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Where Does Duality Come From

What the Trees Taught Me 3 0f 4

Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha'Tara EarthStar)

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A Moment Of Love


Being God



Edging God Out

Expanding Awareness

Expanding The Mind

Finding Happiness

How To Buy Shoes

Is Earth A Prison?

It's The Apocalypse!


Losing Your Marbles

More About Money? Why Not

New Reality

On Changing One’s Name


The Beef Cow

The Great Die-Back

The Village Idiot Box

The Road Of Experience

The Tale Of King Demarth

What Determines “Life”?

What The Spirit Showed Me Today

Where Do You Go When You Explore Inside Your Head?

Where Does “Duality” Come From?

Why Be Frightened?



These books represent a varied collection of remarkable "outside the box" thinking (and subsequently, writing).

If you are one of those trammeled and importuned by strong beliefs that won't let go, this could be your chance to break free. I'm not asking you to believe what is written therein—I can't say I believe all of it myself—but it makes for an interesting "other than" perspective. Reading these books can be compared to painting by numbers. You have this standard picture outline and between lines are colour numbers. You match the numbers to the colours and eventually you have a painting. It's not great art, of course, and everybody knows that but it gives you the impression that you did it yourself. We all know that is how the System operates. It gives us a number of colours and our life is laid out and numbered, from cradle to the grave. There isn't much we can do about it, it seems. It's the System.

Ah, but there is something we can do about it. We can ignore the numbers. Use random colours and mix them. If "3" is green, we do pink on one of the "3" sections and arbitrarily use orange on the next, and so on. Pretty soon the System doesn't know us anymore and guess what? We discover what real freedom can be. It begins by breaking the rules; by daring to violate those imposed beliefs. Here's one for you: Did man ever land on the moon? Of course they did, you will say. You saw it on TV, or you saw the videos and read the reports and documentaries, right? Ok, fine. But that is not the point since landing on the moon or not did nothing to change the way people interact with each other. So the point? The point is to paint a different colour on the "moon landing" section of your life's canvas. A "fake moon landing" colour. Now really go into this idea. Break the template here, convince yourself it was all faked in some studio, for whatever political reason. Then proceed to prove to yourself that it was so. Study this bit of history; look at the clues. What happens in the end? In the end you realize it doesn't matter at all whether they landed on the moon or not. What matters is, you dared question it.

The material in here questions "taken for granted" ideas, sometimes seriously, sometimes with humour.

You know, it's hard to think these days, when everything is handed to us via TV and the Internet. Everything tells us how to think, and does so in the blink of an eye. We don't have to wait for the President's state of the union speech, or the preacher's rant on a given Sunday. We Google!

Can a mind atrophy? You bet. Look into these booklets and think about thinking.

A Moment Of Love

Her beauty radiates,

splashes of wild flowers

touched by a golden sun.

Her love bursts forth,

crushing my pounding heart.

Her fragrance of pine,

her velvety touch,

her love so freely given,

dares me,

to allow the chaos of emotion

she engenders

to shatter my quiet space

- if only for a moment -


and that moment--

that sacred moment--

I let flow within

a dawning memory...


There is a glow that remains

now that the sun is gone

– it is called the afterglow –

I was used to the bright, shiny,

beautiful light from the sun

and my body comfortable in its warmth

but the moment it disappeared

I had to re-adjust everything

in a transitional moment.

This world is in its afterglow,

a lingering impression

of what was once believed would be

an endless path to glory and success.

But now we’ve entered the twilight;

the murky, shadowy uncertainty,

everything looking, feeling, so different;

the remains of our “day” in the sun.

Can we hold this moment

to adapt to the coming night?

Or will we disappear from this world

as have so many others before us?

Being God

Being God is not arrogance.

but awareness of who I am.

Being God

is loving energies, forces, people.

Being God

is relinquishing control over creation.

Being God

is bringing happiness

or sadness - some like this -

into life: a simple matter of choice.

Being God

is the ability to make choices

knowing their power to manifest

exactly as thought and spoken:

God says... and so it is...

“and it is good.”


Boundaries: what does that mean, in a world such as this? We may as well be speaking of air, or blue sky, or the necessity of food and water. This world is made up of boundaries, of limitations, of do's and don'ts. Some, it is believed, were handed down originally by God: a whole yard full of regulations and 'laws' which, if transgressed or violated in any way, could only spell complete destruction. Man, being no slouch at imitating the worse tendencies of his gods, proceeded to add to the pile, until it's grown so top-heavy, he spends much of his time either obeying rules, or learning new ones (and subsequently breaking most of them!).

Laws. Laws are limitations on freedom. They are boundaries. What interests me is why man so easily puts up with limits on his freedom, and so quickly puts limits on another's freedom. What is the core belief which makes man enact laws, limitations, boundaries on himself and others. Could it be fear? Could it be that all of our laws, all of our social boundaries, are the result of fear? We put speed limits on roads because of the fear that excessive speed kills... Of course, we first had to define excessive speed. What is excessive to one may be quite slow to another. We put seat belts in cars, and strap our children as if they were dangerous criminals, just to drive down the block. We wear helmets to protect our heads from possible injuries from just about anything. To be utterly ridiculous, we invent sports which are deliberately dangerous to our health, then invent helmets, and other protective equipment to try to avoid injury while enjoying pounding the daylight out of one-another. It's interesting that the ancient Gauls fought their battles in the nude, except for a helmet on their heads. The helmet was usually adorned with a pair of iron wings. Now, these ancestors of mine had only one fear, I'm told, and that was that the sky would fall on their heads. So, they wore helmets too, you know, just in case. You see? They couldn't enjoy themselves either, even if the number of laws, of limitations to their freedom probably wouldn't fill the first chapter of one of today's law books...

