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Chapter 1. Decreed Prosperity

Chapter 2. Faith Connection

Chapter 3. Crystal Love

Chapter 4. Intimacy and Prosperity

Chapter 5. Favor and Prosperity

Chapter 6. Business as Mission: Turn-Around

Chapter 7. Believe the Prophet

Chapter 8. Purpose-Driven Lifestyle

Chapter 9. Keys to Financial Prosperity

Chapter 10. Prospering: Ministry-Discipleship

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My sincere appreciation to my mainline literal contributors and advisory counter-parts: Dr. John Doe (Senior Pastor) Ohio Assemblies, USA; Minister Juliet S. Madzore Murisa; and .To the TEAM at SMASHWORDS, all my grateful appreciation for the success of this Literal Project and Ministry SERIES. You have progressively established a world impacting sustainable literal-line workmanship with our Team at DFG Books International. Many thanks to SMASHWORDS and Mark Coker in particular. Sincerely, I owe so much gratefulness to my wife Juliet and children. Your great co-authorship and editorial partnership in the DFG SERIES is overwhelming, and a great benefit to our World Reading Partners. My family sometimes miss me for the benefit of our needy global community. Thank you so much. Our technical and advisory associates in production and marketing, many thanks and God blessings to you all here appreciated. Special thanks to “eBOOK PROMOTING ENTITIES” worldwide, our world gets bigger through your services.

Reading and Writing provides undoubted development and life change, in all human life”, Pastor Ray@ DfG BOOKs International



Everybody talks about it. Billions desire achieving it. Churches are confused where to position it. Yes, that is “PROSPERITY”. The undeniable key to an esteemed Christian or Non-Christian life. The launch of this literal package, craftily loaded with the tools that can help global citizens to “UNLOCK their DESTINY” is a well-timed answer pack that will empower millions of readers ushering them into higher life. Discover the purpose for your life and start living elevated. There is no purpose to life without Prosperity and Destiny. If destiny is available but still, unachieved in its fullness, there is no meaning to life. Without PROPSERITY the essence of DESTINTY is incomplete. Yet God says, “be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over all the earth”. The discovery of tools and means to attain Prosperity and unlock that Destiny, brings joy to multi-purposed people. Prosperity in reality answers the unlocking of destiny.

God wants all mankind (Genesis 1:26-28) to prosper. The Bible is centered on prosperity (rightly presented; need to be correctly interpreted). Now is your time to get soaked in the concepts and applications of facets leading to prosperity and destiny life Do you realize that Rich and Wealth are Bible words and God invented wealth, and purposes riches and wealth upon His children?

That’s how powerful this book stands above the rest, after clearing all misconceptions.

The classic inspirational, and dynamic motivational book marks the “Turning-Point” of any ‘reader’ worldwide. “Keys to Prosperity, and unlocking of Destiny’ are powerfully outlined and presented. Everybody dreams of prosperity, all people are crying for fulfilled-life.destiny. A life characterized by excellence, joy and happiness with God in control. Influencing fellow social beings and contributing positively towards community development is motivating and fulfilling. Fulfilled life is central to human ambitions. Sometimes, life seems too locked up, delayed, barred, battled, bitter, empty and impossible. Against the sincere will and drive to achieve goals into prosperity, so many huddles are encountered along the way each day. How can one handle such challenges? This book then closes such gaps by providing open ended methods and tools so applicable towards unlocking the destiny as prosperity is most achieved.

The subject on “PROSPERITY” holds a central place in cross-cultural communities and diverse faith systems across this magnificent world. Yet the approach and conception given to such a key concept and subject leaves quite a lot to be desired. So disgusting is how ‘Prosperity’ has been given a one sided explanatory treat, so disadvantaging the virtuous reader who deserves a full-powered benefit of life empowering and changing information. However, it is at the helm of such unfavorable misconceptions that this packed text brings light and hope, into the readers across the cultures of this globe.

A strategic approach and study of prosperity can take the human mind to a level beyond imagination. Circular communities have concentrated on “financial wellness” to define ‘prosperity’. The Christian communities are baffled but what appears to be over preaching or mis-preaching the gospel, hence creating what they semantically call, “a Gospel of Prosperity”. This life centering notion holds a key role in everybody’s perception to life. Our society deserves the best information about it. That will enable humanity to view life, focus in life and plan daily undertakings basing on accurate knowledge of life impacting precepts. Under definitions lead to under-planning and mis-targeted motivations. Misconceptions over a key topical subject also leads to critical sidelining a centrally destined life resources in the pretext of pleasing the controlling bodies and spiritual powers around.

