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Never Settle For Less

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Chapter 1. Greatness Identity

Chapter 2. Refuse and Run-Over

Chapter 3. Season to Fly

Chapter 4. Dream!

Chapter 5. Certified Champion


Chapter 6. Destiny Greatness Alert

Chapter 7. ‘spirit’ World

Chapter 8. Kingdom Exposed

Chapter 9. Favored to Excel


Chapter 10. Confidence Bullet: “TRUE LIFE


Chapter 11. Guaranteed Greatness


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I cannot express enough thanks to my divine Helper for the continued inspiration, support, and also the literal support from Dr. John Doe (Senior Pastor) Ohio Assemblies, USA, Pastor Never L. Moyo (FWC Church, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe).To the TEAM at SMASHWORDS, all my grateful appreciation for the success of this Literal Project and Ministry. You created a world impacting sustainable workmanship. With our Team at DFG Books International Many thanks to You and Mark Coker in particular. I offer my sincere appreciation for the learning opportunities my editorial consultants. The team at ABD Solutions, Zimbabwe, I appreciate your stance by US. My completion of this project could not have been accomplished without the support of my Global prayer and missions partners, Pastor Robert (UK), Gene (USA), and Alberta (Kenya); and my Wife and Co-Author and children. I sincerely thank my business partners, A.L Mukadam (Mr.), and Morebudi Toronto Galefele (Mr.) (all in Botswana), for such supportive anchoring. To Juliet – thank you for allowing me time away from you to research and write. The countless efforts you partnered during my hectic schedules will not be forgotten. For your caring, loving, and support, Juliet; I dedicate our Writing efforts to You My heartfelt thanks.

What YOU don’t pursue, never think to possess!”, Pastor Ray@ DfG BOOKs International



The purpose of man’s creation & birth is to have dominion (dominate, nothing less), to be fruitful & to multiply, all round, in fellowship with God…A WORLD so beautiful, full of vast resources & opportunities waiting for DESTINY TAKERS to explore & utilize them.. This DESTINY BOOK of the moment is a life uplifting package and purpose-driven literal pack from ‘DfG BOOKs International’ “SERIES 1”, and is powerfully tailored for YOU.

“My sincere passion is to interact with YOU the reader of this literal package which is dominating the life transformation process across the World. You are not reading an ordinary book. You decided to commune with the translated truth of God, perfectly tailored to mean and be applied to a daily victorious, joyous, happy, excelling, championing, successful, and prosperous life. That is the fulfilment of the purpose to which God created you and planted you on this wonder-filled earth. May the loving, gracious and life changing God help you discover your virtuous, valued identity before Him and your life, and to learn about the obstacles set to limit your excelling (to help you overcome them) and take you through a sweet, and sound path of destiny and greatness accomplishment. Enjoying your everyday life”. There is absolutely no reason for your failing in your personal development, marriage, family, church, ministry, education, health, career, business, assets to property management, economic-political-social services. YOU have every reason to achieve your “Destiny and Greatness”. God has prepared the groundwork for your excellence. Don’t compromise to settle for any less status. Pastor Ray


Purposefully, a look at the various definitions of “Destiny” & “Greatness” will give a clearer contextual meaning of these CENTRAL BOOK THEME CONCEPTS, as you repeatedly hear their mention across the chapters in this inspiring book.

Take a close look at this Definition of ‘Destiny’ as a NOUN:

1. Something that is to happen or has happened to a

particular person or thing; lot or fortune.

2. The predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible,

course of events.

3. The power or agency that determines the course of


4. (Initial capital letter) this power personified or represented

as a goddess.

5. The Fates.

Relative to the definitions mentioned above, the book contextual definition of “Destiny” can be expressed as follows:

DESTINY: is not always the end (as of destination), as many may be misled to think. Destiny is ‘the power, wonderful discovery, achievement, attainment and birthing of’, an everyday connection, greatness, sound, joyous, championship, dominion, happy, authority, victorious, peace, healed and giant LIFE in fellowship with the presence and life of God (as your Co-Worker) in everything You do.

DESTINY: is an everyday, every week, every month, every year living in the embrace of God’s love, grace, mercy, anointing, favor and communion.

DESTINY: is an everyday fruitfulness and multiplication as per set principles of God (Genesis 1:27-28), towards a glorious eternal life.

