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30 Days To Clarity,
30 Days To A Better You

A Road-Map To Personal Growth & Development

G. W. Smikle

Peta Jane Kayes


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The Importance of Clarity


The day you get clarity is the day the world will stop telling you who you should be and the day you will no longer be silent about who you are. Then its noise will be your silence.

30 Days to getting clarity about your values and beliefs and becoming a better person.



A Prayer of Acknowledgment

Your Clarity

Creating Your Next Moment

In Pursuit of Your Goals

Avoiding The Agenda of Others

The Power of Patience

Despair As The Messenger

The Value of Slowing Down

The Fear of Failure

Avoiding Mediocrity

Giving Direction To Your Mind

Getting There Before You Do

The Ego of Others

Inferiority And Superiority

Making The Ugly Uglier

The Joy of Giving

Maintaining The Aesthetics of Your Life

Seeing The Faults In Others

Where You Are To Be Found

Mediocrity And False Comfort

Cultivating Friendships

Getting Rid of Hypocrisy

Your Real Freedom

Embracing Truth and Honesty

Peace War and Truth

Standing Up For Your Beliefs

Finding Gratification

The Insidious Ego

Regaining Your Peace

Beyond Your Darkest Hour

Searching The World To Be You

Doing Unto Others

Rejecting The Good Opinion of Others

Love And Self Discovery

Personal Relationships

The Expression of Love

Proceeding Without Love

Love, Hate, Fear

Husband or Boyfriend, Wife or Girlfriend

Spirit and Ego

The Soul, The Ego, and Peace

Sin – A State of Being

Sin And Lack of Vision

Sinning Against Ourselves

Allowing The Will of God To Prevail

What We Are Best Become

The Search For God’s Love


Your Will, God’s Will

You Are What God Is Doing

The Belief In God Problem

Be True To Yourself

Self Respect

The Guide Within

Your Biggest Challenge

Your Evolution

Who You Are

What We Lack

Which Way To Go

Your Open Wounds

You - Imitation or Masterpiece

Personal Judgment


Dear God, as we rise to the birth of another morn,

Full of promise and beauty,

We acknowledge that which greets us.

Let us acknowledge our own beauty, and be eternally mindful that it remains with us always, even in our state of ugliness.

Let us acknowledge the opportunity to cleanse ourselves of the fears and follies of yesterday.

We acknowledge that we cannot be anything but that which you made, and that which you made can only be good.

We acknowledge that we do ourselves great harm when we choose to

think of your creations in any other way.

We acknowledge our own delusions about ourselves that at times result

in our own ugly creations.

We acknowledge all that has brought us to where we are now,

including your love, the love of friends and family and even our

tribulations. For these we give thanks.

We acknowledge that You have given us more than we think we need.

You have given us the capacity to create what You know we will need.

Help us to realize that if this is true, then all that we need is already within.

Preparing For Your 30-Day Journey

1.Understanding The Danger of Playing To A Warped Audience

~~ Your Warped Audience ~~

You cannot play to an audience of a warped world without you yourself becoming warped.

Your job is to play to the audience of truth. Then your work will seek out only those who have what it takes to attract it.


If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.” – Joseph Goebbels


This world in which we live is inclined to twist and bend things to suit its own objectives and agenda. Governments do it. The news media do it. Religious organizations do it. So-called special interest groups do it. People in general do it.

If you seek to play to this audience with a view to satisfying them, then you are only perpetrating the lies that they themselves have created. Your only alternative is to play to truth. Speak your truth regardless of what you perceive the consequences will be. It will find those who are ready for it.


I seek out only audiences that value truth.


2.Understanding The Importance of Maintaining Your Joy

~~ Protecting Your Joy ~~

Allow no one to rob you of your joy. Those who would rob you of your joy will have none to give themselves. As such the world is poorer and less joyful.

Our joy is the result of who we really are. It emanates from the fulfillment of our deepest desires. Yet, we will allow the world to dictate to us how we ought to fulfill those desires. The world is not necessarily interested in you being happy. The world is interested in you playing to the script it has written for you. The more you conform to this script, the more secure the world feels because dissension makes it insecure about its own long-held beliefs and perceptions.


Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.” – Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


The world is more interested in its own security rather than your joy. It cannot give you joy because sometimes real joy comes from ripping apart that which it thinks it knows and embracing that which seems strange to it. The world has a problem with this because its own security comes from conformity. As a collective, that is the nature of its existence.

When the world robs you of your joy, it does not end up with more joy itself. It ends up feeling a little more secure. As such, that which you are robbed of is taken out of conscious existence. The world has less joy because now you have none, but it could not care less, as long as it is secure. Hold onto your joy, its only useful place is within you.


I allow no one to rob me of my joy. I gladly give the world my joy by being grateful, gracious, and thankful of the joy I have been given.