You may think I digress, but I want you to see how, in the search for 'protection' you end up with no freedom at all. Does it have to be one or the other? Will it ever be possible, on this benighted world, to declare a moratorium on all God or man-made laws, and just rely on unconditional love, on total acceptance of all that is, just as it is, instead of mindless obedience to endless rules? What I am saying is that instead of using fear and control to compel us to relate to one another civilly, we would use the ultimate law: the law of total love. Where there is complete love, there is complete freedom. Only where there are no boundaries of any kind will you ever find true freedom and only there will you ever find true love.

I've often asked myself what would be the point of fighting a revolution or a war in the name of freedom, if all I were to get in return (if I survived, that is) would be another set of limitations, another set of acceptable boundaries, as determined by a new (but not different) set of rulers who may or may not have been elected by some dubious majority. Isn't it obvious that with all our bloody struggles, we still have no concept of what freedom is?

As human babies, the first thing we generally bump against are bars: those of our crib, or those of the play pen. Not an auspicious start for a life in the land of the free... As we grow older, with the image of limitation firmly embedded in our mind, we build more fences, ever higher, ever more complex. Common wisdom has taught us that 'good fences make good neighbours.' This may be true, but with today's fences, our neighbours, even across the hall, remain faceless and nameless. We fear them more than ever, even as they crowd ever closer to us... and they fear us as much. No wonder that we've taught ourselves to die so easily and so soon: it's the only way past our self-inflicted boundaries when we can't stand the limitations any longer!


Where in blazes do we live?

Where do we reside?

Who knows, who can tell?

We live within constructs,

variously called “earth”

or the universe, or the cosmos,

but what is our address?

We can't know, can we,

for what would we use

to locate ourselves by?

We don't even know

where in the universe

this solar system is located.

Just thought I'd throw that out

for someone to ponder on.

Maybe it doesn't matter

and so most would rather think,

and when they die, so be it.

It's over and done with.

But is it? How do we know that?

We've had teachers rant on

about heaven and about hell

and woe to us if we didn't toe the line

but the line has become mighty thin

these last few years at least

and in some places,

could use mending.

Humanity: fleas upon the earth!

earth: a speck in the galaxy!

the Milky Way: one of billions -

Will we ever know who we are,

or how we came to be

(beyond mere belief, that is)?

We do not know what a universe is,

much less a cosmos.

Edging God Out

A cold Spring morning

finds me walking along the shore

(once more) and the sea tosses

after a passing storm.

I feel wet crushed stones crunch

under my leather boots.

My feet are dry and warm;

I am well dressed

for this kind of weather, and yet

I feel cold within:

cold thoughts tossing –

the cold grey sea is now at home

inside my head.

So I ask the sea:

What does it mean to have an ego?

is it a bad thing?

Why must I rid myself of this “affliction”?

Some wag I came across before

called it “Edging God Out”

and it makes me wonder.

Does having an ego

means I’ve edged God out of my life?

(In which case, what’s the problem?)

Or does it mean that when I get rid of it

only then will I also be free of God?

No more ego, no more God?

Ultimate freedom to be myself?

I realize many are really scared

to live a “godless” life –

though you can’t tell any difference

between the godly and godless these days –

pretty much one melting pot

of stagnating selfish ooze,

but apart from fear, what’s to fear?

I think I can figure this one out:

If I have an EGO – I’ve Edged God Out

to be “myself” and no looking over the shoulder

to see if I’ve pleased or displeased

some imaginary divinity.

Now I hope I can do the good

I’ve always known I could

and always known I should –

without justification or blame

or carrot on some heavenly stick.

Expanding Awareness

Once we deliberately enter the path of expanding awareness, we have to agree with this statement: "Everything is on its way to somewhere" ("George Malley" in the movie "Phenomenon")

Life does not end - it changes form, direction. The much debated and misunderstood term "evolution" may not apply directly to physical life but is a fact of the mind order. Life evolves at the mind level. Thoughts are forever changing and their interaction continually create new patterns which in turn create change in the physical order. That is why predicting the future is as chancy as predicting the weather. Short term predictions are possible in a staid environment but such is rare and short-lived. It is not the nature of life to remain unchanging and predictable.

Expanding awareness (or consciousness) accepts the fact that the individuated part has no definition. It is a ghost, a shadow - a reflection of thought. Its existence is tenuous, comparable to the chop on the top of great waves on an even greater ocean. The ocean is life; the waves are patterns from interactive thoughts and the chop is the individuated life. Yet all of it is water. All of it knows itself primarily as water, yet "exists" (creates its reality) in waves and particles.

Expanding awareness expresses itself in and through its individual parts, not in its whole. Its purpose is not to return to wholeness or regain its once "pristine" state of oneness. Quite the opposite. Its goal is to move ever outward; to go "somewhere" and if that somewhere does not as yet exist (has not been individualized or claimed) it will create it.

You see, expanding consciousness never loses awareness of its source. Regardless of its current state or location in the great infinite, it is always connected to the source that fuels it. It doesn't have to think about that, or ponder it. There's too much to do out here.

In certain societies the process of expanding consciousness can become sidetracked for a variety of reasons. This is what has happened to Earth. Instead of mind beings expressing through bodies, Earth humanity has become bodies attempting to find fulfillment through physical senses and trying to understand "mind" and "spirit" from the operation of a physical brain.

