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Build Your Own Empire

By Bonny Dolla

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Your Dreams Are Valid

In a life full of challenges, expecting solutions from other people and the world around us makes life a nightmare.

Like us, people have their own challenges too, others have even much bigger problems than us, and they want to hear solutions, not more problems.

Depending on them makes you a problem too.

When you focus on depending on other people you impoverish yourself by letting your talents and dreams lie waste and you impoverish others by slowing them down on their quests towards realizing their dreams and visions.

Have you ever heard the saying: ‘there are no jobs’? That is why many people believe they are poor. However, the main problem is, they have given up on their visions which offer solutions to other people’s problems. Yet they are these solutions that people pay for.

A world full of problems and obstacles only offers a world full of dreams, possibilities and solutions waiting to be executed and people waiting to be paid for executing them.

The world is in need of solutions and solution bearers. You cannot afford to bury your visions and depend on the fruits that come from the visions of others yet there is plenty of work to be done and plenty of problems to be solved.

This is a perfect opportunity to raise an empire and shelter people from confusion. It is a ripe time for you to a rise and shine.

The solutions to your future problems lie within you now in form of visions. It is upon you to bring that vision out. When it blossoms, people will take shelter under the empire you will have built, making you a source of solutions rather than problems.

In despair, all things seem impossible; mole hills grow into mountains that seem unmovable. All that remains are wishes, wishes of prosperity and a good life.

However no matter how hard we wish, the obstacles remain staring at us.

They stare at us in form of academic failures, dysfunctional homes, failed relationships, failed states, poverty and all sorts of problems.

Most of the times we blame ourselves; ‘It is my fault,’ we say. ‘Had I done this or that, I wouldn’t be in this situation.” We therefore embark on a mission to undo our faults with an aim of escaping the repercussions. ‘If I just do this, I won’t have to suffer anymore” we tell ourselves.

But often times, what we think are solutions are just beginnings of other difficult tasks which end up landing us into larger problems which also become sources of even much bigger problems. It becomes a cycle of failure that ends up in despair.

If you have ever been in such a position you will understand that you feel like a drowning man who does not know how to swim.

The panic makes you want to kick all sides, and as you struggle, instead of getting out of the stress, you find yourself sinking deeper towards the bottom.

Being in this world: surrounded by many unexpected troubles and searching for solutions to your problems could be equated to finding yourself in deep waters, where you are required to swim to the top for freedom; beauty, happiness and comfort in life so that you can at least have some joy and air to breathe.

There are only two choices; failing and perishing or winning and thriving. Almost all of us are not at ease; the waters of life are suffocating us. We are trying to swim out of our troubles daily, but we seem to be swimming deeper into confusion and disappointment.

You open your eyes only to find yourself in the depth of the ocean. Clear waters surround you. Deep in the vast waters, you just realize you are swimming towards the depth rather than back to the top. To your own shock, you find yourself swimming even much deeper towards the ocean ground in every effort you make to escape the suffocation. You get scared, disillusioned and more frantic. This makes you even more frustrated.

You do not think you can ever make it to the top, and you think that a shark you might have seen somewhere on top would catch you, so you swim into a hideout. There, you hide. You would rather die there, in the water, swimming deeper into the rocks and hope you will survive. You desire to get to the top, but find yourself stuck to the bottom, yet you have all the potential you need to get to the top.

You barely believe you will make it as powerfully as you should. You have just not yet set your heart into believing and you fear believing will not work, so you react instead of acting. You act out of disbelief instead of acting out of faith.

That is the state of millions of people around the world; we are just reacting to the situations we have found ourselves in. We do not have time to plan and work our way out of our circumstances. We even don’t know how to focus on exactly what we want in life, but still get surprised when we fail in our efforts.

Without consistently directed positive effort towards our goal, it is automatic to fail. But then, how do we consistently remain positive, so that we can consistently put in effort without giving up?

How can we overcome despair before we even start so that we can be sure to reach our purpose?

