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Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Why We Grieve

Chapter 2 - Life, Death and Return

Chapter 3 - Meditation

Deep Meditation Exercise

Chapter 4 - Psychic Awareness

Chapter 5 - First Contact

First Contact Exercise, Note

Chapter 6 - Advanced Contact

Advanced Spirit Contact Exercise, Warning

Chapter 7 - Dream Contact

Dream State Exercise, Note

Chapter 8 - Death of a Child

Miscarriages and Abortions - Terminations, Lake Meditation

Chapter 9 - Death of a Pet

Chapter 10 - Forgive, Chords and Shock

The Psychic Shock Line, Psychic Shock Line Diagram, How to Call in the Comforter and Deal with Shock, Psychic Chords, Exercise to Cut the Heart, Mind and Sexual Psychic Chords, Forgiveness Meditation


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Dear Friend,

We have all experienced the heartache of losing a loved one to death and while we know that they have gone on, to a better place of love and are free from pain, we do miss their physical presence and would like to somehow, keep the connection between them and us alive.

As clairvoyants and mediums for over thirty years, we have discovered ways of making spiritual contact with these dear friends, loved partners and family members and found ways of easing the grief that their leaving causes.

This is what this book is all about, teaching you, in easy to understand and develop methods of making safe, loving contact with your deceased loved ones and communicating with them in a caring, forgiving and understandable manner.

We hope that you will read this book with an open heart and open mind and that you find the answers to the questions that you are seeking. We shall add comments from the higher Ascended Masters (such as Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha etc.) who help us in all our work and add stories from our own clients (names changed) to show you how others cope with losing loved ones and overcoming their grief.

Blessing to you,

Love and Light,

The Abbotts

Tony Abbott and Robyn Abbott

Eden Park, 2015

Chapter One

Why We Grieve

It is natural that when someone we deeply care about dies that we grieve for losing him or her. They have been a major part of our lives and then suddenly they are gone. We are left bereft and feeling lonely, confused and vulnerable.

Many of us feel that we are in a state of shock. Our minds are muddled and our bodies ache with pain. Yet people expect us to be ‘brave’ and carry on with funeral arrangements, daily work and somehow, get on with life after the initial impact. But many men and women find this extremely difficult to do and they hold on to their grief and pain, years after their loved one has gone.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the loved one was a mother, father, lover, son or daughter or a dear friend, we still miss their presence and feel abandoned and lonely without them. Birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays and Mother’s day or Father’s day seem to accentuate the loss and many people feel that their current life has little meaning.

Some people in their confused loneliness think of suicide and joining their loved one, wherever they have gone. The absence of communication with the person that they loved so dearly makes them feel morbid and apathetic to life. They worry that their precious child, partner or friend is sad and lonely without them or has somehow, ceased to be.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but until you truly know, how do you cope with missing them? Some people give into their grief and have emotional breakdowns or refuse to look after themselves or turn away from well-meaning friends and family members who try in vain, to ‘cheer them up’ and they often they carry their sorrow throughout their entire lives.

But what if you could communicate with your loved one? Speak to them and hear their voice again? Feel their love and experience their presence, again? Well, we have as clairvoyants and mediums spoken, seen and felt the energies of thousands of spirits who once lived on Earth and we believe with a little study, you can learn to do the same and contact your loved ones, again!

By contacting your loved ones, you will find meaning in their deaths, feel elated by contact with them, lose much of your grief and become ready, to move on to a new chapter of your life. Life will be more understandable and have meaning, again.

Remember, as you are working to see, feel and communicate with your loved one, once again; they are also working hard to make contact with you. This is a two-way experience.

They want you to be happy once again. Your loved one wants you to make contact with them and release your deep grief and find life exciting and wondrous, once more. They may have gone to another dimension, but they can still hear and see us and want what is best for our soul’s development. They still love us and care for us, but they don’t want you to ‘live with the dead’ and become obsessed with them, when you have so much living, to do!

Many people find that they leave strings unresolved with loved ones who have died before they were able to sort out disagreements or disputes. You may be wanting forgiveness from a person who you emotionally, mentally or physically hurt or they may owe you an apology for some harm that they did to you. Unresolved issues of forgiveness can haunt a person through life and death.

By making contact with a loved one, you can resolve your differences, ask for forgiveness or forgive the person. This will give you a greater feeling of inner peace and comfort.