As preposterous as this appears to expanding consciousness, it is basically how the leaders, teachers and scientists proceed. Having rejected the more logical approach to understanding how life evolves, i.e., having rejected all but the quantifiable aspects of "life" they have doomed themselves to perish in ignorance of who and what they really are. In doing so, they have also doomed their world.

True education happens at the mind level. A "mind" led school for example would not be gradable. You could not have rigid classes and grade levels. You would find kindergarten children interacting freely with "university" type students, the information passing from one to the other to the benefit of all. You would never find the terrible imbalance and educated ignorance caused by the rigid stratification of age (and even gender) now prevalent in most Earthian school systems.

Assumptions expanding awareness takes for granted: There is a unique source of infinite energy that undergirds (fuels) all of life. Life expresses only through individuation or a constant "break down" of source energy. Life never ends. Mind is ageless. I AM.

Expanding The Mind

Where can anyone find

a rich piece of barren ground

to just throw seeds on and grow a crop?

How can any seed sprout and grow

when weeds, grasses and shrubs

already take up the space?

What chance would a sower have

of reaping any kind of crop

if he went out to sow

on barren rocks, or wild fields untilled?

Does that same concept not also apply

to the human mind?

We have so much spam

vying for space in our fervid minds -

is it any wonder so few new ideas

take root in the average mind today.

What has caused the human mind

to atrophy this way?

Perhaps the endless cacophony

of sitcoms, news, movies and sports,

of commercials and political speeches,

and other endless lies?

There can be no expansion of mind

when the mind is already bloated

with commercial garbage

aimed at the “feel good” mentality.

Most seeds sown in such terrain

will certainly perish.

Finding Happiness

It is a warm and sunny day,

a hiking in the hills kind of day:

as I give in to my pleasure and climb over a fallen log

I have this thought: Why am I not down in the city

mowing my lawn and hacking dandelions?

Do I not want my yard to look impeccable?

Do I not want to impress others?

I notice my clothing: the latest fashions

in climbing gear? Not!

What will the yuppy crowd think of me?

I realize I left without my dose of morning “news”

- don't I care what happened in the dark of the night?

As I ponder this, I hear the trees whisper:

“Life is not about making lots of money,

or being pumped full of fear by “bad news,”

or wearing the latest fashion joke,

or having the nicest looking yard in town.

Look at nature and how things just are.

The man-made toys you buy will not make you happy

not even for a short while! They create fear:

the dread fear of losing them, or seeing them

become as obsolete as those who chase them.

Like lingering snow in Spring desire for things melts away

leaving you wallowing in the mud of self-pity:

now you need something else to satisfy

on the endless treadmill of buy and lose.”

Where is happiness really found?

How To Buy Shoes

We know two ways to sell shoes to a saturated market. But how should "the market" respond to the types of marketing presented?

If shoes are needed - that's the operative word: needed - then obviously one should choose a pair that is practical, comfortable, and durable. A quality item. After all, shoes are for protection while standing or walking. Never was a shoe made that could come close to the beauty of a human foot. If good looks are sought, bare feet are by far the best way to demonstrate it.

But it's not really a "shoes" question, is it. What we are talking about is consumption of material goods for physical needs or the getting of "stuff" for the sake of having "stuff" - to satisfy the acquisitive craving.

It is said there is a whole new island in the Pacific ocean. It is a floating island and it is made up entirely of refuse, specifically plastic items of all sorts that have found their way into the waters of that ocean and by some physical property of currents, or within the material itself, have come together to form this island. An island of garbage.

The city I live in sits uncomfortably between mountains and a great river. Nothing remarkable about it except it is experiencing a building boom. Because the flat lands are still held back from heedless development through "agricultural land reserves" protection, much of that development takes place on the side of the mountains. In a week you can see an entire subdivision area ripped out of the green. It's not pretty, but it's view lots, cheaper than big city prices, so it sells, mostly to commuters, thus compounding our problem.

It takes rock to build roads and foundations. That rock is taken from the mountains also. Which means one can be literally leveled for fill-in crush trucked onto another. Of course, you can all see the sense of that, right?

There is a balancing factor to the decimation of our mountains. There is garbage to be buried and this garbage is gradually getting harder to put down into the ground. As a result, it is being buried in tiers above the ground, each layer covered in gravel. So you see? We can destroy the mountains because with our garbage we can create new ones.

The Pacific ocean "island" of garbage and our mountainous temples of garbage are putrid monuments, insane testimonies, to the greatest madness yet to descend upon the world: the madness of a crude monoculture; crude oil, that is. An entire world is awash in garbage and chemical pollutants (and serious over-population) caused entirely by the despotic usurpation of a single source of energy, a very finite source. Marketing of this single resource is causing the destruction of Earth's natural environment at both ends of the spectrum, leaving no way out. Wanting no way out. Desperate to prevent any way out.

For any way out means a lessening of profits and such means the certain death of the multi-national or trans-national corporate entities, or let's call them what they really are: big business. Of course they are already dead but they don't know it due to inertia... and the fact they have no concept of a future, never mind one to which the are accountable: they live in the "Now" being nothing more than complex machinery that can't think.

So that's how it looks when we open our eyes. Now that we know how our buying and using habits affect the earth's environment, and we are no longer thrilled at the results (because this isn't the roaring Twenties nor the swinging Fifties) how can we change what we do and make a difference?