In education circles (schools and colleges), the accurate treat of the subject on “Prosperity” must be taught. In churches, misconceptions and misleading teachings on “Prosperity” need to be ironed out. God has created man for “Prosperity” and all resources surrounding human life are prosperity supportive resources. The right attitudes towards resources and God, just need to be balanced, coupled with correct prioritization of daily principle undertakings. Prosperity is what God mandated over man’s life right from creation.

Contextually, the term “Covenant”(a pre-requisite for Prosperity and Destiny) imply an agreement sealed by God for humankind’s benefit, with God as the supreme, chief architect and originator of the set terms characterizing His relationship with mankind. Grace has provided the potentiated human creation with a faith-based option to believe and become a child of God, or not believe and stay outside of a God influencing consideration Such faith is not independent but Bible-based faith and trust in the existence and grace of God and then a confidence in the adoption of once lost life, but now founded into a “Covenant” with God through Jesus Christ. That re-generates a perception of deserved and specially designed and provided platform for “Prosperity” beyond the circular streamlined definition, of the same concept.

“Even without Christ, the wealth of ‘Prosperity cannot suitably be reduced only to financial status”, Pastor Ray.

The concept of God in view of “Prosperity” takes a much broader framework and application. This powerful contemporary Christian faith motivational and inspiration book takes a global leading role in empowering humanity with the most accurate and broadly expatiated phenomena of “Prosperity for the most accurate utilization of principles learnt along. The book expands the outline prosperity subject and relative applications from a biblical perspective and so gives a richer flesh of any definitions closed around:
“the state of being successful and having a lot of money”, or “the condition of being successful or thriving, especially in economic well-being” or “a successful, flourishing, thriving condition, especially in financial, good fortune”.

“PROSPERITY: Unlocking Your Destiny”, remains an inspirational tool extracting brilliance from the word of God and implementing virtue into practical every day human life. Life is diverse and dynamic. Prosperity is the central focus of such diverse and dynamic life. Lifestyles need to be managed from profound principle bases and knowledge banks. Informed decision making comes only after well-structured communication is received from literature resources such as this book.

No attempt will be done by this faith motivational asset to replace the founding character of the word of God. The accounts given herewith, are direct or almost literal translations of the living and powerful truth that the bible has infallibly always be. The valued and precious reader is challenged to humbly refocus their faith potential and align with these truths for partaking an application benefit in their life and that of others around them. As you apply God’s truths without too much argue and reasoning around it, you are definitely bound to begin experiencing prospering encounters with God.

God’s faithful promises are always an unfailing love, faith and hope-found support. He is the ultimate source and line of security, incomparable. Those who have heartly relied on God, have never been disappointed or let down. Prosperity is a deserved blessing and tool for those who trust in God to live destined, joyous, happy, peace-filled lives without limit and misconception. If you take God’s prosperity formula, you are destined for a fulfilled life of faith and excellence.

The fundamentals of Prosperity, such as faith, salvation, love, divinity, favor, change, prophecy, purpose, discipleship, wisdom, personal development and strategic hard work shall all be given center stage of impacting on your perceptions. Subjectively, the language and concept explanation are set for a cross language mastery, for a simple understanding of very complex ideas and concepts. This shall be one of the most gluing books you have ever read, even handling such a wide headed subject like “Prosperity”.

Indeed tackling an applied topic of this level and class without the superior consultant and super senior adviser of the class of the Holy Spirit, would render the arguments under standard. Wisdom of the Spirit is paramount in every opening, tabling, discussion, interpretation, cross-examination and presentation. The reader deserve the best processed outcomes of the topical prosperity as a life focus matter. A well balanced analysis and findings presented with supporting facts will help the reader approach the subject in full light of its relevant usefulness in their contextual understanding. Cultures and societies view subjects and teachings in many different ways. Diversities of Asian, American, European, African, Australasian and Islanders’ cultural and Spiritual perceptions have been well sawn into this book’s idea clarification and life-style applications. The readers across the globe find huge relevance in this book regarding the coverage of ‘PROSPERITY’ as a macro-socio-economic and Spiritual inspirational life subject. The book is useful both as a Students and Tutors’ resource book and an aspirant reader’s life skills handbook.