Because of despair many of us have given up on our visions, families, friends, states and even the joy of just enjoying the fact that we are alive today. Obstacles weigh us down every day, which is why some of us give up along the way before we reach where we had intended to go.

Instead of being blessings those things we love are becoming curses because most of us cannot achieve them and we have to live with the fact that we failed to live up to our expectations and gave up along the way.

Our own dreams and desires label us failures.

We feel helpless and duped. It just becomes alright to exist rather than live because we feel limited by obstacles and despair. It becomes normal to fail, it has become even more normal to give up.

The more you let your dreams and aspirations to rot away and decay, the more your problems grow. The more you try to fight your way through to make them work, the more frustrations you encounter.

It becomes a dilemma because either way, you must suffer, if you give up you suffer. If you persist you also suffer. Therefore you are constantly in fear, you fear failure on one side so that you don’t want to believe, and you also fear despair on the other side so that you don’t want to give up.

All this happens because instead of overcoming despair as just one of the obstacles you have let despair overcome you and define your life. Every time we start a project, we assume we are not going to face despair, so, when it comes we can’t press past it.

Despair is an illusion. It is only after the illusion disappears when you can see the truth, but it can only disappear if you keep on walking towards your vision courageously.

You feel that if you give up on your dreams you will be relieved, but the fact is that if you give up on dreaming and believing, life might just become worse.

Some people even give up on their dreams and visions before they start them because of the illusion that they will not be able to make it. It is until they see other people making it that the illusion disappears and they realize they too can make it.

The same illusion is what guides us to saying that we cannot be happy until we succeed. It tells us we cannot celebrate our victory before seeing it.

Therefore we are under the illusion that we must toil in order to be happy and that it takes success in order to be happy.

It is the same illusion that is used always to tell us things are impossible and when we believe the illusion we fail. We fail not because we are unable to succeed and are weak. But we fail because we have been weakened by the lie and forced to underperform and give up.

It introduces doubts into our visions which feed on our strength with every obstacle that is thrown on our way.

We need a lot of emotional energy and strength for us to conquer despair and doubt; happiness. This is to say that we need happiness in order to be successful.

That is why most of the obstacles target our happiness because without it, we cannot accomplish much. Without happiness we give up quickly and have less strength to continue, even with life itself. That is why people give up.

Therefore, seek happiness before success. Stop fighting with your life, start actually enjoying the little things you do well. That will work out much better than trying to correct all wrong things in your life at once. Appreciate your desire to grow better and live a much noble life, a life of happiness. Let that desire grow because it is good. Do not suffocate it.

Appreciate the fact that you do not want to live a stressful life. It is a good desire. Let it grow, nurture it. After all why should you be stressed and unhappy?

Start appreciating such little things in your life which seem not to matter like your desire to be sure of a better future. Who said that is impossible? Nurture such good things within your life as you seek happiness, focusing on starting with the little things you can do with ease, which you enjoy doing.

You will realize that you will be able to do exploits much more sooner than you thought.

Step back from your stressful life. Take an honest look at your life. What would make you feel much more accomplished? What is the most beautiful dream you have ever had and what is the best thing that makes you happy.

Think of that thing. Focus on appreciating the fact that you can enjoy that thing. Now, stop worrying about how you will get it or to it. Just be happy that you will get it and appreciate the fact that if you keep on keeping you will get it; or even something better than it.

All you need is to never stop believing and never stop being joyful and happy in life. You may not know how to get it today, but if you don’t give up on the beauty of the vision, you may just know how to get started tomorrow.

All you need is today’s portion of work towards your dream. You don’t need to be stressed about tomorrow, give today the best you can ever give it because it won’t come again and it is what determines how strong you will be tomorrow.

Focus on the best you can do for your vision today and do it happily with all your heart. I tell you, you will enjoy both your dream and your day as you prepare to be better tomorrow.

That will surely ensure you get to see your vision materialize sooner than those people who stress themselves over things they have no control of.

Just never let go of the beauty of that dream, let it make you happy and beautify your heart. Focus on doing those little things that you can do today.