It's not a state secret. Long ago Gandhi taught his generation in India to practice satyagraha or peaceful non-cooperation. A simple process that works best when done individually, not collectively as he demonstrated. A lot of people died because of the way he applied his teaching. They might have lived had they known of self-empowerment. Collective efforts only galvanize the opposition against them. The opposition is always violent, therefore to oppose it on its terms will mean more violence. Even if a collective effort overcomes the opposition, it then becomes the status quo. Social gain? Zero.

Maybe we need not go there, perhaps never again.

I'm satisfied that I practice this satyagraha principle. I do it in countless little ways and each one of those little ways adds up to greater and greater freedom from the big bad machine. That is what I mean by self-empowerment.

Listing some of those ways (there is no set pattern or rule to this and many of these "practices" change all the time): At times I don't buy something even though I want it and I can afford it. I take note of the fact I did not buy it and rejoice over my decision.

I don't use credit to make ends meet, ever. It's credit that moves the ends farther apart!

I buy used stuff as much as possible.

I only drive when I have to, seldom for pleasure. (And I don't care how expensive fuel gets because I can always cut back more than any increase at the pump, thus staying ahead of the game. I learned about "cut backs" from the government! I reasoned that if they work for those ignoramuses, it certainly would for me.)

I don't care how much tax the government takes from my paycheck: all I have to do to compensate for any increase is buy less personal stuff. That's a win-win deal.

Speaking of deal, I have a deal with God to dedicate my tax dollars for peaceful or social welfare purposes. None of it goes to the military or other oppressive government structures. Does that work? Try it! Another win-win.

I find my pleasure in helping others, not in helping myself. Result? Joy, a priceless thing. An astounding experience, never dependent on the performance of others.

When I do buy something (apart from actual daily necessities) I balance the use I will make of it in helping others with the pleasure having it gives me. My pleasure is more than doubled instantly.

Some things I have practiced for years, even decades:

I don't watch TV - ever. I don't read newspapers and avoid radio as if it were a plague (which it is.)

I eschew participating in or watching organized sports.

I don't do religion - I am a spiritual being and religion is designed to kill the spirit.

I don't eat meat or fish, out of simple empathy for the animals, absolutely nothing to do with health.

I don't vote - as the slogan goes: it only encourages the bastards.

These are just some ways I work with to change my world. I don't expect to see results in the world, but I can see results in me. And what is it they say? If you would change your world, first change yourself?

You can't see this was all about buying shoes? No? Consider bare-footed Mother Teresa and the 3000 pairs of shoes collection of Imelda Marcos.

Is Earth A Prison?

A stranger's footsteps

lead me down an unfamiliar way:

I realize things now

I never knew I knew!

The question arises:

Is earth a prison?

It seems we are:

we cannot leave at will

but must wait for death.

Surprising how such a thought

makes many people laugh

when I share this belief

and I wonder,

when are earth humans

going to change?

I hear the stranger's voice:

“As long as humans

enjoy their stay in their cell;

as long as they fail to realize

they live within a trap,

in binding, blinding rules

and endless limitations,

they will never try to go

beyond that point.”

For the wheel of karma turns

not in judgment or punishment

but in mindless repetitive turns.

His voice fades into the darkness

but I know what my quest is now:

to discover light travel

so I can freely leave this place,

and that, without any regret

when I know my time has come.

It's The Apocalypse!

The old gods are frantic

control slipping

out of anaemic hands:

The State is in a state;

the Church is in the lurch...

And the banks are caving in:

It's the Apocalypse!

Yes: Revelation.

It is being revealed

that the old has passed away

the new has come, like it or not.

Is this not inevitable?

Since the one constant of the Universe,

so I'm told, is change:

isn't it time this piece of Universal energy

experiences meaningful change?

Freedom: we've been crying it

for millennia:

It's being handed to us

ready to serve:

do we really want it,

or do we want to play at war

for one more round?


A law for this, a law against that:

is there anything that isn't wrapped up in some law?

Today's concern, and what a concern that is-

is about the legalization of pot -

there's those that want it de-criminalized

and those that claim it's another addictive drug

and there's those like me who couldn't care less -

I mean, I can't even inhale a puff of the legal poison!

What good would it do to legalize pot?

What good does it do to legalize or criminalize

anything at all?

As long as humans need laws to live by

its obvious they haven't grown up much

and insist on acting like a bunch of children.

Do we need laws at all?

That's the question we should be asking:

because those who make the laws

are the greatest criminals of all

and live by breaking most of them

one way or another - why should we trust them

to tell us how we should live our lives?

Go ahead, smoke your pot;

drink your booze; inhale that cigarette smoke...

rape, kill, lie, cheat, steal, brag, threaten...

Who are you hurting in the end?

And if a law stops you, what good is that?

You'll just wait for another opportunity

for you will never learn your lesson

if laws keep holding you back,

slapping you on the hand when you are bad.

Losing Your Marbles

When you feel

a period of "dumbness"

coming your way

to assault your crowded mind

and shatter your carefully laid plans,

don't just sit there helpless and despondent:

simply go and buy a bag of marbles:

the cheap glass kind with paper colours inside...

then open your mouth wide

and stuff them in all at once...

As you see yourself acting

the fool, the dummy,

on your own little stage of life,

spit just one marble out at a time.

Continue to do this

until all your marbles have been

successfully discarded.

When finally they are all gone,

you'll be like a politician

with room to spare in there

to stick your foot (or even both) in it once more:

Now you can be

pure genius:

everyone can admire your wisdom,

and some may even pay you

for being truly dumb.

