pocket, saying that godliness is a means to amass wealth for themselves. They talk around the gospel and leave out the main issue which is salvation of soul. “And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandize of you…” (2 Peter 2:2-3) Everything you do must be targeted toward soul winning. Are you a praise leader? Praise to reach somebody are you a prayer warrior, pray to reach somebody, are you a business man or woman? Transact to reach somebody. One of the ways to enrich your world and personal life is to live to reach, when you do that, you are unknowingly enriching yourself both in heaven and on earth, go for the grace, give to whatsoever come your way without prejudicing. and witnessing the arm of the Lord enlarging you from coast to coast


“And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying drink ye all of it, for this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sin (Mt. 26:26)

We should know that anything God originates Satan duplicates, Concoction has been in the world for ages, at least we met it in the hand of our fore-fathers, but little did we know that it is a duplicate of Heavenly mysteries for divine healing. Concoction is known everywhere from African to Asian countries. It is being used mostly for diabolical means and some for orthodox healing out yet, if hell really believes in this and makes a duplication for men's use, what is the church doing about it?

I have realized that the set of people that least believe in it, are people that is really meant for. May I ask you, how many times have you partaken of it, this year in your assembly? How many times have you ministered it to yourself personally for your health and well being? All these heavenly secrets are not meant for heaven, they are meant for you and me on the earth, if somebody can eat demonic concoction in a dream and become mad or have cancer, how more shall we eat holy communion and live.

A brother came to my house one day and was complaining that he ate something in the dream, and the substance had been moving up and down in his tummy, I quickly, prepared a divine concoction, prayed over it, and ministered to him, and we began to chat, few minutes later, he checked his body, the substance had disappeared.

Another brother came for prayer, he had been an occultist; who had eaten a lot of demonic charm to fortify himself, during the time of holy communion, he 'mistakenly' pertaked of it, and that was the end, He vomited everything in his tummy including a gourd.

A brother's wife who was pregnant was attacked by witch craft telling him that his wife would not give birth. Eventually, pastors rallied round her, and she delivered her baby safely. Later they came to this man in the dream and told him that, as his wife was pregnant and was delivered. So shall he be pregnant. Immediately his tummy began to swell!

One day, he went to his church and fortunately, the communion was ministered to him. After this, something burst in him and his tummy became normal, and his sound health was restored.

The testimony on it's divine mystery is endless. It's time to take your place as a 'god' that you are(Ps 82 vs 6) and become a “no go” area for the powers of the underworld. Always remember that there is no contour in your life paths which a divine concoction cannot level up. Be a partaker of it from today.


“Ye fools and blind: for whatever is greater, the gold or the temple that sanctifieth the gold? If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?” (Luke 16:11)

Many who should have become a divine honey in the kingdom are still tasteless, because they daily fail the test of money.

Money is great on earth; it is needed to meet our different needs, our needs and that of others. It creates happiness and breeds some level of comfort to man. But as good as this might sound, it will be okay to note that money is only good when it remains a servant, to help man in attaining goals and vision relevant to his life, but, it still remains number one world worst master.

Money is a test to him whom God seeks to bless. Money actually can buy all things including spiritual things, if we really know how to process it through sowing and reaping. However, true riches must be pursued. The kind that allows the cashier of the bank of heaven to respond to your cheque as soon as you tender it. The kind that come around you the moment you become a God- seeker.

“Ye fools and blind; for whether is greater, the gold or the temple that sanctifieth the gift” (Matt. 23:17).

True riches is the heart of God for all his children but, you cannot have access to this, if you are still allowing the spirit of mammon and greed to control you. The demon in sex is lust, the demon in power is pride, while the demon that is attached to money is greed (mammon). It is greed that will tell you not pay your tithe or not to pay it accurately, it will tell you to reduce your offering after all you have many needs. It will tell you to give, even when it is in your power, telling you that other's are lazy, or that they should go and pass through what you passed through to get what you get.

Behind our coins, naira, pounds, euro, dollar, bills or whatever you choose to call your money are spiritual forces called 'mammon', that seeks the milk of kindness out of your heart, he seeks to control you just as God will, and until you break the arms of his control (selfishness, callousness, greed) over your soul, you will still be far from God's kind of riches which simply mean being blessed and becoming a source of blessing to others.