The excellence of God life upon a person’s daily life is a greatness destiny”, Pastor Ray

Definition of Greatness as from an Adjective (great)

1. Unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: A

great fire destroyed nearly half the city.

2. Large in number; numerous: Great hordes of tourists

descend on Europe each summer.

3. Unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity,

etc.: great pain.

4. Wonderful; first-rate; very good: We had a great

time. That's great!

5. Being such in an extreme or notable degree: great

friends; a great talker.

The emphasis noted in definition 3 to 5 is on impact, rather than size. The writer’s perception relates to the meanings of “Greatness” factually and draws out this biblical traits of ‘greatness’ as applied to human life.

GREATNESS: is the higher level fulfilment, in human life, of God’s promises to Abraham (Gen.12:1-3) and so to all the “seed” of Abraham.

GREATNESS: is achieved by the God-kind of success and prosperity, outside of man’s qualifying or recommendations.

*Follow Abraham, David, Nehemiah, Deborah, Hannah, Mary, Dorcas, Peter, John, Paul, Silus, etc.

Collective Conceptual Definition:

Destiny and Greatness”
Destiny is what God long achieved through the ‘Cross of Christ’ for all human life. Your communion with the creator, faith, anointing, favor, healing, peace, excelling, breakthrough, success, prosperity, joy, happiness, marriage, family, businesses, gifts of the Holy Spirit and influence. ‘Greatness is then attained as human life daily live in the manifested destiny, practically applied to their life and the life of community, as the Spirit leads”. Pastor Ray

Believe in ‘your-SELF’ even when nobody else do or circumstances disregard you, And you shall image a great ‘Winner’ and ‘Destiny’ achiever”. Pastor Ray

A strong “Self-Destiny-Identity” (SDI) discovery has been proven to be the most important starting point for the most successful, happy, driven, fulfilled, esteemed, fruitful, prosperous and multiplying (personal, family, church, business, organizational) LIFE. Knowing the “self-destiny” motivates an individual or organization to press hardest towards achieving the “destined position or possessions’ in their life. “DESTINY” simply refers to the uncompromised, unconditional positioning of God to humans along the journey of Life. At this point in your life walk, do you really understand where God intends you to be? Are you not trapped by settling for anything or anywhere your life ends up? The greatest encounter in your Life is an opportunity to have a copy of this Book in your hands and a life changing wonder of reading a text that is going to transform the way YOU think, know, perceive, relate, and action all the different factors of your Life and others

* Whoever you are, wherever you could be, and whatever situation your life could be facing, “DESTINED for GREATNESS: never settle for less”, is here to partner your perceptions and confidence in your SELF, relative of God. There is enough evidence to prove that you, personally, are destined (prophetical, creational) for a transformed tremendous happy life, if YOU can right now choose to refocus your thinking and line it with the Word of God. It simply means that You have to ask yourself: How does God think over me? Instead of asking, how do people think about me? What thoughts does God think toward me? What plans does God hold for me? Allow the bullet to work some powerful Word-based truths into your life. Your life will not only enjoy this reading journey and encounter, but begins to experience a miracle life upliftment and fruitfulness you never imagined or prepared for.

* If you are still living without Christ, this is certainly a great opportunity to re-consider living a destined life with a giant sitting right in your heart and life. . Remember, not all giants are winners! One such losing giant is found in the Bible, and named Goliath. Winning Giants & Champions are founded/birthed in Christ and never look back in all their life walking. Don’t be left outside or behind. Carefully and willingly follow this text package. Learn the most out of these sensitive ‘revelations’. Relax your spirit-man, and open up your mind. You are about to receive a wonderful and uplifting encounter in the A-B-C outlined compilation of “DESTINED for GREATNESS: never settle for less” package.

‘Man’ (every person), is the center of God’s all time love, grace and mercy and business, because “man” is the creature that carries His image, out of all that God created. This is the reason why when “man” fell short of the planned, intended and dominion character and glory, HE (God) saw it most worthy to make the greatest sacrifice of all life, Jesus Christ (God’s Son) to RESTORE “man’s” identity on earth and eternally. Conceptually, ‘MOTIVATION & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT’ practically is the central subject of the Bible life, though many people look at the concepts differently.. God is daily concerned about MAN’s greatness. He says that He knows the thoughts He thinks toward You. Thoughts of giving You a future, and hope. Future cannot be distances away. Future is any encounter a second away from your past. God hates the past, and too much focus on the past. That’s why He says that He remembers nothing about your sins and past.

