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Guide For A Life Of Person


Krishna - whenever you hear Krishna, you will immediately remember Lord Krishna, statue of laughing; playing and joyful character will arise on eye-sight. You will also remember a naughty child Krishna. If there is a celebration of God’s birth with enthusiastic, exciting and happily every year, worldwide than it is of Lord Krishna only. Krishna is the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu.

There are thousands of books and literatures in different types, in different ways and in different languages are available but first we will take short look or short introduction in the beginning. This is book is not about mythological advises or not religious content. This book is about how Krishna is becoming guide and mentor for common people. Krishna has many dimensions as a human being. Please note Krishna was Avatar but as a human being, simple and straight. Krishna is known as a complete man, he has shown examples which are useful to world even after almost 5000 years with his own life. His life is giving guidance to youth in real manner in today’s life. Youth means from school going child to until a person who believe he is youth. 5 years child to 50 years old person, who study and follow Krishna’s follow able character, his life will be awesome and prosperous in every way. He or She will be successful in any area of life.

Youth from any religion, any caste, any state, any country, if she or he follows Krishna’s guidance and character, will multiply their possibilities of success in every field of life. If you are lacking behind, you filling defeated, you have got failure, you are disappointed , you are thinking uncertainty of any kind, loneliness in life or you are watching your life unfruitful or boring, just look and analyze Krishna’s guidance and restart your life. I am sure you will not just stand up but you will start running in life.

Today In 21st century, due to competition, technology and communications life has become too fast. Because of fast life, speed of successful or unsuccessful result also has been become faster for any person. Tenure of work period has been shortening today. No one has time to work in his own way. If you let go any opportunity then someone else will be ready to accept it and that person will move forward. If you become little bit lazy or slow in work, someone will overtake you. Social values, family values and moral values are affected under pressure of works, results and economical discrimination.

We are receiving very perfect, straight and truthful guidance from entire life of Krishna. From his arts, his works, his attitudes, his management, his responsibilities, and his behavior and from his fight, youth of world can take lessons and improve their life. Krishna has never given advices like what to do and not to do. He has never insisted a cap or limitations on human life. Krishna has never ignored human feelings. On the contrary he has lived his life like a common man on every stage of life.

During biggest battle of human being Mahabharat, he has given massages to Arjun are applicable to all humans even after 5000 years. This massage book is known as “Gita” or “Bhagwad Gita”. Whoever person, who has studied Gita well above any contradictions and neutrally, they committing there is no other book which is describing human nature so clearly and there is no other book which beneficiary to humanity. Life of Krishna is not for specific religion or not for just men, women, boys, and girls or for certain followers. Krishna’s identity of guidance is for whole universe. Krishna is an undoubtedly friend forever of human being.

You are connected or attached to any field; any area Krishna’s innate qualities will guide you if you follow. I am sure and hope that you find new dimension, new inspiration and new achievements in life. Your life will be really happy and prosperous.

Short introduction of Krishna life

Purna-Purushottam (Best Complete Man) means the best man amongst those men who has enjoyed and lived their life with happiness in each and every situation. This tag is enough to describe about Krishna.

Birth of Krishna on the earth was for to destroy demon elements and to rebuild trust and faith of people towards religion and religious practices from unreligious activators in simple words – emancipator of sinners. Krishna was eight son of mother Devaki and father Vasudev. Demon king Kans has tried numbers of times to kill child Krishna as there was a divine utterance that, eight son of Devaki and Vasudev will kill him. Kans was a cruel Demon king and he was brother of Devaki.

Krishna’s birth was in the jail as Kans had put Devaki and Vasudev in prison to secure his life. Kans was killing their born child one by one. When Krishna born some mesmerism in prison happened, all guards of jail felt sleepy, door lock of prison room opened itself, chain lock of Vasudev broken, Vasudev hide baby Krishna in basket and escaped. He went bank of river Ganga which was on its high due to heavy rain, toe of baby Krishna touched to water of Ganga and spitted in 2 part giving way to Vasudev.

Vasudev crossed the river and went to cowherd namely Nand and Yashoda. He left baby Krishna their house and came back with a little girl baby instead. Kans knew about baby born to Devaki, came to jail, pulled and tried to throw to a prison wall to kill her but she slip escaped to invisible, ray of light came across and made a divine utterance that killer of Kans is safe and he is in Gokul. Kans sent his army and killed all new born babies of that day at Gokul but his army could not find and killed Krishna. After that Kans tried to kill baby Krishna on regular intervals by sending his Demon one by one but Krishna protest them with immense sense and kept him and villagers safe. At age of 12 he fought with Demon cruel King Kans and freed his father, mother and others from prison of Kans.