(A word of caution,

if you follow this wonderful advice:

Those who fall on your discarded marbles

may feel differently about your so-called wisdom!)

More About Money? Why Not

What’s the deal with money, anyway? What’s special about it? Whatever it is, it certainly attracts attention. If you have lots of it, you are rich; if you don’t have any, you are poor and likely to die soon. So money is powerful. Like, that’s news? Sure, money is powerful, but why?

Let’s look at the whole employer-employee-consumer scenario, and see what that’s all about. First, you have some business-minded type who sets up a business duly approved by the authorities, and he hires people to make it work. He pays these people a certain wage, agreed upon or not, and these people use their wages to “pay” for their right to live within the worlds ruled by money. Money is needed to buy everything, even one’s religion. Nothing is “free” and this is increasingly true as a computerized world requires a product code on just about everything sold and bought.

So far I haven’t said anything new, nor shed any light on the question at hand. What makes money powerful? We now know, thanks to the banksters and other greed-lords of the world’s stock exchanges, that it’s not the amount of money one has that creates its power because we are living in worlds so “lacking” in money, we are entombed in trillions of dollars worth of global debt! Like the Force of Star Wars, money has a dark side and a light side. The light side is being “in the black” as it was once called – something very few can boast of these days of credit cards and disproportionately inflated lines of credit. And yes, the dark side of money is credit, or “being in the red” as it was also called. These days we are awash in red – think of it as blood. Whatever it represents, it means stagnation and death: death by debt.

When a boss pays a salary or a wage, he is not giving something good, precious, or even meaningful, away. Why should those who understand money care about how much or little is given out? It’s a meaningless token in itself. But it’s not the number, the piece of paper, that has power, it’s the time (hours and days of an individual life), the hopes, dreams, fears, depression and anger that the amount of $$$ represents that carries power: power to control people's minds.

Trillions of dollars in debt? Who cares! It’s only numbers. Overnight, the money changers can change a trillion dollars to one dollar and on the surface there would be no difference at all. It’s been done by countries where inflation went out of control. A law is enacted, a new “coin” is magically produced and all that old inflated “money” is declared non-legal tender and recalled. Take your truck load of old inflated bills to the bank and receive a $10 bill in exchange. The nightmare is over… or is it?

Never, not as long as people misunderstand money, and accept the gross misrepresentation given them by the money changers. Money is a sponge that absorbs the people’s labour and the planet’s resources which the changers then squeeze out to get that energy for themselves and for those above them. As long as people believe in money and seek it, it will suck out their life’s energy and drain them. Money is nothing less than a type of succubus, a “demonic” force that works on peoples' needs and greeds to suck the life out of them. The System provides endless sites, stations, places, where an individual is picked clean of his “money” or squeezed for not having enough, or not having any.

Businesses of all kinds, including but certainly not limited to, religious establishments, medical enterprises, entertainment centers, gambling casinos, organized sports, "public" education, government or private enforcers, the military: these and a host of others all play the same role: to squeeze the individual of his money or lack thereof. Not for the paper or the promise to pay, but for his life: for his time, his dreams, his hopes, his greatest fears and deepest hatreds. Feed his addictions; entertain him or promise him freedom or jail; tell him he has an implacable enemy he must go and kill – anything to get total control over his life. That is the purpose of money.

Once that is understood, then can man begin the onerous task of extricating himself from his bondage to that global nemesis. Obviously, that requires developed intelligence and self-empowerment.

New Reality

Must we leave

this "reality"

we have called home

until now?

Must we chase

new experiences

upon new worlds

far out in space,

hoping they'll be

bursting with life,

in pristine conditions?

Should we hope someday

to walk unsullied wilderness,

without borders,

without boundaries,

no longer chained to the grind,

no slaves of death?


would it be simpler

to change the way we perceive

our daily 'reality?

To superimpose

our hopes and dreams

on the facade

of a strip mall?

On Changing One’s Name.

A friend of mine decided that I was due for another name change, and I accepted his challenge. The new name is there for you to see, at the top of this paper. So, let’s talk about regular name changing and what it could mean for humanity.

Changing one’s name should not be an expensive and frowned upon process. I think that over the years, we become much too attached to our original name, a name we never had a chance to choose, foisted upon us when we couldn’t do anything about it. We should have the option to change it at will. A name is a very personal sort of thing, and since we claim to live in a changing world, how can we go through an entire life with only one name? What if the name you happen to carry around in your mind and on all those plastic cards, is unpleasant to you? What if you look at yourself in the mirror one day and you realize you are not whom you are called?

The sad thing about the human ideal of one life—one name—is that by and large we believe it is some sort of ideal; that to even contemplate changing one’s name would be akin to disloyalty. Disloyalty to what; to whom; why even disloyalty? Are we individuals, or tattooed members of a herd? Humans, though born gods, so quickly settle for run of the mill slavery to whatever is put in authority over them, be it parents, preachers, teachers, governments, bosses and big shots in any field. Furthermore, they willingly accept slavery to every blinken aspect of a system that’s bumping down hill on its way to hell at this moment. You don’t believe me? Reason this one of its countless insanities: add up the collective debt owned by all nations to nobody in this mad, mad world run by fools, and ask yourself why you insist on paying for such a gigantic and hopeless swindle by supporting the bastards who created it. Think about that.