*You will not only be disgracing God by focusing on your negative past, but You will be eating away your “greatness” character and position as well as possession. Purposefully, you were fearfully and wonderfully created by a loving and caring God, no doubt (Psalm 139:14). Your mind and heart is not spared in this motivation and inspiration. Imagine the creator of heaven and earth gathering all His fear (care & acknowledgement) and wonder (prophetic specialty) only when He started making “You”. You carry the grace of God’s fear and wonder character at work. I mean “You” not your friend or neighbor. You are special (not for pride’s sake) but before the eyes of God. A peculiar generation and a royal priesthood sits in your character. Why would you settle for anything less than such a huge divine investment? What is compromising your selling of such a spirited esteem off you? What circumstance is pressing you to disregard such a high level of motivation and faith? NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS: Better is never good enough, Best is Your character attribute.

Nugget: If anybody calls you a ‘dog’, hold it before your emotions blow out of human character. Think of all dog features, physically. Check your self physical features. If you can’t see any similarities, just smile at them. Seriously, they need your prayer help not anger or emotional upset. They can see it clearly that you are not a ‘dog’. Jesus was so cool with such folks. They called Him names and relations to Beelzebub (prince of demons). Never moved as He always is, Jesus tried to help them. When they resisted, He smiled and left them.

“Don’t focus on the challenges, negative comments, and problems, around you. They sink your Faith level and crush you down. Learn to laugh at the devils. Focus on the ‘abilities of a God in YOU’. Desert or hotel, prayerfully say; “I is Well”. Pastor Ray

Circumstances and pressures, encounters of this life and its world have a natural tendency of pressing you down. You might have encountered so critical experiences such as divorce, false accusation, sickness, spirit battles, family challenges, workplace fights or sacking. Political pressures, leadership encounters. Economic challenges, bankruptcy, unemployment, underemployment, no promotion, workplace hatreds/grudges (fights). You could be going through a head splitting business failure, with your Assets being attached due to debts and unable to pay your bills and workers’ salaries. Welcome to this literal journey that will prophetically leave you walking tall as a dwarf among physically huge neighbors.

We all live by imitating virtuous role models. I remember Paul saying, “Imitate me even as I imitate Christ”. If that imitation principle is such a valuable habit to live by, you can begin to assess the manner in which David handled the Goliath encounter. This is because, sometimes people may label you negatively, and you accept their statements and labels upon your life and that sinks your ambitions and being. Greatness attracts opposition, so in your walk towards achieving ‘greatness’ remarks shall come towards you to thrust you down. David asked a simple question; I believe it more to ‘himself’ than to ‘his hearing Armey folks’. He said, “is there no reason for me to be here, than heading the animals?”. You might have suffered disqualification, discouragement and rejection, despite the huge sense behind your ideas, position and contribution. I have great news for “YOU”:

Start a new habit that will change your life into greatness, every day. Shift your mental focus and hearing drivers. See yourself the way God sees you, more than the way people see you. Your life begins with God, pottered by God, and commissioned back to influence and interact with others by God. Not the other way round. You cannot start from people. You will never reach out to God. Start hungering for God’s plans and sayings towards YOU. Paul was the worst murder around his community, but the moment he decided to look at himself as God spoke to him, he became the best human asset for his community. He didn’t look back. People tried to remind him about his evil, negative and bad person of the past, to discourage and disqualify him from a great mission in his destiny. Their intentions hit on a hard rock person of a man who decided “Never to settle for Less”

May God uplift, and help YOU locate your “destiny” and “greatness”, as you journey through the “A-B-C” literal packages of “DESTINED for GREATNESS: never settle for less”. SERIES 1 begins. Enjoy this Book.



Greatness Preamble Bullet:

You consist in Christ. You were made through Him for Him. Col 1:17

“You can’t stop birds from flying across your sky, but you can stop them from building their nests on your head” .(Pastor Ray) There are times when you kind of see life referees all around your day. You are surrounded more by people who want to dominate you more than they would accept you to dominate their acts. This happens when so many voices are speaking into your morning meal, workplace outfit, the treat of your husband, how to deal with your naughtiest kids than theirs, and so forth. You find yourself given no chance to contribute, even by word but just to receive passively. STOP! Check your environment very sharply and critically, like a client checking through their served meal. ‘Is this what I really ordered? Does my meal look delicious?’ Check the people around you. Don’t just mix up. Take time to listen and hear what people say. Don’t swallow every word from people’s lips. Scrutinize what anybody is saying about You because that may shape or bring out or create an “IDENTITY” in your life.