One would wonder the sense behind God’s desire to be a friend and partner to man in their everyday life. He walked with Adam in the cool of the day. And He is declaring co-workmanship with mankind in Ephesians 2 verse 10. The key answer simply points at His deepest desire to see mankind shine like Him, achieve like He achieves. Win like He wins and prosper as God prospers.

The account and outline of “prosperity’ in this book carries a conceptual character supported fully by the bible yet so unique in terms of general previous presentations, and its relevance to contemporary socio-economic lifestyles. Every reader will find it very exciting, motivating and valuable to life changing for the greatest. Attaining of knowledge transfer, and communion that normally takes place “prophetically” between God’s heart and beloved man creation’s life is ignited smoothly and orderly. You are surely bound to experience a discovery of prosperity facets you have never gotten from any other book in this world. I advise you to fasten your belts and sit up well for the flight taking off is reaching out to the greatest heights of knowledge base and a typically fulfilled Destiny Life. Try as much as possible to apply the concepts outlined here, in your real life. Prosperity has come into your life and your Destiny is classically unlocked.



Jessica visited Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the very first time in her forty-five years on planet earth. Picked from the giant Sao International Airport by her lovely cousin sister, on drive BMW X7, she was showered with a five star reception and smoothed her way to her guest house apartment. She must have been so overwhelmed by the elegance of this apartment. On every moment she would go bathing, her spirit was excited and always in song. For twenty-one days she would enter the bathroom, undress and drop her line on the beautiful white African rock tiles. She never bothered to look around the bathroom for further facilities. One Saturday afternoon Jessica left her bathroom windows open and three little knotty monkeys enter to explore the inside fantasy. The towering sleam.blondy lady heard some funny noises and came around to an amazing company of brown hairy little monkeys. By the time she managed to scare them off, the monkeys had dropped the mess on the beautiful tiled bathroom floor.

At the sight of the monkey mess-up, Jessica vowed she would never put her clothes on the floor again the next time she would come bathing. She through her clear eyes across the bathroom looking for an alternative hanging position. To her surprise, a three inch silver shiny bar hanger stretched across the northern part of the semi-tile walled bathroom. She hit her heard in curse. For twenty one days she has bathed in that room, without noticing the clothes hanger so shining and attractive, only until the monkey mess up on the floor pushed her to look all across the bathroom walls, for a solution.

Some folks are made to forget a purposeful planning and focus on their prosperous life. They really enjoy chatting praises on celebrities and friends who have made it in life. Some have even gasped, how academically they levelled better performances than that of these popular film actors and music shack attacks. Ask them what happened along their course of progressive life acts. They can’t explain. The serious challenge many people face is approaching each without a clear goal and plan towards successfully and prosperously spending their day. Sadly though some wait for circumstances to shape their destiny, like Jessica and so prosperity becomes a non-fundamental purpose-full life act. Some wait for tragedies to crush their minds, then they can face the wall and petition with God for deliverance, if they remember to mention for elevation.

Imagine those people who have heard about prosperity, but willingly choose to sideline any pursuit of it because they are misled to think its taboo to chase prosperity. Some religious doctrine castigate any teachings on prosperity levelling them as commercial and worldly and unfit of their religious settings. Sad to realize these emotional teachers still expect productive lives of their congregation. Misconceived bible interpretation coupled with self and unsupported philosophy of ‘prosperity subject’ have gone all over the world. In some churches one can be thrown out if they deliver Sermons motivational about prosperity, wealth and highly impacting lives.

This book will not only reveal how Jesus Christ’s mission was to restore man’s destined life to uncompromised, unlimited and Godlike prosperous life. The subject and concept of “Prosperity” will not be generally discussed, relevant biblical supportive scriptures are revealed to establish a firm base for the reader’s reason to apply learnt concepts. If God says, “Prosper”, take heed and apply the tarts towards the right forms of prospering. Prosperity is best with God and for God then man. God wants mankind to prosper. The Bible has the power to prosper those who believe Him. Prosperity was not designed by ‘man’, it was designed and is a blessing from God. From Genesis 1 to Revelation 3:7-10, you hear God declaring man’s prosperity, with Him.

