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Questions of Science and Beauty

Shiro Yatsu © 2017


Where does beauty come from? Is there logic in the concept of beauty?

Is it possible for beauty to develop under random evolution?

If beauty is only a human response, how did we get it? If beauty is only a human invention, then is it real?

Then what about love? Is it also not real, being only a human construct?

Have you ever felt love? Was it a real emotion?

Does love and beauty come from a Creator, or is it imaginary? Can science measure love? Can science define love? Or beauty? Even if science could measure love and beauty, who would determine how to quantify it? If science could define love in terms of the physical world, how would it be accomplished?

So the question must be answered; Is there a Creator in science? Was creation made logically so it could function properly and in beauty? Was creation made so it would function in chaos and evil?

Where does evil come from?

A true God cannot lie.

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