Before you realize it, you will be too big for the obstacles laying a head of you.

The trick is to learn never to be stressed about your dream or worrying about how you will get there, but rather, to enjoy the little things you can do today that will keep you on the path to that dream.

You have to be as happy to be on the path to that dream as you are to possess the dream, just as happy as you will be when you achieve the dream.

The only way to be happy for being on the right path is by being happy to do all the best things you can do today and do them with joy and gladness, with all of your heart focusing on the fact that one day, your dream will surely materialize, focusing on the beauty of your dream will strengthen your passion. Be passionate.

In other words, focus on rejoicing in your vision today.

It will be much better than stressing and burdening yourself.

Instead of struggling with your mole hills which appear as mountains, you will be yearning for tomorrow so that you can clear mountains as if they were mole hills. Life is going to be a joy for you as it is supposed to be.

You will find yourself doing things that you never thought you will ever be able to do in this life. New possibilities will begin opening up for you. When you discover that swimming requires you to relax, then you might just enjoy swimming on the waters of the ocean of life. You will actually find it refreshing.

You have to realize one thing; we cannot focus on dealing with despair, at the same time we cannot afford to focus or dealing with stress or failure, which is kicking against them.

We have far much better things to do, great exploits. We have exploits to do today, to open new doors for tomorrow.

You will be led into doing things that you want to do by just focusing on doing them and making all obstacles appear as mole hills as you wipe them away. Giants will be turning to ants as you become too big to focus on the obstacles you see in life.

You will conquer your fear. You will learn how to be fearless and remain courageous in the face of problems.

Then, after that you will learn to swim effortlessly through life. That is, you will learn how to enjoy life by making problems and challenges carry you towards your goals and visions, because they are meant to make you enjoy and not suffer. Even challenges are there to be enjoyed.

You will learn to relax before challenges; you will learn to love challenges and actually desire to encounter more challenges more frequently so that you can swim towards other levels in life. From the bottom of the ocean, with each problem you encounter you swim higher towards the top.

You will realize that all you have been fighting against is fear and worry in your today which you had turned into huge mountains, allowing them to stop you and slow you down in life.

Other people have drowned in the same waters. You probably saw them drown, heard of their stories or you might even have failed several times in the same waters before, so you developed the fear. You fear to fail yet failing to try is failing automatically. You have nothing to lose either way by believing, you have everything to gain instead.

Dreams and visions are a blessing; we should not turn them to curses.

You will come to the point of relaxing and see the beauty of what you want, the beauty of your dream. Most importantly, you will want to enjoy the fact that you have a dream, a better vision for your future; because you will be more than sure that it will come to pass.

Therefore, instead of toiling towards it, you will begin celebrating towards it.

Within you, there is a better future for your family, within you there is a better person than you already are; better relations and exploits waiting to be done.

All you have to do is to dare to believe again.

You will realize that rather than fix things, you could start afresh as a new you. You could actually dare to dream again. Instead of obstacles consuming your vision, your vision will consume all obstacles before you.

You will realize that you can actually be happy just by being able to dream your way to your vision and that your ability to dream is your biggest and smartest weapon, you will dare to unleash the full power of your visions upon the world and behold as the best you comes to life. You will want to enjoy your dream as it grows into a great unstoppable empire of joy and happiness.

Instead of toiling through stress towards the dream, you will find that the dream attracts you towards itself by its beauty so that the efforts do not count because the beauty fills your heart with freedom, lightness of heart and joy.

You will find yourself going with the flow and in rhythm with the beat of your life so that everything will seem to be so right at the right moment, and everything will begin to fall in place when you actually need it to.

Your eyes will open up to beauty, and instead of just existing you will actually want to live and enjoy your every move in all spheres of your life, from your public life to your private social life.

You will find that you are more creative. Since you have more room to breathe and enjoy life you will be free to invent solutions and solve tougher issues with much ease.

You will find that you always discover a way of making life more beautiful and joyful even in the face of problems and catastrophes.

