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The book, EVOLVE, is the inspiring story of how a visionless and ineffectual young boy who had it tough in bearing his life’s compass underwent the evolutionary and inner process of taking control of his magnificent destiny thereby realizing the actuality of his new vision and impacting thousands of lives in Africa. The book reveals the power of determination towards change and aims to aid youths who are stranded in the isle of the past with the knowhow of transiting from past to future and attaining their ideals as the future can only be written by them.



This chapter will introduces you to the impact of the Blank Slate theory and Steven Covey’s three stages of man in the life of every man including the author as these will serve as the surrounding psychological build ups of his past. The author’s apparent dullness in school led him quick realizations about his predicament and the change began for him intellectually. He surmounts the hurdles and becomes brilliant but he fails vital exams before his JAMB exam. He recoils into fear and uncertainty but the strength and belief of his God-filled mother keeps him going before JAMB comes around knocking on the prepared boy’s door.


The chapter focuses on the great turning point in the author’s academic life as he scaled through JAMB, POST JAMB, got admitted into the university and excelled academically by being the one of the top best male student while holding several organizational posts and became the first undergraduate to publish a book.


The chapter focuses on the author’s re-birth in his youth from being purposeless to becoming vision filled as he discovered public speaking to be his life’s purpose ministry through God and the beginning of public speaking career and finally towards birthing four great institutions of vision before which he was a dancer, rebellious boy and girl catcher with his charming bad grammar.

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