Created to Prosper

Studying carefully through Genesis 1 verse 26-29, you can discover that man was created with an image (spirit) of God in them. Man was also entrusted with dominion over all creatures on earth. Not only that, but the supreme created ordained man to be fruitful and multiply. This fact is complimented in Ephesians 2 verse 10 (Co-workmanship with God). The power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is resident in believing men, actively not passively. Truly speaking, everybody has been created with a divine potential to excel, execute God-like breakthrough, practice God-like prioritization and responsibility, and to focus on dominating.

In this case, prosperity is not referring only to attaining financial achievements. The bible shows God giving man, dominion over all creation. Where does the concentration of prosperity only on money, come from?

The beauty and splendor of God’s creational and fathering love. Fearfully and wonderfully seeding His character image (Father, Son, Spirit) in you. Well, the corruptor of God’s truth saw this treasure and felt so jealousy like he is lying to so many Christians today about ‘prosperity preaching’. The power of His love always. Creation points at a purpose of prosperity in man’s life and nothing less. If God is residing in you, it’s impossible to abuse prosperity or be abused by prosperity. It means divine power is helping you to be responsible and to prosper in fruitfulness and multiply in your gifts, ministries, resources, church, family, children, finances, wealth, properties, education, services, business and career.

A history of testimonial partnership with God resonated through David’s mind when the challenge of a giant Goliath was towering before Israel and him. David spoke to his brothers and Saul, how God gave him power to break the jaws of a lion at one moment and a bare at another, when both carnivores wanted to devour his father’s flocks. David was equipped with confidence upon the creator, his created identity and partnership for prosperity. He related to them the prosperity of victory life. He narrated in brief power that the same God would give him victory over this uncircumcised Philistine. David mastered the concept of his creational identity to prosper in battles and oppositions.

It took David, no compromise with man’s discouragements, views and suggestions against what he knew God created him to accomplish. Not all ideas, are as brilliant as they are presented. You will be shocked to realize that one out every fifty people you will share with this message of ‘created to prosper’ will categorize you as non-Spirit-led because you are seriously looking at the subject of prosperity. To David, they said he was smelling like goats. Nobody saw the young lad suitable for defeating this giant threat, yet God had all His backing on this young man to find and establish victory for Israel. God wants to set you on a powerful track of prosperity. Be careful not to consider man’s views at the expense of God’s principles, compromising on your success and prosperity.

You are a peculiar creation, a royal priesthood. Is Psalm 65, He crowns your year with goodness, and your paths drip with abundance? In Psalm105 He the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the one who never sleeps nor slumber always deliver and a God who remembers His everlasting covenant. His ordaining at your creation mean you are permanently created to prosper in fruitfulness, dominion and multiplication. Believe this word truth, declare it and pray for the action of this word upon your life and struggling areas and belief yourself as the right seed of Abraham, through Jesus Christ. So you deserve to be fruitful and to multiply. Take responsibility of your identity and priorities.

Prosper in All Things: God Says

“Beloved, I pray that you may ‘PROSPER’ in ALL things and be in health, just as your soul prospers…” (3 John 1:2)

The bible does not limit prosperity to money here. Prosperity is said to be in ‘ALL’ things. The subject of all things shall be covered across this book as the author accounts for all the various fields where prosperity can vividly be applied without restraint, fear or doubt. Gather your confidence in the voice of God. If He allows you to prosper in all things, go ahead and consult His Spirit about the best approaches to implement your projects and plans success and prosperity to be achieved.

Soon after the signing of the peace treaty marking the end of a gruesome war in Vietnam, which spanned for years destroying infrastructure, industrial and economic resources, Jermaine and Jennet flew into a semi-urban and very impoverished town, in the eastern region. They were welcome by an unpleasant smell of death, and barbaric animosity and the locals could not trust foreigners especially after the war. Immediately they couple landed, they took a five hour travelling by road. Along the way they feared for any landmines. They kept their confidence alive and prayed for determination and hard-work. The mission center they were bound to set was not going to be easy. As they prayed, they connected John 11 verses 39-42.