The right voices around you are such as matching what God says about your identity. We have a creator, who doesn’t create without purpose. He created us for a relationship and an everyday walk with Him in our homes, kitchens, offices, cars, hotel rooms, farming lands, pastures, highways, and so forth. God cannot create you and dump you. He has never mocked any of His creation. His dream towards you is alive and chasing you daily, even when you can’t imagine it. You cannot be who you are by man’s making, any day. You would rather carry an identity of God’s desire. If you allow foreign or external perceptions and views and commands to dominate you, the result is drastic loss of “Faith Focus” on God which is the fabulous center of the “Real Identity” destined to shine in you.

Science shows it doesn’t take fish more than three hours to live outside of a water body. All it means is that like a fish, you thrive best within the areas of your knowledge. If you are found within strange grounds, you can’t do the best. No matter how many books you may read including the Bible, if You personally don’t “know” God or have a relationship with Him, there is no way you can be motivated towards wanting to know how God sees you or what God says about your destiny or greatness. When God spoke to Abraham declaring, “In You I will make a great nation”, the declaration landed on a man who was armed with deep faith and obedience in that God. Abraham believed in His relationship with God. His family and kindred where not his determinants to the way he viewed and considered God is his everyday life.

Abraham”, destined for greatness in life, was measured by his faith in the God he was walking and related to. “Destined for Greatness”, is a prophetic inspiration that will help you refresh your senses, perceptions and enhance your ability to see and relate to God, on a higher personal and influential level, hence generating a “Real Identity” of God’s purpose in YOU. God has never created, lowly things. You, particularly ‘You’ were created fearfully and wonderfully, so you can’t afford to “Settle for any Less” than what God has intended in your life. You are a champion. You are a giant, not a dwarf, both physically and Spiritually.

Communities and people around us may fail to make and match the grade in motivating you towards achieving your greatness. Sometimes we may be carrying a huge God-given dream like Joseph in Genesis 37, but instead of receiving motivation to stand on your dreams, you will be handed over nasty, threats, jealousies and attacks to hate, hurt or discourage your dream of greatness. Life encounters may be so fierce and hurting and many a times when such pressures arise you find your confidence and courage on a downward slide, instead of an upward elevation.

Like in Nehemiah 1-5, a church fellow was asked by an Elder, “what occupation are you intending to achieve in your future?” With a bright smile, “A Lawyer, Elder”, he replied. Waited in deep anticipation of receiving an encouraging response from his role Elder. Rather the elder looked at the healthy driven aspirant, twice, then thrice up and down, his head and toes, before the shock of all questions. “Tell me something. By the way was either of your elder brother or dad or some family folk, ever a lawyer?”, asked the Elder with a frowning face. The boy’s answers were all “NOs”. A sad piece of demotivating advice followed. “Young man, I know you really on fire with God, but my warning is don’t try the impossible or else the impossible will tempt you”.

Where I was born and raised, one had to be double-uncompromising, to remain focused and self-dream alert. One out of every ten people I shared with my brilliant dreams or ideas they said, not in this world can such a thing happen. Nehemiah encountered the same when his heart was moved by God to genuinely and responsibly consider rebuilding the virtuous walls of the holy city, Jerusalem. Of course, his social status as per human measure (not God) was way out of achievement expectations. But, do you know God is not a respecter of persons, races, societies, past generations, possessions, environments, biological, financials, educations, offices, etc

Imagine, God using the likes of Peter, James and John to work mighty miracles all across the region of the middle-east, yet they were the least educated in their land. God even chose a cup bearer to lead the great Jerusalem Walls rebuilding project. Kings where there, Doctors where there, and other more looked up to fellows.