After looking intently into the law and covenant of God for his people, I found the tenderness of God's heart in dealing with His children. But Alas! We are accustomed to LAW and grievous living. We are used to hard paths so much so that when we are told to take an easy path, we become defensive in our hearts. Joy is not always as a result of hard work joy is a product. Right work and complete obedience to God, Deception of possession is another factor that makes man to trivialize the law and the commandment of God, I have seen many people whomock at tithe and offering and make jokes of the servants of God. They see them as jobless and classless group of people who are looking for a way out of their social and economic problems. This may be true for some but, not for all, and by their fruit they shall be known yet it is also good to add that the same critics final themselves in critical situations and are daily spending fortunes to out of them.

Tithing, offering and vows are God's ways of accessing your life for progress, security, protection and healings. They are God's ways of meeting your crucial needs which are divine in nature, but this may be hindered if you put yourself in the way and try to help yourself! One day after disappointing God in my tithe, God spoke to me and said “A man's need giveth him problem, but a man that keepeth a commandment happy is he.” I would not forget the impact this word made on me, not that i have have not known this before but, because God had shown me mercy by talking to me in a new dimension to establish my paths firmly on the rock. Do your best to follow this truth, from today, and it shall be well with you.


“Let us go up against Judah, and vex it, and let us make a breach therein for us, and set a king in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal. (Isaiah 7:6).

Many of us are experience confusion, because we are living with double visions, you cannot set your eyes on two things at the same time, therefore do everything to remain focused on your resolution.

One of the ways Satan rule is through divide and rule game. (mis-understanding) He knows a house that is divided against itself cannot stand. Another way is through confusion by which he causes pandemonium using an abusive words, negative criticism and controversy. However, he could not handle or break through into Judah, because of the divine security around him, he tried every other means to get him, but he could not succeed, he then called his allies and planned another strategy, let us confuse him from within. So that he will become angry. While he is angry, let us quickly make a breach in him for us, and set our informant in his midst that will be troubling him and yet be giving us every information we need to destroy him. Is this what the enemy had done in your life?

There is a way out. As a child of God, you must be sensitive against anger and confusion. Confusion always come through somebody very close to you, through your foremost confidant or assistant. You need to be very careful not to be angry but, to pray and seek the face of God, God will surely come to your rescue.

Sometimes ago, a pastor who just wedded began to see that his wife was coming to him in the dream, trying to kill him. He became confused being a wise son of God he took up the case before God. And the Lord said, he and the wife should fast and pray. After the prayer he went to God again and the Lord said, “Your wife needs a deliverance” and the night before God had shown the wife that a pastor was praying for her, and she was manifesting something. Immediately the husband heard this, he observed that God had confirmed that his wife needed deliverance, and being somebody that is vast in deliverance prayer, he started immediately. Suddenly the demon began to manifest shouting that nobody Could take him away from his domain, but at last God took over, and the wife was delivered. It was then she discovered that the spirit of (Ogbanje's i.e water spirit) had been with the wife before, she get saved her and she was delivered.

This is exactly what we are saying; the pastor could not be destroyed from without but the enemy knew that somebody was beside him that he could work through, but thank God for the pastor who refused to call his wife a witch or and allow the will of Satan to come to pass by setting a demonic king in their midst, that would have been the end of their marriage.

Have you made a decision for God in any area of your life? Hold on to it. Face every arrow of confusion against your mind in the light of the scriptures. Everyone should be suspicious of himself or herself. You should be sensitive against anger and the spirit of confusion, for our God is not the author of confusion. (1 Cor. 14:33)


'But he forsaked the counsel of the old men, which they had given him, and consulted with the young men that were grown up with him and which stood before him.' (1 King 12:8)

Your difference in life is determined by those you reference. The people you reference in life determine the type of difference you wish to your environment are the kind of people your heart can tolerate, and the people you tolerate, will eventually become the grace in which the world will rate you with.

When you tolerate people with great grace you cannot but create an environment litters with men and women with great pace.

When you see people getting stuck in life, it is because they could not see beyond their environment. Your friends and acquaintance are all in the level of your vision, the moment you change your vision, everything about you also will become a thing of the past including your friends and acquaintances.

Jeroboam, son of Solomon, could have been a great king, who would have restored the glory and honour which his father had lost in the sight of people but he could not see beyond his environment and so had his reign be clouded with disfavour.