Certainly, a new born should be given a particular handle so all aren’t called “hey, you!” but upon reaching some sort of age of reason (many, unfortunately never reach that age, however old they get), they should be offered the challenge of choosing a name suitable to carry them through the rocky years of teen-agehood, at least. Then when a man and woman (or two people) decide they like each other enough in the sack to bunk together, they should have another option of choosing names to suit their new, if often temporary, status. In the case of a split, bingo! Choice of name again!

Then comes the age of awakening. This calls for serious introspection which clearly reveals that you are not who you thought you were, but another self altogether. Definitely a time for a name change. The change of life endured by so many people causes crisis and confrontation with personal values, beliefs and other individuals. To speed up the process and relieve some of the stress, let’s put a name change here to outwardly remind the individual that more than physical change is taking place! What a joy a new identity can be to the new person. What a sense of self-awareness and freedom it can give!

You may object that all these name changes would cause havoc with the system... well, that’s the flip side of my point. See how much it would help put the moribund beast down? Think about it: the system dies of massive coronary thrombosis through the simple process of six billion individuals insisting on changing their name every ten years or so, the new identity giving the owner the choice of starting anew, without past commitments or responsibilities to anyone but herself or himself. A new version of the biblical Jubilee, but more global and effective.

No revolution. No violence. No bloodshed. Just a whole lot of fun and presto: freedom from bondage discovered and even accepted on planet earth. Wow! I can hear the rejoicing in heaven even now, with comments such as, “Hey, guess what?” “What now?” “The Boss says the kids on planet earth have taken a giant leap towards accepting freedom and the responsibility that goes with it!” “No! After all these years? Well, if God says it, there could be some truth to it, but I still say, wait and see; wait and see. They’re so well known for back-sliding.”


In my favourite haunts

deep in the woods

or high on the mountains

a clear sunrise refracted

through pink clouds

refreshes body and soul.

Down in the city, by contrast,

negative energy flows

like the sewers not far below one's feet:

reeks of fear, repression, anger

echoed in reverberating clamour

of so many sunless days.

Ah, where is the peace

within the walls of shame

where nature is shunned;

where steel, cement and grime rule;

where men live within caged minds?

Weary of having to run away

to find a glimpse of sanity,

I long for that promised new day

when earth and man will be as one

and the Babylons of cement and metal

will lie cracked, rusted and ruined,

and no one will raise a hand

to make-over their faded faces.

The Beef Cow

Across acres of lush grass lands,

in a place where the wolf is forbidden to hunt

(and lucky for the wolf!),

tramples the ponderous beef cow,

dropping its droppings where it pleases;

sitting in its droppings when it pleases.

We feed it every kind of hybrid grain;

pump it full of chemicals

and there it grows: fat, fatter, fattest!

To the slaughter house goes the cow,

dismembered but not disempowered,

it moves to the butcher shop and grocery store,

in time to lay sizzling happily on the backyard barbecue

and proudly preside at a summer ritual: family feud!

Your gut gurgles away to strike a balance

between beer and meat

and between mouthfuls, curses and meaningful gestures

at someone you think you know B but don't,

you digest all those questionable chemicals.

Now maybe, just maybe, you die of botulism, or cancer

or something they haven't got a name for yet

and before your beer is even flat

you're peacefully six feet under...

And as you slowly turn to yummy food

for the creepy crawlies in nightshirts,

you see that damn cow you thought you'd had

chewing its cud in the moon and laughing

and now you know who won, don't you!

The Great Die-Back

Do what you think you are long enough and you become what you do. That is, you become less than you were when you chose your particular doing to the exclusion of other possibilities. You shrink your mind, your consciousness, to the lowest levels of gut, muscle, nerve; to "feel-good" reactions from beliefs, conveniences, sympathies and bodily ease. When bodily comforts and base desires finally rule all you reach your own particular dead end. Ascribe this pattern to the majority and you can easily deduct its end.

What causes environmental pollution and over-population? Apply Occam's razor here and you get this answer: greed and lust combined with ever-present fear. Seeing no turn-around in either, one can deduce that Earthians are poised for a massive die-back - the certain condition of the predator when its prey has been over-hunted and is disappearing. The Earthian's prey is the natural resources of this planet. This is not speaking of oil reserves and other high-profile resources essential to keeping a technological system alive. This is speaking of three basic resources that can no longer be taken for granted: arable land to grow food, potable water and breathable air.

These sources are no longer either boundless or cheaply available. They are disappearing exponentially despite the half-hearted efforts to slow the destruction and feeble-minded political promises assuring the fools that in "x" number of years the trends will be reversed - without change of lifestyle or attitude and without sacrifice. Yeah, right.

Whatever "new" technological tricks are conjured by the mad doctors of Technocratica and their handlers in the moneyed factions to deal with the certain and sudden end of plenty will only benefit the very few and for a short interim. The final score will not be at all as expected. For as it was prophesied thousands of years ago, "the meek shall inherit the earth."

The downtrodden, the oppressed, the slaves of the current global marketplace, these are the meek. Of them will come the last survivors simply because their personal and current hard times have conditioned them to survive. Already they drink polluted water, grow food in inhospitable soil and breathe poisoned air as they survive, somehow, in deserts, burned out forests and the endless slums and "barrios" of this world's megalopolises - without any of the comforts, conveniences, amenities or questionable "social services" we so like to take for granted.

When the great power grids collapse many of these "survivors" will hardly notice. But in time they will realize that their lives have become noticeably easier and safer. The Super-predator they once served in dread will be gone, as will his whip.