Financial resources were transferred from a German Center for Underdeveloped Community Development. That did not mean prosperity, since planning, mobilization, implementation and cross-progress evaluation were still to be done. The mission center needed managerial, administrative, training, accounting, ministry, and humanitarian skills. Born and raised in a German mixed cultural community, they had a lot to learn and gather in order to break even with a successful planting and development of this center. They looked at God like King Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20. They confessed their faith in Him as their only source of power, wisdom and strength in the middle of strangers, and in a foreign country. He is faithful, and so answered them tremendously. A prosperous setting up of a successful community development center needed Jermaine and Jennet’s realization of what God says about their prosperity mission, followed by their confession and hard work with God.

It takes God’s speaking and then the hearers’ application. Remember, when God was instructing the course of prosperity to Adam, the enemy was listening, and soonest launched a daunting attack to cause failure to his prosperity. What has God spoken to you about your ministry, family, business or community development projects? What are you doing about it? Are you not caught up in the negotiations with the corrupt one to compromise implementation of God given plans of action?

If God says in His word, “Prosper in All Things”, then it means exactly that. All you are left with is seeking His wisdom to tackle each area of your life carefully and strategically. You cannot pile all the tasks the once. Schedule your projects, sparingly. Too many tasks at the same short space of time will cause pressure, congestion, resource strain and mostly likely unexpected negative results. Never carry out your life projects to impress friends, neighbors or mates. Plan your life goals per your resource availability and affordability, in consultation with God.

Yes, you can do all things through Christ your strength, but bear in mind how organized Christ has always been, and is. The Spirit of God is so well organized. He can advise you what to do and when best to do it. I am reminded of a close friend who was planning for a classic wedding. Excitement rocked their mind and they forgot to consider affordability. An abuse of faith, led them to get quotations from very expensive service providers and there on their planning desk, husband and wife, heads clashing and deeply distressed and their funds were only a quarter of the quoted figures. Until the Holy Spirit advised them to work within what God had provided. Their wedding became stress free but so naturally enjoyable. Infect, they resulted in amassing lot of gifts and not debts so much that they enjoyed more after their wedding than trying to clear accumulated debts.

I have seen a couple of teens who build so high castles about their educational pursuits. Some don’t even consider their personal capabilities or their career of interest. Occupation goes by appreciation and enjoyability. Do you enjoy your job? Excelling from a non-managerial, to lower level managerial, middle level managerial and higher level managerial occupations comes by motivation, and motivation comes by appreciating and enjoying the job. Personal development is a reality within a career line you enjoy. God can only elevate you as you positively express your appreciation of the job He has given you, and is helping you to grow in it. Something you love, you express a great appreciation of it much better than a thing you don’t enjoy.

Typically Jonah heard God saying He had a mission for Jonah to Nineveh. Instead of Jonah found his way to Tashishi. In some act of disobedience, a tough time followed Jonah until he found himself in Nineveh. Ministry indifferently goes by appreciation and enjoyment. You need to have habits of enjoying the challenges, mockery, loneliness, isolation, faith tests, mountain hit and more that comes with ministry. Talk less of the persecution, tribulations and attacks. The confidence that God is on your side and all these negatives approach your partnership only to be defeated. You are created to prosper in your career as well as in your ministry work lines. God’s promise is that He will neither leave you nor forsake you. As long as He is on your side nothing can win against you. Prosperity in your lifelines is a guarantee.

There is a portion of the bible in Isaiah 60 verse 5 which says, “…the wealth of the shall come to you..”. Being a child of God creates an identity of ownership. Was is disadvantaged shall be advantaged. A believing child of God is qualified to be a partaker of the divine inheritance of the saints. God has delivered His children from the powers of darkness and translated them into the kingdom of the Son of His love. Through Christ and for Christ all things were created (Colossians 1-2). That is assurance of new life into prosperity. Those who are born of Spirit, cannot be understood or restrained by any force. The blows from east to west, but children of God cannot be read by anything. Prosperity has been decreed upon believers, unlimitedly.

True prosperity consists in Jesus Christ. He holds supremacy in everything in human life. Powerfully those who liv by faith in Christ can do all things, prosper in all things depending on His strength daily (Phil 4:13). A born-again believer is qualified to excel and prosper in all things. The loving God has predestined His children for abundance and excellence. Take another look at John 15 verse 1-8. God is the vine dresser, Jesus is the true vine, and believers are the branches. They are entrusted with fruitfulness and prosperity in all things. Such comes through their connection to Christ, glory to God.