What difference did you wish to make? Who are the people you have surrounded yourself with? Who are the ones talking into your life and giving you counseling?

If you can answer these questions objectively, then you are on the way to making a difference in your world.


'There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture's eyes hath not seen, the lion whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it. (Job 28:7)

A vision is a unique mind of God for an individual, it is a divine gift from divinity for the preservation of humanity. It's simply a divine ambition that is being run through the dictate of almighty. It is not natural and cannot be seen or actualize by mere wishes or mere hands, most of the time it will be so unique in nature that it gets you confused thinking how to go about it.

Visions are scarce hence only few people can have access to it. It is not that God had not given everybody something to live for, but yet, only few people have heart, to tackle what their vision truly dictates.

For example, visions from God are always covered with great challenges and obstacles which ,if care is not taken, may discourage you from surrendering your all to get it done. In Numbers chapter 13, we see that only two people Joshua and Caleb could see what God had seen.

Vision is a bridge between your today and tomorrow, it is between your today an eternity. It is something that links you together to the coming generation. It is so different in that it is God's personal purpose on earth using you as a human instrument. The programme of God is within His planning schemes and agenda, that is it is always a network of divine missions that sanctified His name in the heart of men give glory to Him in heaven,.

Hence, he that carries divine mandate in his heart must be sensitive of his environment for as they are a blessing to heaven so are they notable in hell. Determine today to stick to that vision which the Lord has given to you and rely on His strength, you will soon begin to touch that which is in your mind.


It is better to dwell in the corner of the house top, than with a brawling woman in a wide house (Prov. 25:24).

Joyce Meyer is a wonderful preacher whose home could have been destroyed by her own hand but for the grace of God. In her book, 'Battlefield of the mind', she wrote,

“I vividly remember praying for Dave to change. I had been reading my Bible and was seeing more of his flaws, and how much he needed to be different. As I prayed, the Lord spoke to me and said, “ Joyce, Dave is not the problem…you are”. I was devastated. I cried and cried. I wept for three days because God was showing me what it was like to live in the same house with me. He showed me how I tried to control everything that went on, how I nagged and complained, how hard it was to please me, how negative I was-on and on. It was a shocking blow to my pride, but it was also the beginning of my recovery in the Lord. I thought I was acting badly because I had been abused but God told me.' Abuse may be the reason you act this way, but don't let it become an excuse to stay this way”

As a wife to minister of God or not, you may have a genuine reason for your wrong attitude but you have no excuse before God to let you stay in such act.

Many of the sisters and ladies alike who are parading themselves as wives materials of today are mainly those who have gotten their hearts poisoned with one dysfunction or the other, who had made up their minds on how their world must be, and nothing can change it.

This has culminated into serious problem in the home to the extent that many of their husbands could not stomach what they begin to encounter from the same lady, as they all got more than what they have bargained for.

Many wives are wolves in sheep's clothing, they pretend, on the way put on different traits of gimmick only to get the house and become a wild animal. It is now common to note that many children are now becoming un-controllable due to the result of what their mothers are to their fathers. As we all know that children are closer to their mother than their father but who will blame a child who has seen her mother doing the same thing to his father times without number. Even, if a wife says she has a reason for turning down the order of her husband, (which they always say). It means her children too have more premises to do so because what you sow is what you reap.

It has been prophecy that at the end of the age that children will be disobedient to their parent yet, I still believe that a children who comes out from the womb of a virtuous woman cannot but be excempted from this end time tragedy, because a virtuous, woman is not wild, or a fighter, is a woman who had yielded all her heart to God and to obey her husband to the end, who work greatly in modeling her children and her environment to world Christ. But the question is are you a true sheep (virtuous) or a wolf in sheep cloth.