Of them, though they be few and scattered remnants, may yet arise a new breed of Earthian worthy of being labeled "human" in a broader context. For those who have hope, that is a good bet. For those who do not, just keep on trucking to the end of the road - it isn't that far now.

The Village Idiot Box

O Cable TV - God of this New Age,

Art thou here to teach me?

Art thou here to amuse me?

Methinks thou art here

mayhap but to rot mine poor brains.

Thou bringest forth the daily news,

nay, the hourly news, forsooth!

The minutely news to boot!

Dost thou care I should be informed

of dire happenings in yonder distant lands?

Seekest thou not rather to confuse

and maketh me worry

this, that or t'other shouldst befall

that I may rush to the nearest mall

and load my reluctant ass

with baskets of sundry wares

I'd never thought of buying

but for these new cares?

O Cable TV, thou son of darkness,

wherefrom cometh thou

to despoil my soul of light?

To rob mine brain of comely thoughts?

O, who shalt deliver me

from such a loathsome monster?

Who shalt come hither

and lead me once more

into the calm reading of a simple book?

The Road Of Experience

Hey, if you lay down rubber

on the road of experience

keep in mind you pay for the tires!

No friend,

no lover,

no leader,

no parent,

can buy you new tires

or fill the gas tank for you.

No matter how tired you become,

no matter how depressed,

how lonely, how sad

at boring scenery along the way;

how confused or unsure

if the road gets muddy or snaky,

only you can get the load to the dock

'cause there's only you in the driver's seat.

Remember, the same is true of others

who drive along this route with you,

so if they honk their horn, listen

and if they insist on passing,

try to refrain from giving the finger!

The Tale Of King Demarth

The old woman looked intently at the young girl at her knee as she sat by the smoldering fire of the hearth. Outside the wind blew and scraped branches against the stone of the cottage.

"Did I ever tell you the story of King Demarth of Ulmn?"

"No, you have not."

"It is a very good story. Now I have to think for a minute or two, just to remember some of the details. You see, it's an old story, handed down many generations in our family. So many generations..." she goes silent and sighs.

"Yes, now I can begin:

"Once upon a time, in a land far away there was a king called Demarth who lived in a mighty castle. He had many men-at-arms and over the years his father and he conquered the surrounding kingdoms and added them to their domain called Ulmn.

The king, therefore, was powerful and very rich. He was also a man who loved adventure. Often he'd go out into the countryside with only a couple of retainers, and sometimes he'd even go alone.

On one of his lonely rides one day he strayed farther than usual and found himself in a strange part of the land. He was no longer certain if this part belonged to his kingdom or not. As he pondered which way to go, his horse, a tall black war-horse, snorted and angled his ears forward toward what looked like an orchard. The king urged the horse forward and was suddenly hit in the head with a well-aimed green apple.

"Ho," he cried. "Who is it dares to throw apples at the king?"

A young woman climbed down from a loaded apple tree and stared at the king and his horse. Then she slipped to her knees and bent her head.

"My lord - I thought thieves were in our land again. I have grievously offended you, take my life."

The king bade her rise and he looked her over. She was indeed very beautiful, though dressed almost in rags and her red hair was unkempt and wild about her head.

"What is your name, girl?"

"Alnya" my lord, she replied.

"Do you have parents?" he asked her.

"My father was killed in the king's wars before I was born. My mother lives in our cottage. I have two brothers much older than I. They work in the fields."

"Take me to your mother, then - how far is it?"

"About a mile, my lord."

He brought the great war horse near her, grabbed her and swept her in front of him on the horse. She gasped as they galloped to the cottage. Once there, the king asked for water, drank, then gave the peasant woman a purse filled with gold coins in exchange for her hospitality and her daughter to take back to the castle.

For you see the king had fallen madly in love with the beautiful and daring peasant girl and had decided to make her his bride. This he confided to her as they rode back to the castle beyond the great stone wall. She wept at the news but he did not understand nor did he enquire of the reason. Tears are affairs of women he'd been taught - best left alone.

I won't bore you with the details of making this peasant girl into a courtesan, but she learned fast. She had her brothers brought to the castle to train for knighthood, and her mother came to live there as well. The farm was rented and kept in the family by the king's law.

The gist of the story, my girl, is that Alnya had a lover before she met the king. She tried to forget him but one day he came even to the castle looking for her. They saw each other and she contrived to meet him. They swore love to each other and she promised to find a way to be reunited with him. Then she made him leave so that, should things turn sour, he would not be discovered. Despite their love, great was the fear in each of them.

Alnya decided to risk all. She went to the king and declared that she had a lover and wanted to return to him to be married to him, despite the certainty of poverty, or worse.

The king became very angry. You see, he too loved Alnya. And he had the power of his law to force her to marry him. He could even have the peasant lover thrown into his dungeons for life, or killed. He ordered Alnya away to her chambers and took his great horse out for a ride.

As he rode, he made a point of noticing everything that moved. The birds, animals and the people at their work or children at play. He stopped on a high, bare hill, dismounted and thought about his situation. His anger was abated now. He watched an eagle soaring high in the sky, then come down, lower and lower, suddenly swooping into tall grass and coming back up with a rodent in its talons.

How like that eagle I am, thought the mighty king. How easy it is for me, so high, to pounce down and just take what I want. Perhaps too easy. Perhaps I must suffer shame and defeat again, as I did when my wife the queen died in childbirth and I was left alone. Perhaps the happiness of others is of more importance to the mighty than their own. What is our purpose but to ensure the weaker are protected from injustice as well as from physical harm? How much the more from any injustice I myself would inflict upon them?