One man, Jeff had an ill mother in England and he flew back several times in three months, from Australia to see her. Each time she was expected to die, but bravely hung on, until he arrived. Finally, as he was in mid-air returning home, on his last visit she died. Jeff felt very guilty that he had not been with his mother when she died and wanted to say ‘sorry’ to her.

We arranged a mediumship session, for him but to his surprise, she thanked him - for not being there! She had hung on to see him each time, prolonging her own pain and it was not until he was far enough away, that she thought that she could finally let go! He had done her a good turn, not a bad one!

We have encountered this same situation many times, when a spirit won’t let go of a body when a loved one is near, while others go easily to Heaven without a qualm, while their loved ones are nearby.

We shall explore this issue of forgiveness, later in the book. But be comforted that anything done on Earth can be forgiven in Heaven. So while your guilt, need for forgiveness, pain and suffering may be very raw at the moment, you can lessen all these negative feelings and find absolution when you make contact with your loved one.

Understanding why we live, die and where we go, after death is a huge subject, but let us now examine some of the more important aspects, before we make spirit contact with your loved ones. Knowledge is power!

Chapter Two

Life, Death and Return

Our Spirit friends have told us many times that “Death is not the end. We live in a circle of Life, Death, return to Heaven, Life and so on.”

Unfortunately, many of us have been indoctrinated with harsh religious dogma that tells us that we can end up in Hell or Purgatory, if we do wrong or die unblessed. Similarly, if we have been raised by atheists we are told that when the body dies, the personality ceases to be. Nothing could be more untrue!

Everything that we both have experienced as paranormal experts over the last thirty years has shown us that the spirit or personality of the person does exist after death. In other words the soul continues in its cycle of death, return to the higher dimensions (we call it Heaven), then rebirth occurs and we enter the form of a baby and are born and live again. This is the cycle of reincarnation.

Here is a comforting message from Mother Mary on this subject.

“Dear ones, you worry endlessly about death, but it is a natural transition from one state to another. When you are a child, you soon become a teenager, then an adult. You don’t fight or worry about the changes, they just happen.

Death is like that. It is a gentle sliding out of one state - the human body into another new state - angelic. It won’t seem strange to you, at all. In fact it will feel even more familiar than your physical body. So don’t fear it, welcome it at the right time, as a loving old friend!”

Many people find the idea of reincarnation, difficult to accept. They feel that it is plausible to be born once in a human body, but implausible to be born twice or a larger number of times. Why? The process is still the same - the soul enters a foetus, is born, grows, experiences life in a physical body and finally departs the body at death. If the process can be done once - it can be done many times.

We look at it this way - you don’t buy one set of clothes in your life, you change them regularly, as you physically outgrow them or just want a change. Your baby clothes won’t fit at fifty!

The soul does exactly the same - when your body becomes old and difficult to use it gently discards the body and seeks a new, healthy one to inhabit.

When the soul is tired of being a white man, it may choose, next time, to be a black female, so that the experience does not become repetitive. Can you imagine only buying plain, grey clothes all your life, when you can have any hue or design you fancy?

It would be wonderful if the soul could experience enough situations, experiences and human entanglements in one lifetime, so that the trip to this third dimension was only a ‘one off’ experience. But unfortunately, there is such a wide diversity of human experiences to investigate that it usually becomes necessary for the soul to return many times, in many forms. And Earth is seen as a wonderful training school for soul development!

Each lifetime is unique and rewarding. To return time and time again, as a healthy, wealthy king with no troubles or vices, would make for a very boring series of lives and after the first few experiences, very little new information would be gathered. But to be a lame beggar in Baghdad, in one life and a glamorous movie star in Hollywood in another, helps to show you the true diversity of the human experience.

Surprisingly, the early Christian churches believed in reincarnation and the philosophy was fully accepted up until the 4th Century, when it was outvoted by only one vote, at a meeting of senior clergy at Constantinople. And many millions of people worldwide still accept it, as part of their eastern religions.

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage and that men and woman are only players”. This is an excellent description of the roles in each life that we willingly take on. We choose the stage set - our birthplace, the other actors - our parents and the role that we will take on - rich or poor, black or white, male or female etc. But we wouldn’t like to replay the same scenes over and over again, as it would soon become boring, so each life we choose a new stage set and new roles to play out.

Many people have short lives of perhaps only a few hours, days, weeks or years, in which they experience very little, while others have lives of one-hundred years plus. You may choose to have several short lives, (to just dip your toe into the cold water of Earth physicality), than to have one long life (where you fully take the plunge). The choice ultimately is yours. We have met people who have incarnated to Earth over 200 times and others who have only incarnated a few times.