3. The Importance of Knowing What Your Expectations Are Rooted In

~~ Your Expectations ~~

Be careful that your lofty expectations of another do not become the chains that keep you bound in slavery.


I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”- Harriet Tubman


How often have we put others on a pedestal only to satisfy our aspirations of who we would like them to be. There is nothing wrong in having high expectations of others. But when we give those expectations the power to define us then we run the risk of being held captive by them whether they are fulfilled or not, without us even realizing we are captives.

By all means have lofty expectations of others but be wary that you are not succumbing to the temptation of waiting for the achievement of others to define you or give you joy.

Do not allow your expectations of others to be the chains that hold you in slavery so that you are not free to be who you are, free to achieve your own expectations of yourself.


My expectations of others are always reasonable. I free my own freedom from the expectations I have of others.


4.Getting Your Fears Out of Your Way

~~ Getting Past Your Fears ~~

Our fears are but cowards and bullies. As soon as they are confronted they run away.

Sometimes all we need to do to confront our fears is to question them. Some of our fears are so unfounded, so without basis that in the face of a small challenge they vanish. A simple question of their validity takes us immediately in time beyond our fears materializing. Suddenly they don’t seem so intimidating anymore when we move beyond them. Other times we may need to just do what our fears are trying to stop us from doing.


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell


Our fears are an amalgamation of the result of past experiences and future perceptions. The more we learn from our past, the less we should have to fear. The only lesson we should learn from our perceptions about the future is that the present is what really matters. When we are back to reality, to what is now, our fears will quietly take leave of us.

Your fears are real and may even be valid. But they are most likely less of a threat than you may first think. Your fears will always seem to obfuscate whatever it is you need to do to defeat them. Do not equate the outcome that you fear with the actions you may need to take. As valid as your fears may seem, always go through the process of questioning their validity. Oftentimes their power over you will diminish once you understand their make-up.


My fears are in the past. My fears have served their purpose and have been freed to go. My fears have left me with my courage in tact. I embrace the courage I now have.


5.The Importance of Disconnecting From Your Grief

~~ Letting Go Of Grief ~~

You know you are free from your sorrows when you get no inclination to relive them any more. Our sorrows do not hold on to us. We hold on to our sorrows. The secret to letting go of them is to hold on to something else more worthwhile. They will then freely fall immobilized at our feet.


For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures grief while suffering unjustly.” – 1 Peter 2:19, The Bible


Our sorrows are like any other possession that we have and have come to know intimately. It matters not that it may cause us harm to continue holding on to them. All that matters is we are in familiar territory. Because we tend to believe if we are in familiar territory we are safe, then it is easy for us to become comfortable, to take comfort even in that which clearly hurts us.

If we are comforted then there must be a need inside for which this comfort is necessary. It is when we find and fulfill this need on a more wholesome level, that we will no longer find it desirable to hold on to that which is harmful to us.


I have no desire to relive my sorrows. My sorrows have been replaced by what I have discovered from letting them go – peace. My sorrows have done their duty. I now do mine. I let go, I become better.


6.The Importance of Maintaining Your Own Integrity

~~ Ridding Yourself of Your Own Thorns ~~

The more you rid yourself of the things you do not like about you, the less you will find that the things you do not like about others will bother you.


You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

– Matthew 7:5, The Bible


If we are sufficiently happy with ourselves then it is very difficult for the faults of others to be a bother to us. Enjoying our own happiness will be what we are about. A healthy soul will not forego happiness to delve into fault-finding and errant criticism. A healthy soul will seek after that which made it healthy in the first place because its nature would have become that and is inclined to do nothing else but seek out that which it knows best.

Rid yourself of your own thorns. It is you they do the most damage to by keeping you away from your own non-prickly self.


For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God .” – Romans 3:23, The Bible


It is not that you can be without thorns; we all have sinned and come short of being perfect. Our thorns will always be with us but our consciousness of them is what we can control. Do not be in the habit of focusing on the thorns of others as what you will become is thorn-focused. Focus instead on seeing the beauty in others, on seeing your own beauty, on seeing the rose that you are and you will become beauty focused. Your consciousness will be rid of the effects of thorns, and it will be like they are not there to prick you or anyone else.

You are not without thorns, but like the rose they are insignificant when your beauty is in full bloom.


I constantly seek to remove the beam from my own eyes before seeking to remove the beam from the eyes of others.


30 Days To A Better You

Day 1

~~ Your Clarity ~~

Clarity is a disassociation from all that which confuse, from all that which detract, from all that which dissipate. It is an embrace of all that which give focus, all that which is truth, all that which is without pretense.

Yet clarity arises from that which once confused, that which once detracted, that which once dissipated, from that which was once pretense.

