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Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Life Happens

Chapter 2: The Boulevard Of Misery And Undying Hope

Chapter 3: The Need For Good And The Doing Good

Chapter 4: Take Me To Self

Chapter 5: Time: Never Right, Never Wrong

Chapter 6: The Power In You

Chapter 7: Take The Risk!

Chapter 8. True Strength

Chapter 9. Be Bent, But Never Broken

Chapter 10: Insecurity: Kill That Tempter

Chapter 11: It’s Okay To Break The Mold

Chapter 12: The People We Meet

Chapter 13: The Journey So Far

Chapter 14: These Footprints Are My Proof

Chapter 15: The Voice In The Wilderness

Afterword: The Soul’s Trip

Key Quotes From This Muse

About The Author


This book is dedicated to every human being who constantly needs a reminder of such an amazing nature they are.

To everyone who feels the need to lead a sublime existence, and get inspired while at it.


My utmost gratitude goes to God Almighty, in whom I live, move, and have my being. There is no me without You Lord!

To my Mother, my Pride and Drive, Lady Juliet Nwoziri, your labour of sacrifice and love has played a major role in the success of this book, and your labour would never be in vain. Thanks are never enough.

To my Father, my Pillar, Chief Sir Francis Nwoziri, your uncompromising encouragement and support has been my driving force and strength, and your believe in me knows no bounds. Thank you so much.

To my dear siblings and entire family, your incessant believe in me and my gifts/potential has always required me to make you proud. Thank you for always reminding me of what a blessing I am.

To my friends from Saint Bridget’s College who are now family and my friends from the University of Port Harcourt, thank you for being an interior part of my story.

The success story of this book cannot be complete without acknowledging the impact of Dr. Kasarachi Hayford Inno. Thank you for penning down the foreword so passionately. I esteem your contributions to this book.

God bless everyone who has ever believed in this gift!


My first encounter with the author, Hillary Nwoziri, registered in my mind, a pronounced positive oddity about him: at once his courage was dignified and his personality spoke wisdom quite outstanding for his age. I wasn't surprised therefore when he asked for audience with me and having granted him same, he presented to me the draft of this book. Quietly I wondered what manner of book this would be.

To say I was shocked when I went through the book would be stating it mildly: the threads of thoughts were what you would call philosophical, true-to-life, indepth, stirring and soul searching.

From the opening title 'Life Happens' of the book 'The Voyager's Muse', to 'These Footprints are my proof', the author takes one on a journey which investigates the very essence of life. The reader is served different themes on the different aspects of life such as: failure, courage, legacy, hope, positive attitude, discovering self, managing time, managing risk, handling issues of personal complex and insecurity, and much more.

The Voyager's Muse is really a voyage through the realms of thought and uses diction that is accessible to readers to navigate the themes discussed.

I recommend this text to all youths, lovers of knowledge and seekers of motivation. It's one sure book that would

rejig your mental plane. Happy Reading!

Kasarachi H. Innocent

Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies Faculty of Humanities

University of Port Harcourt August, 2017.



Hillary Nwoziri

In the secrecy of my thoughts, as my mind wandered aloof as the lonely clouds, and poking its nose like an animal, I was trapped in the grip of a broken spirit. A confusing description of the human existence; the thought of an uncertain future; the incomprehensible nature called LIFE. But then, a flash upon my inward eye whispered these words into my subconscious "Life Happens".

The unfathomable nature of life is overwhelming, and how fruitless it is trying to comprehend life. Life happens with strange irony surrounding it. To know success is to have known failure, to know joy is to have known pain, to know happiness is to have known sadness, to know acceptance is to have known rejection, and to know love is to have known hate. Yet, we live and move each passing day without a clue.

Life's experiences, good and bad, shock man with unexpected surprises of pain and peace, because they occur even though sometimes planned, but never as planned. And abandons man in the aftermath, reminiscing on the moments he felt heaven on earth, and the times he wishes he never had.

The stages of life happen in fleeting speed like the larvae of an insect. How events of deaths and births happen so swiftly in passing time, and how paradoxical enough, the son becomes the father of the man. The irony as marriage sprouts mixed feelings of joy, fulfillment but risk and fears of “for better for worse", and pregnancy a mixed feeling of joy, sweet mystery, yet uncertainty.

Hopes, wishes, dreams and aspiration resonates and radiates the human mind.

Many times, these dreams are frustrated by the circumstances that encircle life in itself. Yet hope holds sway.

I am held spell bound, and left with an innocently helpless assertion that "life happens". Against all that life presents, I still have to live as long as I live. Life has ordained us to

fight and to truce, to gain and to lose. Life has taught me the hard way to accept that which I cannot alter, and to alter that which I can; to deal with the present moment, and to leave the future to mystery.

Therefore, as we develop this simple, though not easy awareness of the present moment, and the willingness to experience life without the veil of mind, our fears and uncertainties evaporate. We go from the realm of ego and self perfection, to the realm of being, we surrender to the music and we become the dance. Life happens.



Hillary Nwoziri

The streets of our beloved country are endemic with millions of downtrodden, less privileged and physically challenged humans roaming and crawling around like ants seeking their anthills. From the old and weary black men who crawl in their pallets, the wretched women who barely know the front or back of their torn “Ankara” wrappers, carefully breastfeeding their children with their sagged breasts that barely has milk left in them. The blind, the crippled, to young children who are displaced and do not have even the slightest clue of the whereabouts of their parents. In the sights of the dried chest of these children, revealing their ribs, and the drastically sagged chest of these women, one can only imagine the railway tracks of anguish running in their hearts, and the enraged corollary of hunger and starvation they are faced with.

During the rains, you would see them shivering in their emaciated bones and their teeth clapping against each other in a gnashing manner. And in the sun, you would see them scorched extremely, hiding the real colours of their skin. The unspeakable discrimination and sheer negligence these people face from better living citizens who are supposed to be a source of their hope and smile, but are not because of religious and cultural superstition, baseless and senseless thoughts and mindsets, is heart breaking and completely unwarranted.

I am particularly inspired, greatly, by the encounter and sight of a young child, who even in his dilemmatic disposition, the stern look in his eyes piercing through my heart, I can hear him say, “I believe one day I would make it”. Despite the extreme condition of misery and peasantry in its bluest dye, these people still hold vehemently to their vague hopes and aspiration, and an inexhaustible faith in an uncertain future, a future that appears to remain seemingly stillborn.

What then is the fate?

I believe without a doubt in humanity, and I am definitely of the school of thought that believes that every human deserves a chance to life, not just life, but a satisfactory one, because as some may say, “Living doesn't mean one is alive”. It is true that all humans are basically bad and occasionally good, I would also add that all humans are inherently self-seeking and judgmental. But it is time we put aside all self-centeredness, judgmentalism, discriminatory tendencies, political, cultural and religious extremism, baseless mindsets, and self-imposed ineptitude which are harmful to human existence, and embrace the undoubted fact that every person created is a part of another's existence. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of fellow humans who are afflicted with aforementioned situations to feel the buoyant pain they feel. Imagine your father to be the weary black man, or your mother the flat- chested pauper, or your child the displaced orphan. Never be too quick to forget that no one is too good or too bad, to or not to be inflicted with life's harsh circumstances.

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