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Colour Your Life: Imagination To Impact

By: Kenneth Rumi. Imu


ISBN: 9781370223718

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Loveth Imu

My wife, lover, my partner, my best friend.

Your Love and Care gives me the necessary energy to achieve this.


My Parent Charles and Mary Imu

Thank you so much for believing in my entrepreneurial dream; it is possible, all because you inspired me to go after my dreams.




You Need Idea

The Butterfly Journey

The Power of Idea

Little Butterfly

Egg Stage- Your Idea

Caterpillar- Information

Cocoon - Ideation

The butterfly- launch

About the Book

About the Author


Other great writers have accurately laid down a great road map for excelling in life and profiting from ideas. My sincere hope is that this little book will inspire, empower and reignite the dream in the heart of every young man and woman, who ardently desire to unleash their creative power and turn their dreams into reality. Those who won’t just rely on their talent alone, but also be dedicated to making their ideas profitable. This book is an invitation to go down an exciting path, a path which either ways is sure to make you an extraordinary person. Go and succeed!

Kenneth Rumi Imu

Chief Entrepreneurial Evangelist

May 2015

Izmir, Turkey


As a child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I was always intrigue by the beauty and colours of the butterfly, each time I see such beauty. I was once opportune to watch a butterfly emerged from her cocoon hanging from a dried tree branch. What actually caught my attention was the movement of the cocoon, and at first the sight of whatever it is coming out from it.

After what seems like ages and long struggle, I could behold the butterfly, as it stood on one of the branches to get dried. I was amazed at her beauty as it flutters her wings and off she goes. I ran to my mum and said, "I know where butterflies come from. “Where she said” Without much hesitation I shouted, “from the tree, yes mama, as I fondly call her, butterflies grow from the tree”.

My mum sensing my childish ignorance and crude remark, just laughed and said, “How can trees produce butterflies” Well I just saw one, up there, as I said pointing towards the direction of the tree. “Trees can never produce butterflies,” she said. That made me developed interest in how things grow, with no internet, Yahoo or Google. I was all alone in my voyage to find books on science and insects. What I later learnt was extremely amazing. It gives me great joy to share this knowledge, though revised and refined, with you.

The butterfly story teaches a valuable lesson that is empowering, and it challenges you to become the best that you can be. It is a tale of adventure that can inspire you to know that you possess a unique and rare gift that needs to be shared with the world.

Every year, your mind generates at least five ideas that are more than capable of changing your financial status and your life. If you can work on just one idea, it is enough to leave your name imprinted on the sands of time. Your idea is so relevant that it can change lives, and cause a great movement. Your ideas are embedded with the capability to diversify a nation’s economy. Ideas can come to anyone of any tribe, sex, race or colour yet it is very dangerous not to give life to your ideas.

All that you have and are now is all that you need to get whatever it is you have desired. Whatever you do not presently have, you don’t really need now. Use what you have right now to get whatever it is that you need.

When you ask God to bless you financially, He gives you an idea. Ideas are the starting point to every great accomplishment. Every man who asks God to help him discover a treasure chest will be given a map. When you ask God for greatness and fame, He gives you talent, to help project you to a great height. It is your decision to decide how you make use of the map, ideas and talents He has placed in you, that determines the height you attain in life.

The birth of a simple idea could be the starting point of a great business empire for you. Just as the birth of a seed could be the start of a forest, so it is for an idea that is greatly pursued. Any idea not pursued is greatness not achieved. The most exciting idea is without much value, until you put it to practical use. The man who put his ideas into production will always attract the admiration of the world.

Ideas are God’s answers to your prayers. Always take note of your ideas. In fact, your breakthrough idea may be that idea that came along with a small passion. Yet if your take time and brood on some of your ideas, you will begin to notice they have greatness embedded in them. Whatever you pay attention to ultimately grows. Some ideas needs time to be pondered upon for the potency in them to break out from the literal capsule that has concealed them, for some it takes time for their profitability to be realized.

One thing you must know is that ideas never go to waste. Someone else would implement an idea not put into production by you and that person will do it much better.

God speaks through the ideas that are birthed in your minds and His blessings flows when you bring it into form with your hands. The first step in making your ideas real is putting it down in written form.

Your dreams, visions and goals have to be clearly written on paper (tablet) so you can run with it.

By writing it down you are creating and giving life to your ideas. Your ideas come to life the moment it’s being put into writing. Every living thing that is brought into form has the capacity to expand and grow. So also are your ideas.



Ideas are more powerful than guns; they are gender neutral and politically correct.

From the Wright brothers who accomplished their dreams by managing to take off and land the world’s first flying machine that provoked the development of air travel, to Steve Jobs who dropped out of the university to pursue his idea of changing the design and looks of personal computer, that became his big dream of Apple, and went on to change the way we communicate, listen to music and find information. We find men who turned their ideas into action

You don’t need a thousand ideas, what you need is just one good idea worked on to add quality to your life. What you seek is not a JOB, what you are in need of is an idea that comes in the form of a thought. You don’t need a job to end your financial misery; you need an idea to reinvent and redirect the entire geographical landscape of your life. The transformation you so desire lies within the territories of your ideas put to work.

Your mind can be liken to a factory, where ideas are produced, designed, shaped and assembled in the form of a thought to enable you achieve your purpose. Every man is created with the capability to put his or her ideas into production. It is your responsibility to cultivate and nurture that seed. All the big breaks you need in life, lies within the boundaries of your ideas. In Ken Hakuta’s words lack of money is not an obstacle, but lack of ideas.

Behind every successful system, structures, and the people you see and admire in that organization you have always wished to work for, is driven by something you cannot see- an idea. The systems, the people and the policies that are been made is to bring the idea of the creator into existent – the word made flesh. Ideas become portals to great discovery and innovation when fully implemented.

An idea can come in different shapes, sizes, colours and types, and only a few rare minds have the ability to follow up on an idea. A great idea is priceless, it transcends beyond just monetary value. It is not just a kind of product you can merely see in a TV commercial, or the pages of newspapers. It’s unique, and comes in different forms to each individual. We are bombarded with ideas every day, through the various information we receive.

Many people who profess that they simply ‘‘can’t come up with any ideas’’ are only kidding themselves. Ideas are in abundance everywhere. ...and they are constantly presenting themselves to you.

That idea that comes in the form of a thought can gives birth to a large business empire; create unique systems, processes and structures. You don’t need a job until you can connect with an idea and bring it into existence-into form. Let your ideas make you create jobs. Ricardo Ferrari once told his son have you seen the future? It is with your thoughts. It is a thought that could solve a peculiar problem, and the same time creates the wealth and fame you desire.

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