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the key to unleashing ultimate power



the key to unleashing ultimate power

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Thanks to all the good people around me whose lives have inspired me in one way or the other; those unsung heroes of our time, though not widely publicized and whose faces may not appear on the cables and on the internet but are the unspotted yet, great instruments in the hands of the Almighty God.

Pastor Favour E. Ekpo of Sanctuary of Kings Bible Church Inc., Pastor Shadrack O Uduakpegemhe of Kings Grace Ministries, Pastor Ferdinand Momodu of Cooperate Compassionate Ministries, Rev Michael C Okolie of New Covenant Gospel church, Pastor Joshua O. Akinyeye of Gospel House International church, Pastor Emmanuel E. Ugono of House of Faith Bible church, Apostle Paul Okuyade of Revival Impact and Pastor Joshua Rehoboth of Head of Nations Center, just to mention a few.


To my beloved friends in Diaspora, Pastor & Mrs. Sunday Okorie

(God’s own servant).

And to a very dear friend who I have not seen and may never see again. The man through whom my foundation in the Lord was formed, Cyprian Okonkwo.






How faith works


The God-kind of faith


The dimensions of faith


The power of faith


How to increase your faith


The virtues of faith



Something just happened! A child afflicted by the hordes of hell was brought to me to be prayed for. After the prayer, he died. In less than one week I had prayed for more than five people; all children, all of which died and some even died while I was still praying, and helplessly, I had advised the family to arrange to bury their dead. It was a long, long time ago.

Being devastated and not understanding what was happening, or why God did not honour my faith, I cried out in frustration, but there was no answer. I made up my mind to pack my things and leave the village where I had gone on my own for a missionary work. It was a little late, so I decided to stay till the next morning before I would leave. I felt the villagers had lost confidence in me and there was no way I could prove to them that God was powerful.

At twelve midnight, I heard the voice of someone who was singing praises. I woke up from my sleep and thought there was someone inside the church, which was very close to the Pastor’s house where I slept. I opened the door and went to the church, but all the doors were locked and there was no one in the church.

I then thought it was the pastor, who was singing, but he was not the one; I kept hearing the sweet sonorous voice of divinity and I didn’t understand it was divinity. Finally, I gave up my search and went back to my bed and listened keenly to the voice and all of a sudden, it stopped singing and started speaking to me. It was then I knew that I had a date with divinity.

What was He saying? I will, throughout the pages of this book, discuss all that I was told in regards to faith. When I woke up in the morning I determined not to go – I stayed.

It was a village bedeviled and besieged by the power of witchcraft. All the people that had died had some mysterious kind of sicknesses. Those witches and wizards were ready to destroy (if it was possible), anyone who would dare to stop them from oppressing the people, but I stayed.

The next morning, a child who was paralyzed was brought to me for prayer. Applying what I was taught at night, the child was instantly healed and from that time on, I prayed for a lot of people who were sick and instead of dying, they were all healed. Some were healed instantly and others had a gradual, but complete healing. All that was needed was a proper understanding of the subject of faith.


Faith is a substance. This means that faith is tangible and real. So many Christians think that faith is something abstract and their definitions is based on what they feel and what they are taught in secular schools. They have not been able to come to terms with Apostle Paul when he says that “we look not at the things which are seen; but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal” (11Corinthians 4:18).

Being a substance means that faith is both a divine fact and a truth established by God’s word. Because it is a substance, it can stand as evidence in the court of heaven and is recognized when it is spotted by the devil himself. Faith is the tangible evidence of things that cannot be seen with the physical eyes.

Faith is the justifying factor for any miracle. It is the evidence that unleashes God’s ultimate power to act on behalf of the one who possesses it.

It means that faith cannot be conjured. Faith is not a thing you can conjure. It is a thing that the word of God produces in the heart and takes time to grow.

You cannot increase nor have faith by trying to concentrate like someone about to engage himself in abstract or soul travel. When you have faith, you have it and if you don’t have it you cannot create it all by trying to use your mind.

It is not a mind-thing. You cannot increase you faith by charging. This was one place I missed it. I thought I could increase my faith or even make my faith grow in a matter of seconds by charging like a lion seeking to kill its prey. By thinking this way, I reduced faith to a thing of the mind. After I have charged and then prayed and got no result, I thought I believed enough and God failed. I assumed I had faith, but God could not play His part. This is how many people blame God when they ought to blame their ignorance

The truth is, people can have faith in their head and think they have it in their heart. When what you have is head faith, you get no result. God honours faith, but not faith produced from the head. Faith produced from the head is not faith at all, but mere mental accent

Another thing we need to understand is that no amount of prayer can produce faith. When we pray, it is our spirit-man crying out to God, but when we hear the word of God, our spirit-man is receiving divine energy to function above its capacity.

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