Children of a living God become a disgrace when they live without vision, and dreams. Expectations must be flooding believers’ everyday life. This can never create any pressure, but all tasks loads being given to the master, He continues to prune and direct. Many may be ideas, but execution can be one after the other. Dream and keep dreaming so big. Envision yourself living a highly productive life not a life of adverse poverty and lack. The Lord has already blessed the works of your hands and brains. Before you put your hoe into the garden ground, or your brains into a scientific invention, the Lord has already blessed it with fruitfulness. Go on and ask the doer of all things, the Holy Spirit, to help your tackle all the commitments before you. Some tasks may look like mountains to climb or oceans to swim across. You were called by a high calling and a high God. No circumstance in your life shall overcome you. Rather you shall overcome any challenge through the name of Jesus Christ.

If your spirit reads and hear God calling you into ministry (evangelism, pastoral, prophetic, apostleship, hospitality, music, literals and others), never question like Jonah disobeyed. Seek the clarity of the mission God is assigning you to serve. Don’t look at the resources you have. God is a creator, so believe Him for providing you with all the needed resources. After all, it’s His mission, you are simply a vessel. He can capably provides for all the prosperous undertaking of His missions. At the red sea, God asked Moses, what he had. I am sure Moses even wondered what God would do with simply a dry rod, which was in his hands. How about Jesus Christ and His disciples. He asked them a similar question what they had in the baskets. Their reply shows they belittled the few loaves and two fish versus the four thousand people. Jesus does not work with physical capabilities. He is a Spirit and so His methods are of the Spirit.

Like He did at the tomb of Lazarus, He looked up to heaven and commended prosperity to come down and meet the critical need that was standing before all the people. Just from prayer, the multitudes ate and left twelve baskets full of bread and fish. If you are a believer, you called to be agent of prosperity. Be a prosperity yardstick.

Prosperity Consultant

A believer is called to be the light and salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13-16). Light shines over the world. To give direction, ideas, answers and guidance. Not the other way round. Darkness is scared of light. Jesus said that believers may be in this world but don’t belong to this world. What He meant is that believers can apply methods as of this world, but the excel under the covering of the Spirit and begin to operate in another higher level of operation. Believers are ambassadors of Christ, hence of light across the world. If the church’s light shines, the whole world receives a shining light. Salt then seasons the matters of life societies of the globe.

God wants His children to become ministers rather than sinister. There so many people across the globe who have spent all that they had, visited all kinds of specilistic doctors and nothing is really happening on their life. Some are critically sick for many years and have given up on any hope of a healed body. Prosper in the healing gospel and pray for the sick as the bible say. They shall receive their healing and they shall loosed from their bondages. There are so many hungry people, naked, homeless and children not going to school, as they cannot afford. Prosper in changing somebody’s life. Dorcas prospered is sawing clothes for the need. That’s what she was called to accomplish. Decree was standing on top of her daily agenda. She realized that she was decreed a helping minister, and her dream was to help and get fulfilled in helping the needy. The lady never looked back. Young and old they came to Dorcas for helping consultation. Firm went all over about the great heart this woman was carrying, and how much her hands were blessing the naked with clothes.

What God has decreed upon your life shall by no means fail. You will prosper and become very prosperous if you align with God. Accept to be the “prosperity consultant” in your community, work place, family, church and travelling train. Confronted with the tax payment matter, Jesus turned to Peter and instructed him to take a fishing hook, go down to the river and the first fish he would catch, he open its mouth and take the coin, go pay the taxes, in question. A consultant is always on top situations. They think outside their box. Humbly, they seek the wisdom of the Spirit. They do a lot of research of both the scriptures and words of wisdom from circular spheres. They attain specialty in their discipline

When God decides to prosper you, he can lift you from the dust and make you sit on high tables with princes. He can take you from zero to hero. Your nothing becomes something. He can even choose the weak of this world just to put to shame those regarded as strong. The barren like Hannah are turned fertile, and mother of prophets. The threatened like Esther and Mordecai, God can work out a planned to victory in a foreign country. Your grave becomes the enemy grave. The fire set for you destroys the makers of it. His hands come around you with valor and deliverance. He did to Shadreck, Misheck and Abednego, He can do it for you today. The lions in your den can be filled with His anointing before your face and they can’t touch you like it happened to Daniel. The heavy task set before you, the Lord takes charge of it like He did for Nehemiah. He doesn’t care what your back ground is like. You have finances or big names, the Lord doesn’t care.

