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A Bare Soul The Love Story Of A Poet

True unconditional love, it happened between us, two unmatched souls. That were actually matched perfectly, both untamed un-reigned became one in a way that can't really be explained. As a new chapter of our journey began to unfold life always intervened in one way or another. That's inevitable. I could mull over it all but wouldn't and couldn't. I just knew how it all came to be the way it did. I realize it more and more with each passing day. Truly the Lord knew what he was doing all this time and it was pointing straight at me.

Snippet from Ch. 7 – A True Love Story


Chapter 1: The Reality Of Love

Chapter 2: The You & Me

Chapter 3: God's Plans

Chapter 4: Moving Forward

Chapter 5: The Soulmate Effect

Chapter 6: The Next Step

Chapter 7: A True Love Story

Chapter 8: Promises

Chapter 9: Working Through It

Chapter 10: Lead The Way

Chapter 11: Best Friends

Chapter 12: Beginnings Of A New Chapter

A Bare Soul The Love Story Of A Poet

Chapter 1: The Reality Of Love

Every little girl dreams of falling in love someday with her handsome prince and living happily ever after. On contrary belief that isn't reality. It's far from the truth. The real world has a way to intervene to make life complicated, and love is the same way. In all honesty, I once thought my prince charming would come along and sweep me off my feet and we'd live happy ever after. I grew up, reality set in. “Real love isn't based on a fairytale, there comes life, drama, romance and all. It doesn't always have a happy ending either. It's about two people loving each other so much they would do anything for one another.”

“So, what's real love then?” I'm always asking myself. I never knew what real love was. I knew nothing about it. I saw it from time to time, I just never knew. I've been around mistreated love, abusive love, and complicated love. Unconditional love though is the rarest of them all. I see it in my parents who've been married for 40 years. The reality is life gets in the way of finding true love or maybe not at all, at least that's the case with me, in which someone came into my life quite unexpectedly a year ago. I wondered, “What does he see in me? I'm so very different from other women my age?” I actually had a lot of skepticism, at first. In the beginning, it didn't really sink in as it was just a friendship. We were both comfortable and confident with each other; always talking texting back and forth. I've never been one who texts so it was actually quite a process to get used to. After a while, he found a way to always get a hold of me while I was at work or going to and from craft events that I was highly involved with for about two years. He was quite interested in what I did, and casually, I mentioned to him that I was highly involved in the country music industry behind the scenes in promotion promoting songwriters, artists, musicians independently to various mainstream acts who just weren't getting the media promotion they deserved. Alongside that form of business venture, I took my hobby of craft and art and turned it into a side business going into my already second year with it. He was so fascinated with it all, and if that weren't enough, I had a regular retail part-time job and wrote books, so I always had something going on in my life never really taking time for myself. I'm a complete work-a-holic. The only time I did find time for myself was helping with the cleaning at home and slowly taking care of my parents whenever needed.

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