Instead of wanting to fix things so that you can enjoy them, you will find that you enjoy fixing things so that you can enjoy seeing them unfold with beauty as they become more beautiful and glorious than what you thought they would become.

Most importantly, you will be happy.

You will be happier and more relaxed than you have ever been, yet everything will be working in your favor. Things will be falling into place pleasantly as you expect and more than you expect so that you will be shocked to see how beautiful life indeed is.

Without angering and harassing either yourself or other people, life is indeed beautiful.

You will therefore find that the major obstacle to building your empire is character. If you have a good character, you will be happy and have a good attitude towards life, being ready to positively look at every challenge from a better perspective. That is what will make you both happy and successful.

Face the real issue

If you have been failing continuously, then there is an issue somewhere that needs to be resolved. You are expected to face that issue and solve it so that life can be beautiful once again. However, if you give up on that beautiful vision, then you have a big problem to live with for the rest of your life. You cannot afford to give up.

A challenge only becomes a problem when you give up. Stop creating a problem for yourself, rather engage in finding solutions to you challenges. A challenge in itself is not a problem because it comes so that it could be turned into a victory.

Victories result to joy and happiness. On the other side, problems drain our strength to live joyful lives.

You may want to give up because you think it is hard. It is usually the main complaint that people give when they want to give up, an excuse. Maybe you think that hardness of the challenge is the main issue. People feel that they fail because matters are hard and the dreams they desire to possess are hard to obtain. But is this the real issue?

This kind of view makes people want to withdraw. When you feel something is hard you lose enthusiasm. And you feel like you should not engage in finding a solution because it is useless. You begin laying down your weapons of success and even defense unknowingly which puts you in a disadvantageous position against opposition and the obstacles you are facing.

In other words, you believe you are weak and start exhibiting that weakness to the world around which wants to press you down like a lion pressing down on its prey. You become willing and ready to allow yourself be torn apart by the challenges and the world around you.

Despair begins to beckon you.

When you believe you are weak, you create an image with which you present yourself to the problems bombarding you and your enemies around you. It is like you are announcing, “Here I come, but this is who I am, small, weak and helpless before a merciless you. So eat me up quick before I feel the pain.”

When you show your weakness, your enemies will strike you down because they know very soon you will fall. If people know you will bow down under pressure, your competitors and those who want you to fall will apply it on you, they will then begin to watch the symptoms as their expectations grow real and your expectations fall.

The outcome of such behavior of cowardice is that you will lose your dreams. Once you lose one battle, the obstacles become bigger and much more stubborn in such a way as to make you believe it is useless to dream again and that you cannot have your dream becoming a reality because there are very strong forces which will automatically overcome you.

In other words, they steal your faith and belief such that you cannot tell yourself, “Yes I can.” That is when you have a real problem.

That is because you cannot enjoy your dreams, or even your ability to dream with so many unfair limitations in what you would like to become in life. In other words, they enslave the real you and tell you silently and continually that you cannot come out. ‘That is your fate,” the obstacles and enemies continually tell you, but in real sense, they fear that you might dream again and repossess what they have stolen from you; your dreams.

That is why they have to keep whispering to you that you cannot do anything about your situation; feeding you with fear, making you smaller and weaker, which brings us to the real issue, ‘fear’.

We cannot succeed against obstacles and enemies of our life when we are accepting what they are feeding us with. Your enemies will only give you poison, to make you weaker and harmless. The main intention of fear is to disarm you.

Fear seeks to concentrate on the bigness of the problem rather than the bigness of the solutions to the problems.

Bad temperament and worry is the first sign of weakness, it is a sign that the poison of fear that the enemies have injected in you is already working.

Fear causes you to reveal your weaknesses rather than strengths.

When you show your weakness and your fear, people will despise you, take you for granted and abhor you. Show your strength and courage, people will honor you and admire you. Self-pity only helps to increase the number of enemies wishing to draw their triumph from persecuting you. It feeds the joy of the enemies.

It makes them enthusiastic. They therefore put in more pressure so that you can give up quickly.