After that he kept fighting with such negative, deceitful and Demon elements in different wars, Krishna defeated such kings and freed thousands of people from panic conditions. Krishna established peace, harmony, faith and trust in every state or kingdom, he won. Biggest epic of his life is war of Mahabharat. Mahabharat war is a biggest war in Indian History which had been played between Pandavs and Kauravs. Pandavs and Kauravs were cousins and they had fought for land of kingdom. Duryodhan was leader of Kauravs and Yudhisthir was from Pandavs, war was lasted for 18 days, where Kauravs had been defeated badly. They all lost their lives.

From birth to death, Krishna was having many dimensions of character in life. Son, friend, warrior, manager, politician, lover, husband, guide and philosopher in every role he has proven he is the best even today. When we read any book or literature on Krishna, take knowledge on his entire life, it feels amazing experience. His life was such that even after almost 5000 years, he is a figure of inspiration figure, faith and love. His qualities and arts are in presence and useful even today.

Perhaps Krishna is the only Lord of whom; you will never ever find a sad picture. Krishna is symbol of joy, dancing and happiness. Krishna has lived life as a human being only, so all abilities and limitations of human carried by him throughout his life.

Once again I am mention here that this is neither a religious book nor about standing instructions. This is just a referential or guide book, which will useful to every reader of any religion.






After birth as a human, if we have to note a most exciting and important incident, then that is education. Initially he or she starts learning from home. From taking a single step to run and from speaking some sound to words and primary sentences he learns at home only. Baby observes parents or other child carefully. Behavior and style talking they capture in their own way and then start trying to copy them. Baby tries to walk like other child or talk like mother. Parents or grandparents teach them. Mostly mother proves best teacher.

This is a simple learning process, during which understanding level is restricted up to copy only. Like other member they try to walk, talk and eat. But this is not enough education for life.

Real education and knowledge a child may be opted is from schools and colleges only. At the time of Krishna schools and colleges were known as Gurukool (school with hostel). Child has to stay at Gurukool where primary and upper class education will be given. With that day to day practical education was also a part like bringing wood from jungle, cleaning utensils. Most important features of Gurukool education was, initially all students will take same learning but after few months or period they will we separated as pr their interest, capacity and capability in different stream to make them expert especially in use of weapon. At that time fighting between kings’ family or with other king was normal like day to day activity. Quarrel between them was routine thing. That’s why for youth of kings’ family must have learned some weapon and other art of war. It was necessity too for them. Importance of Equality with other students is also been taught in Gurukool.

Krishna was not needed to teach him by other teacher as he knew everything himself but due to birth in human and being part of human activity, to set example in human, to increase importance of and to establish faith in school-college education Krishna went to Guru Sandipani’s Ashram (Gurukool). He took hard teaching as normal other students. He learned different kind of weapons and mythological books. He also admitted activities like washing utensils and clothes, bringing wood from jungle.

Thus, Krishna easily set example of importance of education and teachers. He has given massage that we should understand that there is no other alternative of school-college education.

Krishna says Education is only way to uplift life.

Unfortunately even after 5000 years of Krishna’s guidance many parents didn’t sending their children to schools. They didn’t know importance of education or say they didn’t want to understand. They just are sending their children for labour for their own selfish benefits. For some parents it’s necessary too as they do not having enough earning to meet even daily food, this is tragedy but in recent era, each and every government is helping to such poor people from feeding to education of their children. Even though some parents are keeping their child uneducated and making excuses of their necessity. On other hand children also not understanding importance of education and ignoring education. Many children left school in between and feel sorry for whole life.

Each student has to understand that only education will make, shape and build your life. Parents have also to understand that without education living hood is too hard or say disastrous thing in other word. If some educated person has been successful in some sector, he must have taken necessary enough knowledge in that sector with hard work. He must have taken technical knowledge from somewhere, somehow. Recent era is a highly competitive and fast changing. Hence, importance of education is multiples many times in life.

Youth have to take note and understand that Krishna was God, even though he made hard efforts to take education, than we are common human we must have to take education to make our family economical and social condition better. We must have learned up to graduation or upper graduation by heart. We must be educated.

To build any great monuments, multi-storey building it is necessary that it foundation must be strong. So for your brighten future and prosperous career education is only foundation. Your economical and social monuments, you must have foundation of education and pillars of knowledge. It will stand up on this two factors only, if foundation is weak than your building will also weak.