You know you have clarity when what seemed like mountains yesterday, are today not even visible on the horizon. You know you have clarity when you can see distinctly and know what to love and embrace ardently.


Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” - Blaise Pascal


Sometimes it is the very same process that brings you pain and confusion that will precipitate your healing and your clarity. Sometimes your mountains are mountains because you in your despair created them. As such, you see these mountains as huge obstacles bearing down on you, obscuring the oceans of your possibilities.

At first you look up at your mountains and they appear so imposing, so demanding of what you do not seem to have, that you seem unable to climb them or find a way around them. Yet, as your despair grows, an amazing thing happens – your mountains surrender and intimidate you no more. Suddenly instead of obstacles, they quietly become elevations that you are lifted up to. The view now seems remarkably clearer from this higher place. What you thought was bearing down on you has lifted you up to clarity.

The more you engage your mountains, your challenges, the more you grow and the less they intimidate you. They will bring you clarity and lift you up to where you can truly see your own possibilities. Do not shirk from your mountains, sometimes they are there to elevate you to the point where you cannot help but being clear about your path and who you are.

Your clarity will be well earned and you will no longer be defined by the experiences or perceptions of others but by your own experiences and perceptions. Clarity has found you and you have found clarity.

~~ I am Getting Clarity, I am Getting Peace ~~


I am aware that clarity is infusing my life and every cell of my being knows what is true and what is good for it. Every cell of my being knows what is right and what is wrong for it. Every cell absorbs what is right and rejects what is wrong.

My clarity is bringing me peace, a peace that is wiping away my fears. I know there is an understanding which is mine to have as I open my heart, my mind to that which is true, and only true.


~~ Creating Your Next Moment ~~

It is the remnants of our creations - our thoughts, that ultimately remain with us and result in our perception of ourselves. Our thoughts can have no owner but us. They can have no abode but in us.

The remnants of our creations determine what we feel in the next moment. Be careful about what you chose to create in this moment, what thoughts you choose to think and keep as your own. What you will feel tomorrow is being created today. The mind you enter tomorrow with is the mind you are creating today.


The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” – Steve Biko, Anti-apartheid activist.


We pick up and process millions of messages every day. Whether it is to get us to do something, to buy something or to behave in a certain manner, these messages are processed one moment at a time. Sometimes we embrace these messages as if they are our own, as if they came from where our own messages are created. But that is a distortion, they are not our own, they belong to others, to entities outside of us. Sure they may seem familiar to some that we may have created ourselves, but even so they are still not ours.

What is ours, and what we will have to embrace are our own reactions to these messages. These are what will stay with us, because our reactions can better define what we are than any message that is aimed at us. How we see ourselves in the next moment is driven by what reactions we create.

If someone tries to throw an insult at you and you choose not to catch it, it cannot become yours. Wherever it falls that is where it will have to remain until it dissipates or the owner picks it up. If you do not catch it in this moment then you will have nothing to put down in the next moment. If you choose to instead leave it where it lies, then it cannot become your burden to carry. You are spared hurt, anger and resentment.

Your next moments can only be filled with that which you choose to keep. Decide what your next moment should look and feel like and keep only those thoughts that will make it look and feel like what you have determined and not what anyone else has determined it should be for you.

~~ I am Creating My Next Moment ~~


My next moment is the second most important moment in my life.

My current moment is the most important.

I own my current moment as much as I own my next moment.

I take responsibility for it and so as I create it, it is the remnants of who I am in this moment. This moment is fully protected by this realization and will hold nothing for me that does not fully reflect my own magnificence.


~~ In Pursuit of Your Goals ~~

It is the wise person who experiences satisfaction, not only in the outcome of his actions, but in the doing of them. For it is by doing so that he would have chosen to experience joy, not as fickle imagination or hope, but as a reality that is already his to embrace.

Satisfaction does not only come from the achievement of our goals, it also comes from the pursuit of them. The achieved goals point us back to our efforts along the way and give our actions more meaning. A goal not yet achieved keeps us on the path to manifestation and on the path of purpose.

A goal is therefore the future discovery of the full worth of your current action. If the full worth of your goals are to be realized, the actions you take to achieve them have to be themselves worthy of your goals and your goals worthy of them.


But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.” - Isaiah 32:8, The Bible


You set goals and you think you pursue them. But what you are in pursuit of is the manifestation of yourself. The goals merely represent the possibilities and aspirations that your soul longs for. Sometimes because you mistakenly believe that what you are pursuing are your goals, you give up your pursuit as there seems to be no satisfaction.

You have innocently bought into the distortions of the world, because it seeks satisfaction only in outcomes. The world sees your goals and may even see their realization, but that is only what the world can see. It cannot truly see your satisfaction along the way, because most of the time it is not even interested in that satisfaction until it can tie it to some defined outcome. That is the nature and one of the shortcomings of the world.