Nobody wants a weak person on top of him, you have to deserve to own something before your enemies can let you at peace, you have to overcome the obstacles they set for you. When you show them your weakness you make their work easy and they effortlessly kill your dreams.

However, if you decide that you are not going to feed on the junk that your enemies tell you about themselves and look for the truth. You will find there are numerous possibilities. You therefore begin to feed on possibilities rather than impossibilities which make you stronger.

Happiness and enthusiasm is a sign of strength, your success will depend on how fast you make your enemies and those who oppose lose their temperament and start worrying that you will beat them and win. And that happens when you feed on courage, when you stop allowing the enemies and problems from feeding you information about themselves and start feeding them information about yourself and themselves.

Feed them information about how happy you are daily. Piss them off by showing them how happy you will continue to be even if they stand against you and let them know that this is the reason why you think they are small and weak and that is why they can never overcome you and your visions. Let them know that you are unstoppable today and tomorrow by being happy today.

Be happy about your today and be happy about your tomorrow, resolving never to be sad and give your enemies joy.

They must lose their enthusiasm in fighting you, as their expectation of winning grow dim. They will lose the joy they expected in seeing you fail and start adapting to the fact that you will succeed.

They will give up. It is better that your enemies should give up early. To make them give up early, do not show them any sign of weakness, which only raises their enthusiasm and prolongs your stay in failure. Be continually enthusiastic and watch problems let go of you, watch your happiness come back to you and all your obstacles begin to melt away before your happiness. This why people say, “Attitude is everything”.

Good attitude is that thing that puts the enemy on defense.

Face the real problem which is fear, overcome fear and believe. We know we have overcome fear when we begin to put our enemies and obstacles on the defense.

That only happens by choosing to believe on the actualization of the dream without looking at the obstacles and their size.

Let them begin to defend themselves, but never choose to listen to them, just find more about the truth, and the truth is the beauty of your dream. Because if your dream is beautiful, then it truly is beautiful, but big obstacles today could easily become mole hills tomorrow. Focus on knowing if your dream is truly beautiful, if it is, then there is nothing stopping you from seeing its realization. Your future depends on the beauty of your dream and how you see it.

Create the right environment for success.

This is essential and key to success. Compare this with cooking, you must light the fire to get the right temperature for frying, and if you are baking a cake you must use an oven and not an open pan like a person frying a pancake.

The world may offer you a completely different environment from what you need. It may scatter the ingredients you need for success, but it is up to you to create the right environment out of what is offered you. Then, gather the ingredients you need.

The gardens in your life may include being born in absolute poverty.

You may be a child to old parents, who don’t even care about your visions. All your friends may have given up. Your neighbors may hate you, talk evil about you and even try to discourage you whenever you try something good and your friends may just be the kind who forsake you when you need them most, who think that your visions and ideas are crazy.

Well, your environment may be like this or even worse. You may think you don’t need these people and situations, but the truth is that you need them in order to become the best you that can ever be.

Normally, it is when a person is about to advance from one level to another or just after a promotion that many obstacles and enemies arise. They want to make sure that you fall.

Therefore, you may decide to fight them. You may start despising your parents for the poor decisions they made about you and their own life, becoming rough and disobedient to them. You may begin to get angry against your family members for failing to support you and become estranged to your friends who may have despised you or made you to fail in one way or another.

It is during such times that students begin to hate their teachers, and workers begin to hate their bosses and work place.

What this does is to take the passion out of your life. When the passion is taken out of your life your dreams will lack the power to continue burning and it will fail.

This is because people repeat these mistakes again and again. When you begin responding to matters and people negatively with a bad attitude, it becomes like a big disease that continually eats on your dream.

You may wonder why you fail so often, or why it takes so long for you to succeed. Yet you are hateful, revengeful with a proud and bad attitude to people who might have just helped you climb the ladder to another level if you had responded in the right way.

The challenges are temporary; their aim is to do one thing: challenge your focus. That is all they do, in the process you may forget your goal, vision and urgency of purpose and resort to useless and profitless egoistic actions and feelings which could derail you completely from your course in life.