Guidance –




“Anirvachniya prem swarupam” – sabse unchi prem sagayi. Means there is no definition of love, describe love in words is like to change sun rays to words. You have to feel love by heart. Best relation in all relations of world is the relation made by love, by heart. There is no terminology of love, no definition of love, no colour of love, no caste or estimation of love, no age of love, no classification of love, and no limitation of love. Love is just love. Love is persisting in many ways love mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, friend-friend and male-female and many more. Love has many shapes and appearances, love has beauty of feelings. Krishna is an example of innocent true love.

Krishna was charming body elegance. In child hood he had roguish style of acting. By amorous gestures he was attracting people towards him. His beauty was unique and taunt in sound was extraordinary sweet like honey. Melodious tongue, beloved language was enough to attract all. His mildness, delicate body was fascinated and beauty was making others to fall in love with him.

Small girls or female, married or unmarried women of Vraj-Vrindavan where Krishna has brought up, have given heart to Krishna. They all are known as Gopi. Gopis are friends of Krishna. Krishna was playing with all girls and women without any kind of hesitation. He was doing all fun and mischief with Gopis. He was also creating Rass-Leela (Dance) with Gopis. Gopis loved him by real heart from their soul. Certainly Krishna was also giving answers in language of love. Krishna’s love for all was equal and innocent. Krishna’s love for all Gopis was clean and sacred. Love that is calling today as ‘plutonic’ (unfortunately today we have to prove) such unselfish, doubtless boundless and soundless love Krishna was doing to all Gopis 5000 years back. For Krishna it was normal thing. Today narrow minded people and society, giving label of love to natural pleasurable mischief of a boy and a girl. They are imposing different kind of rules and regulation to youth. (Take notes that society and people of that time around 5000 ago, were more broad minded then people of 21st century today).

From child to old age, Gopis, friends, flute, music, Brindavan and all people of Vraj loved to Krishna. But Krishna’s love for Radha was special. Radha was engrossed in love with Krishna and Krishna was also loving Radha by truly heart. Most important notable thing between their love was that Radha was much elder than Krishna. In beauty also, Radha was fairer than Krishna. Radha was having whiter skin and Krishna was having whitish (little black) skin. But true love never shows deficiency, defect or fault of other person. Just looks to that person and accept with all deficiencies. Love could not do with conditions, convenient and suitable attitude.

When Krishna and Radha fall in love, age of Krishna was around just 5 to 6 year. In fact Krishna captured, won heart of many women but Radha, Lalita and Visha were main Gopis who had loved Krishna more. Amongst all we can say for Radha, Krishna had special feelings. Loves between Gopis and Krishna was tree and above time zone. Krishna had never deception or fraud in love. Love of Krishna was giving happiness because it was unselfish. Burden of love was not felt there by either partner. Today love happening but with love, numbers of restrictions also follows. There should be tie in love but should be only love bond. Krishna gave love to Gopis and took love from Gopis. Krishna loved all villagers of Vraj.

When Krishna had to leave Vraj for his purpose, even that time their love did not come between. Neither Radha’s love nor Gopis love came across in Krishna’s mission. He just left Vraj without thinking of any one. Because there was love not attraction or affection, there was love without selfishness not restrictions. Love needs sacrifices. Krishna was idol of love. He made forward love to many in different manner; he gave strength to main object of love that is love. He married to Rukmani too with accepting her love.

As the God of Devine Love -- Krishna showed the path of Devine love. His love for Radha was both immortal and pious. Even though he married Rukmani till date his name is always taken with his childhood love Radha. Similarly his love for the Gopis and Meera is part of folk lore till date.

In whole universe, Murti (Statue) of Krishna with his wife will be seen very rare perhaps. But you will find Murti of Radha-Krishna in every city of India and many places of world. Even we chant Radha-Krishna, Radha-Krishna only. This was one divine, superhuman love. Both Radha and Krishna had lived love, until last. Love of Radha Krishna is a very rarest of rare like gift to human being today, where importance of love is being restricted up to marriage and up to tie of husband and wife only. At present, either husband or wife suddenly comes to know that their spouse had love to someone before marriage then? Because today everybody seeing love as sexual relation not as just feeling of love. Krishna was having 8 wives and all were well aware with Krishna’s love with Radha. It had never inconvenience occurred in their married life too. Please Gopis who were in love with Krishna, many of them were married.

If love broke of a girl or boy for any reason today, conservative society will make their life horrible and difficult to live. Because it is assume that both were in love means both have physical relationship also. For few incidents it is true but it is not necessary that we stamp on all lovely relation. We are connecting love with sex, which are injustice to youth. We are making world a hell.

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