Insight and knowledge about the: “SELF” can lead a person into either looking down upon themselves or even disqualify their own potentials. The key basis of confidence and courage in thy self is a Word-founded, sound RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus Christ. So the Bible says that without Christ there is no real life, though one may be walking on earth (1 John 5:12). The presence of Jesus Christ in your life gives YOU the “REAL IDENTITY”. No wonder why Paul said that to live is Christ and to die is gain. It was no longer Paul living but Jesus, that’s a real identity, “Destined for Greatness”

An everyday walk in the park with God gives unlimited confidence as one approaches daily tasks and even tough challenges. A weak, empty, dirty, low, poor, sickness, hurting, discouraged past is washed away by the transforming new life dominated by the Chief Architect, Chief Commander of LIFE, Jesus Christ, as He is welcome daily by a believing disciple in this contemporary generation where it sounds old fashioned to be God’s darling and friend. You can discover a life that operates not by the standards of this world but a powerful, driven and successful in all circles controlled by the all time and all season creator, the only one so supreme to remain the same yesterday, today and forever. Prove to yourself that Romans 8, 2 Corinthians 5:16-18 and 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, are living prophetic testimonies, spoken by the voice of God the adoring Father for your “Destiny in Greatness”. God comes into your life to take away poverty, and replace it with wealth. He did it for Isaac, He can do it for You (Genesis 26).

In the world of Sport, world athletic champions records are set but each next Common Wealth games, Olympics, World Cups, etc, new records come up. Even the world Athletic giants like Usain Bolt of Jamaica or Isaac Makwaala of Botswana, trained harder to set a new 100m and 200m time records (respectively) than they set in their previous competition. Why would you remain stuck to old time failures, past defeats, past sickness records, past divorces, past jail times, past losses, pass grudges, past battles? God says that I have forgiven you of your wicked past and forgotten them totally. God, not man. Yet man thinks they are bigger than God such as able better than God to house in their tiny shells all their huge heavy, hurting, back-drawing, anti-developing negative past. Jesus, in Matthew 11:27-28, says that bring all your heavy loads to Him so that you remain free and become the “Real You”.

Greatness and destiny life is only achieved as you live through a ‘real identity’. Imagine the purpose, the value and meaning of your personal, marriage, church, relationships, family, business, ministry, corporate, political, career, missions, social and international relations LIFE, the same way God designed and love to see all these life factors sustainably managed through our daily responsible efforts and contributions. I will never leave you orphaned, so Jesus says. Imagine His sacrifice to be your way, truth and life, and you chose to ignore it. What would you become if you invited Christ into your life, foundational and continue on a daily workmanship with Him (Luke 6:46-49)? The birth of a giant, champion and “Real Identity” in You would be witnessed. Your life will never be the same in this partnership and fellowship. You are more than a conqueror with Jesus. Why settle for a lesser identity?

A critical draw-back is quite often compromised within our everyday life. The rule of the ‘flesh’ as opposed the rule of the ‘spirit’. Are you motivated to relate with God? Do you sometimes wake up feeling like discouraged to pray, read your Bible or witness the goodness of God to somebody? Take note, there is a wrestle between your “spirit-man’ and flesh regarding who should be the boss or ruler or governor in life each day. Consider Philippians 2:5 and feed your spirit-man with the right food (applied word of God, prayer, fasting, meditation, word sharing, witnessing Christ, ministry, goodness, etc). Sooner you sense the presence of God descending upon you, courage rising, love growing, and freshness hovering all over you. That’s exactly what God has intended in You.

An early morning jog is so good for your physical health and refreshment. As you stroll down the residential cool street in the early hours of the morning, you can feel an opposing wind. Increase your strolling speed and the wind resistance also goes up higher. Such is like life. As you desire and move towards discovering your “Destiny and Greatness”, opposing forces also rise up. Those who are determined to climb mountains are the only ones who encounter uphill forces and pains. To climb your mountain to the top of success and prosperity in your life, be prepared to face opposing challenges, discouragements, spirit attacks, battles, and drawbacks.

“Destiny Achievers are never afraid of the opposing forces, because they know and understand that their chief commander has made them more than conquerors. Rather they use such challenges as stepping stones. They get stronger with each challenge. A soldier goes to the battle expecting return fired bullets. That’s the mark of a real soldier. A real identity, born of the blood of Jesus cannot wake up in the morning expecting an unchallenged genuine faith. The Bible doesn’t promise such. A fish swims best upstream than downstream. Times of storms are best times to prove the character and stamina of your faith. You can never pass without a test. A champion is determined by a race. You cannot win without competition. A wrestler is crowned a World Champion after the ring fight. Learn to trouble your troubles.