The future for such a person is despair. This character creates an environment for failure by making a person feel it is alright to give up when he gets angry or upset as if that will make matters better. It creates the tendency of paying the price by abandoning the vision because of feelings. In other words it makes one weak.

Once you have become weak. You begin asking yourself questions that are not goal oriented like “Why me?”. “Why does he always see me, why does he hate me?”

For most people, this is why they give up. However, the truth is that it is at such times that they are much nearer to their success and rest.

At the end, all it takes is endurance and refusing to give up on the vision.

When you give up, hell breaks loose. When you lose your vision, you not only get into a big problem, but you also become a big problem to others because you become confused. People may not know how to help you; you may not know how to help yourself or others.

Instead of being an inspiration, you may find yourself becoming a discouragement and thus even more hateful to yourself and others. And the saying becomes true, “As you judge others, the same way you shall be judged”

Therefore love those who hate you. Do good to all people. Maintain a positive attitude at all time and you shall be successful because you shall be creating conducive environment. And you shall find that when you are successful, others will give you respect and treat you well even as you did treat those who did not deserve you good attitude when you were going up.

Good attitude will take you to high altitudes and maintain you there.

Situations are prone to happen when you face oppositions. It is obvious there are times people will let you down and situations may seem impossible. That is the time to go back to your goal and ask yourself, how far have you gone and how can you accomplish the remaining part. Stop focusing on negative feelings and start focusing on people, events, things and feelings that ignite your passion.

The people around us, the situations around us and the obstacles we face are the gardens upon which the ingredients of our success grow.

Learn to cultivate your garden and plant the seeds you want to grow. If you want to be respected by your friends, persevere their insults with humility and do not become unto them as they are unto you.

If you want the support of someone, endeavor to serve with a positive heart even when humiliated. Let your eyes stay focused on the goal and the garden will bring fourth ingredients that support your vision.

Before you know it, people who were opposing you will begin supporting you, your haters will begin loving you and passion will begin to grow in their hearts to support your vision. This will not only make things easier, but will make you stronger by igniting your passion even more.

We have to know what we want life and learn how to treat unwilling people and situations in a way that will make them give in to what we want without killing our passion with negative feelings, or hindering them from realizing the beauty of our hearts. If our dreams are indeed beautiful, then our hearts too will be beautiful.

There are many people who have been in the same situation like you before, yet they still succeeded. You are not the first, and you may not be the last. All you need is to find how to omit the poisonous fruits by focusing on the good fruits.

Most of the times we want to blame our failures on our friends, whom we may say never supported us; or our parents who may have never educated us as we hoped, or our children who may have wasted our resources, or our brothers who may have opposed us and demoralized us.

What happens when we do this is that we deny our major role in our life which is making the decision to either succeed or fail and we give that privilege to friends and circumstances to dictate to us what kind of life we are to live.

We give them a chance to kill our visions and silence us. Yet your heart must continually speak for the beauty of the vision it bears without being constrained.

You are as powerful as you are passionate.

Passion is like a fire. It burns impossibilities; it engages possibilities, bringing an enthusiasm and commitment. It makes the vision real. That is what inspires faith from other people, when they see the reality of the vision.

It is your duty to make other people passionate about your vision. It is unfair to demand support from an individual who does not have passion or even faith in the course you are pursuing, so stop hating and fighting people who don’t support you or who oppose you. They don’t believe in what you are doing. Just do your thing.

Bring out the passionate you before expecting others to be passionate about your dreams, let them see how real it is through your actions.

You need that annoying friend to bring out the patience in you. You need that poverty to bring out the creativity, discipline and hard work in you.

You need that hateful neighbor or brother who is always opposing you to bring out the unconditional love in you. You need that tough and unfriendly boss who misuses you in order to see the need to own your own business and employ other people, to bring out the kindness in you so that you can treat them better.

But if you cannot love that boss, it will be harder to love your workers who might despise you as weak, and you might just find yourself doing the same thing as your boss.