If you choose to line your heart with God, your mind accepting the transformation of the word of God, many shall come to “Consult” you for ideas and solutions. Check Revelations 3 verse 7-10. If God opens a door for your, no one will be able to close it. He is not human and His ways remain non-human. |He doesn’t work or walk with reasoning minds, |He rather walks with believing hearts. The spirit that seeks communion with Him, He comes around and works wonders with. Start seeking God in prayer and meditation early in the morning. Do all your works with Him and excellence manifest? At your work place they shall know you for excellence, beyond your training standards and qualifications. In your ministry, Jesus shall be known with demonstration of power. In your community you shall be a servant glory to God. You are called to become a Prosperity Consultant.

Prosper in Your Health

A healthy body is a productive body. The bible has declared healing over the human body. God has Spiritually invested so huge just for the security of the human body’s health. The cross marks the seal for physical and spiritual healing. His love hungers for a health bodies all over the world for socio-economic productivity. The blood of Jesus was shade just to ensure lasting healing upon the human body. There is no way Jesus can sacrifice on the cross and man sacrifice to live in pain for life. I remember in John chapter five, when Jesus came to the pool of Bethesda. A man was there who had suffered for thirty-eight years and yet was still unable to reach the pool first whenever the angel visited. Listen to his manner of speech and see how long time illness can eat your faith and hope away. Yet in the midst of such failure and longtime suffering, Jesus brought a solution, so lasting.

If you are suffering from a long time sickness or you know somebody who suffers from a chronic disease, I edge you to hand this book to that person and also show them Matthew 8 verse sixteen and seventeen. Also take them to ‘1 Peter 2:24’. Remember to read with them Psalm 103 verses 1-3. You or they are destined to live a full health life. Anything that is stopping you or them from attaining such health, it must be rebuke and resisted. The word of God has authority over sickness. Agree with the word and all sickness bows down before the word. Take your faith effort and speak your agreement with the word of God. Sickness has no place in any human body. The bible in ‘3 John 1:2’ is very clear about the decree about prospering in health and as the soul prospers as well.

The grace of health prosperity matures into the kind of Job’s encounter. A soul that is fully given to God such that no pain or sickness can push you to the corner of forsaking your relationship with Him. Even when his wife and friends advised Job to forsake God, as if that would bring healing to his finished body, Job firmly stood his ground and remained the Lord’s darling. Usually Christians face challenges when they are faced with problems of life. Temptation draws them to forsake God. Questions arise in their minds as to why such suffering attacks them when God is watching. The bible has become so mere a book that it doesn’t serve as a point of spirit edifying reference. The presents of challenges doesn’t mean God has forsaken you. It sometimes helps us to draw or run close to Him for deliverance, a thing which could never do if all things where fine and well. The guarantee which stand to children of faith is that, however it may stand, the Lord is your refuge and strength. He will shield you and protect you. He will provide for you just like though your desert journey. That’s destined health life.

Decree with the word of God and speak without fear or doubt. The Lord is your shepherd and you shall not want. He makes you to walk beside still waters. Even when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, His rod and staff shall comfort you. It’s God who prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. You just have to dwell in the presence of this loving Lord forever.



Basic Faith Character I

Dual Faith Connection

Double-double blessings are nothing less than an exciting cake lice from heaven. God is so fantastic, the way He handles us all times. Faith activates human life every day. People live by various kinds of “Faith Connections”. Some believe in themselves most, others believe in mediums, nature, and the best kind of faith is the “Faith of Jesus Christ”. This gives a double portion of out pouring and direct connection to God.

This dual faith connection begins with the Word, (John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-13). Simply study these scriptures and agree with what they are saying and then confess with your mouth, as you believe in your heart, the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Saying it out not for anyone’s hearing but for God’s principle and hearing: “Lord Jesus, I accept that I am a sinner who cannot save himself/herself. You are the Son of God and died to pay for my sins on the cross. Today and now, I accept you as the Son of God and the forgiveness of all my sins through your cross on Calvary. You died and rose from the dead. Come into my life and I into you. I am now a child of God forever. Thank you God”.

Immediately you end the heart faith and the mouth confession, a Spirit new life enters you and a double portion of: 1) Abraham’s Promised covenant and 2) Christ New Life begins a new life relationship with God in YOU.

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