You on the other hand can experience the deepest satisfaction along the way, even before the actual goal is accomplished. You mistakenly try to look at your goals in the manner the rest of the world does, giving them worth and power only when they have been made manifest. You cannot do that. That is their worth to the world belatedly looking on. Their real worth to you is in who you become along the way.

~~ I Enjoy Pursuing My Goals ~~


As I pursue my goals I am fully aware of the actions I am taking; Each action brings me joy and a feeling of contentment. As my goals are the future discovery of the worth of my present actions I am now enjoying their worth. Their worth is propelling me towards my goals.


Day 2

~~ Avoiding The Agenda of Others ~~

Do not buy into the negatives and weaknesses of others. Do not help others whine; do not do for others that which they ought to do for themselves; do not gossip or support gossip; do not lend your ears to the disparaging of others. All of these are meant to support only the agenda of those who bear them.

The agenda of another is rightly not yours. Born of the experiences of its owner, its contents are best supported and acted on by he who created it, and he who created it has his own objectives.


For lack of wood the fire goes out, And where there is no whisperer, contention quiets down.” - Proverbs 26:20, The Bible


Sometimes we mistakenly believe that in order to give support to others, we have to support their agenda. When someone approaches you for support, whatever that approach may be defined by - complaint about another, gossip, putting down of others, or just help in dealing with a personal problem - it simply means your role is to be a source of strength.

You cannot give strength by supporting that which led to the request for help in the first place. That which led to the need for help, whether it is anger, resentment, disappointment, has already served its purpose by precipitating the help being sought. Perpetrating whatever emotion that is being felt is not helping but furthering the emotion. It is for the person who hold these emotions to heal them by taking the necessary steps.

One of these steps may be reaching out to you for support or validation. Too many times we take this need for support to mean that the person desires to perpetrate these feelings and emotions. Even the person reaching out may mistakenly believe that this is his need. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your role is not to perpetrate these feelings and give them more power, but to invalidate them by making them powerless.

Serve the purpose of demonstrating that there is a healthy path away from what is being felt by going beyond the agenda of the one doing the complaint to an agenda of resolution and peace. It is an opportunity to have the experience of resolution through the pain of another so that you too can know what is truly required when you come to face your own pain or dissapointments. Grab hold of this opportunity.

~~ I Avoid The Agenda of Others ~~


I am in support of my own agenda. I give support to others only in an appropriate manner. I lend my strength to those in need by appealing to their better side.I give strengt by supporting the truth and only the truth. I point out a healthier path to those who may seek or see only darkness and despair. As I do all of this, I work to support my own agenda while giving strength to those who may have an inappropriate agenda because of their own weakness.


~~ The Power of Patience ~~

The power of patience has more to do with the extraordinary capacity of life to go about its own business regardless of what you are currently feeling, regardless of what you currently desire and in the end come up with the perfect solution to your perceived troubles, than it has to do with your capacity to wait.

It is not so much that the eventual solution would necessarily have been perfect for what your perceived problems were. It is more so that the process of patience - the opening up of the mind to the possibilities of an outcome - brings more insights and lessons to bear on your own confusion creating a better environment for you to see and accept the solution.


"The two hardest tests of the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter." - Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Novelist


The decision to be patient is the decision to remove your belief in your own power to hurry things along. It is the decision to wait and not try to interfere. Sometimes it is this mistaken belief that leads to misplacement of your energies. Instead of working in accord with the natural order of an outcome, you try to force its pace, creating confusion, anxiety and distortions in the process.

That which is going to provide a suitable outcome cannot be replaced by your desire to have the outcome sooner. The desired outcome can only come about when that which produces it is allowed to run its course.

Being patient does not mean resigning yourself to any outcome. It means recognizing the process involved in a desired outcome and respecting that process. It is one of life little ways in furthering your growth and increasing your capacity. That is the real power of patience.

~~ I am Being Patient ~~


I understand and exercise patience. I am being patient with the universe and the manner it handles my desires. I wait patiently so that I can open myself up to the possibilities through which my desires can come to fruition. I understand that this is the real power of patience – its capacity to have me discover possibilities even while I am tempted to focus on my own anxieties.


Day 3

~~ Despair As The Messenger ~~

When despair shows up in the form of an expected stranger, it is not a stranger, it is a messenger in the truest sense of the word with reminders of where you need to go. Despair in the form of the expected stranger is the despair that builds from constant violation of your own desires. You knew that one day it had to turn up because you created it by your actions or inaction.

If this messenger brings you a message, it at least has to know something about you, at least where you are. It has always been there with you, this seemingly strange one, who knows your deepest fears, your real desires and your disappointments.

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