There is a story of brother wife, who had her mother-in-law staying around her sometimes ago, One day, she wanted to go to the market, and she had a pot of beans on the cooking machine. She told her mother in law to help her out till she comes back. After sometimes, the beans got dry, and began to burn and the old woman did not know how to control the machine. She just went there and poured more water, which made the beans to change taste, since it had burnt already. Immediately the daughter -in-law came in, she became so angry and told her mother-in-law, that until she finished the beans that she burnt she would have no access to other food in the house. She made good her promise by serving this old woman the burnt beans day and night, but on the third day, her husband noticed that the whole house was filled with foul ordour. He checked every were and finally saw a plate of rotten beans which his mother (who had been using her pocket money to feed herself for three days) had abandoned. It he asked his mother why she did not report his wife's conduct to him. The old woman simply said “I did not want to be a source of conflict between you and your wife”

If you are a wife, and you are still quarrelling with your mother- in-law fighting your husband and are still stubbornly disobeying his wills and order in the house even, if that man is an unbeliever, you are a wolf. You can change all this today by submitting all your heart to Christ and ask him for a divine wisdom to build your home.


“The desire of a man is his kindness” (Prov. 19:22)

Kindness is a road in which a lame can tour, it is a language which the deaf can hear and the book which the blind can read.

Somebody said “it is time to stop being a paper millionaire and start being a people millionaire; Your true joy is not in the fataccount in the bank, but the account you have with people.

One of the areas satan spread wickedness in our environment is through blocking people's need from getting to them through different deceptive teachings and doctrines. One of the doctrines is, “After all l'm not Jesus Christ, I cannot go out of my way to please anybody.” Another is giving somebody a peanut or half of what he needs, even if it is in your power to meet all the need of the person. The teaching is, if I give him everything he needs he will not learn how to grow. As good as this may sound, it is totally against the doctrine of Christ, the truth is, until you give a man in the area of his deepest need, he cannot pray for you from the bottom of His heart and until this is done, His God will not be move to bless you in return, most especially the poor.

“He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse (Prov. 28:29).

What do you call a house rent? School fees or tuition fess? Feeding or welfare support? Are they a true need or want? Did God promise to supply our wants according to His riches in glory? Then, if He talks about our need through whom will he supply it? Is it through Angel? Many of us had been so good to satan with our tight fisted behaviour, We have unknowingly become his vessels through our callousness, self centeredness. By selfish lifestyle, we have become an extension of demonic arms of wickedness to our fellow believer, We are quick to preach the whole sermon of 'cautioness' but little did we know through this, we are actually frustrating the spread of his divine grace.

Many people are suffering and are passing through untold affliction because compassion has gone out of fashion in the hearth of people around them, who in position to help. Some years ago I received a direction from the Lord to print some messages in a book and I approached a brother who is quite close and influential, shared the message with him; Actually the whole project was within few thousands of naira which I did not even have at that time. Few day later he called me on his cellphone to my surprise, he said, Now “ When everyone istalking of global recession and thinking what to eat you are talking of book….” This statement was like pouring water into my heart but I summoned courage.

Few days later, a prophet came to a minister in our church and he called a certain type of people who can give one million naira each for some blessings to come into their life, my good brother was the first to come out and without delay wrote a cheque for it instantly. Things like this is what is going on in our environment. People love themselves, more than others. Remember when you lift others you are also lifting yourself.


“A man's Wisdom maketh his face to shine” (Ecc 1:8 – 15)

It is true that when you are not glowing it means you are not growing, for glowing and shinning are products of growth. Hence, to grow you need to know, and to know you need to seek. Divine information is meant only for rugged seekers. Those that have taken hold of their vision, that have caught the glimpse of God's mind for their lives, who know that the only way to be relevant in their world is to come with new things. New things don't just occur, it is through total separation, you don't intermeddle with all wisdom needed to upgrade and accelerate your rising by mere wishes. You don't raise your profile through standing only on the promise ;You must be resolute enough ,to steer yourself clear of anything that can hinder your divine connection to the covenant of God for your life.

Prov. 18:1 “Through desires a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.” (KJV).

You don't need to remain low, you can raise your profile, you can break away from every form of mediocrity, you must desire to grow, which level you now? You can break out from there; you can make progress.

It is true that no one makes progress without embarking on a project, yet God must lead you on the project you are to embark upon; else the same project might lead to regrets. Few people make progress from their lowest ebb in life with the help of divine arms, and they restore divine order into the world.

Abraham from idols worshiping home, desired to grow, through divine ordinance and he restore power of faith to the church. From poverty striking background Gideon through desire introduced power to restore that which devil had stolen (judges6:5). From neglect and rejection David through desire gave us a divine insight that our giant is nothing but, small ants, Moses through desire left us with the truth that every Pharaoh of our life, can be buried through the rod (divine assignment) in our hand. From being a servant Joshua through desire left us with the truth that we can possess our possession through a decree (Josh. 10: 12-14) Solomon through desire left us with the truth that we can leave our days on the earth in peace by being guided with wisdom. Jesus Christ revealed that we can have our salvation from sin and enjoy eternal life with our father in heaven by doing His will.