The great king mounted his horse and rode through the forest in silence, coming upon Alnya's village. He enquired after a young apprentice smith he was interested in for the castle forge, so he said. He found the boy at the forge, working the bellows.

"Ah, my lord the king," said the smith. "Please come in. Is there something wrong with your horse, a loose or missing shoe perhaps?"

"No my good man," said the king. "I wish a word with your apprentice, Garthain."

So the king walked a ways with Garthain, Alnya's lover. Suddenly the king turned upon Garthain and pulling his long double handed knight's sword from its diamond-studded sheath, said, "Kneel, knave, for you crave the king's own betrothed and I must challenge you."

Trembling, the young man kneeled. But he looked the king in the eyes and said, "I love Alnya. I always have. We were lovers when you took her away. You took my heart and desire to live when you took her then. So take that sword in your hand and strike me dead. May my head be the trophy you bring to her wedding bed."

The king help up the sword and brought it down... gently upon Garthain's shoulder.

"I knight thee in the name of God and the Kingdom. If it suits you now, find a horse and ride back with me to the castle. Indeed there will be a wedding this week, and indeed it will be that of the fair Alnya. But let it be said by all that she marries, not of duress or fear, but of love. When you are married, you may choose to live here in the village - with my blessings and gold for help, or you may join my knights at the castle, though I warn you it is a harsh life there."

And so it came to pass that the king rose to be mighty and had peace in his land for as long as he lived. And though he did not have a love of his own, he had the love of an entire kingdom, to his dying day, and he was mourned greatly for he had been the best king anyone had ever known.

And thus, it was said long ago, should all the mighty behave towards those over whom they reign or rule.

And now this story is yours and in turn you must tell it to your children. Do not forget it, ever.

What Determines “Life”?

An abandoned plastic bag

dances 'round and 'round

in the Autumn breeze:

Is there life in this dance?

No, some would assert -

life begins at the biological level

or they'll say it begins

in the realm of self-motivation.

This begs the question:

what is "self-motivation"?

Is the wind not self-motivated?

Movement and air - movement with air -

and air gives life:

can something 'dead' instil life?

It's easy to buy into facile explanations:

easy to think of 'life'

as not being part of what is consumed;

what we ingest, step on, build with:

If we do not know life at its basic source

we don't have to feel responsible

for destroying a 'lifeless' world, do we?

If we knew 'all of it' as life,

we could interact with it all

as if it was all a part of ourselves

we could be empathic;

but wouldn't that destroy

the basic assumptions required

to live the life we currently enjoy?

Wouldn't that tend to spoil

the fun and the games?

Yet, is it not true that our fun and games

are destroying this world?

When it's dead and gone,

where will we be?

Miraculously moved into another game?

Or simply very dead and very gone?

What The Spirit Showed Me Today

On the wind just before dawn

came the peals of bells

followed by waves upon waves of magical music

mingled with melodies

as sung by choirs of angels.

Surely, I thought,

that is what they meant by heaven

as step by step I drew nearer this marvel

and over a rise espied their clean and pretty town.

It was a sight to see

with its colorful houses and golden spires

all sparkling with dew in welcome of the morning sun

and now I could hear

the chattering of voices and laughter of children.

Looking down I saw children running

over freshly mowed lawns;

pretty, well dressed women, walked and talked in groups

and men of business shook hands

knowingly nodding.

In Spirit did I travel far

over many of their fair lands

and everywhere similar scenes unfolded;

colors filled my eyes

and soothing sounds caressed my ears.

and I felt so much desire to enter

within this dream of paradise on earth,

the pull growing ever stronger as

I so longed to belong

when a warning feeling entered my heart

Not a word did Spirit speak

as I was again moved along

when suddenly a giant hole opened up within the earth

beneath this tranquility and beauty of man's doings.

A hot breath of putrid air

carried the sounds of endless screams

and I saw

women and children crying by darkened streams

and bodies floating by

in an ever-rising tide of blood

I saw them then, the men, the lovers,

the husbands and fathers

whom the women had loved, the children had clung to

and I saw standing between the worlds

their executioners.

Yes, and they were

the same men and women

I had seen earlier in the dream

the ones so well appointed, so well off,

so sure of everything

and as they ordered more death

they neither heard nor felt a thing.

And in my heart I understood

though but a simple person

the necessary connection

between the dead and the dying

and those whose lives were made sweet

by the flow of innocent blood.

And in my heart I understood

without a word being spoken

that what some accept as certain blessings

are but the greatest of curses

borne upon winds of ignorance.

I looked to Spirit then

for an answer to the existential question

but when I turned to speak

there was nothing at all there,

only I stood there;

only I to answer the burning question.

Where Do You Go When You Explore Inside Your Head?

Each time we grapple consciously with a new truth, how is that information translated at the subconscious level? What happens to this new awareness before it is relegated to our mental storage unit? To know this, one has to go into one's head and join with the subconscious. After all, it's here that it all comes together and where it really means anything at all. All experiences in the physical realms are temporal - brief glimpses of things that could be. In an instant they are but memories, endlessly replaced by new memories and the previous ones fade away, farther and farther. Even if we keep meticulous records, particularly with photographs, the images we keep are of people who are dead. The ones of whom the photographs were ostensibly taken may seem alive today. They may even be looking at the photographs, but they are not the same people. That time-place where the photographs were taken no longer exists.

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