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Your Amazing Itty Bitty®

Fear-Busting Book

15 Ways to Push Past Fear

Lucetta Zaytoun

Smashwords Edition

Published by Itty Bitty® Publishing

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Never Let Fear Dictate Your Life Ever Again. This Book Gives You 15 Ways to Bust Up Fear And Live a Bold Life That You Love. So often our fear is unnecessary, and it is the biggest thing that stops us from moving forward. In this thought-provoking book, Lucetta Zaytoun walks you through understanding your fears, letting them go, and bringing your goals and dreams to fruition. There is no need for you to suffer and stay stuck any longer. You can push past your fears and design a life you actually love. It’s possible! Ask yourself: How much do I really love my life? What holds me back from fully living? Why do I let fear play such a big role? Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience freedom in your life like never before!

This book is dedicated to you. May you come into your own magnificence by claiming your courage.

Courage is the fastest way to self-confidence.

~ Lucetta Zaytoun

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Table of Contents


Push 1. Defining the Absurdity of Most Fear

Push 2. Benefits of Pushing Past Fear

Push 3. Examining the Basis of the Fear

Push 4. Check Your Motivation

Push 5. Stop Thinking You Are Not Enough

Push 6. Bust Up Your Assumptions

Push 7. Banish Self-Doubt. You’ll Handle It

Push 8. Make Fear Your Friend

Push 9. Shrewdly Choose Your Support

Push 10. Quit Using Fear as Your Security Blanket

Push 11. Action Conquers Fear

Push 12. Become the Badass You Are

Push 13. Decide. The Rest is Details

Push 14. Make YES Your Mantra

Push 15. You’ve Totally Got This


You’ve got this, totally. Look back in your life and notice the times you’ve faced down fear, even in the many firsts of your youth. You learned to walk, ride a bike, went to your first day of school, graduated, had your first date, your first kiss, etc. These were uncomfortable, awkward, or scary at first, but look how you have grown from the experiences. Remember how exciting new things were when you were young?

The moment you get past your youth, you fall into patterns of being comfortable. You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone or risk looking awkward or failing, so you become complacent and numb yourself by living your life in a rut. You think you are protecting yourself, yet often this means you are needlessly settling or suffering because you are afraid to change things.

Sometimes though, existence sends you a life smack and you are thrown out of your comfort zone beyond your control.

In this book, you will learn ways to push past your fears and live an exciting, adventurous life, whatever that looks like to you. So keep reading and embrace your courage and strength. You have so much more of it than you realize. The goal for this book is – at the end – rather than feeling fear, you will feel love for your courageous self. You can do this!

Push 1

Defining the Absurdity of Most Fear

Let’s face it, 98% of fear is stupid. Anytime you are worried, anxious or fearful, it’s in the future, which means it hasn’t even happened yet. If it hasn’t happened, it means you are making up a story. Let’s figure this out.

1. Fear lives in your head. As a human, you always go to worst-case scenarios. If you are making up a story, why not go to best-case scenario and live in that energy instead.

2. The other 2% of fear is for your survival, when you are in a primal fight or flight situation. Nowadays in society, this rarely ever comes up in your life, yet you let needless fear dominate your thinking.

3. Fear can also be an excuse to stay in your comfort zone.

4. Understanding that most fear is completely unnecessary is amazingly freeing.

What to Do When Crazy Fear Shows Up

* Step away and take three deep breaths. It actually lowers your blood pressure.

* Acknowledge the fear and notice the story you are making up.

* Rewrite that story into a positive. If you think it could go the worst way, why can’t it go the best way?

* Take another deep breath.

* Claim the strong courage you have inside of you.

* Smile. Forming your lips into a smile can seriously change your mood.

* Take even one small step toward what you want, and watch the fear dissipate.

* Have faith in yourself. Faith that you are making the right decision for you.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

~ Wayne Gretzky

Push 2

Benefits of Pushing Past Fear

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