However, if you learn to deal with your bad boss with a good attitude, it will be easier to pass the same attitude to your minors when you become boss.

The challenges we face are there to take us to the next level. It is the emotional environment that we create around them that should help propel us towards our goal or far from it. Goal oriented people are a special breed, they are not like everyone else. They do things differently and that is why they get different results from others who neither dream nor believe.

You need others to bring out the best in you.

When a child is raised, an empire rises. Every child has an empire within him, as he rises, the empire arises within him, it could be small or big according to his talents, the more the responsibilities the larger the talent and the empire.

However, the challenges grow along like weeds. They seek to choke the dreams and visions so that they may not bear fruits.

Challenges seek to drain your strength and kill the empire within you by making you close your hearts to solutions by only focusing on problems.

As he grows in understanding, a child gets the choice to either close his heart to the world around him or open up. He can decide to bury his talents, visions, ability, love and all good things or refuse to hide by deciding to shine.

It is this choice that normally determines our fate.

The world around us gives us all reasons to close up our hearts and be unprofitable fearful people. It gives us all reasons not to trust, it gives us all reasons to give up. But the choice still remains with us.

Whether our hearts will remain closed forever; or open up to the beauty around us and realization of our vision is our choice.

An empire always has gates. All businesses are carried out through the gates and they involve welcoming of guests and receiving and giving items; trade.

Good life, like a trade begins when you decide to open the gates of your heart to the right people who can influence you positively and help you build yourself. That is the first step towards your business empire.

When you live a life of seclusion, you are like a man in a hole. Though there is plenty of light outside, all you see is the darkness within.

It gives you the tendency to judge situations you are experiencing and the people you see wrongly by focusing mainly on their problems instead of the solutions they can offer.

You may decide not to start that business because you know it will fail. You may not want to go and ask for support just because you know you will be denied, so you don’t try.

Out of ignorance and self-sufficiency we make decisions that close our hearts with impossibilities leaving us to be judged by the darkness we decide to live in. But the truth is that, you may never know what kind of person you will meet or what kind of situation you will find yourself in if you just decide to try today.

We cannot therefore judge today entirely based on yesterday. It should be our purpose to open our hearts daily, it is not what we experience that shapes our future but what we offer to the world after that experience, that is what will determine whether the world will open up to our visions or not. Closing our hearts is just not the answer.

Open your heart to the light around; let it reveal the beauty within. Stop Isolating yourself and creating wrong images of the real world, rather, get out there and just experience it for yourself.

It is when you open your heart to others that you can reveal yourself to the truth around and others can know you, they can also directly or indirectly let you see yourself well. You can know if you are doing well or not. That makes problems less big.

It is the river you allow to flow into the desert that will lead to the growth of the city. A desert yearns for water, look for a source and find a way of letting the water flow in.

Open up, make yourself known to the people and people will know you back. That is the path to success because success involves a lot of business and a lot of business involves a lot of people. You will need to go out and interact with people you never thought you would open up to or get to know well.

Create the character of wanting to know people well and wanting to be known well by people.

Look for people who have succeeded in the things you want to succeed in. Open your heart to them, make yourself known to them.

If you close up something precious in darkness, what will come out: creeping animals, rats, spiders and the like! It may even rot away and be forgotten.

It is more dangerous not to open your heart. You isolate your heart to others, you close your gates for business, you get poor and only moles and decay will remain.

You have to be sensitive and honest to the true needs of your heart and look for the light.

When you find it open your heart and receive it, let it reveal the beauty within.

Life is not just about what you have to offer in order to gain, it is more of what you are willing to receive from others and what they can do for you truly when you take them rightfully for who they truly are.

Seek to know people truly for who they are by making yourself known to them, and people will make themselves known to you.

When you do these things, you will open up your heart to the light that will reveal the vision within your heart to others. Not only creating passion within you for the vision, but also in others. You will give room for others to join you in building the empire, the beautiful dream you have for yourself and others will come true.

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