Under hypnosis, many people can tap into these past lives and are often astonished at the details that they remember, from lives experienced thousands of years ago. Some people through hypnotic regression can be brought mentally, to the time before each incarnation, when they plan the next life that they will experience. Always they have choice as to parents, place of birth, social conditions, colour, race and gender. They choose different choices for different lessons.

In Heaven you sit down with wise elders and discuss your options for the next incarnation. What lessons can you learn? Who will play the parts of your mother and father? What major life lessons can happen to teach you about yourself? Will you be talented and rich or sick and poor? Who will interact with you as lovers, wives, husbands, children and friends and what important life lessons will you learn from them or teach them? All this and more will be studied and decided upon.

Life lessons will be set up for you on Earth and you will either pass or fail them. If you fail them they will normally be re-presented to you, to hopefully pass this time. But you will always have freewill to make your own final decision, no matter what is presented.

Very rarely, do our clients remember lives as animals or other unusual living entities. Occasionally, we may choose to experience a lifetime as an animal, just for the novelty of the sensation, but that it is not a common occurrence.

Through channelled messages, our Angelic Guides have confirmed that we do not progress from animal to human or if we misuse a life, we do not regress to an animal state, in our next incarnation. Spirit gives us endless opportunities to repay karma and grow individually.

Most importantly, we choose where and when we shall die, leave our earthly body and return to Heaven. This surprises most people, particularly when their loved one dies in an accident. In life there truly are no ‘accidents’; major incidents are always part of a higher life plan. Your loved one does not plan this to hurt you, but to leave Earth after experiencing what they came to do.

This is why too much grief is not appropriate or good for you; your loved one has chosen to go ‘Home’, not planned to stay. Yes, they may feel sad that you are grieving for their demise and they still love you, but they chose to depart. Please always remember this.

What is Heaven like? Many people ask us this. They worry that their loved one is in a strange, cold place, but this is the exact opposite to what Heaven or the higher dimensions are really like. We (Humanity) currently live in the upper third to lower fourth dimensions, but they live in the eighth to twelfth dimensions and they are beautiful places!

Mother Mary has told us -

“Dear friends, what you expect Heaven to be, so it will be, when you pass over. This is why you get so many conflicting ideas about Heaven, from Spirits that come through and channel through mediums.

You see, if you believe Heaven will be, just as your home is now, if you visualise a street, such as you live in, if you visualise that you will sit down and have cups of tea with your grandparents that have passed over, so Heaven will be presented initially to you, in that way!

And that is why, when a new spirit passes over and then has the ability to channel, through a channeller, such as Robyn or Tony does here, “That they are having a cup of tea with their grandmother!” you will think, “What a strange experience of Heaven!”

But in time, that being will see that they have created that illusion. Then the walls and the doors and the table and teapot will all disappear. The grandparents will still stay. Then they will begin to see that there are more things that they can do on those Higher Spheres, than drink tea!

Just as some people believe that they will pass over and sit on a cloud and play a harp. If this is truly their vision, then they will sit on a cloud playing a harp! Perhaps for ten years, or a hundred years or a thousand years, until one day, they realise they are creating an illusion and then begin to see, that there are other realms full of experience, full of learning, so much more that they can do.

Heaven is not a place of great sleep and doing nothing. It is a place of great experience and love and joy! But of course, you do not have your physical body to get tired. You do not have the mental anguish and problems that you have here on Earth to deal with. So everything is done with a burst of energy and a burst of joy.

So I would say to anyone that is close to their time of passing over, fear it not! Just as on a holiday, you would be so happy to go home, to your own beloved home, I tell you this, Heaven is a thousand times, more wondrous than your own home to you, on this physical Earth!”

After a time of rest and study, you can then begin to examine your past incarnations and look at what you need to learn. In this rest time, you will often be reunited with loved ones who have now died and left Earth. You will all choose to incarnate again and work on outstanding karmic issues between you all, for your soul’s growth.

Your Soul group often consists of approximately 1000 individuals who will play the parts of mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers, spouse, children and teachers etc. You may change sex or change positions as mother to daughter or son to father in each life, for experience. Some may play the part of enemies or people who test your courage and resolve. Each has their part to play.

Then you incarnate into the body of your chosen baby and a new life begins. Why do we not remember all this? Each life is meant to be a clean slate, free of old memories, which would restrict you. The ‘Veil of Amnesia’ comes down soon after birth and we are a new impressionable baby, again! We incarnate with Divine Missions to accomplish which are meant to help others or heal the planet.