May I ask you what did you want to leave your world with? What will your children and un-born generation, gain or read from your life, is it how they can endure living in poverty, stagnancy, shame for hundred years and be happy? Start thinking about this from today.


….Neither been Lord over God's heritage” (1 Pt. 5:3)

Somebody said if what you have in your hand is hammer every offence people made around you become a nail.

Who is a leader? A leader is a true servant whom a servant of God described, as a person who uses towel on the earth and use sword in heaven. Humility in a choice servant breeds unity and serene atmosphere around him. A true leader is not he who had gone ahead of others but that person who had gone ahead of himself, who has unique grace to work through others.

A great leader seeks on daily basis to reduce or totally alleviate pain from human race while a dealer is that type of a leader who always seek to enrich himself through his relationship with people. While one is seeking to reduce pain one is seeking to increase gain. He is a man that has lost all his human honour to heaven who is now content with the honour heaven had placed on him on earth.

Leadership is a difficult task, hence, a true leader will not bother himself to be all things to all men. He knows his limitations with people and with God yet, due to this, God will continue to magnify him in the sight of men, because a leader that knows his limitation in life cannot be limited either in his divine duty or in his personal life. He is a man that will have a blessing without a boundary.

Lastly, a true leader is a servant of God and a messenger of all who dispatch His duty with reverence, to God and with humility to all. Be a true leader.


“He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God” (Rom. 4:20).

To avoid a life full of limitation, you only need to know your limitation and stay right there.

In the battle of life, God does not want you to do more than what is required of man. He only wants you to believe He wants you to hold your peace and not attend to any distraction from outside force in including people around you.

“The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace (Exo. 14:14)

I have personally discovered that the major problem of man is their tongue, inability to hold it up or gain control of it, until their change is effected.

Job was one of the great men in this wise. Despite the tenacity of the attack hauled on him by his adversary, he refused to let his tongue loose. He decided to take control of it to the extent that the ambush of satan in this area to further his affliction was meant with confusion, and when he couldn't take it any longer he manifested himself through his wife, who told him to curse God and die.

“Then said his wife unto him dost thou still retain thine integrity curse God and die.” (Job 2:9)

Gaining control of your tongue is like gaining control of a city (Pro. 16:32) When your city is totally secure, you have less stress, your fear of intrusion or having illegal disturbance within your domain is minimized.

“A fool's lips enter into contention and his mouth is the shame of his soul”. Prov. 18:7.

Your mouth is a key to your peace and all round comfort. Do your best as from this day, to gain control of it at all cost, so as to allow the Lord to reign in your circumstances, It is well.


“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more unto the perfect day.” Prov. 4:18.

There is a perfect day, the day all Christians who believe in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will see our Lord face to face.

“…but we know that, when he shall appear, for we shall see Him as he is” 1 John 3:2b.

But before this, all Christians are to be an example of what heaven is, a shinning example of His glory. They are to be a living grace, on the earth, to live a life of dominion.

They are to be a force in every strata of their world, the spirit of the tail (shame) must not be found amidst them. They are to progress gracefully and gloriously on the earth.

However, God is a discipline father, who will not give his children an un-due exposure. He rates His children not by their age in Him, but by their heart for Him. He distributes His grace and glory upon His children according to their maturity (Gal. 4:1) according to their tender heart toward His ordinance.

If you will be honest with yourself, you will realize that most of the areas of your life, where you have respect to the covenant, you have heard experience of the God's faithfulness from there, while those areas you seem to be struggling with Him may be experiencing some kind of dryness. It will be dry because He wants you to mature enough to handle some 'graces' in that area, before He begins to pour down His rain.

Another vital key that surrounds God's mystery in this respect is that the Lord wants His own to know that inches make a champion. He wants them to learn a big secret behind contentment, any man with contentment is a man with great grace. It is sure that he has set himself up not for pain but great gain in life, he is a man that will abound with blessing.

“Godliness with contentment is of great gain (1 Tim. 6:6)

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