Your God is bigger than your problems or challenges”. Pastor Ray

Before the foundation of the world, God had already set destiny principles, which cannot be reversed or limited by any persons, rulers, principalities, relatives or friends. The mystery of human creation stand to this day. Genesis chapter one to three shows God creating all things, for man then eventually created man and imparted His Spirit image upon man. The beauty around us, is unimaginably amazing. Stand on the open air, and send a cellphone call to friend afar, hundreds of thousands of kilometers between continents. Yet you can chat even online, not linked by any physical telegraphic wires. Science did not create these atmospheric systems, but scientists just discovered the state of the atmosphere wonderfully created by God. Have you ever imagined how awesome this kind of a creator is? Or it’s all for granted and mere before your eyes.

“Have dominion over all creatures on the earth”. God ordained all mankind, including you. No man, no woman was exempted from having dominion. It means, “Settling for less” is not by God’s choice but the decision of man. The birds of the air, creatures of the seas, reptiles and animals underground and all flora and fauna, forests and deserts, are destined to be under your control and not vice versa. Adam was mandated to name all creatures, and bushes of the forests. That’s how much a delegator God is yesterday, today and forever. He delegated Adam, He is delegating you today to have a destined control, authority, and kingship over your entire environment (people, nature, economy, politics, resources, infrastructure, etc). In other words, you are mandated to rule your world.

You, and I mean, YOU are created into earth for an unlimited championship. Stop compromising with various wills and whirls of this world. There is absolutely no excuse in you for failure, sickness, defeat, sorrow, despair, stress and hopelessness. You may encounter either of these, but you are never inferior if the King of Kings sits in your inside. For He is greater than anything or anyone on the outside of you. Check out He is sitting in your inside (1John 4:4). Never see an inferior person in you, for you are superior by virtue of dominion declared upon you by your Father (the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob).

Stubbornly possess “Faith” in God (Mark 11:22), and stubbornly receive the Dreams God is revealing to you, in the midst of a dark and lost generation. You could be the youngest in your family, may be the only unemployed, single, unmarried. You might be suffering a lot of rejection from friends and family. Don’t despair, don’t cry. There is no funeral yet over your life. May be it’s only you whose business or ministry seam struggling within your community. Your incapability cannot limit God’s ability. You can stop making excuses. Develop a God-like habit of speaking like a mad-man. “My identity is not on Mt Everest, it’s on Mt Zion”. David grew this habit of speaking a God of references and declared it beyond a failing giant, Goliath. You carry an “Identity” of faith in God. Don’t look back. Never allow stress over what you are facing, sickness and dying child, empty food pantry, unemployment and extreme rejection. Stand up to the test of your faith and take the bull by its horns. Nature must not dominate you. You are created to dominate, over all.

To David, it’s not the silver war armory and physical stature that mattered. It was the skills and tools of God at his disposal. Know the limits of your flesh or else flesh to flesh breeds added fear, cowardice and frailty in you. Sometimes you need to tell your mind to get behind you and commend your spirit-man to connect with Holy Ghost, for fire control to manifest. David forgot who he was and he remembered the covering God assured him, in the face of any giant. He remembered his “Real Identity” as opposed to the uncircumcised identified that was mistakenly trying to dominate the real dominator.

God is looking up to His invested and sacrificed identity, living in you. Don’t let your beloved Father down. It’s not time for you to cry, it’s a season for you to shine. Look around your environment for Word-based resources. These tools will transform the way you perceive life, focus into life, and push efforts to change your position as well as possession. Motivate your faith with the word of God, and never be silent. A champion and focused child of God know they are identified with God, so no weapon formed against them can ever touch or change the “Real Identity” the supreme maker has fashioned in them. You may be in this world, but by God’s prophetic standardizing, you are a heavenly ‘character’, molded by divine concepts and provisions. (Romans 8:37, 1 Corinthians 1:18-31)


Chapter 1. Greatness Identity

A person’s greatness character is determined by the way they think”, Pastor Ray

Identity discovery can be worked out by asking the self, “Who am I?”. Added on is, “Where do I belong?”. Confidence is extremely lost when a person cannot identify themselves with where they are supposed to belong. The likes of Joseph, Daniel, Mordecai, Esther, Peter, and others raised their identity focus, and their confidence was amplified. Genuine inheritors of wealth end up missing on their rights or privileges simply because they are not sure if they deserve the co-heirship. A believer’s identity is best traced up to the cross of Calvary, where the previous covenants, where holistically sealed into the last supreme covenant, worked by the grace of God. The gravity of the Cross Finalities, can be measured by the reaction of the “Angels” at the turn of events around Jesus’ arrest, judgment, and crucifixion. To them, they saw God Himself hanging on the tree, and were terrified.

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