Remembering past lives would be very confusing for a child, although some Indian children have remembered being adults and have even found their now grown-up children! It is much better to begin afresh.

Why is it important to know this? So that you realise that nothing randomly happens and your loved one for whom you now grieve is living his or her cycle of life, just as it was planned. You will meet them again some day, when you pass over and you will more than likely, later reincarnate to Earth with them and live together, all over again. No one is ever ‘lost’, they are just in a higher dimension than you are currently, but you will meet again!

One loving spirit, Kwan Yin the Chinese Goddess of Compassion tells us -

“Life is not easy on Earth, but you bravely come down as a baby and experience life in all its joy and sadness. You are here for a hundred years or so and then go gratefully, Home!

Why do you put yourself through such hardships? To help you grow as a spiritual being! Even angels need to improve themselves! If you are on the eighth level of existence, you usually want to be on the ninth and higher levels. How do you manage this? By going through many mental, emotional and physical trials, until you perfect your soul and hone your character to be more angelic!

If you want to be free of the ‘Wheel of Incarnation’ and no longer come back to Earth to live your lives, you need to perfect yourself in this lifetime and then, you will have the choice of higher spheres of existence to exist upon, in the next incarnation.

What is the secret of soul growth?

Unconditionally loving everyone and everything! Acting and living like an angel - pure, loving, wise and forgiving. Live life long enough, as an angel and you will eventually become one! Simple but true!” Adonai, Kwan Yin

Chapter Three


The key to making successful spirit contact with your loved ones is to learn to meditate. There are other methods that we shall explore later, but meditation is simply the simplest and best method!

Many people are confused about meditation and wonder if it is truly beneficial to them. They worry that it is somehow, a mystical Eastern practise that is linked to peculiar cults and odd behaviour.

Often they are further concerned that they can’t sit in a complicated yoga position, in order to begin meditating. They think it’s just too hard! But, nothing could be further from the truth!

Meditation has been used by numerous religions and philosophies including Christian, Buddhism, Muslim, Hindu and even agnostics and atheists in order to relax the mind and body and allow inspired thoughts to surface and be used for self-development.

You may have tried to meditate before and found that your mind and body just could not relax. Well, we will look at this problem and find a technique that works for you! And you don’t have to sit in the lotus position to do it either!

Meditation is a marvelous spiritual resource that many people underrate. While in meditation, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure safely falls. You are calm, relaxed and receptive to new ideas and experiences. It has been said that “Prayer is you talking to God and meditation allows God to talk back!”

Make sure that you are comfortably seated (a comfortable armchair is fine!), won’t be disturbed and are not too hot or cold. Allow time after a meditation, to re-adjust to normality. Move around slowly and with care. Don’t try to drive a car or do intricate work.

We recommend that you meditate for 10 to 30 minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best mental, spiritual and physical results.

We suggest that you create an atmosphere of calmness for each of your exercises, by making sure you will not be disturbed by telephone calls or visitors, put up a ‘Please - Do Not Disturb’ sign on your front door and put on the telephone answering machine and turn off your mobile phone and that children and pets are catered for away from your meditation area.

Candles, incense, subdued lighting, warm and pleasant surroundings will all add to the relaxed but attentive mood. You don’t have to sit in the lotus position, instead find a comfortable chair or lie down. But do make sure that you don’t fall asleep! For novice meditators, we suggest that you sit quietly with eyes closed.

We suggest that in a group, one person slowly reads out aloud the exercise. However, if you are doing this course alone, we suggest that you pre-record the exercises and then replay them, when you need them. Trying to read the exercise while trying to relax, is very counter-productive!

Begin with three deep breaths. Breathing in relaxation on the ‘in’ breath and breathing out tension on the ‘out’ breath. Get into a relaxing rhythm that suits you. Relax your entire body and imagine that you are floating in a bath of warm water. Clear your mind of all thoughts.

When a thought intrudes, merely push it to one side. If this is difficult to do at first, visualize a beautiful rose and keep your attention on it and nothing else. In time your mind will associate the thought of the rose, with your need to relax and meditation will become easier.

Here is a further exercise to help you relax. Take it slowly the first few times (about 30 minutes) then speed it up gradually, until it takes only a few minutes, but make sure that your body is completely relaxed. You might like to pre-record it and then replay it as you practice or have someone slowly read it aloud to you.

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